20 Queens That Would Make Up The Dream 'RuPaul's Drag Race' All-Stars 4 Cast

Even though we haven't reached the end of RuPaul's Drag Race Season Ten yet, fans of the show have already begun to speculate about the possible cast of the next installment of All-Stars. This popular spin-off of everyone's favorite drag-based reality show is quickly becoming an annual occurrence and sees previous competitors returning to Drag Race to fight it out for a place in the show's Hall of Fame. So far, Chad Michaels, Alaska, and Trixie Mattel have all earned that honor — but who could be next?

Drag Race fans have a lot of ideas regarding which queens they'd like to see on All-Stars 4. Whether you've been a regular viewer since Season One or have only just joined the Drag Race bandwagon, you'll know that some of the show's former competitors have massive fan followings. You don't have to actually win the show to become a winner in your supporters' eyes! Question is, could Ru bring back a lot of the early seasons' queens for his next All-Stars line-up? Will it be mostly newer queens who grace our screens once more? And will Ru pull an All-Stars 3 and bring back a former winner to compete on the show once again?

We won't know the answers to any of these questions for some months yet — but that doesn't mean we can't speculate! Here are just some of the queens we'd love to see strutting back into the workroom in All-Stars 4.

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20 We Doubt We've Seen The Last Of Miss Vanjie

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Unless you've been living under a rock since the start of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10, you'll know exactly who Miss Vanjie is. This Puerto Rican queen — full name Vanessa Vanjie Mateo — has taken the world by storm since her elimination in the first episode of the season. Usually, the first eliminated queen wouldn't really get discussed on-screen for the rest of the series: think Kelly Mantle, Tempest DuJour, or Venus D-Lite. However, Vanessa's parting words instantly landed her an iconic place in Drag Race herstory.

Who knew that saying Miss Vanjie three times in a row could cause such a stir?

As Billboard notes, since her elimination, Vanjie has become a meme, gained a legion of new fans, and maybe RuPaul laugh uncontrollably in numerous Season 10 episodes. Because she's immediately gained such a massive following, we wouldn't be surprised if Vanjie made an appearance on All-Stars 4! It'd be a chance for her to fully showcase her talents in a way she couldn't in her lone episode so far. Either that or RuPaul could bring her back as a wildcard contestant in Season 11! Whatever the case, the world definitely hasn't seen the last of Miss Vanjie quite yet. She straight-up told Vulture that she'd be up for returning to the show — it's probably just a matter of time!

19 Shea Couleé Could Easily Snatch The All-Stars Crown

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Back in Season Nine, a lot of people were shocked when Sasha Velour beat Shea Couleé to the crown. Shea had consistently smashed the season's challenges and brought some sickening looks to the runway, and at one point, it seemed like the contest was guaranteed to be hers. However, as Gay Times reported at the time, the shock twist of the winner being decided via a lip-sync tournament was Shea's downfall. She simply couldn't compete with Sasha's rose-petal-filled performance of "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston and didn't even make it to the final lip sync.

If there's anyone who deserves a place in All-Stars 4, it's Shea. She came so close to snatching the title of America's Next Drag Superstar that it'd be practically unforgivable to deny her the chance to enter the Drag Race Hall of Fame! Admittedly, the result of All-Stars 4 might become a bit of a foregone conclusion if Shea enters, as was the case with Alaska in All-Stars 2. However, denying someone a place on the show because they're just too good for the other girls to beat doesn't seem fair! In fact, isn't that just further proof that the All-Stars 4 crown should belong to Shea? We'll have to wait and see how things pan out...

18 Could Willam Get A Second Chance From Ru?

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To be honest, this fantasy All-Stars 4 choice is very, very unlikely to come true, but still... We can dream! If you're a long-term Drag Race viewer, you'll know that Willam's stint on Season Four was controversial, to say the least. As Entertainment Weekly reported at the time, Willam was disqualified from the competition for breaking the rules that entrants must follow. Specifically, her husband came to visit her at the hotel where all of the queens were staying. This violated the show's contract, which states that all queens must be totally cut off from the outside world for the duration of the show's taping.

