20 Pics Of Miley Cyrus Growing Up

Arguably, Miley Cyrus rose to fame thanks to her role in the Disney Channel television show Hannah Montana that greatly propelled her music. She played the character Miley Stewart who was a teenager living a double life. During the day, she was the typical schoolgirl but at night, she would transform into Hannah Montana, Stewart’s alter ego who happened to be a famous recording artist. Most people in the show did not know that Stewart and Hannah were the same person and Stewart preferred to keep this fact hidden.

Prior to Hannah Montana, Miley had appeared in the television series Doc and in the film Big Fish. Probably one notable aspect about Miley was the fact that she liked acting together with her father, famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy was the star in Doc and he played a major role as Miley Stewart’s father in Hannah Montana. Whatever their story was, the two had chemistry both on and off screens.

Fast forward to 2009, Miley played a role in the romantic film The Last Song alongside Liam Hemsworth and the rest is history. The two ended up tying the knot in December of 2018 after a long series of breakups and makeups. These two are still newlyweds but we hope that once Liam sees these photos of Miley he will be convinced that Miley ought to be a mom sooner rather than later.

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20 Just Born!

Via: mileymaniaclub.wordpress.com

Miley was born in Franklin Tennessee on November 23, 1992, to parents Tish Cyrus and singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Doctors discovered she had a non-threatening life heart condition known as supraventricular tachycardia that causes her heart to beat faster than the normal rate. A photographer took this pic a few weeks after her birth and we must say the Miley of today is a stunning resemblance of her mother.

About a year after taking this photo, Miley’s parents decided to tie the knot in private. According to childhoodbiography.com, Miley grew up alongside her elder half-siblings, Trace and Brandi, born from her mother’s previous marriage. She also has two other siblings, bother Trace and Sister Noah.

19 Daddy’s Little Girl

Via: thewrap.com

Miley, who is the daughter of '90s country star Billy Ray Cyrus, grew up in a farmhouse near Nashville, Tennessee and just like any farm girl, she was always around animals. As stated by elitedaily.com, Miley loved dogs and her dog Pawnie was her best friend.

As mentioned, Miley has many siblings, and by the age of five, she was already a natural in front of the camera. She posed well for photos not knowing that paparazzi would soon be part of her everyday life. This adorable pic of Miley on daddy’s lap will definitely make Liam want to start a family.

18 Happy First Birthday, Miley!

Via: ranker.com

This is an adorable pic of young Miley. She is dressed in a colorful jumpsuit ready to celebrate her first year of life. Young Miley has always been a happy kid and this is why her parents decided to nickname her Smiley. However, in 2008 she shortened it to Miley.

Miley was destined to be a star; she grew up surrounded by influential people in the entertainment industry. According to popcrush.com, both her parents and Godmother Dolly Parton were quite active in entertainment during her childhood days, which eventually led her to stardom. On top of this, Miley was also talented; the girl could act and sing well.

17 The Face Of A Star

Via: pinterest.com

We bet in this picture Miley was wondering what the future holds for her, but then again she is too young to be thinking about such things. However, things did eventually look up for this big dreamer, she earned great success in acting and became an amazing singer who to date is still admired by many.

She has been through her fair share of lows and highs, but to be honest who has not? In spite of all this, we know husband Liam Hemsworth loves her, flaws and all. The two first met on the set of the film The Last Song. Married Miley would probably advise the Miley on that pic to have fun and enjoy her childhood and let life be.

16 Miley Followed In Daddy’s Footsteps

Via: slice.ca

This pic of Miley and her father is simply heartwarming. According to people.com, her family relocated to Toronto, Canada to support Billy in his new lead role in the television series Doc when Miley was 8 years old. It was in Toronto that Miley accompanied her father to the theatre to watch the musical Mamma Mia.

This film had a great impression on her to the extent that she grabbed her father's arm and told him this is what she wanted to do. Her parents thereafter enrolled her at the Armstrong Acting Studio and she has never looked back. She got her first TV role as Kylie in her father's television show, Doc.

15 A True Nature Girl At Heart

Via: ranker.com

Even at a young age, Miley was a natural in front of the camera. She posed well for photos way before she knew that paparazzi would soon be part of her daily life. Miley grew up in a farmhouse near Nashville, Tennessee, and just like any farm girl, she was always around animals.

