20 Products That'll Actually Make Your Hair Grow Really Long (By The End Of Summer)

Women with short curly hair want long straight hair and no one seems to be all that pleased with what they have. We can't help but look at our BFF with her flawless waves and wonder why that can't be us... and the truth is that she probably feels the same way about our stick-straight locks.

But we all have one hair-related goal this summer season: grow out our hair, whatever texture it is. Since we can't exactly snap our fingers and have magically Rapunzel-like hair (although that would be wonderful), we need some help. And thankfully, there are many hair products that will give us the boost that we need.

The cool thing about hair is that we can always decide to grow it... even if sometimes that feels like a tall order and we wonder why it doesn't seem to want to go beyond a few inches.

Once we get our hands on these products, we'll totally be singing a different tune, and we'll want to keep using them so we can keep our hair growth going strong. Plus our hairstylists will be really impressed with our long (and super healthy!) hair.

Here are 20 products that'll actually make our hair grow really long (by the end of summer).

20 HAIRBURST Hair Growth Shampoo And Conditioner


If we want our hair to grow really long by the end of the summer, HAIRBURST Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner is another great product to buy. The packages are really pretty blue and pink, so they will look amazing in our bathrooms, and the duo is $36.99.

One woman shared, "My hair is stronger and thicker already! There hasn't been nearly as much breakage and falling out! It will take a little longer to see if it makes a difference in length, but this product has been a lifesaver!!!"

The product has wheat protein and it is also free of parabens which is good to know and good for us!

You can find the shampoo and conditioner on Amazon

19 BOLDIFY 3X BIOTIN Hair Growth Serum


We want really long hair by the time that summer is coming to an end, and we know about some amazing shampoos and conditioners. But what about finding a serum that will help us out?

It's all in the name: hair growth serum. This product is $24.95 and the official description explains how to apply it to our hair: "Gently towel dry hair. Squeeze hair loss treatment into your palm and apply. Blow dry or style."

We will also be big fans of the graphic and beautiful packaging as the black and white bottles are really cool. And, many women left reviews saying how soft and smooth their hair was after use.

You can find it on Amazon

18 Natural Hair Growth Oil With Caffeine And Biotin By Essy


The Natural Hair Growth Oil by Essy is totally going to help our hair grow and it's $22.57. It has several ingredients that will contribute to us getting really long locks: biotin, caffeine, rosemary oil, and castor oil.

You can find the oil on Amazon

One woman wrote in a review, "It seems like this oil is working well to boost my hair. I have thin wavy hair and I tested this product only on the scalp area on the left side of my head where some balding started 5 years ago. In a month I noted that the hair in this area has become noticeably thicker and stronger. Def recommend."

17 Biotin Hair Growth CONDITIONER By Paisle Botanics


Do we use conditioner? Maybe we haven't found a great one that really works yet, or perhaps we're never patient enough to apply it after we've washed our hair. Either way, a good conditioner is key if we want our hair to grow really long by the end of summer.

This conditioner by Paisle Botanics is a great price (only $18.77) and, according to the official description, it "naturally promotes hair growth by blocking DHT a primary cause for thin weak hair."

One woman said in a review, "Seriously in love with this product. I have both shampoo and conditioner and it’s really made such a difference. My hair feels thicker and it hardly sheds now. Before this I thought I could make a wig out of all the hair I was losing."

You can find it on Amazon

16 Coconut Oil For Fractionated Hair Growth And Skin By Maple Holistics


Yup, coconut oil is not just for cooking. This is an ingredient that has been added to many hair products, and for good reason. This product by Maple Holistics will not only fix hair that has been unhealthy or breaking for too long but it will help our hair grow, too. It's also under either $9.52 if you subscribe or $10.02. if you buy it once.

One woman shared in a review, "I use this, weekly, at night and I sleep with it on my hair. It has refreshed my scalp and it has stopped itching altogether. It has caused my hair to be shiny and it is growing like crazy. Very pleased with this product."

You can find the product on Amazon

15 Matcha Green Tea Avocado Hair Mask Deep Conditioner For Dry & Damaged Hair With Argan Oil By Groveda Solutions


This product by Groveda Solutions is $18.99 and the hair mask comes in a beautiful package with a bright pink label. That feels perfect for summer since we love bright colors during the months of June, July, and August.

