20 Plot Holes In The Twilight Franchise We're Still Scratching Our Heads Over

The Twilight franchise was huge, there is no denying that. The books that were turned into movies created a fanbase that made it impossible for the actors to leave their hotels. It made Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson huge indie stars- though Taylor Lautner seems to have dropped out of the limelight, more or less. It’s no big surprise that none of the actors did another blockbuster movie after Twilight. But the success of the franchise did allow them to pick and choose the projects that they wanted.

The franchise was loved by many, and at the time, we never really questioned certain things. Now, looking back, we wonder how we missed some huge plot holes. If you have gone and watched the films recently, you might start to notice some things that just don’t make any sense.

There are certain questions that need to be answered about the Twilight films. Maybe you are aware of them, or maybe you aren’t. There were probably some things that bothered you, but you chose to ignore them because well… it’s vampires! There's a bit of distortion of reality regardless, right? Check out these 20 plot holes in the Twilight franchise we’re still scratching our heads over.

20 Edward Is Over A Hundred Years Old

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We’re really not sure how parents didn’t rip the franchise apart for this one. Instead, most of them were out getting their own Twilight tattoos. Sure, Edward and Bella meet in high school, but that’s just part of his cover because he died when he was 17. Edward’s lived for 107 years, but no one blinked an eye when he started dating a teen girl.

We just seemed to forget that there is a huge age difference. After all, Jacob was really a teenager while Edward was a man- points for the Team Jacob camp!

19 Everyone Is Clueless That There Are Vampires And Werewolves In Town

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Forks is a very small community, and yet there are a ton of vampires and werewolves running around and no one in the town has a clue. Bella’s father, Charlie, is the chief of police and has been up close to a few of the vampires and doesn’t even suspect a little bit that there is something off about them.

The plot hole here is seeing how no one has a clue. People are going missing as often as in the IT movie and no one suspects anything. Are the townsfolk stupid or are we to assume it’s human nature to avoid all things icky?

18 Is Edward Protective Or Obsessive?

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Everyone was obsessed over the love story between Edward and Bella and even claimed that they were #relationshipgoals, but were they really? Edward did a lot of things to Bella while they were dating and even before that could classify him as a stalker.

There were also times he kept her away from family and friends, to the point of even messing with her truck so she couldn’t see Jacob.

Before they dated, he watched her while she slept and followed her around town. He tells Bella, “You are my life now,” and that’s a very possessive statement.

17 The Vampires Sparkle

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Instead of bursting into flames, Stephanie Meyer’s vampires would sparkle in daylight. But there were many times when Edward was out in the daylight, so it appeared the rule only applied to direct sunlight. In general, the town of Forks was reportedly pretty cloudy, which sort of helped the gaping plot hole.

But how sunny does it have to be before a vampire will sparkle? We would have to assume that if the sun was bright enough for someone to require sunglasses, then shouldn’t it be bright enough to set sparkle? Yet when Edward brings Bella to school for the first time the two are an item, he is wearing sunglasses.

16 Edward Tries To Sacrifice Himself

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In the second Twilight movie, Edward heads to the Volturi and asks to be killed because he thinks Bella is dead. The Volturi deny him his wish so he threatens to expose himself in public when the sun was at its brightest.

The idea was that humans would see his skin and know that vampires exist, but we’re just not buying that.

Judging by the wild things we see in today’s society, we don’t think that people would assume he was part of the undead. If anything, women would probably approach him asking what his “secret” was for glowing skin.

15 Edward And Bella Have A Baby

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Just right out of the gate, this should be impossible, even in a world where vampires and werewolves exist. Let’s simply break it down to the days when we sat in health class. Someone who's undead likely won't have the necessary ingredients to create a baby- biologically speaking, Edward is dead.

Plus, Carlisle stated that he had never heard of such a thing. It can’t be the first time that a vampire fell in love with a human so should it be so rare? There is literally nothing to explain how this happens and even for a fantasy story, there should be an explanation.

14 They Are Not Vegetarians

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The Cullens don’t feast on humans- they only drink the blood of animals. And yet when Edward is explaining himself to Bella, he literally calls his family vegetarians. Ten years ago, we didn’t have a million different diet options and vegans weren’t as fierce as they are today. But still, vegetarian means not consuming animals- specifically meat. So that would mean that by consuming animals, the vampires literally can't be vegetarians.

Edward was probably just trying to explain the difference by using a play on words, but Stephanie Meyer should have been a little more creative.

13 Why Was Bella A Natural Newborn?

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One thing throughout the franchise that has remained constant is how the Cullens state that newborn vampires are a nightmare to deal with. All 'newborn vampires' want to do is drink blood- from people. Look what happened to Jasper when Bella cut her finger- and he wasn’t even a newborn.

So why was Bella so chill at being a newborn vampire? Our only explanation is the fact that her powers of “shielding” made her so protective of others that she couldn’t hurt anyone. But wouldn’t she still have some issues with me a new vampire?

12 Why Didn’t Edward's Bite Affect Bella?

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In the first movie, Bella becomes the target of the vampire James. When he finally gets his hands on her, he bites her.

This is the first time Bella comes close to becoming a vampire, and man was she ticked when she found out Edward stopped it.

The puzzling part of this whole encounter is that if James' bite would put venom in Bella and cause her to turn, then why doesn’t Edward’s have the same effect? He had to bite her in order to suck out the venom, so how was he able to suck out the venom without turning her into a vampire?

11 Jasper Manipulated Bella’s Emotions

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This is where they screwed up in the story. Part of Bella’s gift as a shield is that the other vampires' powers have no effect on her. Therefore, none of the Volturi could hurt her with their powers, and Edward has never been able to read her mind.