All of this was revealed in the very dramatic Season Four reunion episode!

In the reunion, it looked like Ru and Willam were still on pretty good terms: Ru actively joked about the situation, and Willam was pretty chill about the whole thing. However, things didn't stay this cordial for long. According to Inquisitor, when Willam was asked whether she would consider returning to the show to participate in All-Stars, she said that she'd never again let herself be "ranked by some fake competition." She also claimed that World of Wonder, the production company behind Drag Race, might not allow her back anyway — Willam claims that a staff member once referred to her as "cancer". It sounds like there's no love lost in that relationship.

17 Honestly, We Wanna Hear RuPaul Say Ivy Winters' Name Again

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Season Five's Miss Congeniality winner Ivy Winters is a queen that a lot of people would like to see on RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars, mainly because the way that RuPaul says her name is hilarious. "Ivvvvvyyyyyyyy Wiiiiinnnnnntteerrrrrsssss" has become one of Mama Ru's main catch-phrases over the years! Even aside from this, though, Ivy has plenty of merits that should be considered when choosing an All-Stars 4 lineup. As The Mirror reported back in 2015, Ivy has been a frontrunner to appear on this Drag Race spin-off ever since All-Stars 2 was announced — and for good reason.

Firstly, Winters is a queen of many talents. In an interview with Creep, she revealed that not only is she a dab hand at painting her face and crafting unique drag looks, she's also a circus performer, a puppeteer, and a former clown. Yep, really. While we saw snippets of Ivy's multi-faceted performance persona on Drag Race's fifth season, we feel like she has so much more to give! On top of that, Ivy is the perfect choice for All-Stars because she's generally just a positive and kind influence in the drag community. As NewNowNext notes, Ivy is one of the sweetest people in the business and deserves a shot at winning a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

16 Kim Chi Could Be A Strong All-Stars Contender

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Even before she featured in Drag Race's eighth season, Korean queen Kim Chi had a huge following thanks to her stunning Instagram shots. Her popularity only increased when Kim appeared on the show, with her sweet personality and incredible makeup looks impressing basically everyone. While Kim did make it to the final of her season, she eventually lost out to Bob the Drag Queen.

To be fair, all three finalists that year were incredible — any one of them would have been a deserving winner!

Since Kim Chi came so close to snatching the Drag Race crown in her own season, it seems only fair that she should be brought back for All-Stars 4. Honestly, who doesn't want to see more of her innovative, anime-inspired drag looks? According to Screener TV, there were rumors that Kim would join the cast of All-Stars 2 just after Season Eight aired, but that never happened. She skipped out on All-Stars 3, too... Is this finally her time? Everyone from Billboard to Pride.com has included Kim on their dream cast list for the series: there certainly seems to be an appetite among the show's fans for her to take part! However, we're yet to see if either Logo TV or Kim Chi herself agree with their assessment.

15 Derrick Barry Would Bring A Healthy Dose Of Drama

via: decider.com

Derrick Barry may be a somewhat controversial queen to bring back for All-Stars 4, but hey — at least it'd add some drama. This Britney-Spears-impersonator-slash-drag-queen made a fair few enemies in Drag Race's eighth season, not least with the series' eventual winner, Bob The Drag Queen. A lot of people — including Queerty's Christian Cintron — didn't think Barry deserved to get to the top 5 of the competition, claiming that she was regularly given a "free pass" for making mistakes that other queens got called out on. Shady stuff...

Even since her stint on Drag Race came to an end, Barry has proved to be a divisive member of the drag community. In 2017, Attitude expressed scorn at the fact that Barry seemingly hadn't educated herself about the famous Stonewall uprising in 1969, one of the most significant incidents in recent queer history. Barry apparently thought that people had perished at the riot, and had to be corrected by her fellow queens regarding the actual facts of what went down. It was embarrassing, to say the least! Maybe Barry should be given a chance to redeem herself on All-Stars 4 — or perhaps she'd just dig herself a bigger hole with her clumsy, sometimes offensive words. Who knows.

