20 Pics Of Hayden Panettiere After She Became A Mom

Hayden Panettiere is currently 29 years old and she is the mother of a daughter, Kaya. She has been in the news lately because her boyfriend—who is not the father of her child—had recent issues with the law and her safety. However, through all the drama, it appears he has decided to stick it out with him.

Hayden acts and sings and she has also done some modeling. Remember her Neutrogena ads? Hayden probably isn't enjoying the bad press that her boyfriend is getting these days, as it's adding another layer of complexity to an already complicated life. Anyone who is curious about Hayden and her life will enjoy this list and to see what Hayden has been like since becoming a mom four years ago.

Motherhood changes every woman, whether she's the famous star of the ABC TV series, Nashville, which wrapped in summer of 2018, or someone with a less-glamorous lifestyle. After women have children, they tend to mature quicker than someone without. It's not just about them anymore, after all.

While Hayden's life is anything but typical, thanks to her 15 million-dollar (according to Celebritynetworth.com) net worth, and fame, she too has gone through the changes that motherhood brings. This list will help Hayden fans to find out what she's up to lately and how the post-baby years have been treating her.

20 Hayden Had To Complete PPD Treatment


Hayden experienced postpartum depression and she's been open about how it affected her, according to Usmagazine.com. It's nice when celebs get real about postpartum depression, which is known as PPD for short. This type of depression is something that can happen to any woman.

When female stars talk about their own PPD experiences, as Hayden, Brooke Shields, and Chrissy Teigen have, other non-famous women can relate. It also boosts awareness. More people should learn about PPD.

Hayden talked about her own PPD experience on Live! with Kelly and Michael, back in 2015. Hayden said that her PPD was "uncontrollable." She thinks people have a lot of misconceptions about postpartum depression.

19 She Is No Longer With Her Baby Daddy


Hayden's baby daddy is Wladimir Klitschko. He used to be a successful pro boxer, according to his Wikipedia page. This former couple had a baby together, but their romantic relationship wasn't fated to go the distance. They were together for nine years. They never married, but were engaged.

As most of us know, relationships are generally awesome right at first. Over time, couples usually start hitting a little turbulence. The passion may fade a little, just due to familiarity. A couple has to be really strong to stay together when that happens. Hayden and Wladimir decided to part, but they will always be parents together.

18 Her Daughter Lives In The Ukraine With Her Father


Hayden's daughter is currently living with her father in Ukraine. The fact that Wladimir lives in Ukraine, while Hayden lives in the U.S., was something that Wladimir felt contributed to their breakup, according to People.com. That's fair enough, right?

Hayden would have needed to give up so much, in terms of her job, in order to live in Ukraine with Wladimir over the long term. He clearly likes to live in Ukraine.

Hayden is one of those moms who doesn't live with her child full-time. Her young daughter is with dad most of the time. Every family is different. We live in a judge-y world, so Hayden has gotten shade for living in a different country than her child.

17 Sadly, Hayden's New Relationship Has Problems


Every relationship has problems. Few of us are living out the Disney fairy tale ideal, even if we are very happy with our partners. Hayden's relationship problems seem more significant than most, though. These are problems with her new man, Brian Hickerson. She was first spotted with Brian in summer of 2018 and he has worked as a "business development manager," according to Thefamouspeople.com.

So, what's the big problem with these two? Well, Brian got hauled into a police station and booked after a domestic disturbance that involved Hayden. He had to pay $50,000 to get out on bail. A couple of weeks later, Hayden and Brian were photographed holding hands on the street once again...

16 Hayden Does Have A Relationship With Her Child, Though They're Not Seen Together Often


Hayden may not live with her daughter, but she loves her. She sees her when she can and the two look very happy together when pics of them do surface online. While Hayden doesn't have the traditional type of family (whereby she's a mom who lives with her child), she is invested in her daughter's happiness. Her child has a loving dad, too.

According to Aol.com, Hayden's baby daddy's mother helps to raise the little one. Hayden has tons of money and options, so she must be content with the unique family set-up right now. If she wasn't, it would be pretty easy to be closer to her daughter.