As stated by elitedaily.com, Miley loved dogs and her dog Pawnie, was her best friend growing up. She later adopted another dog Lila that sadly passed away. The news really affected her. Miley’s love for animals and this adorable pic of her, as a baby will definitely make Liam want to start a family.

14 Goofy Miley

Via: knowyourmeme.com

Here the ever-bubbly Miley was goofing around while a photographer was taking her photo. To date, Miley is still goofy, she likes posing with her tongue sticking out in most pics and there is a reason for that. According to popcrush.com, Miley sticks her tongue out because she does not like to smile for pictures. Ironic right? Especially for someone who was nicknamed Smiley in her childhood.

The “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” singer once admitted that she usually does not know what to do when someone is taking photos of her. A good number of times, she ends up feeling awkward and embarrassed. She also does not want to look too serious and this is why she makes funny faces for the cameras.

13 Miley And Her Look-A-like Mom

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Miley shared this photo on her IG back in 2014 in honor of Mother’s Day, captioning it, “Happy Mother’s Day Mama.” This pic just showed a precious flashback of her childhood, which will make Liam consider having babies. Despite finding fame young, Miley had a lovely childhood.

According to hellomagazine.com, Miley has always had a close relationship with her mother. She was even her manager and helped her build a team to help her flourish in her singing and acting. When Miley changed her good girl image, her mother was ready to fight back those who criticized her daughter. Miley has always admitted that her mom is always calm in all her storms.

12 Go, Miley!

Via: pinterest.com

Before her breakthrough in acting, Miley attended Heritage Elementary School. In the pic, she was posing as a cheerleader, which was her favorite extra curriculum activity at that time. She got her first acting gig while still at the school and took another acting job in the film Big Fish.

However, when her acting picked up she could no longer attend normal school. As stated by childhoodbiography.com, Miley then decided to enroll at the Options for Youth Charter Schools, which offered private tutoring even when she was on set for the role of Hannah Montana. Arguably, this role launched her into the entertainment industry.

11 #TBT

Via: pinterest.com

Miley was born with a condition that caused her to have an abnormal heart rate. Her parents had great hopes for her and this is why they named her Destiny Hope Cyrus. Despite her condition, Miley was a very jovial child so her parents decided to give her the nickname, Smiley later morphed to Miley. The star filed papers to make Miley her legal name in March 2008.

Miley attended Heritage Middle School up to the sixth grade and one of her favorite extracurricular activities was cheerleading. She moved to private tutors after enrolling at Options for Youth Charter Schools. This cute pic of Miley at such a young age will definitely make Liam want little Liams and Mileys running around in the house.

10 Who Would Have Thought This Little Girl Would One Day Host SNL!

Via: fanpop.com

This is a very cute photo of Miley with her dog. During this time, Miley probably just wanted to play with her dog all day and not have any other care in the world. These days she's one of the best entertainers in the world, and so she has to keep working hard to prove herself every time she gets on stage or when she is preparing to release new music.

In addition to being a great musician and actress, Miley has also proved to the world that she's a great host by hosting the SNL. She first hosted SNL on March 5, 2011, and has hosted two more times; on October 5, 2013, and on October 3, 2015. She has also made numerous other appearances as a guest.

9 Smiley Miley

Via: de.fanpop.com

Here's an adorable picture of Miley so excited to have someone take her photo when she was riding in a car. Over the years, Miley has proved to us that she is capable of doing anything to fulfill her dreams. For example, she shook off her very successful teen image and transitioned into a woman set for roles that were more adult in film and in music.

As a result, she got a role in the independent film LOL together with Demi Moore and later starred as an undercover FBI agent in the film So Undercover. Miley also returned to singing and released a string of live performances of the first series of Backyard Sessions through YouTube. She also made a guest appearance on the sitcom Two and A Half Men.

8 Miley’s First Acting Gig

Via: gfycat.com

Here is another pic of young Miley Cyrus. She debuted her acting in the series Doc, close by her dad, who was also a cast member of the series. It only took a jukebox musical written by Catherine Johnson to convince the Hannah Montana star that she wanted a job in acting and singing as claimed by people.

Miley was nine years old when her father took her to see the film Mamma Mia! and this was when she realized she wanted to start singing and acting. Soon after, she enrolled at the Armstrong Acting Studio in Toronto.

