20 Pics The Undertaker And Michelle McCool Want To Keep On The DL

Behind the scenes, there simply isn’t a wrestler who is more respected than The Undertaker. Sure, his accomplishments speak for themselves, but what might be even more remarkable is his demeanor behind the scenes.

Undertaker is regarded as a locker room leader and perhaps the greatest individual of all-time within the WWE confines. It didn’t matter whether someone was on top or on the bottom of the card; Undertaker always made time for them.

Nowadays, his WWE appearances seem to be a lot more sporadic. He recently attended WrestleMania, however, this time he strictly showed up as a fan alongside his wife Michelle McCool and the couple’s daughter. It was a great week for Taker as he finally got to enjoy the show without the stress of having to perform.

In this article, we climb out of the ring and take a look at photos both Undertaker and McCool would rather keep on the DL. An honorable mention has to go to Taker and his former Sara tattoo that was visible for years on WWE television. Of course, Taker got that neck tattoo altered once the two split up.

On this list, we’ll also take a look at lots of behind the scenes photos, along with a slew of airport pics Undertaker and McCool want to keep on the DL. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started.

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20 The Couple’s Garage

via IG

Outside of the ring, Taker and McCool like to live a very private life–and that’s especially true for The Undertaker. Michelle seems to be a little bit more open, especially on social media platforms like IG. She posted this picture showing the snow that had accumulated in the couple’s driveway.

However, fans were zeroing in on something else as they finally got a sneak peek at some of the rides in the garage, which includes a Jeep and Ford F-150. The couple also has a Ford Raptor. Given the buzz that it caused, maybe McCool would have rather kept this personal photo on the DL.

19 Undertaker Spotted On The Plane

via Twitter

It was a huge surprise when Undertaker finally sat down for a tell-all interview. These types of interviews have been few and far between, as Taker has stayed silent throughout most of his professional life thanks to his Deadman gimmick.

That all changed when he sat down with Ed Young. So you might be wondering, what does that have to do with the picture above? Well, Taker confirmed in the interview that he despises when fans take a picture when he isn’t aware or hasn't given express permission for. The photo above is the perfect example of one he doesn’t like.

18 Working Out With Elias

via Twitter

He might be in his 50s, but Undertaker still keeps in shape behind the scenes. Michelle McCool even posted an impressive video of Undertaker deadlifting weight that most of us couldn’t even handle in our prime years–clearly, he still has some strength.

He’s spotted in the picture above working out with none other than Elias. The photo was taken a year ago–and ironically enough, a year later these two would work a spot together on RAW. The photo was one Undertaker didn’t approve of–surely, he’s none too pleased that the picture circulated. Normally, Undertaker trains back home in his private home gym.

17 Snapped Backstage At RAW

via IG

Undertaker didn’t show up to WrestleMania for the first time in a while, however, he did make an appearance the following night in Brooklyn during an Elias segment. It was a weird weekend as Undertaker watched WrestleMania from the backstage area.

Nonetheless, we still got a glimpse of the Deadman–he was even caught in a candid backstage photo prior to his on-stage cameo. WWE might be locking down the Undertaker, though, as according to recent news, a contract is now in place to keep Taker from working with any other companies–a wise decision by management, to say the least.

16 With Shane At The Bar

via Twitter

Untimely injuries left WrestleMania 32 in jeopardy. The main match on the card was supposed to Cena and Undertaker–however, John experiencing an unrelated physical ailment closed the door on the possible encounter.

Shane, however, would return to the WWE after a long hiatus, resurfacing to challenge The Undertaker. Arguably, the match was the best of the entire card. After the match, the on-screen rivals decided to celebrate at a bar nearby. The only problem was they were spotted by a couple of fans in the area. The picture went viral and surely, both Shane and Undertaker would have preferred a private celebratory moment instead.

15 Undertaker Caught In The Elevator

via Twitter

Vince McMahon was given a lot of money for WWE’s Saudi Arabia show. That also translated into lucrative money for the talent, and that included The Undertaker, who took on Rusev in a casket match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.