So how was it that Jasper was able to manipulate her mood long enough for Alice to convince her to let her have a birthday party? Bella’s mind has always been untouchable. Meyer’s answered the question on her website stating that Jasper’s power is science-based, he controller Bella by changing her pulse... which still doesn’t make sense.

10 Alice Suddenly Can See Werewolves

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Alice can see the future but in New Moon, we discovered that she has a blind spot when it comes to seeing the future if it involves werewolves. That’s why she rushed back to town when she saw Bella jumped off the cliff; she couldn’t see Bella being saved. Fast forward to Breaking Dawn: Part One and suddenly Alice can see werewolves in her vision when she anticipates the vision of fighting the Volturi.

It seems her change in power was just a matter of convenience to the story, leaving us with a huge plot hole and lots of questions.

9 Edward Can’t Be Appealing


Yes, he looks great and there are probably thousands of women who would like to get their hands on Edward but theoretically, it should not be easy to smooch this vampire. When Bella and Edward kiss for the first time, it’s cute and all, but it really doesn’t make sense.

Meyer wrote her vampires to feel like marble to the touch, not to mention his skin would be cold to the touch. It’s likely that his breath would be icy as well. So, Bella is essentially kissing a venomous ice cube, how would that even be appealing at all? She should be shivering after each kiss- like she is later in the films when Jacob has to warm her up.

8 Why Was Jasper So Bothered By Bella’s Smell

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In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella because he felt she was in danger of Jasper, who tried to attack her when she got a paper cut and exposed just a drop of blood. But it’s so weird that he would have such a strong reaction to her blood at that moment, when in the first movie he didn’t.

In Twilight, she was attacked by James and she was bleeding out on the floor. Jasper was there helping to attack James with his brothers. There was way more blood involved in that scene than the paper cut one, and yet Jasper didn’t attack Bella then.

7 The Cullens Ditched School For Months But Still Graduated

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These are little things that we just don’t pay attention to the first time around. When Edward bailed on Bella in New Moon, he missed months of schools and so did his siblings. There didn’t seem to be any consequence to that such as summer school.

Vampires don’t get special treatment, obviously, and yet they were still able to graduate with Bella even though they must have missed a ton of school. Typically, truancy is frowned upon and likely they would have had to make it up at some point. Another gaping plot hole the author could have fixed with a few simple lines!

6 Why Did The Kids Go To School At All?

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When Bella saw the art work in Edward’s home with the graduation gaps, she stated how “depressing” it was that he had to keep repeating high school. So, why did the Cullen children do that? Sure, obviously they wanted to appear normal to the townspeople.

But the community knew that the Cullens were wealthy, so why not home school your children or pretend they were trust-fund brats who spent their time abroad?

There are so many memes out there that state the Cullens could have cured cancer in the time it took them to repeat high school so many times.

5 Why Was Bella Irresistible

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Edward had no problem going to school and sitting beside any number of females in Forks, and yet the moment Bella sat beside him he could barely stand to be near her. It’s a common theme in the entire franchise that Bella’s blood is overwhelming to Edward.

Even Aro, the leader of the Volturi, calls Bella "tua cantante," meaning that her blood sings to Edward. So, what is it about her blood? That is never really explained throughout the franchise. Of course, Bella's unique character points are central to the entire plot- we get that- but it would just be nice to have a bit of an explanation!

4 Jacob Imprinting On Bella's Daughter

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We’re not sure why this didn’t bother us back then but maybe it was because we hadn’t fully comprehended the idea of imprinting. Jacob was always after Bella, but they were never meant to be because he was fated for Edward’s daughter. That is weird in itself, and although they stated multiple times that it’s “not what we think,” it’s still odd that Jacob’s soulmate would be an infant.

After all, he would have to watch her grow up, waiting to become her partner in adulthood. Not to mention, what if Bella hadn't given birth to a daughter? Does that mean that Jacob would never have imprinted on anyone?

3 What Happens To The Clothes

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When Jacob and the Quileute shapeshift, there are many times where we see the clothing they wear rip to shreds. So how come they appear fully dressed again after. The books claimed that the pack anticipated these issues and always took their clothing off first. But in Eclipse, Jacob defends pack member Leah and in turn gets his ribs cracked.

Jacob is badly injured and in enormous pain, yet Leah and the rest of the pack go and put clothes on before assisting him? Obviously, it’s PG-13 and they can’t be running around sans clothes, but it just doesn’t make sense overall.

2 Charlie Is Cool With Everything

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Most parents would probably lose their minds a few times considering what Bella goes through in the franchise. She’s been seriously injured multiple times because of her boyfriend and gets married at 18, not to mention she almost dies on her honeymoon.

When Bella eventually does come home, she’s “changed,” but regardless of what goes on, Charlie just seems to go with the flow.

He was super protective in the first movie, but that seemed to disappear. Considering he’s a policeman and should have instincts, we're surprised he doesn’t seem to notice the fact that Bella’s eye color changed and her life with Edward is “off.”

1 Why Is Everyone In Love With Bella

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Don’t get us wrong Kristen Stewart is gorgeous, even though the movies take away part of the beauty by the clothing she wears and giving her brown contact lenses. So, yes Bella as a character is attractive, but not so much so that she would turn every head in the room.

Yet, the movies made it pretty obvious that everyone at the high school wanted to date Bella. We seriously don’t get it. She was boring. She was anti-social and seemed to have no other interests in her life other than Edward. So, why?

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