20 Pics Of The Bella Twins... Then & Now

Fans of the Bella Twins have literally seen their work come full circle. The ladies started off searching for fame in Los Angeles and now, that appears to be the case once again after a phenomenal WWE run.

Just days ago, the two announced their official retirements. Brie plans to run her several companies while raising Birdie. Nikki, on the other hand, moved to Los Angeles and she continues to keep herself busy with various projects. Although it was tough to see the twins depart from WWE, it was time given their crazy schedules.

In this article, we’ll take a look back at everything Bella related from their earlier days back in Scottsdale to their memorable in-ring moments.

Finally, we’ll also take a look at some of their current photos and what they’re currently up to away from the ring. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years we’ll be adding even more photos to this article pertaining to their lives away from WWE.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 20 pics of the Bella Twins from both then and now. We start the article off with a "then" photo from way back when. Let’s get started, ring the bell!

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20 Young Bella Selfie

via IG

We start way back in their younger days with a throwback photo of the twins. Before residing in places like Seattle, Washington or San Diego, California, the two actually grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona on a farm. It was a much different lifestyle prior to their parents separating.

As you’ll see in the then photos, the twins kept very active during their younger days, taking on lots of sports. As early as elementary age, the twins enrolled on the school’s soccer team. Back then, the world of pro wrestling didn’t even exist for the two twins, even though years later, that’s what they’re known for by all their fans.

19 Bellas Hugging It Out

via IG

This picture was posted to IG as Nikki Bella was promoting an upcoming episode of the family’s reality show, Total Bellas. The throwback photo certainly caught viewers' attention as this is a rare pic of the twins from back then and one most fans hadn’t seen before.

As the pic clearly shows, the twins were always so close to one another–and as time passes this continues to be the case. Although the two do have separate lives in different locations today, they still remain as close as ever before. Hopefully their future ventures let them cross paths just as frequently as their WWE work did.

18 Blonde Nikki Bella

via E Online

This might be the most surprising throwback photo on the list. The E Network posted some rare throwback photos of the Total Divas cast. In a lot of the pics, some of the Divas looked totally unrecognizable, especially in their younger pics. This one caught a lot of fans off guard as Nikki is seen without her natural dark hair; instead, she’s rocking a blonde head of hair.

She used the hairstyle during a couple of Halloween events, one in which she dressed up like a Playboy Bunny. We can safely say that Nikki looks great with both blonde and black hair, though it is hard to get used to the lighter color.

17 Brie With Nattie

via Pinterest

It might be hard to believe given Nattie’s experience, but both Natalya and the Bella twins entered the WWE at the same time–though at point Natalya already had a wealth of experience while the Bella twins were just getting started in the industry.

This picture is a throwback of both Natalya and Brie from back in the day when they were getting started with WWE’s developmental brand FCW. Back at that time, they weren’t wrestling in front of huge crowds; they were lucky if they had 100 fans at their shows. Times have definitely changed since then, that's for sure!

16 The FCW Days

via Pinterest

The Bella Twins got on the WWE’s radar through a Diva Search audition. They didn’t make the cut, but they got something even better: actual contracts with the company. Since both had no experience prior, they joined the developmental brand, FCW.

Today’s developmental brand NXT is a lot more developed with a great Performance Center. That wasn’t the case for the Bellas back in the day, as FCW was extremely low budget. Despite the smaller crowds and lackluster facilities, the twins still made it work. In the photo above, the twins are photographed with a fan more than a decade ago in 2007.

15 The Soccer Days

via Pinterest

The Bella Twins didn’t have an extensive resume, however, they did keep active during their younger days as they both played soccer. Nikki actually contemplated making a profession out of it. She almost resumed soccer at the University level. She thrived with her team during high school–she was also the team captain.

Nikki would have to make the crucial decision of either picking soccer or pursuing modeling out in LA. Sister Brie would convince Nikki that it was a better idea to move to LA. We can safely say that Nikki made the right decision, ultimately picking the LA option.

14 Growing Up With JJ

via IG

The twins didn’t grow up on their own. They had another sibling Total Divas fans might be able to recognize in the throwback photo above, brother JJ. He’s the younger brother of the family and unlike the twins, he didn’t get into the wrestling business. JJ worked in his mother’s company and he’s now an executive consultant working out of Arizona, according to The Famous People.

JJ did tinker with the idea of getting into the business at one point, though Nikki’s ex John Cena made it clear that this road would be a tough one. Maybe JJ revised his plans after that advice.

13 Early WWE Days

via WWE

Surprisingly, the twins didn’t debut together back in the summer of 2008. Well, at least they kind of didn’t. Brie made her debut as a solo act, defeating Victoria. Now the catch in Brie’s first couple of matches was that she kept rolling under the ring. What fans didn’t realize is that Nikki was the one that would continue the match and pick up the victory.

Finally, Victoria would realize this and it would be established that Brie did, in fact, have a twin that was aiding her in the matches. As they say, the rest is history from then on.

12 Working For The Competition

via Pinterest

Even the most diehard WWE fan forgets about this. The Bella twins briefly left the WWE in 2012. This is a forgotten part of their work. Once they left the company, the two waited no time trying to find work elsewhere. In May of 2012, the twins worked a show in New York for North East Wrestling.

Now it wasn’t the size of a crowd they were accustomed to, but it still showed that were able to find work in the wrestling industry without the WWE. The Bellas' time away from the company didn’t last very long and they would soon return less than a year later.