As we can tell from the product title, this one has avocado, green tea, and matcha, which are all healthy and helpful ingredients. It's cool to find products like this hair mask which are using more natural ingredients. This product is organic, too.

According to one woman's review, "It does seem to help with hair growth but not drastically & I love the scent." We'll take it!

You can find it on Amazon

14 Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long Sulfate Free Shampoo And Conditioner


This Marc Anthony product is another great bet when we want to grow our hair super long by the time that summer is finished. It's $28.40 for the duo of shampoo and conditioner, and like the other products from this brand, the packaging is pretty. Each tube is a hot pink color which will definitely brighten up our bathrooms and showers.

One woman wrote in a review, "Hair has substantially grown in the last 3 months using this in combination with the leave-in conditioner. Highly recommend. I have a really hard time growing my hair and this seemed to do the trick."

You can see the product on Amazon

13 Premium Hair Growth Conditioner By Pure Biology


The Premium Hair Growth Conditioner by Pure Biology definitely lets us know what to expect from the very clear product name. It has really great ingredients: argan oil, keratin, and biotin. We have seen these in some of the other products so we can definitely tell that these work well for hair growth.

This product is $30 and comes in a beautiful blue bottle that appeals to our eyes and our lackluster hair.

One woman said, "I bought this product because of sudden hair loss. My hair loss is back to normal and thickened. The conditioner also leaves my hair looking healthy and more manageable."

You can find the product on Amazon

12 THE MANE CHOICE Heavenly Halo Herbal Hair Tonic & Soy Milk Deep Hydration Serum Oil Mist


There are hair sprays and there are serums, along with hair masks. But have you ever used a serum oil mist before?

This product from The Mane Choice is cool since it's a serum oil mist, and it's going to keep our hair looking and feeling amazing while we work on growing it out. It will also make sure that our hair doesn't get frizzy, which is great news since we'll be using this product this toasty and humid summer season.

We always love finding beauty and hair products that cost less than $20. Good news: this one is $14.53. One woman wrote a review and said, "Love this stuff! It has thickened my hair and my edges. 5-star product."

You can find it on Amazon

11 Fortifying Protein Hair Mask And Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia


Another awesome pick to help us grow our hair out super long by the end of summer, this hair mask and deep conditioner by Arvazallia is only $13.29.

According to one woman's review, she stopped losing hair and it worked so well for her: "This product actually does what it says. Instantly, you will feel the difference in your hair... you will noticeably feel the protein binding to your strands. My fine hair had a good weight to it after the product was applied. I have never used a protein treatment where I could actually feel the weight of the protein binding to my strands. INCREDIBLE! After washing the product out of my hair, I noticed an immediate difference in my hair... It reduced my shedding by around 90%."

You can see the product on Amazon

10 Natural Hair Growth Vitamins Shampoo Conditioner By Nourish Beaute


It's nice to buy a shampoo and conditioner from the same brand so we know that they work super well together, like the best of friends.

This shampoo and conditioner from Nourish Beaute is another awesome pick. It's $64.59 for the duo. The description explains, "Patented powerful DHT blockers combine with Natural Organic biotin, jojoba, coconut, castor oil and more to stop thinning hair and grow hair faster."

One review says, "Works for me. Not suddenly looking like Chewbacca... but did notice almost the very time I used it that my mop is thicker and seems like it's growing back faster all around."

You can find it on Amazon

9 Pure Original Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask By Alayna


Calling all women who love hair masks: this is for us and this is going to help us grow our hair out by the end of the summer.

The Pure Original Coconut Oil Hair Mask by Alayna is $19.55 and we can honestly feel our hair getting smoother and longer right away.

One woman shared in a review that she had gotten her hair bleached and her hair was thinning, but this product helped her out. She wrote, "I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COCONUT MASK. I have noticed the huge difference in my hair. I bleach my hair a lot and I recently noticed that my hair had been breaking." She continued, "I'm so happy to see my head full of hair again. TRUST ME, THIS WORKS!!"

You can find it on Amazon

8 Tree Activ Hair Growth Daily Nourishing Spray


Of all the sprays that we could get, this product has awesome ingredients like coconut water, argan oil, tea tree water, and licorice extract. That makes it an awesome (and appealingly scented) pick, especially since it's $24.65.

This product helped this woman's hair: "My hair recently underwent severe damage from a "high-end stylist" and I have since sworn off other hands from dealing with my hair. Since including Tree Activ spray in my daily routine, I have had zero breakage and my new growth is Thick and Full."

