20 Pics Of Jamie Dornan That'll Make You Sweat

Actor Jamie Dornan is one heck of a hunky heartthrob. His looks are as amazing as his acting skills, making women everywhere swoon. He is the tall, dark, and handsome type that females have gone gaga for since the beginning of time, and his smile lights up the big screen like the sizzling summer sun. What’s not to love about this fine fella?

Here are 20 pics of the 50 Shades stud. Each photo brings out the actor’s best qualities, showing him from every angle. It is no wonder that he is such a sought-after actor, because it takes more than talent to be an A-list celeb. His appearance certainly helps, no matter what we want to believe. So, why not embrace the heat and enjoy Jamie’s entire package? We’re sure his wife won’t mind.

Scroll and savor these sweat-worthy snapshots. You may just need to take a cold shower after you’re through!

20 Good Looking Golfer

Via: esquire.com

Tiger Woods isn’t the only one swinging and sweating out there. Jamie is doing his part in making golf more popular. Just look at him in his well-fitted shirt showing off those buff biceps. He looks as good on the links as he does on set. If acting doesn’t work out for him in the future, perhaps there’s a career in golf in the picture.

19 The Water Looks Wonderful

Via: radaronline.com

When the temps rise, cooling off in the ocean water feels wonderfully refreshing. Jamie certainly looks cool in his swimming trunks hung low. He’s glistening in the sunshine, giving beachgoers something to stare at. The only thing more beautiful than that clear blue water is the man splashing around in it.

18 Behold The Buzz Cut

Via: gq.com

While we love Jamie with a full head of hair, he looks just as handsome with a close buzz cut. He balances it out with that scruffy facial hair, proving he can look great no matter how he’s groomed. While it would be nice to run our fingers through Jamie’s hair, he’s still just as touchable with his scalp exposed.

17 Caffeine Fix

Via: racked.com

Perhaps Jamie didn’t get much sleep, thus requiring two cups of coffee. More likely, one cup is for him and the other for a friend or co-worker. It’s good to know that we’re not the only ones who need a daily Starbucks fix. He needs that pep in his step too. The only question is, does he take his coffee black or with cream and sugar?

16 No Shirt, No Problem

Via: popsugar.com

With such a buff body, we can’t blame Jamie for showing off lots of skin. He’s super fit from head to toe, so giving us a glimpse of those pecs and abs is much appreciated. Sure, part of why he’s in shape has to do with his roles on screen, but he’d probably be just as good looking while enjoying some down time too.

15 T-Shirt Style

Via: pinterest.com

You know a man is hot when he looks super handsome in a plain T-shirt and a regular pair of slacks. This fella doesn’t need much to look like a model, so why bother with suits and ties when he can be casual and cute? Jamie knows he can pull off this no-muss, no-fuss look, so he can get up, throw something on, and go.

14 Fans Flock

Via: tomandlorenzo.com

Fans of the actor are so excited to be up close and personal. Being in his powerful presence is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most, so this moment is one to cherish. Selfies are standard, and Jamie must pose for the camera. After all, without fans, his career would be over.

13 Cute In His Calvins

Via: thecut.com

When Calvin Klein designed this underwear, it’s clear that he had Jamie Dornan in mind to model them. It’s hard to concentrate on much else after seeing this sizzling pic. With a body like Jamie’s, there’s no reason to cover it up with clothing. Undergarments are all he needs to look hot.

12 Traveling Man

Via: mirror.co.uk

Jamie has all his gear ready to go, so perhaps he’s off on vacation or headed to a filming location. Wherever he’s going, he looks great doing it. He has a golden glow, a big smile, and his muscles are mighty manly. Jamie seems to be in good spirits, so hopefully his trip will be one to remember.

11 Laughs With His Leading Lady

Via: ethoswatches.com

While these two aren’t filming, it seems like the chemistry is just as good in real life as it is on screen. The movies they star in together are awfully steamy, so it’s nice to see that they can leave the lovemaking awkwardness on set and be friends (without benefits) when they’re playing themselves.

10 Making It Past The Paparazzi

Via: kviff.com

Jamie can’t go anywhere without being noticed, so when he’s out and about, he must contend with the paparazzi. He doesn’t seem to mind all the attention, especially when the cameramen don’t get too close. Some celebs hate to be bothered, but it seems like this actor takes it all in stride.

9 Sporting Shorts

Via: pinterest.com

Jamie looks handsome and stylish in his blue button-down shirt and red shorts. He’s sporting some cool sunglasses and his sneakers look comfortable for walking around. Jamie does not have to go to great lengths to look fashionable; all he needs is something that fits well and suits his personality.

8 Out And About

Via: laineygossip.com

It appears that Jamie has a buff bodyguard by his side to protect him from crazed fans who would do just about anything to get close to the actor. Surely Jamie could hold his own, but just in case, he hires help to watch his back and keep him secure.

7 Gorgeous Gaze

Via: metro.co.uk

Most gals could stare into those gorgeous eyes all day…and night. With a stare as captivating as this one Jamie is putting out there, it’s hard to turn away. He’s smoking hot, and this picture is a prime example of how handsome the actor truly is. It’s no wonder movie fans are so fascinated by this hunk.

6 Bathing Beauty

Via: okmagazine.com

Jamie and his wife are having some fun in the sun. Both look great in their swimsuits, especially Jamie who is showing off those washboard abs. He looks adorable in those baby blue swim trunks, and he’s protecting his eyes from the glare of the sun with a pair of stylish shades. That woman is the envy of ladies from all over the globe!

5 Proud Pop

Via: mirror.co.uk

Jamie is a doting dad who is surely thrilled to be a father figure. While his kids won’t likely see most of his movies, one day they’ll understand why their pop is so famous. He’s sure to become their role model, and perhaps they will follow in his footsteps and act as well.

4 Steamy Sheriff

Via: ibtimes.co.uk

Who wouldn’t want to get pulled over by this cute cop? He’s likely dressed for a role, but his presence is right in line with that of a real officer. Jamie is committed to his roles, so he gives his best performance no matter the situation. Some gals would speed just to hear his siren go off.

3 Fit Fella

Via: pinterest.com

Jamie always impresses us with his buff body. His arms are toned and taut, and his pecs are perfection. Working out isn’t easy, but this guy knows that he has to put in the time to get the results we see. He’s pumped up and looking perfect. That time in the gym is worth the rewards.

2 Serious Stretching

Via: pinterest.com

Maybe Jamie’s muscles are sore, so he’s stretching them out for a little relief. Keeping in shape is part of his job, so there’s no room to take a day off to relax. Even if all he does is take a walk, it’s still part of a healthy lifestyle. Jamie can’t afford to slack off, otherwise, he won’t look like a million bucks on camera.

1 Bearded And Bundled Up

Via: free-largeimages.com

Jamie is giving us his full beard look, and he’s also all bundled up. Must be a cold day, but there are plenty of fans who’d be willing to help keep him toasty warm. Jamie doesn’t always go for so much facial hair, but he looks great no matter how he’s styled. Clean shaven or scruffy, this man can do no wrong.

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