20 Pics Of Lindsay Lohan's Transformation Through The Years

When thinking of celebrity transformations, some tend to stand out in our minds more than others. No doubt, everyone will still remember watching the spectacular rise and fall of 90s pop star Britney Spears. Though it will take several more decades before anyone forgets about Britney's infamous 2008 antics, she still does not hold the title for most epic celebrity transformation. This award obviously goes to everyone's favorite Mean Girl, Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan started out as innocent and as adorable as any other child star in the business, but as her fame grew, so did her list of personal issues. From partying with the wrong crowd, to her multiple comeback attempts, most of us have been rooting for Lindsay the whole time.

Let's take a look at 20 photos of Lindsay's transformation through the years and then decide whether we think it's time for her to be officially canceled or not.

20 Fresh-Faced & Freckled


By the time Lindsay Lohan was 10 years old, she already had a modeling contract and a recurring role on the popular television soap opera Another World. While that would be a heavy workload for most adults, young Lindsay really seemed to enjoy her time in the spotlight and always gave an excellent performance.

19 Twinning


By the time 1998 rolled around, Lindsay was set to star in her first ever feature film. The movie The Parent Trap wound up being a huge success and the fact that Lindsay actually played two different characters in the movie, was not lost on casting recruiters looking to book child stars.

18 Teen Choice Diva


As we entered the early 2000s, Lindsay entered a whole new chapter of her career. By this point in time, she was a Disney Channel star and looking for her next big role. This came along when she was cast alongside the talent Jamie Lee Curtis in the 2003 film Freaky Friday.

17 Glowing Up


Her childhood was behind her, but her fame was not. As Lindsay grew into a beautiful teenager, she found herself taking on larger and larger roles. By the time the film Mean Girls hit theaters, the world had all but signed off on her being our next teen superstar.We wanted more Lindsay and she was willing to give it to us!

16 So Fetch!


The single year that passed between the films Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded, changed everything for Lindsay. She began appearing in tabloids everywhere and the headlines had vastly changed from those that were associated with her in earlier years. It seemed the world was just waiting for her to fall ...

15 Blondes Have More Fun ...


After 2005, Lindsay began losing major roles left and right. She was tied up in a jumble of personal and legal issues, all of which ultimately changed her reputation in the industry. Even though she was in and out of rehabilitation centers during this time, she still managed to take on some minor acting roles - simply refusing to give up on her career.

14 Trouble In Paris


Lindsay Lohan was not the only celebrity who found that Paris Hilton made an excellent partying buddy. The two shared countless wild nights together, though as most probably guessed then, their friendship was pretty much doomed from the start. It has been years, and still these two seem to have nothing but negative words for each other.

13 The Morning After


There is no denying that Lindsay always looked best as a natural redhead. However, during this period in time, her hair color was not going to be able to save her from the paparazzi constantly tailing her. If she wanted to party, she was going to have to deal with the disheveled photos that were bound to surface.

12 Where'd She Go?


Like many other celebrities, Lindsay struggled with her weight on and off. While she continued to try and seek help at various rehabilitation centers, she seemed unable to stay away from the party scene all together. Clearly, keeping to a healthy weight during this time period was simply not a priority.

11 Fallen On Hard Times


There is no doubt about it, Lindsay Lohan will never live down this photo. While these days it is mainly used as meme materiel, it was nothing short of breaking news when it first hit the press. Lindsay was obviously not behind the wheel at the time of this photo, though she was in the midst of dealing with her own issues revolving around multiple DUIs.

10 Still Got It


Lindsay's reputation in Hollywood had changed completely from her days as a child star. Co-workers were claiming she was hard to work with, her movies were not producing money and she was constantly taking breaks to attend rehab. Even still, there were times like these when she still managed to slay.

9 Contouring For Court


While many celebrities have been famously photographed in court over the years, Lindsay may have the record for the most embarrassing shots inside of a courtroom. This 2011 court appearance will not be remembered because of its conrovery, but because of the way Lindsay decided to do her makeup that day.

8 Verdicts Are In


Since Lindsay seemed unable to keep her nose out of trouble, the court shots naturally continued to roll in. During this appearance, Lindsay clearly decided to forgo the makeup all together. While we can't say she is looking any happier than the she was in the previous picture, at least she probably avoided the flurry of makeup blending tips this time around.

7 Flirting With Disaster


As Lindsay slowly started transitioning back to her red hair, things seemed hopeful for her and her long-awaited comeback. However, as we can clearly see, this is about the time when she started to have some major work done. If anyone was in need of a total revamp though, it was certainly Lindsay.

6 Permanently Puckered


Like many celebrities before her, Lindsay quickly fell down the plastic surgery rabbit hole. In a short period of time, Lindsay became almost unrecognisable to her fans. While her hair was finally restored to its beautiful bright red color, her face was looking like someone else's entirely. The look she sported on this red-carpet was truly uncomfortable.

5 Trick Or Treat


Not for nothing, Lindsay Lohan seemed to adjust to turning 30 quite well. This milestone is not an easy one for most people, though Lindsay was caught looking happier than she had in years on the Halloween of her 30th year. Here she is in a completely decked out Harley Quinn costume.

4 The Comeback


Lindsay is seen here looking her absolute best. The rumors of her getting back into acting were spreading everywhere and many of her fans had their fingers crossed that this time around she would stick to it. That being said, landing roles was going to be difficult for someone with a reputation like hers.

3 Back In The Spotlight


Even though Lindsay's fans were still hoping for a big screen comeback, she decided to go a different route. After being M.I.A for a handful of years, Lindsay began to resurface along with the rumors that she had built several successful business in other countries. Since most of these businesses were said to be nightclubs, fans were naturally worried about her well-being.

2 Happy And Healthy?


Once news hit that Lindsay would be starring in her very own MTV reality show, the world waited with baited breath to see if she had finally found her way back to the spotlight. Lindsay was once again a hot ticket for paparazzi, though this time around she was looking pretty happy to be in the tabloids.

1 Reality Show Rebound


As much as fans wanted the show to be a success, it simply wasn't. In June 2019, it was announced that Lindsay's show would not be brought back for a second season. If that wasn't already a tough blow, following the news of her show's cancelation, it was also revealed that Lindsay's beach club (which was the focus of the series) had been permanently shut down.

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