She also added, "No more sparseness and bald spots caused by past stylist mishandling." That sounds really great, and we're excited to try it.

You can see this product on Amazon

7 AG Hair Volume Root Thikkening Serum For Fine To Thinning Hair


For $30, we can purchase this serum and know that our locks will grow really long by the end of summer. It has some really interesting ingredients such as Ginger root extract, rosemary leaf, pea sprout extract, and silk proteins, among others.

This product is meant to be used on hair that is dry or wet, which makes it really convenient and easy to use. For one woman who wrote a review, it helped with hair growth: "It helps growing hair faster and my super soft hair finally gets some volume without feeling lots of product on it. Highly recommend."

You can find it on Amazon

6 Not Your Mother's Way To Grow Shampoo & Conditioner Duo Pack


Don't you love the name of this product?! We would buy it based on the smart name alone, but thankfully many women have left reviews saying that it works, too, so we can buy it with confidence. It's also under $20 at $11.49.

One woman wrote in a review, "Best product ever!! My hair NEVER grows! In Dec my hair was to my shoulders and honestly it would take a year to grow it just an inch. But I bought this in Dec and it’s now May and my hair is down to my [chest]! It’s the longest it’s ever been in my life. It's grown at least 2.5-3 inches in 5 months! Won’t buy any other shampoo/conditioner!!"

You can find the product on Amazon

5 Marc Anthony Grow Long Super Fast Miracle Treatment


This product from Marc Anthony is another awesome product that will help our hair grow really long by the end of summer. It comes in a gorgeous hot pink package, and we all know that we love pretty packages, don't we?! That always makes us love a product even more.

For $9.95, we can grab this product that doesn't have any parabens or sulfates. It's meant to be used once a week and we'll put it in our hair and then wash it out.

One woman said, "I love this product! It's a small portion however you don't need a lot. I have thick wavy hair and it lasted for a couple of treatments! This is a weekly, not a daily thing! And it worked really fast for me!"

You can see it Amazon

4 Long 'N Strong Treatment Lotion By Rush Industries, Inc


The Long 'N Strong Treatment Lotion by Rush Industries, Inc. is a great reminder that there are all types of products that will help us grow our hair really long. Yes, we definitely want great shampoos and conditioners, but a hair lotion is helpful, too.

A guy even wrote a review because his wife really loves using it: "This works well for my wife. She has used it for several years and it has helped her hair grow and her hair is very healthy. No complaints." The product is $17.05 and it's always awesome to find something that is affordable and gets results.

You can find the product on Amazon

3 Mane 'N Tail Herbal Gro With Olive Oil Complex


We know that coconut oil is an awesome ingredient to have in hair products, so it definitely makes sense that olive oil would be, too.

The Mane 'n Tail Herbal Gro With Olive Oil Complex is $12.54 and will help our hair grow really long by the end of summer. We will get one shampoo and one conditioner, and it'll be great to use this system knowing that we're giving our hair growth a hand.

According to one review, "My hair refused to grow beyond a certain point for years until I started using Mane 'n Tail herbal grow. The difference was almost immediate. Within a few months my hair grew several inches (which is so fast for my hair)."

You can find it on Amazon

2 THE MANE CHOICE Tropical Moringa Daily Restorative Spray


This product by The Mane Choice is an awesome buy that will help our hair grow super long by the time that summer is over and fall is here.

It's really cool to have a spray that will help grow our hair. As the official description explains, "Tropical Moringa Oil & Honey Daily Moisturizer & Sealing Cream supports natural hair growth and retention. Its formula enriched with Biotin and Vitamin D promotes healthier, longer and thicker hair."

The product is a good price too and is $12.99. Many women wrote reviews saying that it left their hair "moist" which is also awesome to hear.

You can see this product on Amazon

1 Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask


The Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask not only has a beautiful name (it doesn't get much better than "Blueberry Bliss") but it's an affordable price at $12.34, too.

This product is said to "enhance growth" and works for "damage repair." If we have curly hair, then this is a good product for us since it's meant just for us.

As one happy customer shared, "The smell is amazing. Did a deep condition with this following the directions exactly. I used a plastic treatment cap with a microwaveable heated deep conditioning cap over it. Left it for 25 minutes. Rinsed out and styled as normal. My curls were flawless. This is definitely now a part of my weekly routine."

You can find it Amazon

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