20 Pics Of Jessa Duggar Pregnant (That Ben Seewald Is Osessed With)

Jessa Duggar Seewald is one of the oldest daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who rose to fame thanks to 18 Kids And Counting, a reality show all about their large family. Now, most of their children are grown up and having their own kids, Jessa included. The 26-year old married her husband Ben Seewald in 2015 after a year of courting. Their first son, Spurgeon, was born in 2015 after 48 hours of labor. They welcomed their second son, Henry, in 2017, while their daughter, Ivy Jane, was born earlier this year. Jessa loves to keep fans updated on social media, which includes posting cute pics of her baby bump when she’s pregnant. Keep reading to see twenty of Jessa’s best pregnancy photos!

20 They Already Have Three Kids

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Jessa Duggar may only be 26-years old, while her husband is just 24, but the couple already has three little ones. Their sons Spurgeon and Henry were born in 2015 and 2017, while their only daughter, Ivy Jane, was born earlier this year during a traumatic home delivery. The couple has been adamant about wanting a large family, so they’re likely to not stop at three.

19 They Want To Adopt In The Future

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Even though Jessa has already had three successful pregnancies, she and her husband have expressed their interest in adopting sometime in the future. “Ben and I still have a deep desire to adopt, and it’s something we continue to look into,” the reality star told People in 2017. “We’ve also talked about fostering to adopt.”

18 Her Home Delivery With Baby No. 3 Went Wrong

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Though Jessa’s first two pregnancies went off without a hitch, her third wasn’t so simple. Although the celebrity opted to have a home birth (on her living room couch, no doubt), things went awry when her midwife couldn’t stop the bleeding. Jessa was quickly rushed to the hospital, where she revealed she almost needed a blood transfusion due to the complications.

17 Any Future Pregnancies Could Be Very Dangerous

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Given the complications Jessa had with her third delivery, there’s some speculation that any future pregnancies could be just as risky. Of her delivery experience, Dr. Pete Weiss, OBGYN, told Hollywood Life, “This can be very dangerous and is considered a medical emergency, many times even needing a blood transfusion or worse requiring surgical intervention.” He added, “This actually occurs more often after a 2nd or 3rd delivery.

16 She’s Known To Keep Her Home Very Messy

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Just like several of her siblings, Jessa has received backlash for the chaotic state her home is often left in. Back in 2017, the mom posted a series of photos to social media to reveal the true state of her house- the pics featured dirty diapers, plates with leftover food, stains on bedsheets, and dusty tabletops. Even though she was just trying to keep it real, many fans couldn’t hold back their disappointment in the comments.

15 She Lets Her Toddlers Use Cellphones

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It seems like Jessa’s every parenting move is criticize online including the time her 1 and 2-year olds were spotted entertaining themselves with their parent’s cell phone. The backlash prompted Jessa to respond online. “At this point we don’t let them play games or anything on our phones, but they do enjoy getting to watch some Peppa Pig on special occasions,” she wrote, Radar Online confirms.

14 She Eats What She Wants While Pregnant

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Jessa loves being open with her fans about her experiences with pregnancy. One thing she’s a firm believer in while expecting is eating what you want, Us Weekly reports. When her sister Jinger was expecting her first child, Jessa said on camera that her sis should “enjoy those extra calories!” "It's so much fun talking to Jinger. She's been going through this pregnancy journey and she's been drawing out all of the different things she's experiencing," the celebrity told the camera.

13 But She Gets Major Heartburn During Pregnancy

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Perhaps Jessa should be more mindful of what she eats while pregnant since the star has admitted to experiencing bad heartburn while expecting. "If there’s any truth in that, then this one ought to have a head full,” she wrote on social media during her third pregnancy. "I mean it could just be a coincidence, but I had heartburn with Spurgeon too, and he was born with a decent amount of hair.”

12 She’s Still Living In Her Family’s House

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Although Jessa moved out of her parent’s main house after she and Ben got married, they’re technically still living under their roof. The young couple has been living in a home that’s owned by the Duggar parents, since they get such a good price on rent. "If we can go give our children a place to rent really cheap when they first start off, that will really help a couple to bond together," Jim-Bob has said of the decision, E! News reports. "At least for the first couple of years."