7 The Show That Made Her A Star

Via: mtv.com

The ever-bubbly Miley Cyrus became more popular at 12 years old when she graced TV screens as Miley Stewart in the Disney television series Hannah Montana alongside her father Billy Ray Cyrus, according to elitedaily.com.

Miley Stewart was an average student who also had an alter ego by the name Hannah Montana and we must say Miley looked adorable playing both girls in the TV show. Miley performed all the soundtracks in the show. As of March 2006, the show, which had aired for four seasons, had a viewership of 5.4 million making it the highest rated Disney show then.

6 Where It All Happened — 'The Last Song'

Via: SplashNews

Miley previously starred in the film Hannah Montana: The Movie. Alongside acting, Miley and her friend, Mandy Jiroux also had a YouTube channel, The Miley And Mandy Show, which was relatively popular. In June 2008, the rising star also released her second studio album Breakout. That same year Cyrus also launched her voice-acting job in the animated film Bolt.

In this picture, Miley is next to her future husband, Liam Hemsworth; in the first movie, they starred together, The Last Song, which is a screen adaptation of a novel by Nicholas Sparks. According to eonline.com, this is where Miley met her Liam. There were many speculations that the two were dating while filming, but regardless, these two had instant chemistry.

5 The 2012 Engagement

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Here, Miley is wearing her $250k engagement ring from Liam. Prior to the engagement, their life together was always not rosy, the duo has struggled with their on and off relationship. Luckily, their time apart was never too long.

Seeing a picture of her in the beginning of their engagement must fill Liam with such hopes of a family with his (then) future-wife.

According to people.com, Liam popped the question with a 3.5-carat ring from Neil Lane. Miley even admitted in an interview with people.com that she was looking forward to a life of happiness with Liam. On a separate interview, Liam also confessed that he had felt something for Miley on the set of The Last Song and decided to explore it.

4 A Good Person At Heart

Via: fan2.fr

Over the years, Miley has always performed for several charities and loves giving back and above is a photo of her doing so. In addition, she was part of the musicians who came together for the We Are The World 25 for the people living in Haiti, who experienced great loss owing to an earthquake in 2010. To raise funds for the victims of the earthquake, the singer donated two tickets to the Hollywood’s premiere of The Last Song and the dress she wore for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

During her Best Of Both Worlds tour, Miley also donated one dollar for every ticket sold, to the City of Hope National Media Center. According to fandom.com, she has visited a number of sick fans in the hospital. She supports very many charities as well, which include the Elton John Aids Foundation and Music For Relief.

3 Miley's First Ever Tour: The Best Of Both Worlds Tour

Via: pinterest.com

In the picture, Miley was performing at the Best of Both Worlds Tour, her debut concert tour. Due to the success of the Hannah Montana show, Miley went on tour to promote the double-disc album Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. This consisted of the show’s season two soundtrack and her debuted studio album Meet Miley Cyrus.

According to fandom.com, the tour began in October 2007 and ended in January the following year. This sold-out concert tour was what skyrocketed her singing because soon afterward she announced the release of her first independent album out of the Hannah Montana franchise.

2 Venturing Into Teenhood (Something Not Many Parents Long For)

Via: pinterest.com

This is Miley in 2012, a year after she left for her worldwide Gypsy Heart Tour in 2011. By then the former Hannah Montana star had generated even more controversies, a reason that saw her unable to book any dates in the US and Canada.

After the tour, she appeared on the MTV series Punk’d alongside Khloé Kardashian and Kelly Osbourne. She also decided to pause her music and started focusing on filming. At 19 years old, Miley did not seem like she had any plans of going to college. She also parted ways with her longtime record label, Hollywood Records.

1 The Ever So Popular Hair Cut

Via: nydailynews.com

Miley did a 360-degree transformation in 2013. Miley shed her good girl image and graced the MTV Video Music Awards rocking a blonde Mohawk. Granted, many people thought Liam would not be happy over this performance, but seeing this image is a reminder of how far they've come.

She did a performance with Robin Thicke determined to shed off the childhood image people knew. As expected, there were many discussions about the dance routines and the dressing that day.

After this, she hired a new manager, Larry Rudolph and signed with a new record label RCA Records. Immediately, she started working on her fourth studio album and began collaborating with other prominent stars like Will.i.am, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Lion, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J.

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