20 Prom Photos That Couldn't Be Creepier

Pastel colored dresses, the perfect corsage, lots of photos, and a night to remember. We associate all of these things with high school prom (along with the feeling that it definitely doesn't look like what we see in the movies).

Although prom night has long been a high school staple and something that can't be missed, there are a lot of ways that it can go wrong. From picking an obnoxious date to wearing an awkward or strange dress, prom can go from a hopeful evening to a total disaster in a matter of seconds.

Take the following pictures of people at their prom, for instance. Some of the dresses are weird, some of the poses make us go "what?!" and overall, there is quite a creepy vibe.

Here are 20 prom photos that couldn't be creepier.

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20 Not-So-Pretty In Pink

via BuzzFuse.net

It makes sense that many teen girls would choose a pink prom dress. It's a pretty color and there's the John Hughes movie Pretty In Pink to think about. But there's something creepy about this photo, especially the way that all three people are staring at the camera. Why?! The two-toned hair on the guy on the right is also a bit weird.

19 I Spy An Awkward Prom Night In Your Future

via BuzzFuse

This creepy prom photo is totally an example of two people who have totally different personalities. While sometimes that can work beautifully, other times it's just a recipe for a tough prom night.

While this girl is smiling at the camera and looks great, the guy couldn't possibly look more awkward. Let's not even get into what material his suit is...

18 Got Crabs? No Thank You...

via Awkward Family Photos

If a dad wants to snap a prom night photo with his daughter, it would be a good idea not to wear a t-shirt that says "got crabs?" Just a thought.

Thanks to his shirt, this photo is way too creepy. Sure, maybe this girl's ruffly hot pink dress is too much for some people, but if she was standing with her date instead of her dad, it would have been much better.

17 Taking Your Twilight Love A Bit Too Far

via Viralshore.com

We all loved Twilight back in the day (whether we would actually tell people that or not). Would we have worn these two dresses to our own senior proms? That would be a no.

Let's just say that both are on the same level of creepy and awkward, although seeing fiery flames around Jacob's head is definitely worse.

16 Nothing Says Prom Night Like Matching Ugly Outfits (Or Chickens)

both images are via 99likes.com

If couples want to match when attending their prom, there's nothing wrong with that... but it should be along the lines of "I'll wear a red corsage that matches your red tie."

In the photo on the left, the couple is wearing such weird matching outfits that it gives us the creeps. They literally look like they're wearing twigs. In the photo on the right, the girls are holding chickens, and we can't figure out why.

15 What's Black, White, And Read All Over? This Creepy Prom Dress

via 99likes.com

Look, we totally get wanting to wear a creative and beautiful dress. After all, you only have your prom night once, and you want to make a splash. Who wouldn't want that?! There's nothing worse than wearing the same dress as someone else.

But this prom dress is creepy, which makes the whole photo pretty creepy. The whole newspaper thing just didn't work out too well.

14 Happy Prom, Creepy Cut-Out Included

via Awkward Family Photos

We have to give these people credit: they tried to take a great prom photo. And that's exactly what it would have been, except for the guy on the far right.

He's literally pretending to have a prom night date since he's cut out a photo of a girl and is holding it up above fake arms, a fake torso, and what looks like cardboard boxes. Why would you even think about doing something like this?

13 Are They Going To A Dance... Or Getting Married In Vegas?

via AcidCow.com

It's always creepy and weird when a couple looks like they're about to become husband and wife when they're actually heading to their senior high school prom.

This couple looks like they're about to get married in Vegas, thanks to the old-school and retro outfits, the pose, and the strange background.

12 Too Many Dates (And Too Many Creepy Stares)

via Worldation.com

It's creepy when a guy brings three dates to a dance, particularly the prom. This photo looks like something out of a movie (the kind of comedy that we would watch and say wasn't that funny).

We're going to have to say that there are too many dates in this photo. And too many creepy stares.

11 In The Jungle AKA The Perfect Place For Prom Photos

via buzzfuse.net

Sure, it's awesome when a high school decides on a super creative and unique prom theme. We don't exactly want to see "Under the Sea" or any of those cliches.

The issue here is, of course, the weird rocks, flowers, bushes, and we don't even know what else. If the background wasn't bad enough, this couple has chosen to hide (in separate places, too).

10 When Your Date Wears A Kilt, It's A Weird Night

via buzzfuse.net

There is a lot happening in this particular prom night photo and we would have to admit that all of it is pretty creepy. The girl on the left of the photo looks very serious, and she's giving the camera a bit of attitude. And the kilt and purse and bow tie feel like a very intense prom night combo.

9 There's Such A Thing As TOO Matchy-Matchy

via Reddit.com

Again, we have to say that as far as matching prom outfits go, it's cool if both people have elements of the same color. This photo is a perfect example of when matching outfits go way too far.

The result can definitely be creepy, and that's unfortunately what happened here. Orange and green are tough colors to pull off together anyway, and the end product is pretty odd.

8 Here, Hold My Foot, It'll Be Romantic

via LiveAbout

Would anyone think that holding someone's foot was a great idea for a prom photo?

It seems so obvious that the answer would be no, but clearly, some people thought differently. We totally understand wanting to have some fun with prom pics and make people laugh, but... this is just creepy.

7 Taking A Pre-Prom Snooze

via admin.monagiza.com

You have to feel for the girl on the left of this photo. She's trying really hard to make this a nice prom night photo. She's wearing a pretty pale blue dress and her hair looks great. Her date, though, seems to be taking a pre-prom snooze, which gives the picture a very creepy tone.

Maybe he should have gotten more sleep the night before the big dance?

6 When The Breeze Isn't Quite So Lovely

via Worldation.com

Everyone always wants to feel a nice breeze. Whether we're sitting on our front porch, in the backyard, or walking around the neighborhood, we always comment on a pleasant summer breeze.

This wasn't the best time for the wind to blow, though, since this girl's prom date's tie ended up in her face. There's no denying that it's a funny picture, but the end result is creepy since everyone looks so stiff and uncomfortable.

5 Quick, Let's Take A Picture

via admin.monagiza.com

When you think about where you want to have your pre-prom photos taken, you would probably choose your front hallway, your living room, your backyard, or maybe the front of your house.

You're not going to think about taking them in front of Planned Parenthood... but that's what this couple apparently did.

4 This Is... Unique

via Definition.org

While expressing yourself via fashion is always cool, wearing a huge leopard jacket to prom might be taking things to a creepy level. The half-shaved, purple hairstyle and chain necklace are kind of creepy, too. And to top things off, both of these people have weird expressions on their faces.

3 You Can't Hide This Prom Look

via Pinterest

It turns out that a lot of couples want to match when they're deciding what fashion statement to wear at their prom. The problem, of course, is doing something like this. What's with the camo print? And the huge orange ribbon? And the huge orange lining inside the dress?

There's definitely no hiding from this creepy look, that's for sure.

2 Sometimes Prom Gets Wild, But This Is A Bit Too Much

via FunCage

If you're going to pose for prom photos, you honestly have to smile. There's no getting around that fact. When a couple doesn't even crack the slightest grin, it's going to be creepy.

This couple looks so serious and unhappy, it's like going to prom is the worst thing that has ever happened to them. The combination of the guy holding his cat and the tiger on the wall behind him? That's not great, either.

1 The Poses, The Top Hats, The Cane... This Pic Takes The Creepy Cake

via Reddit.com

We could say that this is a unique photo, but honestly, it's hard not to think of it as anything other than creepy. The photographer obviously tried their best since they did line everyone up.

The top hats, the canes, and the hunched over poses all contribute to one creepy picture. We wonder how prom night went?!

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