20 Pics Of Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is totally having a moment. The 21-year-old model has a famous last name for sure -- her dad is Stephen Baldwin, aka Alec Baldwin's brother -- but she's carving out a career for herself all on her own. And it's definitely amazing and inspiring to see. She has not only been photographed for esteemed publications like Vogue and Teen Vogue, but she's been in a few Ralph Lauren ads along with international versions of magazines like Elle and Harper's Bazaar. It's definitely impressive.

Although she's super famous, she's also pretty down to earth. Just look at her Twitter account. She tweeted this recently: "I do not go to Barry's Bootcamp to work out. I do however go for the smoothies." So funny, right?! A few days after that, she tweeted, "Friends is one the best shows of all time and makes me very very happy." So there we go: we know that we could be best friends with her since Friends is obviously a show that we all love so much.

Of course, Hailey is also incredibly gorgeous and that's just a fact that can't be ignored. We rounded up her best photos. Here are 20 pics of Hailey Baldwin that are just super hot, even the chill of winter can't stop them!

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20 Working It Out

When we head to the gym or a yoga class, we're probably wearing clothes that we've had for a few years. It's not that we don't want to look super chic and elegant (because of course, we do). We just don't have the dough to constantly update our workout wardrobes, no matter how much we might want to. Celebs, of course, don't have that problem, and so they always look like utter perfection when they're heading to and from the gym.

Hailey Balwin is no different and she looks amazing in this simple black workout bra and black leggings. We really love the pink and white pattern on the side of these pants. If we could own these, we would definitely wear them all the time. She looks so toned and healthy. It's inspiring AF.

19 Friendly Photo

Hailey shared this photo on her Instagram account at the end of December 2017 and said that her friend snapped the photo. She captioned it with, "my friends take really cool pics" and we totally agree.

When our friends take a photo of us, we're probably fixing our hair a million times and asking them to keep taking just one more because we want them to get the best photo possible. And since we're not professional models, it might take a while to get the perfect picture (or even just a photo that we think is decent enough to post online). Of course, Hailey is actually a professional model, so we know that when her friend takes a photo, she probably looks great on the first try. And this is a truly great photo. It's just so cool and so interesting.

18 Blue Bikini Babe

Everyone posts inspiring and lovely social media messages at the end of the year, saying that they're grateful for the people in their life if they had a crappy few months, or celebrating all that they accomplished. Celebrities are no different and this was Hailey's Instagram post on December 31st, 2017. She captioned this photo with "BEST YEAR" and we can definitely say it looks like she had an awesome twelve months since her star is rising so much and her career is going so well.

We also have to say that this is a really awesome photo. Hailey looks like perfection in this blue bikini. It's clear that she works out -- just look at those abs. We're impressed. And maybe a little bit jealous. But mostly just impressed.

17 Surfer Chic

If we didn't know that Hailey was such a famous model, we might think that this was a snapshot of a professional surfer. She totally looks the part, right? And she looks totally awesome.

This white top made out of net material and these high-waisted blue bikini bottoms really show off her curves. She's long and lean and so we might not be able to spot her beautiful curves in a lot of photos, but this photo makes it easy to see her curves. We're definitely always on board with celebrating a curvy figure because so many of us have that kind of build. Hailey posted this one on her Instagram account, too, which just proves that we have to follow her immediately if we don't already.

16 Summertime Sultry

Once again, Hailey proves that she looks better in a bikini than pretty much anyone. Okay, so there are a lot of beautiful female celebs out there and everyone is gorgeous in their own way. We just mean that Hailey really looks epic when she's posing on the beach in a bathing suit.

She's rocking both curves and a toned body, which is really the best combination and exactly the kind of body that we all want to have. It shows that we're healthy and happy and that we also work out and take care of ourselves. Her tan looks great here, too. We might not all agree with the popular belief that everyone looks better with a tan, but we can all agree that Hailey looks awesome in this photo. Right?! Of course, we can.

15 Cozy And Chic

Here's proof that Hailey doesn't have to be wearing a bikini on the beach to show off her super toned abs. Here she is wearing a cropped sweater that looks like the coziest thing ever and Calvin Klein underwear sticking out of her pants, and we can admire her abs in all their glory.

