20 Pics That Show How Kim's Style Has Changed Since She Got With Kanye

There is a distinctive pre-Kanye and post-Kanye style split when it comes to Kim Kardashian West’s fashion. Over the years, we all tend to change up our look based on what’s trendy or our interest in switching things up, and Kim is no exception. But it seems like there was a drastic shift in her style once she and Kanye became an item. He is certainly influential in the fashion industry, so perhaps it was his personal style advice that caused Kim to rethink her choices in clothing. She loves to show off her body and pose for pics, so why not do so in clothing that is apparently Kanye-approved?

Before she got with Kanye, Kim’s look was a bit all over the place. Not everything was particularly flattering, fashionable, or fit well. Not to say she didn’t look nice, but when you compare her older looks to her more current pics, the change is considerable. Kanye wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are 10 pre-Kanye pics and 10 that reveal Kim's style after the two got together. The looks are like night and day, and it is safe to argue that her post-Kanye wardrobe is a lot more interesting…in a good way.


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20 Belted And Bagged

Via: cheatsheet.com

We can see that Kim is all about a cinched waist in this wide-belted ensemble. Her loose-sleeved top is tucked into a super-sized white belt that is the focus of this un-Kanye-like fashion choice. Paired with a brown bag with a chain-link strap, mega hoop earrings, and oversized sunglasses, Kim looks nothing like the woman she is today.

She wouldn’t dare go out with her hair pulled back without a second thought, and that super-glossy pink lipstick would never fly with Kanye. Since Kim is so pretty, it’s hard for her to ever look bad, but this look does her no justice. All these accessories are OTT.

19 Bad Fashion Advice From Her Bestie

Via: elle.com

Remember when Kim and Paris Hilton were inseparable? This was when Paris was the better-known famous face and Kim was nothing more than a sidekick. While Paris is still a super celeb, Kim is now the star of the show. But back when she was Paris’ BFF, Kim wasn’t as glam as she is today.

Wearing a basic black T-shirt and some interesting hair gear, the reality star isn’t exactly ready for the red carpet. Sure, she looks cute, but Kanye would rather she dress in something a little more daring. Fast forward to now, and Kim would not be caught in this unremarkable look. This pic proves that Kim has come a long way.

18 Choosing Black And Blue

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Kim is all smiles as she shows off her beautiful shape in this black and blue getup. She is clutching a silver bag that she probably never carried again once she hooked up with Kanye. Again, Kim is all about the big belt and cinching in her tiny waist. Her hourglass figure is further flaunted and her femininity is on full display.

Compared to most, Kim looks amazing. But when you compare this look to something she’d wear after getting with her hubby, this black and blue number is far from a perfect 10. We certainly won’t be seeing Kim in this outfit on the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

17 Sisters in Scarves

Via: zimbio.com

These California girls are not used to a dip in temperature, so wearing scarves is not part of their usual routine. Here pictured with her adorable older sister Kourtney, Kim is smiling broadly with her big black scarf dangling around her neck. Kourtney has an animal print scarf which goes well with her brown hat. They both look comfy and cute and it seems like the sisters are having a good time wherever they may be.

Kim might wear something similar to this if she’s ever visiting the East Coast during winter, but post-Kanye, she’d find a way to take the look up a notch.

16 The Teen Queen

Via: wmagazine.com

It’s time for a throwback! We rarely see pics of Kim pre-Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so it’s fun to see a teen version of the reality princess. She looks like a natural beauty with her long hair and a pop of color on her lips. She’s comfy in a basic white tee and a cool cross-body bag.

She looks like the average teen who probably had no idea that one day she’d become one of the most famous women in the world. And check out sister Kourtney in the back in her “grunge” plaid oversized button-down. Ah, those were the days…

15 Furry Fury

Via: sheknows.com

Kim certainly looks happy to be posing for the paparazzi, but she would never go out in public in an outfit like this today. And even if she wanted to, Kanye would convince her otherwise. She looks slim and is all smiles, but that furry trim is something to question.

Perhaps it was in style at the time, but looking back, Kim probably wishes she had picked out something else to wear that day. Even so, Kim manages to look great thanks to her good genes and confident attitude. Kanye would advise Kim to fur-get this look altogether. We’re guessing she already has.

14 Buttoned Up With Her Ex-Beau

Via: bravotv.com

While their marriage famously lasted a mere 72 days, this pic will last a lifetime. And Kim is probably regretting both. Neither of the two looks particularly thrilled in this pic, and Kim’s style is nothing like that of the post-Kris Humphries gal we know today.

She seems to have had a certain vibe she was going for, but in his plain white T-shirt, it doesn’t appear that Kris was on the same page. Kim does look chic and mature, but this isn’t the same sort of style she flaunts while she’s out and about with her current hubby. New fella, new fashion.

13 Feeling Musical In A Mini Dress

Via: zig.com

Kim must be a fan of music based on her selection of attire in this pic with her ex. She is squeezed into a musical-themed mini dress, patterned with musical notes. Kris is more formal than usual, and looks rather dapper since we are used to seeing him in athletic attire.

Kim does look kinda cute in this whimsical number, but ever since she has been with Kanye, she doesn’t go for dresses like this anymore. Perhaps this one still hangs in the back of her closet as a reminder of what not to wear for a television appearance.

12 Hello Yellow

Via: wpblink.com

This shade of canary yellow looks amazing against Kim’s bronze skin tone, but it would be unlikely that she would sport such a style on the arm of her husband Kanye. She looks happy to be in this sunshine shade, but the style is not quite as flattering as most of the fashion she wears today.

But there is nothing wrong with a flirty yellow summery dress when you are trying to keep cool on a hot day. She stands out in this bright and bold color and her smile shows that she is feeling confident with her fashion choice.

