20 Pics Of Scott Disick And Sofia Richie Proving They Don't Need The Kardashians

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are considering moving to the city of New York soon! That would be a very big deal and a major change for both of them and for both of their current lifestyles. Scott Disick has three children with Kourtney Kardashian and they would continue living in California... which would mean that he would have to do a lot of flying back and forth in order to visit his little ones.

Scott Disick started dating Sofia Richie back in 2017. Their relationship began after he officially cut romantic ties with Kourtney Kardashian who he was with off-and-on for nine years, and after he ended things with both Bella Thorne and Chloe Bartoli-- two young women that he had short flings with. Even though Scott and Sofia have a sixteen year age gap, they seem to really make each other happy! These pictures will prove that they really don't need the Kardashians!

20 It's Always Valentine's Day For Sofia And Scott

Romantic holidays like Valentine's Day, for example, don't even need to come around for a couple like Scott and Sofia. They express their love and adoration for each other on any day. It is so obvious to everyone that they are happily in love, no matter what day of the year it is.

19 Jet Skiing Adventures For The Couple

Jet skiing is something a lot of celebrities do when they go on vacation. The Kardashians are known to go jet skiing and they are even known to do tricks while they are out on the water. It is obvious that Sofia and Scott did not have the Kardashians on their minds while they were jet skiing!

18 Scott Is Down To Capture Sofia's Best Angles

Boyfriends who are willing to take awesome pictures of their girlfriends for social media are boyfriends who are truly in love. Some guys do not have the time or patience to take pictures of their girlfriends... Scott is taking his time to capture Sofia at her best and prettiest angles.

17 Sofia And Scott Are Playful With Each Other

A lot of celebrity couples are so serious when they are with each other out in public. It's true that Scott and Sofia sometimes have super serious faces when they are walking around in public but they also know that they can relax and get more playful with each other too!

16 They Are Comfortable Lounging Together On Vacation

Vacations are usually filled with a lot of excitement and fun moments! But that doesn't mean that time shouldn't be carved out for pure relaxation and unwinding. Scott and Sofia are comfortable and content to simply sit beside and each other and soak up the sun for a few hours during their vacation.

15 They Both Look Great In Black

Here we see Scott and Sofia pictured both wearing black. Whether they intentionally chose to color coordinate here or not, the fact that they are wearing matching dark outfits suits them well. Sofia is also comfortably snuggled up to Scott revealing just how close to him she feels she is.

14 They Share Funny Things With Each Other

Sofia might have been showing Scott a meme from Instagram or a funny text from one of their mutual friends. We do not know for sure what she was sharing with him since we are solely focused on the fact that she feels so comfortable showing him things that she finds interesting and funny!

13 Paparazzi Always Catch Them Holding Hands

Hand holding is a huge sign of affection between couples when they are out in public. Holding hands is a way of showing the world that you happily claim the person you are with... that you are proud to be with them and that you want to show them off!

12 They Enjoy Sugar Factory Together

The Sugar Factory is such a fun place to go for people who have a major sweet tooth. Not only does the Sugar Factory sell crazy cool milkshakes like the one in Scott's hand, but they also sell candies, other baked goods, and prepackaged sweets. They are pictured at the Las Vegas location.

11 They Go Shopping in Australia Together

Sofia and Scott are pictured here doing a little bit of shopping in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne, Australia is a great tourist location for Americans because it has gorgeous views and a lot to offer. This picture shows the fact that they can travel pretty much anywhere together and enjoy themselves.

10 It Always Feels Like A Celebration For These Two

Scott and Sofia weren't even celebrating a birthday or an anniversary here but the restaurant staff where they were dining made sure to make them feel as though they were! They were dining at a restaurant in Las Vegas and totally enjoying every moment of time they had with each other!

9 They Spend Time With Scott's Kids

Scott Disick has three adorable kids from his previous relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. His three kids are named Mason, Penelope, and Reign. Even without Kourtney or the rest of the Kardashian clan anywhere in sight, Scott and Sofia are still able to spend quality time with his children.

8 They Aren't Shy To Show Affection

Being able to share affection and love with your partner is a great feeling to have. Expressing feelings of love is something that feels good to do! A lot of celebs choose to tone down the PDA because of paparazzi that trail them everywhere. Scott and Sofia don't care to tone it down.

7 They Love To Party Together

Scott and Sofia are pictured here in front of a sign for a nightclub called XS. XS is a very popular nightclub that people enjoy visiting when they go to Las Vegas. Sofia and Scott seem like the type of couple who can enjoy themselves no matter where they go.

6 Scott And Sofia Snuggle Up On A Boat

Chilling on yachts and boats is the norm for celebs with the amount of money that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have. They have the freedom to snuggle up on a boat to check out gorgeous water views whenever they want to! What a nice way to unwind and grow closer.

5 A Romantic Date Night Ahead

Scott and Sofia were dressed up for a night out in Malibu in this photo. They definitely did not have anything "Kardashian" related to the brain when they chose to step out for the night here! They look as though they are ready to have a really romantic evening, simply focused on themselves.

4 Sofia Often Has A Smile On Her Face With Scott

Sofia smiles a lot when she is with Scott which is good news for their relationship. She is a beautiful young woman and she deserves to be happy! Scott is a man who has been through his fair share of struggles in the past so the two of them definitely bring joy into each other's lives.

3 They Enjoy The Most Romantic Getaways Together

When it comes to vacations, Scott and Sofia really know how to live it up. They know exactly how vacationing should be done and according to picture proof, they never seem to disappoint. They have even vacationed with Kourtney Kardashian in the past and had fun! But nowadays is obvious that they don't need the Kardashians around in moments like these.

2 They Always Know How To Pose Together

Scott and Sofia posed together perfectly in this picture from the photobooth at Scott's birthday party. They took many pictures together that evening but this one in particular showcases the fact that they really know how to pose together. The impeccable vibe that these two have together is fully captured here.

1 Sofia And Scott Bond In Italy Together

Scott and Sofia are pictured here while vacationing together in the lovely city of Venice, Italy. Venice, Italy is a great place to go for American tourists because it has so many gorgeous views to take in! They both have happy smiles on their faces because being together obviously creates true happiness for both of them.

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