14 We Need A Second Dose Of Nina Bo'Nina "All-Stars 4 Contestant" Brown

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Nina Bo'Nina Brown had a bit of a rough time during her Drag Race stint. Back in Season Nine, her own lack of self-confidence often led to her under-performing in challenges, despite her clear creativity and innovative drag. According to Queerty, Nina herself admitted to Hey Qween host Jonny McGovern that she's "really hard on herself", something that prevented her from "really enjoying this whole experience."

As the season progressed, Nina's self-doubt began to take over, and she was eventually sent home after a final lip-sync against Shea Couleé.

While watching Nina's Drag Race journey, it was hard to avoid the feeling that she had so much more to give — if only she could overcome her inner saboteur. Appearing on All-Stars 4 could be the perfect opportunity for her to truly let her creative juices flow, and banish the negative self-talk that brought her down so much in Season Nine. Of course, this all depends on whether she feels strong enough mentally to go through the competition once again. According to Bustle, Nina has stated that she'd consider taking part in a season of All-Stars, "if I'm in a different and better headspace". Whenever Nina feels ready, the Drag Race community will be waiting with open arms to welcome her back onto the show.

13 Who Doesn't Want To See More Of Miss Fame's Makeup Skills?

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Season 7 queen Miss Fame is more than just a sickening drag queen; she's a talented professional makeup artist too! Many of Fame's fans were surprised that she only placed 7th on her season: as Chron notes, this queen had possibly the biggest existing fanbase when she started competing on the show, and expectations of her were high. Still, even though Miss Fame didn't snatch the Drag Race crown, her career has progressed in leaps and bounds since Season 7. Just last month, Paper claimed that Fame is "transforming the modeling industry", and noted that she's now good friends with fashion designer Marc Jacobs. You don't get much better than that!

While, as Paper notes, Fame has retired from touring and performing live to focus on her modeling career, there's no reason why she couldn't make an exception to compete in All-Stars 4. Since she left Drag Race, Fame's makeup skills have undoubtedly grown even more impressive — what better way to showcase that than to return to the competition one last time? Speaking to Chron, Fame admitted that she felt that the world only got to see "fragments" of her true self in Season 7. Time to rectify that in All-Stars 4!

12 Now That Winners Are Allowed Back On All-Stars... Raja Gemini?

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In All-Stars 3, Drag Race fans were shocked when RuPaul allowed a former winner of the show to compete for the crown once again. Season One winner Bebe Zahara Benet was the surprise contestant of the year, setting a new precedent for who exactly could take place in All-Stars. According to Gay Times, World of Wonder founders Randy Barbato and Fendy Bailey brought back Bebe not just to shock the show's viewers, but to give credit to a queen from an early season that newer viewers might not be familiar with.

Question is, now that past victors can come back for a second shot at Drag Race glory, which other winners would we like to see making a triumphant return?

Well, Season Three's Raja Gemini would be a good start!

As Vice notes, Raja's win was a departure from more traditionally feminine queens snatching the Drag Race crown. Her "androgyny realness" was fresh, inspiring, and mainly just totally sickening. Since Season Three wrapped, Raja has developed even more as a performer and as a drag superstar. She's a makeup artist for an array of celebrity clients, a model for clients like Diesel, and, of course, a popular drag performer. It's been seven years since Raja won Drag Race — surely it's about time for her to make a triumphant return to All-Stars to school some newer queens on what "sickening" truly means?

11 Season One Fan Favorite Ongina Would Be A Welcome All-Stars Addition

via: ourcommunityroots.com

RuPaul's Drag Race has featured some pretty inspirational queens over the years, none more so than Season One's Ongina. As Queerty recalls, Ongina bravely came out as HIV positive during her time on the show and has since become an outspoken advocate for those living with the illness. Surprisingly, Ongina was initially very reluctant to take part in Drag Race: apparently, it took weeks of persistence for a casting agent to convince her to audition. However, once she got on the show, Ongina quickly found herself to be a fan favorite queen. Although she didn't win the first season of Drag Race, she still gained herself a huge and dedicated group of supporters.