11 Before There Were Stylists

Via: racked.com

These sisters have certainly come a long way since this pic was taken. The fresh-faced trio is all smiles and they are just getting their feet wet in the wild world of reality stardom. They all look cute in their own way, but it is safe to say that not one of these Kardashian sisters would wear these outfits today. Anyway, it’s not like they have to repeat outfits with all the money they make.

Plus, Kanye would be unlikely to support his wife if she chose to wear this dress on a red carpet by his side. He has a particular fashion sensibility that doesn’t include dresses like these.


10 Disco Ball Duo

Via: jakartapost.com

Silver makes this couple shine. Dazzling and sparkly, Kim and Kanye are all dressed up and wowing the crowds. Kim looks fabulously futuristic in this ultra-modern dress that fits her to perfection. Kanye looks super cool with his ice blue contact lenses and shimmery denim ensemble.

Who knew that Kim would go from trendy to over-the-top in a matter of a few years? But she is owning this luxe look and nothing will stop her from experimenting with forward-thinking fashion. She is the shining star of this red carpet; even Kanye is taking a back seat. Disco balls all over the world are jealous.

9 Exercise Meets Elegance

Via: travelandleisure.com

Kim is wearing a slinky dress, but underneath it appears as if she is also sporting a tracksuit. It is certainly an odd combination, to say the least, but she seems confident in her clothing choice. Kanye is seemingly cool with it, so maybe it was his idea for her to try such an unlikely outfit.

It looks like the couple is at the airport, so perhaps they are headed across the world where this outfit might make more sense. Where may that be? Who knows? But Kim is feeling cool and Kanye is walking with swagger. Perhaps she couldn’t make up her mind, so the mismatched ensemble was what she wound up in.

8 Putting The Style In Street Style

Via: okmagazine.com

It’s a family affair for this stylish foursome as they walk the city streets looking stylish and sleek. Kim looks totally amazing and fit, and Kanye is the doting dad we always knew he’d be. As always, the West kiddos are super cute and are getting used to being the center of attention. But back to the knockout Kim.

She is dressed to thrill in all black from head to toe, showing off her strong legs and strappy sandals. People on the streets must have taken a collective double take when they saw this famous family of four on foot.

7 Cream Of The Crop

Via: etonline.com

Kim looks soft and lovely in this cream colored dress which fits her like a glove. Her hair is super long and pulled back off her face so we can see her fabulous features. She is all smiles and holds her head up high. She must know that she looks like a million bucks, so why not feel happy about it? Fans of the celeb must love this look, as does her man Kanye who more than likely helped her select it along with her stylist.

Cream is a nice color for Kim, since we often see her wearing black. If anyone’s the cream of the crop, it’s Kim.

6 Baby Bump Beauty

Via: usmagazine.com

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a mother-to-be showing off her growing baby bump. And Kim is not shy about showing her shape to the world. She looks elegant and refined in this gorgeous dress which cradles her blossoming belly and fits her body perfectly.

She wears minimal jewelry and her makeup is classic. Her hair is parted directly down the middle showing off her symmetry in a sophisticated way. We do not always see stars in the spotlight when they are pregnant, so it is nice to see Kim embracing her maternity look in such a modern way.

5 Ravishing In Red

Via: vogue.in

Kanye must love how his wife looks in this red hot look. She is sporting blonde hair that is wavy and chic, and this bright red color really pops. Kim always looks amazing in high fashion looks, and this gorgeous outfit is so special. She is delightfully draped in a delicate fabric that is transparent and light, allowing the shape to transform with her every move.

This is the sort of post-Kanye look that Kim would have never worn over a decade ago. Everything about her style has shifted, and most would agree she has moved in a fresher direction.

4 Matching With Her Hubby

Via: harpersbazaar.com

Blue has never looked more beautiful. Kim may be hiding behind those oversized shades, but we can see her style for miles. Kanye’s shirt is a little cuckoo (pun intended), but Kim is a stunner from head to toe. Her long hair is stylish and her belted blue outfit is classy and cool.

She knows how to dress her body type with a fabulous fit and tons of flair. Kanye certainly has a serious expression on his face, but maybe he’s just wondering why he’s in a bird sweater while his wife looks like she just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine.

3 Sitting Pretty

Via: glamour.com

Kim is looking lovely in this brown dress. Her smile is her best accessory, aside from that giant rock on her ring finger. This cut-out design is edgy and modern, something she would not have worn before she got together with Kanye. Even seated, we can tell how great she looks in this fashionable dress, and knowing Kim, it must hug her enviable shape in all the right places.

She often wears her hair long and sleek, which allows her face to be the star of the show. Yet another five-star ensemble from the reigning reality princess!

2 Keeping It On The Edge

Via: ebony.com

Here’s a look you don’t see every day. Kim is cool in her embellished outfit while her man backs her up in black. This design is super cool and creative, and Kim pulls her hair back so everyone can see the interesting detail involved in this piece.

More like a work of art than a piece of clothing, this item is an intricate and gorgeous one. Kim is likely one of very few people to own it, either because of its steep price or its special qualities. Back in Kim’s pre-Kanye days, we’d never see her step out in such an outfit.

1 Black Tie And Baby Bump

Via: time.com

Kim and her man are walking arm-in-arm and Kim’s got a big baby bump covered in a classy outfit. These two look like they are headed somewhere fancy – perhaps an exclusive red carpet event or a fabulous celebs-only party. Even while pregnant, Kim knows how to dress her body, baby bump and all.

Kanye looks genuinely happy to be escorting his glamorous wife to the event, and he looks rather dapper himself. When this celebrity couple gets all dressed up to the nines, they nail it. It’s nice to see them in love and looking so lovely. Kim never looked so elegant, and Kanye has got to agree.

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