The security wasn’t the tightest though–the likes of Chris Jericho made this clear in his podcast. Lots of fans got to meet the performers in random places–and that even includes The Undertaker, who was spotted with a fan and Mark Henry in the picture above. The future Hall of Famer looks none too pleased with the photo, so we can assume he wishes it wouldn't have happened.

14 Husband & Wife With Sting

via Twitter

Unfortunately, this is the closest glimpse we ever got of a potential dream match between Sting and Undertaker. A fan captured the moment as two of the biggest wrestling stars from the ‘90s caught up for a brief chat. Surely, both McCool and Undertaker didn’t appreciate the photo, especially given the fact that it included their daughter.

The couple is very private when it comes to photos of their daughter–they’ll usually block her face out of pics. Thankfully, she has her back to the person taking the photo–nonetheless, the couple likely wasn’t too pleased. This is another example of the type of photo Undertaker really doesn't like.

13 Undertaker With Impact Logo In The Background

via Twitter

It is never a good look when someone takes a picture alongside the competition. What the Undertaker might not have realized in the photo above is that the Impact logos were in the background of the snap. This is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Undertaker with another logo aside from the WWE one, though. Maybe that’s the reason Vince and company have now restructured the Undertaker’s contract.

It was a bizarre visual and one that caught a lot of fan attention online. Surely, those working for WWE weren’t too thrilled with the photo. It is one that should have been kept on the DL.

12 Michelle & Undertaker Meet The Cavs

via Twitter

It all seemed like such a great idea. Undertaker showed up to the Cavs home opener, which seemed like the right call given that James wore an Undertaker shirt during the team’s prior playoff run.

It all turned into a negative experience, though, when James refused to meet with the Undertaker. According to SB Nation Radio, LeBron wasn’t pleased that Undertaker didn’t have an appointment with him for the meet. It turned into a very unpleasant experience and one both McCool and Undertaker want to forget about. It looked very uncomfortable with Taker and his wife just waiting around backstage.

11 McCool’s Prior Gimmick

via WWE

Looking back, Michelle played the role of a character she probably wants to keep on the DL. Given that she’s a proud mom, playing the role of a bully likely isn’t something she’s most proud of. In a particular story, Michelle teamed up alongside Layla, and the two bullied Mickie James on various occasions. It made for some tough television to watch, and surely we wouldn’t see such action in this day and age.

Thankfully, the story is largely forgotten about and McCool is generally recognized for her great in-ring abilities. Who knows, maybe she has one more run left in her.

10 Sitting Next To The Enemy

via Twitter

On perhaps the most stunning night in wrestling history, Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak came to an end following a loss to rival Brock Lesnar. For that reason, it was pretty bizarre to see the two rivals sitting next to each other at dinner. In truth, Lesnar and Taker are very close behind the scenes, proving that the in-ring gimmick is just that.

This special picture was taken during a dinner at Saudi Arabia prior to the Greatest Royal Rumble the following day. Leaked images showed us things we weren’t supposed to see, like this picture showing the rivals seated together and seemingly getting along just fine!

9 Waiting At The Airport

via Twitter

Despite his iconic status in the wrestling business, Taker still decides to travel like the rest of us. He can easily afford a private jet or better yet, ask WWE for first class accommodations like Brock Lesnar. However, Undertaker is such a class act and he isn’t bothered one bit by flying commercial, even if it means meeting numerous fans at the airport.

This is another example of Taker’s traveling life as he’s again spotted without even knowing it. The fan was better off asking for a picture than taking this unsuspecting snap, though. We wouldn't want to be there when Taker realizes what this sneaky fan is doing.

8 McCool & Undertaker Outside Of The Airport

via Twitter

The travel life of a WWE star isn’t the easiest. Unlike other sports leagues, there are no off-seasons. Undertaker definitely knows a thing or two about this, having traveled with WWE for nearly three decades.

Some fans are a little more aggressive than others–and that is pretty obvious in this photo as the fan follows McCool and Undertaker outside while angling for a photo. Both McCool and Undertaker look very uncomfortable–this definitely isn’t the best way to go when wanting a picture with a WWE star. Making matters worse, she even has The Undertaker shirt on, meaning she was expecting his arrival.