15 She's A Proud Rescue Dog Mama


Hayden is the proud and loving owner of a rescue dog, according to Animalplanet.com. The dog's name is Madison. She also has another dog named Penny Lane. Madison is a terrier mix and was a familiar sight on the set while Hayden was filming Heroes. Hayden has been pictured walking her dogs in Los Angeles and other places. She seems like a very devoted dog owner.

Like Lisa Vanderpump, she enjoys helping charities that help pooches. Lisa Vanderpump actually started her own charity. Hayden is content to support amazing charities and organizations, including the K9 Connection and the Humane Society.

14 Blondies Run In The Family


Hayden's daughter's name is Kaya, according to People.com, and she is just as blonde as her famous mom. Kaya is really adorable. While there is some mystery surrounding the co-parenting arrangement between Hayden and her baby daddy, Hayden is clearly in the picture when she can be.

Her boyfriend, Brian, has defended her parenting. He thinks that Hayden is a wonderful mother and says that she goes on holidays with her daughter. Brian wants the press to stop printing stories about how Hayden doesn't see her kid much. He also wants the press to stop focusing on his relationship with the actress.

13 Like Many Moms, Hayden Needed Time To Get Fit After Pregnancy


Actresses feel a lot of pressure to snap right back to normal after they have babies. That's unfair pressure. It takes time to recover from childbirth and delivery and regain the pre-baby look. Hayden got fit fast after giving birth, thanks to regular workouts and healthy meals, according to Shape.

Remember, she is very wealthy and has a lot of help. She can hire chefs or personal trainers or whatever. Along with her own discipline, her posh lifestyle made it pretty simple to get back into her pre-baby clothes within four or five months. Hayden takes good care of herself. She knows that image matters in her line of work.

12 She Has A Playful Spirit (Despite What The Press Writes)


Hayden's battle with PPD brought her down for a while, but she has a playful spirit, so she was able to rebound. She's someone who has a smile on her face so often.

None of us know Hayden's parenting philosophy. What we read online, including an Aol.com article about her "sad situation" with her daughter, comes from sources who may or may not have the inside scoop on her life as a mother. She has had to read a lot of negative stuff about her parenting choices. This is after dealing with serious postpartum depression that required two separate treatment phases.

11 She's a Real Jet-Setter


Hayden has had her problems, but her life has plenty of bright spots, including luxury holidays that allow her to relax in some gorgeous surroundings. When Hayden was still with her baby daddy, they traveled to Barbados on holiday, according to Dailymail.co.uk. This definitely isn't the only fancy holiday the actress and mother has enjoyed. In October of 2018, she went to Greece, where she treated herself to a "fish pedicure" and posted pics of the unique pedicure online.

With megabucks at her disposal, which she has worked hard to earn, there's no reason why she shouldn't indulge in amazing vacations. You'd do the same, right?

10 Hayden Doesn't See Kaya During Every Holiday


When you live far away from your child, in another country, you are going to miss stuff. That's just the way it is. Hayden has missed holidays with her daughter, Kaya, according to Nickiswift.com. A source said that Hayden finds the whole parenting setup "challenging," which is understandable.

In the future, Hayden may decide to make life changes that put her closer to her daughter daily, or her baby daddy may move closer to her, with their daughter in tow. Another possibility is that things will always be the way that they are now. Hayden does have choices, so she has to decide what's most important to her.

9 Hayden Has Really Grown Up Since Her 'Remember The Titans' Days


When actresses become famous at young ages, they grow up right in front of us. We watch them change right before our eyes. Hayden has really grown up. She was a child actress, according to Becomegorgeous.com, and she says that early experiences with mean people on film and TV sets taught her to value kindness and treat people well.

She thinks that meanness is triggered by insecurity and anger.

It sounds like Hayden understands a lot about human nature. She's been working in show business for such a long time. It's possible she had to grow up before she really should have.

8 You Won't Catch Her On Social Media Often


Hayden is low-key when it comes to posting pics of her daughter online. She may want to preserve her daughter's privacy since Kaya isn't a baby anymore. Her daughter was born in December of 2014, according to Fame10.com.