A decade on, we think that it's about time Ongina showcased her talents to a new generation of Drag Race fans. As Vanity Fair notes, Season One is often referred to as the "Lost Season" by the Drag Race community, as it's incredibly difficult to find copies of it to watch online. Therefore, a lot of talented queens who took part in this initial season don't get the credit they deserve from newer fans. What better way to reintroduce Ongina into the Drag Race world than to give her a place on All-Stars 4?

10 Farrah Moan Has Much More To Bring To Drag Race

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During Drag Race's ninth season, glamorous queen Farrah Moan became known for three things: her kindly nature, her constant crying, and her love of Christina Aguilera. Sadly, none of these qualities were enough to win her the competition: Farrah ended up placing eighth after Alexis Michelle defeated her in her final lip-sync. While Farrah is a pretty recent addition to Drag Race's now huge list of previous queens, she's still a pretty strong contender to become an All-Stars 4 competitor, mainly because of the growth she's shown since leaving the show.

In an interview with Bustle, Farrah herself admitted that she probably took part in Drag Race at the wrong time in her career.

She thinks that she was "a little young" to compete with her fellow queens, and felt that it was "too early in my career to go on the show." Still, she learned a lot from the experience: Farrah told The Huffington Post that she has "definitely grown" as a performer since her Drag Race stint, adding that her drag has "evolved" greatly in the past year. Since Farrah is now a much more well-rounded performer and queen, we'd love to see her show off her talents once again on All-Stars 4! She could definitely give past queens from prior seasons a run for their money...

9 Vivacious Should Do All-Stars — But Only If She Brings Ornacia Along

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Vivacious may have only made it to the third episode of Drag Race's sixth season, but this legendary club queen made a big impression. For one, she marched into the workroom on her very first day with a second, plastic head — affectionately named 'Ornacia' — on top of her own. Who can forget that? After her early elimination, even Vivacious' fellow contestants were disappointed that she hadn't been able to show off more of her legendary style of drag. Laganja Estranga told The Huffington Post that she and Vivacious had quickly become friends due to the latter's "nice" and "supportive" nature. While Laganja admits that Vivacious did "fail to shine" in the runway challenge that sent her home, it's clear that this seasoned queen still had much more to give.

While we only got to see such a small portion of Vivacious' impressive drag repertoire, including her in the All-Stars 4 lineup could give her a chance to make up for this. As Drag Official notes, Vivacious likes to call herself an "ambassador of drag" — surely such an experienced and popular queen deserves another shot at Drag Race glory! We want to see more of the neon bodysuits, energetic routines and "walking art" that made Vivacious famous in the first place. Oh, and we want to see more of Ornacia, too!

8 Acid Betty Should Come Back With A Vengeance

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Acid Betty was a pretty divisive member of the Drag Race Season Eight lineup. As Decider notes, she was quickly painted as her season's "villain" due to her acid tongue and apparent lack of care for her fellow queens' feelings. For her part, Betty told Screener TV that her portrayal on the show featured a lot of clever editing - she claims that she "wasn't in there being rude or mean to anyone", and actually helped her fellow queens out a lot more than the cameras showed.

Whether you liked or loathed her, though, it's clear that Betty was sent home before her time.

Huffington Post notes that a lot of Drag Race fans thought that she was top three material: however, Betty ended up sashaying away in eighth place.

Since so many fans apparently feel that Acid Betty had much more to give on her season, it would make sense for her to crop up in All-Stars 4. It seems like she'd be willing to do it: Betty told HuffPost that she was "really happy" that she competed on Drag Race in the first place, so there's seemingly nothing stopping her from doing it again! Still, Betty also claimed that she wants to focus more on art and less on drag in the future, so we'll have to wait and see whether All-Stars is on the cards for her or not.

7 Could Blair St. Clair Get Another Chance To Show Off Her Drag?

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season Ten hasn't even finished airing yet, but it's already clear that eliminated contestant Blair St. Clair has won the hearts of legions of the show's fans. After Blair's elimination in this sixth episode of the series, she quickly garnered praise and admiration for her incredibly brave runway admission: she revealed that she'd once been violated at a college party. As Advocate notes, Blair opening up about this topic helped to highlight that LGBT individuals go through these kinds of terrible experiences too, something that the media often doesn't address.