It's really impossible not to wonder how she got her stomach to look like that. Her abs are literally staring us right in the face. So how did she make that happen? According to Elite Daily, who was quoting a story in People, Hailey followed an eating plan of produce and healthy food: "It's like a cleanse that you have to do with like protein powder and all this different stuff and you have to eat a certain type of way. I eat healthy regardless but it's very much more scaled down."

14 So Sexy

This is probably the sexist ad ever. How could it not be? How could anything possibly beat this image? Hailey's wearing super short jean shorts, which would already be really sexy, and then on top of that she's wearing a sheer lingerie top that shows off her cleavage and she's got her hair up in a curly updo. And she's got a sultry expression on her face which definitely contributes to the whole vibe. Yup, this is a really hot photo.

It's also a really pretty photo. It has a really soft, feminine vibe to it, and it doesn't feel like she's showing too much skin or anything since she's basically still covered up. We could look at her modeling photos for hours because she just always looks so good.

13 Guess Who's The Hottest Model Of Them All?!

Hailey does a lot of modeling for brands like Guess and Ralph Lauren, and this is a great example of how much she rocks at her job.

She looks incredibly beautiful in this photo with her strong, defined cheekbones, messy hair, and with this black top over her black bra and underwear. Since the overall look is so sophisticated and classy, it looks like she's heading to a fancy dinner party with very important people, even though of course she's in lingerie essentially. Of course, she could put on pants and she would be dinner party ready, so maybe it does make sense. Hailey looks so pretty here, it's almost nuts, but we know that she always looks good so it's not a big surprise.

12 Back To The Future

This photo has a bit of a futuristic vibe. It must be the shiny silver jacket that Hailey's wearing. OMG would we love to own this jacket. We would wear it absolutely everywhere, since it would look great with a fancy dress if we were heading out on a Saturday night, and we could also dress it down with jeans or even wear it with our leggings and tank tops if we were working out. Now we're kind of bummed that we don't own it. Sigh.

Hailey looks like the cool girl that she definitely is in this jacket, white bra top, and pale pink skirt. She always has this amazing look on her face when she's posing for photos. It's this really gorgeous, piercing stare, like she's truly seeing into the camera's soul instead of the other way around, if that makes sense. She's just such a pro.

11 Just Married

This is a pretty hilarious bathing suit since it says "Just Married" and we definitely know that Hailey's not married. We wonder where she got it.

Besides the amazing phrase, this high-cut one piece really shows off her gorgeous curves. We think that it looks like it was basically made for her and we're really big fans of this suit. If we saw this bathing suit in the store or online, we might think that the cut was super high, but it honestly looks totally fine on Hailey. She's just always so chic and stylish, she never looks bad. We also love her chill backward baseball cap. She seems like she would be a really fun, cool person to hang out with. She's the opposite of stuck-up and pretentious.

10 Straight Up Gorgeous

We honestly didn't think that Hailey could look any more beautiful than she does in any of the other photos on this list... and then we saw this photo. And then we realized that she's so good-looking that if we ever think that she can't look any better, the next photo will totally change our minds.

She's a total beauty in this white dress with straps and with her hair super straight and pulled back into a low bun. We also really like her super soft makeup since she's just wearing some pale eyeshadow and lipstick. Her makeup proves that we don't need to wear any crazy bright colors or do too much in order to look good. We can stick with pale colors and a softer vibe and look awesome. She definitely looks so great.

9 The Cutest Couple Ever

Okay, okay, we get that these two aren't actually a couple and that this was a professional photo shoot for Tommy Jeans. We do know that. They just look like they would make a really beautiful couple. They look so good together, don't they?!

We love Hailey's t-shirt which has been tied into a knot to show off her amazing abs. We love the styling of this outfit and how her Tommy brand underwear is peaking out of her jean shorts. This is totally making us want to go out and buy some jean shorts. Hey, it's not going to be winter forever (even though it might feel like that, especially now since it's only January and we're already super sick of the cold days).

8 Peaceful Vibes

How does Hailey make a top and jeans look like the coolest, fanciest outfit ever?! It's just part of her charm. And part of her amazing and inspiring fashion sense.

We're all about these jeans, which are so much more interesting than regular ripped jeans. Sure, we can all find a pair that has massive holes where our knees go, or even random rips all over. These are so great since they have small rips above the knee area and also some artistic tears in other places. Of course, we would totally expect someone as stylish and cool as Hailey to have the best jeans ever, so this is no surprise. We love her peaceful vibes here and the fact that she's literally making the peace sign while taking a selfie.