Also, Hayden knows better than anyone what is said about her parenting online. She sees the good comments and the bad comments. She knows that posting pics of Kaya is going to bring out the trolls. All that really matters is that her daughter is happy. It's not about what anyone else thinks. Celebs can't live their lives trying to please trolls.

7 Hayden Has To Travel To Europe To See Her Kaya


Kaya is getting an upbringing from Europe. Hayden goes to Europe to see her daughter, according to Inquisitr.com. Her baby daddy also comes to the U.S. when he can with Kaya so that Hayden has more time with her. Things seem very amicable between Hayden and her ex.

The little child must miss her mother — that's a given. It must be hard for Hayden to say goodbye when the visits are over. Most mothers would have a lot of trouble handling this lifestyle.

Breakups can cause big problems for parents. They can make it harder for parents to see their kids.

6 Hayden Is As Stylish As Ever After Pregnancy


Hayden has a flair for fashion and becoming a mother certainly didn't have an adverse impact on her sense of style. She bounced back and began to be photographed looking happy, fit and confident...in some very cute outfits.

Just months after giving birth, she was photographed in a form-fitting athleisure outfit, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website, as well as other body-conscious ensembles, including a cream-and navy sweater with horizontal stripes. Hayden used to run a lot to stay fit but decided that Pilates was easier on her body. She eats healthy but says that she needs more than salads to feel satisfied.

5 The Paparazzi Always Seems To Find Hayden (Even Outside Of LA)


Like most famous women, Hayden can barely grab a cup of coffee without encountering the paparazzi. Hayden likes to spend time in Nashville, even though her show, Nashville, isn't on the air anymore. She told a reporter from Southernliving.com that the vibe in Nashville suits her perfectly. It's more casual there. It's very different from Los Angeles or New York.

There may be fewer paparazzi in Nashville, too, although plenty of famous people call Nashville home, including Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. She does find that the climate in the South is tough on her hair. She gets frizzier in Nashville, but right now, Hayden is mostly in LA.

4 Her Star-Quality Hasn't Faded


Hayden really stands out, doesn't she? Whether she's playing the bad girl on Nashville or playing another part, she has a star quality that is undeniable. She is a woman who just glows, even when she's just had a baby.

After giving birth, Hayden didn't shy away from wearing bright colors and patterns. She wore whatever made her feel good. She says she alternates between a flowery, bright look and a darker, edgier style. She has a radiant complexion which gives her a luminous look, according to Makeupandbeautyblog.com.

For every day, Hayden puts on blush, lip color, and mascara. She keeps it simple.

3 We All Loved Her Long Run On "Nashville"


Hayden's Nashville TV series was very successful. It was on the air for a long time, until it was finally canceled in 2018. The show has a 91 percent "fresh" rating at Rottentomatoes.com, from critics. The rating from the audience is 70 percent. The show ran for six seasons, which is a nice, long run. Hayden does have more than enough charisma to carry a TV series.

What's next for Hayden, acting-wise? A quick glimpse of her Imdb.com page shows no upcoming projects. Maybe Hayden is just taking a breather right now. Being a star on the TV show is very hard work. She deserves a rest.

2 Hayden Is A Survivor


Hayden gets shade like most celebs do. The shade she gets may hurt more because it often relates to her parenting. Only people close to Hayden really know what her life as a mother is like. The rest are just guessing.

Hayden is a survivor. She keeps succeeding with acting, she sees her daughter when she can and she keeps moving forward, even after big challenges like postpartum depression. She is maturing and who knows what the future will bring? Follow her Twitter account to see what she is up to. It features a few great pics of her daughter. Source: Twitter.com

1 Hayden Broke Some Negative Patterns After Giving Birth


Hayden had to go through two treatment programs to deal with her postpartum depression. She had to learn how to break negative patterns that were holding her back from healing and being happy. She said that after all that she went through after giving birth, it affected every part of her life, according to Usmagazine.com.

Before treatment, she felt that her ways of coping just weren't healthy. It takes strength to recognize when problems are out of hand and require treatment.

Why does PPD happen? That's a bit of mystery, but some experts believe that certain risk factors set the stage for the disorder, including issues with food, previous bouts of depression, difficult pregnancies, and childhood traumas.

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