11 And Their Home Has A Mold Problem

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Even though Jessa and Ben live in a home owned by her parents, it’s definitely not glamorous, In fact, when the couple first moved in, they had an issue with mold in the master bedroom. They began renovations right away. "Other than that, it's a wonderful house," Jessa told the cameras. "Nice and small and easy to clean."

10 She Was Shamed For Her Potty Training Technique

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Many fans were livid after Jessa posted a video to social media in which she was scolding her 3-year old son Spurgeon for wetting himself this past March. Some of her followers criticized her for not only changing the toddler out of his pants immediately but for then posting the embarrassing moment online. Jessa refused to respond to the backlash.

9 She’s More Relaxed Than Her Parents

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Even though the Duggars have gotten backlash for their strict rules and strong faith, Jessa seems a bit more relaxed when it comes to child-rearing than her parents or siblings. Just last year, the star came under fire for letting her kids play outside while barefoot. However, the star didn’t seem to mind the criticism. Rather, she just wants to let her kids be kids.

8 She’s A Huge Fan Of Nesting

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‘Nesting’ is a term used to describe when a mom-to-be essentially baby-proofs her home in anticipation of her new arrival. Ahead of her daughter’s birth, Jessa was very open on social media about the projects and updates she was doing around her house. This included giving the home a new coat of paint and going through all of her sons’ toys to minimize the amount of things they have.

7 They Prayed Baby No. 3 Would Be A Girl

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Given that they already had two older boys, many fans expected that Jessa and Ben were hoping their third child would be a girl (they didn’t find out the gender until the birth). In the end, they got what they were hoping for! “We would absolutely love it if we found out we were having a girl — though we’ve joked that we’d be starting from square one and might have to learn a few things,” Jessa told Us Weekly before Ivy’s arrival.

6 Her Husband Doesn’t Get Along With Her Dad

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Just last year, it was reported that Jessa’s father Jim-Bob isn’t on the best of terms with her husband, Ben, which has got to make pregnancy all the harder. According to Radar Online, the father and son-in-law have butted heads over their differing ideals and religious beliefs. Nevertheless, a source told the publication the two were trying to work past things for the sake of Jessa and Ben’s kids.

5 She Cuts Her Babies’ Hair By Herself

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With as many kids as the Duggars are known to have, you’ve got to be economical. When it came time to give their second son his first haircut, Jessa opted to trim 1-year old Henry’s hair by herself. Of course, some fans were quick to criticize the reality star’s decision. “You cannot see ur lines, I’m sure you try to be very safe, but you would fail hair school because it is soooo not safe to cut like that,” one follower wrote on the social media post.

4 Her Husband Is A Feminist

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Jessa’s husband Ben has received praise from fans for being more progressive in his views in comparison to the other Duggar men. Not only has he admitted to letting his wife take the reins in the house, but he’s also supported left-leaning causes like Black Lives Matter and the #TakeAKnee movement. He’s also shared various posts making it clear he’s a firm believer in women’s equality.

3 She Uses Apps To Track Her Pregnancies

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The Duggars may be known for doing things the old-fashioned way, but Jessa isn’t afraid of taking advantage of modern technology. Towards the end of her third pregnancy, the mama talked about how helpful pregnancy apps have been for documenting her nine-month journey. “I’ve especially enjoyed the app ‘Pregnancy+’ with all 3 of mine (in no way sponsored or anything),” she wrote online.

2 She Believes In Praying Anxiety Away

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Many parents experience anxiety when welcoming a new little one, regardless if it’s their first or third. Last year, Jessa made a controversial post online in which she said that anxious parents can simply pray their worries away. She posted a series of bible verses to her social media pages as well as a link to a sermon on the topic. Some of her followers thought the post was insensitive to those who seek mental health help for their anxiety.

1 She Gets Her Kids Excited About Pregnancy

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Jessa talked to her children a lot before they became big siblings, especially when she was welcoming baby no. 3, Ivy. She said her two older boys started understanding early on they were going to have another sibling. “[He] will pat my belly sometimes and say ‘Baby!’ because he sees us do that, but I don’t think he truly comprehends what’s about to take place. Little less than a month to go!” she said of her then 2-year old Henry, Us Weekly reports.

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