11 Brie & Nikki In The High School Gyms

via YouTube

Most aspiring wrestlers get their starts in a similar setting in front of smaller crowds. The Bellas skipped that process, but they would take steps back in such venues during their brief WWE hiatus. On this night, the two worked as rivals managing different wrestlers in the ring.

The hiatus really didn’t last all that long, though. The twins returned to WWE in March of 2013. This time, they were more motivated than ever before, not only improving in the ring but even getting new contracts to work the new reality show concept Total Divas.

10 Total Divas Fame

via WWE

We can’t discuss then and now photos without making mention of the Bellas' contributions on Total Divas. Since the very beginning, the two played a huge part in getting the show on the map. Nikki would later join as a producer for the show, along with her own spinoff alongside Brie, Total Bellas.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. Just days ago, according to Pop Culture, both Brie and Nikki confirmed that they’re leaving Total Divas. The twins made the claim that it is simply time to move on. Brie also mentioned that she didn’t want Birdie to grow up thinking it was normal to always have a camera around.

9 With Nana

via IG

Nikki and Brie officially got their own spinoff in October of 2016. The decision made a lot of sense given the entertainment value of the twins along with some of the other family members. The show had four successful seasons and in truth, it could have gone on even longer if the two would have opted to extend their deal with WWE and the E Network.

Nana, Nikki and Brie’s grandmother, is spotted in the picture above during their younger days. It is great to see how close the Bella twins remain with their grandmother even in their modern lives.

8 Brie & Stephanie Storyline

via WWE

In the summer of 2014, Brie had the best professional run of her entire life. She was involved in a storyline that featured her husband Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon. The story was a big one, so much so that Brie and Stephanie even closed off a RAW show together.

They ultimately fought against one another at SummerSlam, and the match was a big one for Brie considering Stephanie rarely takes part in actual matches. The match ended with another dramatic twist as Nikki turned on her sister, resulting in a win for Stephanie in the blockbuster match. Now that Brie’s work in WWE is done with, she’ll always have this lasting memory.

7 Nikki’s Divas Championship Run

via WWE

Not only was the Stephanie feud huge for Brie but it also worked out quite well for Nikki. After turning on her sister, Bella became one of the biggest villains in the Divas Division. This led to big things for Nikki as she would become the Divas Champion a little later.

Her title run was an important one. AJ Lee was the previous record holder of days with the title–but Nikki would end up breaking the record, setting her own mark at 301 days. Now that the Divas Title no longer exists, Nikki is the most prestigious title holder in the belt’s history.

6 Nikki’s Last One

via WWE

Most fans didn’t realize it, but Nikki’s last match would ultimately take place at the first-ever all women’s WWE PPV, Evolution. On that night, Nikki had the honor of being part of the main event match against Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship. The match was that much more special as Brie accompanied her sister to the ring.

As most last matches go, Nikki lost the bout to Rousey in what was nevertheless an entertaining bout. Just days ago, Nikki would make an announcement that her in-ring work is over. But we're sure she’ll forever remember this special match.

5 Entering The Wine Business

via IG

Don’t worry about the Bella Twins. Despite the fact that they’re done with wrestling and the reality side of it, the two still have more than enough projects going on behind the scenes.

Back in the summer of 2017, both Brie and Nikki decided to enter the wine business. They launched their own label alongside the Hill Family Estates and Gauge Branding. Belle Radici is the name of the duo’s new wine company. This is just one of the many ventures that the twins are currently working on behind the scenes. It's safe to say they're not going to disappear from the spotlight anytime soon, either.

4 Birdiebee Company

via IG

The Bellas aren’t afraid to overwhelm themselves. Even without the WWE, they continue to run lots of different companies today. Perhaps the most well known is from the photo above: the apparel line Birdiebee. Both Nikki and Brie recently took the company a step further with a new line.

They put their line to the test most recently during the Scottsdale Fashion Week. The two were the talk of the town, putting on a great fashion show and one that included a couple of WWE stars, Paige and Nia Jax. The brand is looking like a really profitable one.

3 Birdie Enters The Mix

via IG

We had to include the newest member of the Bella clan in these photos. Of course, we’re talking about Birdie Joe Danielson. The couple announced that they were expecting back in the fall of 2016. In 2017, Birdie was born. We’ve seen her grow from day one whether it be on Total Divas, Total Bellas, the Bellas YouTube channel, or both of their IG accounts.

Brie said that a big reason for ending Total Divas was for her daughter to grow up living a normal life without cameras constantly around her. As disappointed as fans are, it's an understandable decision.

2 The Bella Twins Before

via IG

This is one of the most classic then pictures on this list. The twins have come a very long way since these days. They grew up in Arizona, but things would start to happen once they finally moved to LA.

Success wasn’t always a guarantee as the twins worked modest jobs while searching for fame. Nikki once worked at Hooters while Brie worked as a waitress at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. The two needed to pay the bills while they searched for an agent. After some minor gigs, they finally got the opportunity of a lifetime with WWE.

1 The Bella Twins Now

via IG

This is the most recent picture of the Bella Twins together was posted just days ago to their IG accounts. The pic above is a promotional photo for their newest venture, the world of podcasting. As of late March, the twins launched their own podcast show–and they’re set to invite several interesting guests.

Not only that, but the twins also have their very own body and beauty line which also recently launched just a couple of months ago. It isn’t hard to see why they let go of the WWE with all these projects happening, and it's clear they're not about to stop working altogether.

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