20 Pics Of The Harry Potter Cast That Give Us Major Nostalgia

We are just a few years away from hitting the 10 year mark of when the final Harry Potter film was released. Who's feeling really old right now? While Hollywood has moved on to a completely new Harry Potter franchise at this point, we are thinking it won't be too long before all 8 of the original films get a reboot. After all, we are living in a time where original scripts seem to be a thing of the past. Even if this were to happen in the near future, we are sure there are generations of people who will simply never accept anyone other than Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as their original HP trio.

Today we are going to be taking a look back at some of the most heartwarming photos to come out of the original Harry Potter films. These behind the scenes shots are sure to give any fan of the series some serious nostalgia.

20 Just Three Babies About To Set Out On An Epic Adventure

Here we are looking at Daniel, Emma and Rupert, just as they were about to start their epic journey. While thousands of kids auditioned to play these parts, it was these three who landed the legendary roles. We wonder if they knew then, just how much their lives were about to change.

19 They Seem To Be Getting Along Well

It's always funny to see actors out of characters, but this is even wilder to witness when the actors in question are known for playing some of the most wicked villains of all time. Who here ever thought they'd see Dumbledore and Harry posing for a shot with Bellatrix and Voldemort? Another funny part of this photo: Voldemort has a nose!

18 Preparing For The Triwizard Tournament

The special effects in the Harry Potter series were no doubt pretty awesome for their time. During the fourth film, we not only got to see Harry go head-to-head against a very realistic looking dragon, but we also got to see him turn into a sort of fish-man. Here is Daniel getting his gills ready.

17 A Gryffindor Party!

In this one, it looks as though our boy Seamus Finnigan is crashing a Weasley family reunion. This shot was taken behind the scenes of the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) looks like she couldn't be anymore excited to be starting her first year at Hogwarts.

16 A Good Looking Cast

In the first two films, the children of the cast all looked downright adorable. However, in the next couple of films, it was painfully obvious that the kids had entered puberty. That being said, by the final few films, they had all grown into their looks. Here they are looking dashing!

15 The Transformation Of Dudley Dursley

Let's be real, Dudley Dursley was not everyone's favorite character. While he had some funny moment, he was mostly just a spoilt brat who loved to make Harry's life miserable. Still, actor Harry Melling did a great job with the role. Here is a shot of what he looks like today.

14 J.K. Rowling With Her Babies

Here we have a great photo of author J.K. Rowling looking like she couldn't be anymore proud of her three main actors. Even to this day, J.K. seems to have a close bond with most of the stars from the films. She is well known for her tweets and sometimes fans catch her tweeting at her babies!

13 Harry And Professor McGonagall Go Way Back

Dame Maggie Smith has stated in the past that she is quite fond of the young Harry Potter actor, Daniel Radcliffe. While we are sure they built a strong bond while on the set of these films, the first Harry Potter movie was not actually the first time they ever worked together. The two starred in the two-part BBC miniseries David Copperfield.

12 Hermione Had A Crush On Draco!

Some may have wondered why Emma Watson never dated either Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint in real life. The three did spent a crazy amount of time together. Well, in 2012 while appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show, she explained that she and her two on-screen besties were just friends in real life. Although, she also dropped this bomb "Between the ages of 10 and 12 I had a really terrible crush on Tom Felton".

11 Is It Just Us, Or Does Hagrid Seem Less Hairy Here?

We don't just have one beardless Hagrid in this photo, but two! The man sitting is actually Robbie Coltrane, he man who portrayed Hagrid in all 8 films. However, the large man in Hagrid's clothing is Martin Bayfield. Bayfield stands at 6' 10", so it makes sense that he was used as a body double for certain shots. Oh, the magic of editing!

10 The Years Have Been Kind To Neville Longbottom

The transformation of Matthew Lewis is truly one for the books. While it's true that in the first film they made Lewis wear fake teeth and a fat suit, he still did manage to surprise everyone when he grew up into the absolutely gorgeous man he is today. Way to go Neville!

9 Team Cedric All The Way!

This one may be hard for any Twihards in the audience to look at. Before Robert Pattinson was the dreamy vampire Edward Cullen, he was the dreamy Quidditch-playing Hufflepuff of every girl's dream. While sadly his character only survived long enough to be included in one of the films, any true Potterhead out there will always see him as Cedric Diggory.

8 A Final Hug On The Last Day Of Filming

It is time for us to say goodbye yet again. Here we have a shot of our three leads embracing each other on their final day of shooting. We can only imagine how many emotions must have been going on here in this heartwarming picture. Clearly, these three created a bond that will last a lifetime.

7 Remembering Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman was a legendary actor even before landing the role of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film series. The man had a stellar acting reputation and many of his co-stars have expressed that he was truly an amazing man to work with. There is not a person out there who could have played the role better. Rickman passed away in 2016.

6 We Still Can't Believe Fred Didn't Make It ...

One of the hardest goodbyes we had to say throughout the entire Harry Potter series, was no doubt the one we said when Fred Weasley perished during the Battle of Hogwarts. James and Oliver Phelps played the wise-cracking twins, even though they really didn't look the way the boys had been described in the books.  Clearly, they were so good that looks didn't matter!

5 Two Young Wizards Out For A Stroll

Here we are looking at a very young Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe out for a stroll. It's a safe assumption that after so many years of playing best friends, these two built a pretty close relationship in real life. This shot is said to be from one of the very first times the two ever met!

4 The World's Most Adorable Bully

Just as fans of the Twilight series picked either Team Edward or Team Jacob, fans of the Harry Potter films found themselves on either Team Harry or Team Draco. Even though Draco was a mean spoiled bully throughout most the story, his adorable face and bleach blonde hair were enough to sell many on the young Tom Felton.

3 Bellatrix Breaking Character

There were three truly terrifying villains in the Harry Potter series. Obviously Voldemort was up there. Then there was the horrible Professor Umbridge. And finally, Bellatrix Lestrange. The woman was completely mad and quite dangerous. However, in this shot, Daniel Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter look to be having a great (not at all scary) time!

2 The Youngest Seeker In A Century

Here we are looking at a promo shot done for the first ever installment of the HP films. The photo is more than just a little awkward, but the nostalgia is still very real. Of course, now that we are living in a time where everything becomes a meme, this photo has obviously been hilariously photoshopped a number of times.

1 From Start To Finish

This photo is sure to bring tears to the eyes of any fan who stuck by Harry through it all. Watching these three children grow up over the course of 10 years was truly something magical. Also, note Ron's less concerned face during the Battle of Hogwarts. We guess he always knew Harry would save the day!

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