7 Wild Hair, Don't Care

We've never seen Hailey's hair look so messy... and we couldn't possibly adore it anymore.

It's official: she looks good no matter what. It doesn't matter what she's wearing, from designer clothes for a photo shoot to a bikini to casual clothes to workout gear. It doesn't matter if her hair is long and wavy or straight or in a bun or ponytail. She looks incredibly gorgeous all the time and that's just the way that it goes. We love her casual, messy vibe here, from her wild hair to her oversized sweatshirt. She looks like she's just hanging out and it totally makes us wish that we were her bestie so we could just chill. And since she's besties with Kendall Jenner, maybe we could all hang out, too. Here's dreaming...

6 Super Hot

What can we say about this photo beside saying that it's super hot?! Hailey really looks so amazing here... which is nothing new since she looks that way in every photo. She's just so great at modeling.

This is a different look for her but, naturally, she looks elegant like always. We love her black leather bra and matching skirt, and we also love that her hair is in a ponytail or bun (it's kind of hard to tell which one from the angle of this photo) since we usually see her hair down and wavy. Sure, this was taken for a photo shoot and therefore it's superposed. But Hailey is such a talented model that she somehow manages to look casual anyway and like she's just hanging out.

5 Out And About

Sure, we look cute when we head outside to run errands, but we're probably wearing leggings and a simple sweater or something like that. There's just something about the way that models and actresses dress when they're running errands. It's like they're competing to look like the coolest, chicest girls ever. And each girl wins every single time, so it's not like it's a real competition since they all look awesome.

Hailey has definitely got the off-duty model look down. This photo is a great example of how fashionable she looks when she's walking around the city. Her beige skirt and black top may be simple but they look incredible on her, and we love her black ankle boots. They are truly chic and look amazing with her long, toned legs.

4 True Blue

Blue must be Hailey Baldwin's color. Okay, we totally get that she looks good in basically every single color or shade since she's just so gorgeous. But she's often wearing blue, whether she's in a bright bikini like this one or some of the others on this list, or she's wearing lots of denim. And she looks awesome every time.

This is such a great photo because it shows off another side of Hailey that we don't see in photos very often: a sillier, more playful side. She looks a lot more serious all the time which makes sense when she's modeling and posing for professional photos, and we can tell from this shot that she's a very fun, cheerful person on her days off.

3 Denim Dreams

Hailey looks wise beyond her years in this image and we would honestly never guess that she was only 21 if we didn't know her actual age. She's just got a really great, mature vibe and we really love that.

This is a more classic look with her wavy blonde hair and all denim outfit. We love it so much, we can't even say. We really think that she's a super talented model. Everything from her stance to the look on her face is just really top-notch. When she was on the cover of Elle UK in the summer of 2017, she said that she didn't want people to consider her an "Instagram star" because she doesn't just post pretty stuff on the social media platform, she has a great work ethic. We respect that for sure.

2 Beach Babe

We have to say that we're all about Hailey's hair here. We don't think that it's possible to look at this photo and not want to have her exact same hair. It's just perfection. It's the perfect length and it's so wavy but it's wavy in that effortless and easy way that is really hard to make happen. We never want people to know how much time we spent getting our hair to look the way that it does. But we bet that Hailey's hair just looks awesome at all times and never gives her any trouble.

Her body looks incredible here, from her toned legs to her toned stomach to her toned, well, everything. We love that she's wearing a simple outfit -- just a tank top, bikini top, jean shorts and sneakers -- and yet she looks so sophisticated.

1 Too Cool For School

Hailey looks like the coolest girl ever in this photo. There's really no doubt about it, she's just the coolest. No one can ever hope to compete.

Just look at her stance and how she's sitting on that piece of wood. This is totally how cool girls sit, with her legs out to each side and she's all slouched over like she's just chilling and nothing is a big deal. We're really digging the whole vibe here. She may just be wearing a super big jean jacket with boots (and we're guessing that she's wearing something else, too, we just can't see it) but she looks like she's wearing the fanciest outfit ever. It's a really amazing photo. If any of us weren't huge fans of Hailey Baldwin before, we can say that we're definitely part of her fan club now.

Sources: Harpersbazaar.com

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