20 Essential Things A Woman Should Have In Her Purse On A First Date

Everyone knows that a purse is basically a woman’s toolbox. It’s the key to almost her entire identity for the most part and she tends to go out of her mind if she accidentally leaves it somewhere (or even leaves it at home). More often than not, a purse can carry an entire woman’s life in it! And this is on any given day: when she goes to work, when she’s out running errands, or when she’s just meeting her friends for a casual dinner.

But when is your purse your one and only lifeline? Well, that happens to be when she’s out on a first date. You really never know what to expect when you’re meeting someone new and trusting them to take you out for a meal or a movie. You want all hands on deck if “just in case” moments pop up out of nowhere. There are many things you KNOW you need (phone, breath mints, mirror, wallet) and then there are things you need that you never thought you’d need (phone charger, a reading book, blotting papers).

Here are 20 must have things to carry around with you in your first when going out on that very first date with a potential Mr. Right.

20 Just Because You Can’t Really Trust Your Front-Facing Camera – A Compact Mirror


Our phone has become everything to us these days: an mp3 player, a camera, a calculator, a messenger, a computer… basically, it’s everything. At times, it can also be a mirror.

But can you really trust your front-facing camera to catch everything you happen to miss when examining yourself in the mirror?

Not really (plus, do you want everyone to assume that you’re taking a selfie while waiting at the bar for your date? Well, depends on how good you look). A compact mirror is always essential and starts at $5 on Amazon.com (they have some adorable and antique looking styles).

19 Your “Just In Case” Product That You Hope You Don’t Have To Use – Pocket Mace

The Home Security Superstore

This is for those “you never know” moments. It’s essential that a woman always feels safe within whatever environment she happens to be in at the time. And in this day and age, that can be rather tough. It always helps her to feel a little bit safer if she has a small tool within her grasp if things happen to go sideways on a date. There are a lot of companies where you’re able to grab a small can of pocket Mace to use in case of an emergency. Guard Dog Electra even has a gift set in pink, which has a can of pepper spray, a holster, and a flashlight all for $36.90 online.

18 Always Be Prepared In Case Your Microchip Fails – Cash

Working Mother

We live in a day and age that is mostly electronic. From using our ATM cards (yes, we are now dealing with those puzzling Microchip readers that throw us off every now and then when using the ATM at our local grocery store) to using our phones as a source of paying for goods, there’s no doubt in our minds that our world is pretty much all online - which is why it’s always best to have some cash on hand.

Never a lot, but just enough for those pesky “just in case” moments.

Like, “just in case” the restaurant only takes cash? “Just in case” he under-tips the bartender and you need to make up for it? Cash always has you covered.

17 Accidents Sometimes Do Happen – Tampons


Ugh. You know what’s more nerve-wracking than going on a first date? Going on a first date and unexpectedly starting your period during that said date. It has to be one of every woman’s top nightmares, in fact. There are some women who come prepared for everything and carry a small box of compact tampons in her purse (also comes in handy when you’re in the ladies room and another fellow lady needs one out of desperation) and there are some who carry just two (… just in case). It’s always best to have one or two in your purse on that first date because you never know: Mother Nature just may have it out for you that night.

16 Easy Hair Fix – Hair Tie


There was a popular tweet going around a couple years back: “someone is going to need to remind me to take the hair tie off my wrist before I walk down the aisle.”

And it’s oh-so-true.

We girls always need a hair tie within reach of our hair just in case it gets too hot and we need to relieve ourselves by putting our hair in a messy bun, or we simply want to change our entire look during a date for the heck of it and put our hair up in a ponytail. It’s always smart to keep a hair tie in our purse on a first date just so we’re actually prepared in case of a sudden weather (or mood) change.

15 Never Lose Power – Phone Charger


I’m always guilty of this one: never having a phone charger on my person in case my phone suddenly decides to lose power in some random situation. When on a first date though, you NEVER want to be out of power on your phone, so it’s best to carry a small charger. Especially one that you can pass off as a tube of lipstick. Even better are the phone chargers that are wireless. These are the chargers that disguise themselves as a phone case and all you have to do is put your phone inside it and just hit the on-switch and you’re all set to go. These type of chargers tend to be a little pricey but worth it in the long run.

14 Something To Keep Her Occupied Before Said Date – A Book


On the show How I Met Your Mother, the characters joked about how a woman who was seen reading a book while sitting at the bar was clearly on a date (or, rather, waiting or her date) because it shows others that she can’t really be bothered at this point (meaning, don’t hit on her).

This is very right on the money.

If you happen to get to the restaurant, coffee house, or bar before your date, it’s always best to have a book with you if you’re A) bored or B) want to ward off anyone else who is tempted to hit on you before your date arrives. A book is always bulletproof in these instances.

13 Scent Is Everything – Perfume


As we women know, scent tends to be everything. It’s what leaves the number one lasting effect on a person they’re interested in. It’s always important not to overdo the perfume in the scent department right before a date – subtlety is key on a first date. So while you may want to dab on a little on your neck and behind your ears after getting out of the shower, you also want to always have a travel size bottle of your signature scent hidden in your purse just in case (you know, if you happen to get eating in a very potent restaurant and need to re-dab some of your perfume onto your neck after emerging.

12 Minty Fresh – Mints (Or Gum)


This is a low-key must for every single purse.

Heck, it’s a must for every man’s jacket pocket as well: mints or a stick of gum.

We can sometimes forget when we’re engaged inside an intriguing conversation over the dinner table that we seem to space out on the fact that we just chowed down on some garlic and onion potatoes with dinner and we’re now in danger of showering our date with bad, garlic breath. It helps to have a small container of fresh, minty Altoids or some peppermint fresh gum on hand to slay the garlic dragon and go back to the heavenly minty fresh breath we all know and love.