7 Hugging It Out With The Boss

via YouTube

As we stated earlier, WrestleMania XXX was quite the night. Things got very emotional backstage. Prior to Undertaker hitting the ring, he shared a warm embrace with the boss, one the fans weren’t supposed to see. The two got choked up just before the match.

Things would only get worse as Undertaker collapsed once he made his way backstage. WWE cameras caught Vince’s reaction and he was none too pleased. But ultimately, McMahon left the show to aid Undertaker at the hospital. That just goes to show how close these two really are given that the boss left the biggest show of the year to check on Taker.

6 Selfie With Kurt Angle

via IG

WWE fans might have a hard time picturing the Undertaker taking a selfie with anyone, let alone WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. Again, this is a behind the scenes picture taken at the special Saudi Arabia dinner. Angle actually posted the rare picture and fans were very much caught off guard seeing a picture of the Undertaker out of character while rocking a suit–that’s a visual we really haven’t seen in the past.

Nonetheless, it was a successful trip for WWE, at least financially. We assume Taker also made quite the dollar at the event as well. Perhaps that's the occasion for the selfie?

5 Smiling Selfie With His Wife

via IG

Undertaker just can’t help but smile in this selfie–even though fans know the Undertaker for exact opposite expression. He truly is very happy alongside his wife. This is his third marriage. He was previously married twice before. Most fans remember his relationship with ex-wife Sara, and the couple actually had two children together. The awkward part is that Taker actually had a tattoo of her name–one he would later modify, of course.

Taker married for a third time, to Michelle, in 2010 during a private outdoor wedding. The couple shares a young daughter, Kaia Faith Calaway, and seems to be happier than ever together.

4 Selfie With A Fan

via Twitter

We close out the selfie parade with another fan photo taken at the airport. Ironically, Undertaker’s making a lot of money with the fans nowadays–according to his current upcoming schedule, Taker is set for lots of meet and greet sessions.

Credit the Undertaker for always keeping a positive attitude when meeting the fans in public settings. Let’s not forget, this is the same guy that has been on the road with WWE since 1990. That’s nearly three decades of traveling and meeting the fans. We have to give kudos to Taker for once again accepting the quick photo that likely made the fan’s day.

3 Backstage At The Saudi Arabia Event

via Twitter

Always the professional, Undertaker is shown posing for a picture behind the scenes. Taker was a huge part of the Saudi Arabia event as the higher-ups that set up the show demanded some of the better stars from the earlier days. Heck, according to Chris Jericho, they even requested that Vince bring wrestlers that had passed away!

But Vince can always count on the Undertaker, who not only took part in the event but was also a class act behind the scenes with the various higher-ups and their families. There’s a reason he’s considered the biggest class act in the business.

2 Enjoying Some Pizza Together

via IG

We definitely wouldn’t expect Undertaker to post such a photo. However, McCool had a little fun posting this gem. The couple had a great weekend and one that was stress-free given that Undertaker wasn’t competing for the first time in a while. The two took a break from their tough meal plans smashing a nice piece of pizza during WrestleMania weekend.

McCool elaborated via IG; “Work or no work, the tradition continues! @boyfromnewyorkcity & @madeinnewyorkpizza delivered....literally & figuratively! #yummy #newfavoritepizza #stuffed.” 

That New York pizza was definitely well deserved, and we're pretty sure these two will be back at their hard-hitting gym routines in no time.

1 Kaia With Vince

via IG

This photo caused quite the reaction online. And it was actually McCool that posted the picture via her IG account. Here’s what she had to say about the WM weekend;

“There are so many reasons I LOVE WM....watching people’s faces absolutely light up with excitement (including our daughter's - thank you @xavierwoodsphd @thetruekofi @wwebige & countless others), making memories with family & friends, making a rare appearance out of my sweats (thank you HMU) & it’s ALWAYS on my dad’s birthday weekend! Happy birthday to the most FLAWLESS dad, & Poppy, there is! We love you!”

Clearly, this is one pic Michelle didn't quite keep on the DL, but note the angle of the shot, which keeps Kaia's face out of the picture in true Taker style.

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