As it happens, Blair ended up being sent home from Drag Race in the very same episode in which she revealed her experience of violation: it was a bittersweet ending to a powerful episode. Still, this might not be the end of her Drag Race journey: there's always All-Stars 4 to consider! In an interview with Gay Times, Blair made it clear that she'd definitely be willing to compete in All-Stars, stating that "it would be silly" not to pursue the opportunity to return. She also believes that she's "become much stronger" and "grown up as a human being" since she filmed Season Ten, and would love to showcase her new, more confident demeanor on All-Stars. Hopefully, she'll get the chance to do so!

6 Jessica Wild's Drag Has Vastly Improved Since Season Two

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Jessica Wild is an early-season Drag Race queen that a lot of newer fans of the show might not be aware of. This Puerto Rican performer wowed Drag Race fans with her energy and generally sweet personality but was controversially sent home in 6th place just one week after winning her first main challenge. To be fair, as Entertainment Weekly notes, Jessica didn't exactly give her strongest performance ever in her final episode: her faux-interview with journalist Marc Malkin was widely considered to be a "trainwreck". Still, many fans felt that Jessica still had a lot more to give when her Drag Race journey ended.

As the San Antonio Current notes, Jessica had actually joined the competition as a fan-voted queen, winning an online poll to join Season Two's cast.

Since Season Two, Jessica has continued to be a popular Drag Race alum among long-term fans of the show. As shown on Wild's own Instagram page, she's become a powerful advocate and much-loved presence in her home of Puerto Rico, even putting on a performance there in the aftermath of the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017. She's been one of Mic's top choices to become an All-Stars competitor since the spin-off's third season and is much loved for giving "everything of herself" in each Drag Race challenge — even if the resulting performances were a little off the mark. Having Jessica back on All-Stars would definitely bring some much-needed joy to the show!

5 We Need More Of Naomi Smalls (And Her Killer Legs)

via: naomismalls.com

Alongside her BFF Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls was one of the runners-up of RuPaul's Drag Race Season Eight. Wowing the judges with her high-fashion looks and impossibly long legs, Naomi won over fans with her sweet personality, great sense of humor, and carefully-crafted runway designs. Even though Naomi just missed out on winning her season, she's still seen her career skyrocket since her Drag Race stint: speaking to Interview Magazine, she revealed that she toured for two years non-stop after Season Eight aired. Now that she's having some time off from traveling, could Naomi find herself heading back to the workroom in the next season of All-Stars?

It's a strong possibility — Naomi is a fan-favorite, and if she and her good friend Kim Chi both headed onto All-Stars together, it'd make for some heartwarming television. However, Naomi's incredibly successful career may make finding the time to film the show a little bit difficult! As Billboard reported, Smalls is making a name for herself not just as a drag queen, but as a general media personality. She recently interviewed rap superstar Cardi B for Cosmopolitan and is currently producing a series of short films about her life and career entitled Smalls' World. Of course, that's on top of constant drag performances and media appearances! We'd love Naomi to show up on All-Stars 4, though - if she can manage it!

4 Would RuPaul Even Allow Valentina To Come Back For All-Stars?

via: vogue.com

Oh, Valentina. You had such promise, but you threw it all away by not learning the words to your lip-sync! This young queen's elimination in Drag Race's ninth season was one of the gags of the series, mainly because of how both Valentina and RuPaul reacted to it. As Buzzfeed reported at the time, Val tried to hide the fact that she hadn't learned Ariana Grande's "Greedy" by performing in a mask, which Ru promptly asked her to remove.

When it became clear that Valentina simply didn't know the words to the song, Ru had no choice but to send her home — and didn't even try to hide her disappointment.

