20 Pics Of Mila Kunis Ashton Wants Us To Forget About

Mila Kunis is one of Hollywood's most famous actresses taking on roles in movies such as Black Swan, Friends With Benefits, and Oz The Great And Powerful. Today we thought we'd look into some memorable moments she has given and shared with us, from her childhood pics, over her teenage breakthrough in the industry, to her walking down red carpets in glorious dresses. The now 35-year-old is a happily married woman and mother, has a plethora of movie roles behind her and still looks absolutely gorgeous. Somehow Mila seems to have cracked the secret to a happy life, and these photos are definitely proof of that!Alright, here they are — 20 photos of Mila Kunis that we totally forgot about and definitely need to look at!

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20 Let's Start With A Young Mia Playing Gia Carangi In Gia

Via: twitter.com

In 1997 Mila played a young Gia Carangi (adult Gia was played by Angelina Jolie) in the biographical HBO film about the world's first supermodel. At the time of the shooting Mila was 14 years old, and even then you could definitely tell that she was going to be big one day.

19 In 2011 Mila Attended Her First Academy Awards

Via: gettyimages.com

Mila Kunis played Lily in the 2010 psychological horror film Black Swan, a movie that had five Oscar nominations at the 83rd Academy Awards. To the ceremony, Mila wore this stunning lavender lace Elie Saab dress which she paired with some very sparkly jewelry — we think this was the perfect look for her Oscar's red carpet debut.

18 Here She Is On MTV's Iconic Show Punk'd In 2005

Via: youtube.com

Does anyone remember when Mila got punked by her future husband at MTV"s hit show Punk'd? Yup, back in 2005 Mila didn't know that when she was helping a little girl get her dog back because it fell into a gutter, she was actually a guest star on the world's biggest celebrity prank show.

17 And Look At Little Mila While She Still Lived In Ukraine

Via: twitter.com

Mila Kunis was born in 1983 in Chernivtsi, Ukrainian SSR in the Soviet Union. Once her mother, a physics teacher, and her father, a mechanical engineer realized there's nothing left for them in Ukraine, they decided to pack up their things and move with their children to Los Angeles, California.

16 Did You Know She Guest Starred On 7th Heaven

Via: tumblr.com

In 1996 and 1997 Mila played a minor role on the drama series 7th Heaven, as you can tell from the photos above. The thirteen-year-old raising star played a teen named Ashley in four episodes of the hit show, and we bet if you rewatch season one and two, you will spot her.

15 Mila Attended The Marine Corps Ball In 2011

Via: pinterest.com

The United States Marine Corps birthday is celebrated annually on November 10 with a traditional ball. In 2011 Mila accepted the invitation of Sgt. Scott Moore to accompany him to the ball, after he had posted it as a Youtube video. Above, you can see her visibly excited and honored to be there, and we bet she had a great time.

14 In 2002 She Started Dating Actor Macaulay Culkin

Via: twitter.com

Mila started dating childhood star and actor Macaulay Culkin in 2002, and most of their relationship was always kept private. While Mila was living in Los Angeles, Macaulay was residing in New York, which evidently put a strain on their relationship. In 2011 Mila's publicist confirmed that Mila and Macaulay have decided to separate, but remain friends.

13 Here She Is Serving Sass On Baywatch Back In The '90s

Via: youtube.com

Besides 7th Heaven, Mila also played a minor role on another famous '90s show. In 1994 an eleven-year-old Mila played the role of Annie on Baywatch, and she left such a great impression on everyone involved that they called her back the next year to play the character of Bonnie in an episode.

12 And Look At Her First Met Gala Look In 2010

Via: gettyimages.com

Mila's Met gala debut was in 2010, when the event's theme was Woman in America: Fashioning a National Identity. The actress chose a gorgeous black and grey tumbled tulle Vera Wang gown for the night, she kept her hair simple and pulled back, and accessorized with a beautiful pair of dangly earrings.

11 Mila Was Clearly Always A Total Cutie-Pie

Via: twitter.com

Moving to the United States at the age of seven could certainly not have been easy for the actress. She had to adapt to a whole new culture, learn a new language and make new friends. Fortunately for Mila, after a rough patch of adapting, she found her place and her passion — and decided to pursue it!

10 Mila And Ashton Kutcher Dating In 2012

Via: pinterest.com

Mila Kunis met Ashton Kutcher back in 1998 on the set of That '70s Show, and while they were always good friends, it wasn't until 2012 that the two got romantically involved. Two years later they got engaged and in 2015 the two got married in a lovely ceremony in California.

9 And Here's Proof That The Couple Who Fans Together Stays Together

Via: pinterest.com

As you can tell, Mila and Ashton are huge fans of the Dodgers, a professional baseball team from Los Angeles. Their love for the team is so big, that they not only follow all games and cheer from the crowd — but also have customized Dodgers kits with their own last name on it.

8 Forgetting Sarah Mashall Was Her Breakthrough From TV To Big Screen

Via: gettyimages.com

In 2008 the rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall came out, and Mila played one of the lead roles in it. In a way, this signified her transition from a tv star to a movie star. After Forgetting Sarah Marshall premiered, Mila got cast in plenty of other blockbuster movies, and with that, she became a Hollywood staple.

7 Do You Recognize Her In Aerosmith's "Jaded" Music Video

Via: youtube.com

In 2000 Aerosmith released a song called "Jaded" and seventeen-year-old Mila was starring in the music video for it. In it, Mila played the jaded girl who according to Biography lost touch with reality and is unable to feel anymore. The video was shot in the Los Angeles Theater and definitely has a creepy vibe.

6 So Far Mila And Ashton Have Been Nothing But Couple Goals

Via: pinterest.com

Couples come and go in Hollywood, but Mila and Ashton have managed to stay together for seven years, and we are hoping that they will grow old together. They certainly seem to be above everything friends, and that is always the best foundation for a healthy and loving relationship. Honestly, we can't get enough of these two!

5 Young Mila Starred In Barbie And Lisa Frank Commercials

Via: pinterest.com

In the early '90s, before Mila started appearing on popular shows, she was often seen in TV commercials. Above you can see her showing us the newest Barbie doll at the time and convincing us that we need all the new fun Lisa Frank stuff. We don't know about you but we're certainly getting nostalgic.

4 And Here She Is Rocking Red Carpets In Some Late '90s Fashion

Via: pinterest.com

How cute does Mila look serving us some classic '90s styles? Back then she was a teen star about to have her big break, but one thing is for sure — Mila always had that classy, sophisticated, yet cool look down. While she is a great actress, she's definitely also a style queen!

3 How Adorable Are Mila And Ashton's Kids Wyatt And Dimitri

Via: pinterest.com

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have two children together, their daughter Wyatt who was born in October 2014 and their son Dimitri born in November 2016. In the pics above you can see them out an about with their parents, and we have to say — the four are one gorgeous family!

2 In Case Anyone Hasn't Seen It, Mila Played "Speak Out" On The Ellen DeGeneres Show And This Is What That Looked Like

Via: youtube.com

Anyone who watches The Ellen DeGeneres Show knows that Ellen always has plenty of fun games prepared for her kids. When Mila was a guest on her show in spring 2018, the famous host made her play the hilarious "Speak Out" game, and yes — this is exactly what the participants look like.

1 And Lastly, Here She Is In The Pilot Episode Of That '70s Show

Via: pinterest.com

Last but certainly not least are these video stills from the pilot episode of the iconic sitcom That '70s Show. The show premiered on August 23, 1998, and this is what 14-year-old Mila looked like. Mila was a regular on the show until 2006 when the show finally wrapped up.

Sources: biography.com

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