20 Pics Of Jessica Alba That Make Us Forget She’s A Mom

Jessica Alba is an actress, the founder of a consumer goods company, a wife, a friend (with some well-known people in her inner circle), and a mother to three children. From the outside looking in, she seems to have a perfect life, but scrolling through her feed on social media is also exhausting because it’s hard to imagine how she finds the time to do it all. It can also be easy to forget that she is a mother because she is so involved in her work, plus, she’s clearly sipped from the fountain of youth and has hardly aged in the last few decades — since she first gained popularity as an actress.

Below are 20 pics of Jessica Alba that sometimes make us forget she’s a mom.

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20 Girls Nights Are Important For Jessica Alba, And So Are Selfies, So She Can Document It All

Spending quality time with her children is important for Jessica Alba, but she doesn’t forget to do things she wants to do and spends time with her friends — her inner circle includes Kelly Rowland.

When asked by Good Housekeeping if she has girls’ nights out, she told the publication that they were “just as necessary as date night!”

19 Travel Is Good For The Soul, And Jessica Knows All About This Because She's Been To Some Incredible Places

One of the major pros of being a celebrity is the opportunities that these individuals have, and Jessica Alba has been able to travel to some incredible places over the years. One of these places is Marrakech, and Alba shared several photos, as well as her thoughts, on the city that she described as “magical.”

18 She Still Enjoys A Good Shopping Trip (There Isn't Always Someone Around To Do It All For Her)

Shopping can be incredibly therapeutic, and even if you have nothing to buy, it can be a nice outing to browse through the shops. It seems this is something that Jessica Alba does (she doesn’t have people to just buy everything for her), and she was photographed during an outing at The Grove outdoor mall in Los Angeles, Daily Mail reports.

17 She Had Concerns About Losing Her Sense Of Self When She Became A Mom

Via Daily Mail

Becoming a parent can be scary because of the unknown and before motherhood Jessica Alba was worried that she may lose her “sense of self in becoming a mom.” She told Motherly that she didn't need to worry because she has since found that motherhood has made her "more true" to who she is.

16 Jessica Understands That Her Life Cannot Only Revolve Around Her Children

Via Celebrity Photo Snap/Pinterest

Jessica Alba is a dedicated mom, but her life cannot just revolve around her children because there are other important people who she needs to spend time with, namely her husband, Cash Warren. She celebrated their 11th marriage anniversary with a sweet post, in which she called Warren her “best friend” and her “everything.”

15 Living On Salads Every Day Is No Fun — We All Need A Little Ice-Cream In Our Lives

Via Jessica Alba Instagram

Jessica Alba probably works hard to stay in shape, but she doesn’t only live off salads. She proved this when she took to social media to share a photo of herself looking very happy while eating an ice-cream made by woman-owned brand, Cool Haus — she also mentioned that the photo was taken at Warren’s 40th birthday, so maybe eating ice-cream is only on special occasions.

14 She Still Finds Time To Attend Swanky Events (And She Cleans Up Good)

Jessica Alba has a busy schedule, but she still finds time to attend swanky events (and looks amazing doing so). These events are often ones that support good causes, and according to Daily Mail, Alba attended the Baby2baby gala, a charity that supports babies in need, and an organization that Alba is on the board for.

13 She's Able To Do It All Because She's Found A System That Totally Works For Her

Being a working mom has its advantages and its disadvantages, and finding a way to balance everything can be a tough task. One of the ways Jessica Alba is able to do it all is by bringing her children with her, Motherly notes.

"I just cart them along and bring them along with me," she told the publication. "It's kind of my way of doing it. I don't know if it's the right way, but it's kind of how I figured it out to try and get those moments in and still feel like I have a presence in their lives."

12 She’s A Bit Of A Superwoman When It Comes To Juggling Everything In Her Life

Scrolling through Jessica Alba’s social media feed can make you feel exhausted because we have to wonder how she is able to do it all; she raises three children, she is committed to her business ventures and her acting, and she still manages to make appearances on talk shows and give interviews. Impressive is an understatement.