In the time since Valentina's elimination from Drag Race, a number of factors haven't exactly helped her to rehabilitate her reputation. For one, Drag Race stalwarts like Bob the Drag Queen and Michelle Visage have defended Ru's decision to eliminate Valentina, telling Teen Vogue and The Huffington Post that the choice was justified. Plus, in the Season Nine reunion episode, Valentina's attitude towards her fellow queens disappointed a lot of fans. As Pride notes, she reacted badly to criticism from her former competitors regarding the cyber-bullying tactics of her fans and dug herself a pretty big hole. A talented queen like Valentina would previously have been a strong All-Stars contender, but will Ru even consider inviting her back after all of this drama? Who knows...

3 Everyone Needs More Peppermint In Their Lives

Even before she became the runner-up of RuPaul's Drag Race Season Nine, Peppermint was one of the most popular drag queens in the business. As Slant Magazine notes, Peppermint is well-known as a transgender activist and is one of the few openly trans performers to have competed on Drag Race. Slant describes her as "universally liked", which seems like a fair assessment: Peppermint's kind personality, fierce determination, and sickening drag looks have earned her a lot of fans over the years. She's currently working on a documentary about her own life, Project Peppermint, and is a popular figure in the New York club scene. But could Peppermint find a gap in her busy schedule to compete on All-Stars 4?

Well, a lot of people have begun to question whether she would want to return to Drag Race following RuPaul's recent controversial comments regarding trans queens. When Ru suggested in an interview that he wouldn't allow fully transitioned drag queens to compete in Drag Race, Peppermint wrote a response on Billboard's website expressing her disappointment regarding this statement. While she described doing Drag Race as "one of the best moments of my life", she wasn't afraid to call Ru out for his "statements I disagree with." While Peppermint did acknowledge and praise the fact that Ru had apologized, she was understandably upset that this controversy had occurred in the first place. Would she compete on All-Stars in the wake of this incident? Who knows.

2 Adore Delano Deserves Another Shot At All-Stars

via: hornet.com

As many Drag Race fans will recall, Season Six queen Adore Delano has already undertaken a brief stint on All-Stars. She appeared in the second season of this spin-off series, but, as Vulture reported at the time, chose to quit the competition in episode two. Speaking about her choice to leave, Adore admitted that the show came during a "particularly difficult time in his life": she'd recently lost her father and been through a rough breakup. While the editing of the show made it look like Michelle Visage's criticisms pushed Adore to quit, she claims that it was actually guest judge Raven-Symoné who "said something super-gross" and deeply upset her.

By that point, Adore had simply had enough.

However, Adore's early All-Stars 2 exit might not have marked the end of her Drag Race career. As Buzzfeed notes, Adore was offered a place on a future All-Stars season by RuPaul in the All-Stars 2 reunion episode. This didn't come to pass in All-Stars 3, but maybe All-Stars 4 will mark Adore's second shot at the Drag Race Hall of Fame? We'll have to wait and see! If her mental health has improved enough, we'd love to see Adore back on the show — but of course, her wellbeing has to come first!

1 The Ultimate Gag? All Of The Show's Past Winners

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Now, wouldn't this be the gag of the century! What if All-Stars 4 turned out to be one huge showdown between all of the Drag Race winners so far? Would Sharon Needles and Bianca Del Rio totally slay newer winners like Sasha Velour and Violet Chachki? Would RuPaul even bother inviting Season Three winner Tyra back? Probably not, let's be honest: as Gay Times reported back in April, Tyra has been banned from RuPaul's Drag Con after threatening her fellow queens and drag fans alike. Still, a winners-minus-Tyra season would be a pretty darn cool idea!

Drag Race fans aren't the only ones who want to see an all-winners season of All-Stars take place at some point in the future. RuPaul is super keen on the idea too! As Attitude notes, Ru revealed on his podcast What's The Tee that he'd totally consider the idea after it was put forward by Michelle Visage. As Michelle noted, though, it'd probably be a pretty cut-throat season: nobody would fight more passionately than people who've already experienced the thrill of winning once! Who wouldn't want to be named the Drag Superstar to end all Superstars? Even if it doesn't happen in All-Stars 4, a winners' season has to become a reality at some point, for all of our sakes!

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