11 Pucker Up – Lipstick (Or Lipgloss)


All women who wear lipstick know that it’s relatively dangerous to leave the house without your favorite tube of lipstick or lip gloss. However, there are some of us who don’t actually wear anything on our lips unless it’s for a special occasion, so it seems apropos that we only remember to put our special tube of color in our purses for outings like, oh, say, a first date. Heck, even carrying some chapstick or even lip pucker (the tasty kind, of course) is good to have on hand for a night out on the town with a special new someone.

10 Wardrobe Malfunction Fixer – Safety Pin

If you were somewhat of an emo kid back during the school days of the 2000s, you know that you if you walked around with less than 10 safety pins on your outfit, you were deemed unfashionable. That’s usually something people who AREN’T millennials aren’t really used to hearing, but hey, it was true. Now, the only reason why you should carry around safety pins in your purse is if you have an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction and need to quickly mend something in under a minute.

Sephora sells these cute mini emergency kits that include them among other wonderful things that could save us from a wardrobe disaster!

There - problems solved.

9 Battling Oil – Blotting Papers


This really isn’t an obvious one, but it should be in this day and age. We walk around outside and seem to gather grime on our face that embeds itself into our skin. Usually, we only get around to riding our skin of it during our nightly beauty routine of ridding ourselves of all the makeup and oil before bed. Thing is, blotting papers (that can be bought at Sephora.com) can help rid of faces of unwanted oil and shine that seem to pop up right before a date. They usually come in a travel pack and can get rid of that unwanted shine in under 30 seconds flat.

8 Just Cause You Never Know – Extra Earring Backs

Calla Gold Jewelry

We’ve all been there before: where we’re walking around with a fashionable new set of earrings on and sometime midday, the back of the earring seems to fall off and we end up losing one whole earring, which then messes up the entire set.

And yes, this seems to happen right when we're in the middle of an important function, like a first date.

Though, it’s easy to put a stop to this before it happens – like keeping an extra pair of earring backs in your purse for such an occasion. You can get a pack of 18 (all different types) for only $4.99 at Target.

7 Spills Happen – Stain-Eraser Pen

Messes seem to happen at the absolute worst time possible. And that time? Well, as fate would usually have it – that time appears to be on a first date. Sure, none of us are claiming to not be clumsy gals, but when it usually happens, we sometimes find ourselves ill-prepared. However, if you carry around a stain-eraser pen in your purse, you’ll find that you’re prepped to handle some minor messes that happen to the best of us. Spill some of that cocktail onto your sleeve? No problem – a Tide eraser pen (sold at Amazon.com or any department store) will get that sucker right out.

6 High Heeled Pains – Flats

Any woman who commonly wears high heels on a regular basis will tell you that these little babies are absolute lifesavers. Back in the day, I would wear high heels and then keep flats in my car.

But the thing is, not all of us have access to our car at a moment’s notice.

However, we DO have our purses on us at a moment’s notice, and carrying around pocket flats can be a massive help. Dr. Scholls even has what’s called “Fast Flats” that come in various sizes for a shockingly low price ($8.99 on eBay). They come in a little bag that fits nicely into your purse and you’re able to change into them quickly when needed.

5 Unexpected Waterworks And/Or Sneezes – Tissues

Divas and Dorks

Your grandmother will tell you – it’s always best to have some tissues on hand in your purse for any occasion that might present itself. Maybe it’s just to casually wipe your nose? Or maybe you’re going to see a tear-jerker of a movie with that lucky guy on your first date and you need to be prepared if the waterworks start to flow? Either or, it’s always best to have some tissues on hand for any type of emergency. It’s always useful to have to offer him as well (who knows? Maybe he’s more of a crier than you are and you need to be the savor and hand him a tissue or two during a sad movie?).

4 Germs Are Everywhere – Hand Sanitizer

Trend Hunter

During the day, we all seem to gather a whole plethora of germs that we seem to pick up with every door handle we grab to every button we press. And if we have children? We might as well be a walking germ carnival. Having a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer in our purse is always a must, even if we’re not going out on a first date adventure. And if we are out with that special new someone?

It’s always a good idea to have some hand sanitizer with a fresh scent.

Never could hurt right? Especially during flu season.

3 Dental Hygiene Little Wonder – Floss

The Life of the Party

Now, as much as we’d like to travel around with toothbrush and bathroom sink along with a full bottle of mouthwash smashed inside our purses, we actually don’t think that’s very plausible at this moment. But, there’s one thing that can help us with our oral hygiene in any fixed situation: dental floss! It’s always good to carry this little miracle worker around with us on a daily basis just in case we get into an excruciating battle with a poppy seed. It’s always good to carry around some floss especially if you have a first date where you’re eating something like popcorn (first date movie anyone?). You want to get those little meddlesome seeds out of dodge.

2 Forgetfulness Is A Thing – Little Notebook


Now, this really isn’t an obvious one, but the more that you think about it, the more desirable this little thing becomes a purse filler. Sometimes during the day, a thought can occur to you and if you’re anything like me, you have to get it down before the inspiration drifts quickly away from you.

That’s why it’s always helpful to keep a notebook in your purse just for those moments of pure inspiration.

And you never know – those moments of pure inspiration may just come along when you’re out on a first date with a special guy? You never know.

1 If You Have A Notebook, You Can’t Forget…A Pen


In the technology age, we sometimes don’t think it’s necessary to walk around carrying a pen. However, we find (and at usually the worst time possible) that it’s ALWAYS a wise idea to have a pen on your person (or, in our case, in our purse) while out and about in the world. Some people may go the old fashion direction when asking you for your number, or you just never know when you need to sign your name on something and need a pen. This always helps when on a first date while you’re out in the world experiencing new things with a new person.

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