11 We Know What You’re Thinking; How Does Anyone Manage To Look This Good While Grabbing Coffee?!

Via Pinterest

When many of us go around town on our daily errands or head to the local coffee shop to grab a drink, our attire may be yoga pants (that haven’t been washed for three days) and a cute top. Jessica Alba, on the other hand, looks impossibly glamorous when she does anything, even something as simple as buying a coffee.

10 Hey Jessica Alba, Did You Drink From The Fountain Of Youth Or Something?!

Via Daily Mail

Jessica Alba seems to have sipped from the fountain of youth, and sometimes we forget she is a mom of three. Her life has changed a lot since motherhood, and she spoke to Motherly about how her third child was planned, but the first two weren’t — although she called their arrivals a “delight.”

9 This Is One Cool Mama Who Gets Inked By Celeb Tattoo Artist, Doctor Woo

Via Jessica Alba Instagram

Dr. Woo has made a name for himself in the tattoo industry and is often the go-to person for celebrities who want to get inked. Jessica Alba is one cool mama, and she has paid a trip to visit the tattoo artist to get ink in honor of her children.

8 Her Casual Yet Chic Looks Make Her One Of The Most Stylish Women Around

Via CelebMafia

Jessica Alba has worn many designer garments during her lifetime, and she has access to some of the most beautiful and exclusive pieces. Of course, she stuns on the red carpet when she steps out in high-fashion pieces, but one of the best things about her everyday style is how casual yet chic it is.

7 There's No Slowing Jessica Alba Down, And She's Still Landing Roles In Hollywood

Via Daily Mail

Jessica Alba may have started her Honest Company now, and this is a project she approaches with great enthusiasm. But she first rose to fame as an actress, and she has not retired from the industry. In 2018, she was photographed by the paparazzi while filming scenes for an untitled Bad Boys spinoff, Daily Mail reports.

6 She Needs A Break To Go On Adventures With Her Partner (Which May Be Why She Looks So Relaxed All The Time)

Via Jessica Alba Instagram

Spending time with your children is important, and parents understand this, but it is also necessary to have some time alone with your partner. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have date nights, but they also travel together, or as she likes to put it: “Mom and Dad go on an adventure!”

5 Jessica Is A Foodie, And She's Served As A Guest Judge On ‘Chopped Jr.’

Via Jessica Alba Instagram

Jessica Alba must have an interest in food because she has been a guest judge on the cooking show, Chopped Jr. She was excited about working with the show, and shared this photo, along with her thoughts on how she had a “fun day,” and was able to gift everyone her Gently Nourishing line from The Honest Company.

4 She Loves To Work, Despite Feeling Guilty About It

Via Daily Mail

Jessica Alba loves what she does, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t sometimes feel guilty about having to walk out the door and leave her children behind. She was asked how she feels about being a working mom in an interview with Good Housekeeping, to which she replied, "I always feel guilty when I'm working...But I do love to work, and I know that will have a positive influence on who she [her daughter] becomes as a person and a woman.”

3 She Has Her Hands Full, Yet She's Still Involved In The Decision Making Of Her Company

Via Jessica Alba Instagram

The Honest Company was launched in 2011, and this is a company Jessica Alba has invested a lot of time (and love) into. It makes sense then that she wants to have a say in how it’s run, and the products they sell, and she was on-hand when the Honest Beauty campaign was shot. She thanked her friend, Cliff Watts, for shooting the campaign and commented on how it was “a dream come true to collaborate” with him.

2 Time Is Precious, But Jessica Alba Is A Total Pro At Time Management

Via Daily Mail

Jessica Alba has a demanding work schedule, but she is also a mother, and she has had to find a way to juggle the two. She and her husband, Cash Warren, feel that family time is important, and try to spend one-on-one time with each of their kids. She told Motherly that since having her third child — a son named Hayes — she and her husband, “have made it a point to spend more one on one time with the girls…”

1 She Is Proud Of Her Heritage And Raises Awareness For Issues She Believes In

Via Jessica Alba Instagram

Celebrities have a platform which they can use to raise awareness for causes they believe in, and Jessica Alba has done this. She is proud of her heritage, and she celebrated Latina Equal Pay Day on social media and spoke about the wage gap, and how it is widest for Latina workers.

Sources: Motherly, Good Housekeeping, Jessica Alba Instagram, Daily Mail.

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