20 Pics Of Celebs Sweating Through The Summer Heat

We often place celebrities on pedestals so high we forget they are actual humans. We only see them as these perfect beings with perfect skin and perfect hair. So, when we see a celebrity with any kind of imperfection, it becomes kind of huge deal. How is it possible that someone so amazing as, say Jennifer Lopez, has human flaws?

It’s true, though, they’re just like you and me. They eat, sleep, cry and scream. Most of the time, they don’t want us to know these things. But even the most famous celebrity can’t hide from the summer and its blistering heat, especially when they need to maintain their amazing physiques with their strenuous workouts. No one wants to be caught perspiring in front of a camera, though.

Out of all of summer's annoying features - embarrassing sunburns and unflattering swimming snaps taken by the paps, for example - sweating has got to be the least favourite for most people.

Here are 20 celebrities who didn’t hide their natural sweating habits during the summer heat, even though many looked like they wanted to.

20 Sweaty Selena Is Tired Of Summer


Selena Gomez has grown up right before our eyes. When we first met her, she was a quirky little girl on Barney. Then she was a wizard on Disney Channel. Gomez is one of the rare celebrities who managed to transform from childhood star straight into a stunning and successful adult. In order to achieve the amazing figure she has now, Gomez had to learn to follow a stricter diet and make lifestyle changes.

As a Lupus patient, the battle toward a more fit body wasn’t the easiest but she stuck with it, even if she is caught by the paparazzi all sweaty after her Pilates workouts.

19 Taylor Swift Works Up A Sweat


Taylor Swift hasn’t always had the best of luck in the dating department. Swift began dating English actor Joe Alwyn sometime around October 2016 after having met during the Met Gala. The cute couple haven’t made headlines for anything negative and enjoy spending time together, even if it does involve perspiring.

According to People, Swift and Alwyn went on a casual hike together in Malibu. Despite Swift’s natural need to cool off, the pair held hands and engaged in deep conversations during their walk.

18 Ariel Winter Embraces Summer

The Modern Family actress has never seemed too shy when showing off her body. Ariel Winter is often featured in photos wearing not-so-subtle outfits. Winter has become a body-positive voice for young women.

“It was definitely a journey for me to learn to accept my body. I finally said to myself, ‘This is who I am. There’s no way I’m changing, and I should learn to love and accept it,’” Winter expressed, according to People. “And I did. It just took me a while.”

Just recently, she shared a workout video of herself on IG. The 20-year-old actress was deadlifting, so clearly she’s not afraid of being caught sweating.

17 Chrissy Teigen Glows With Sweat And Motherhood


Chrissy Teigen is a stunning model, but most importantly she’s the beautiful mother to two gorgeous children she has with John Legend. Teigen has kind of become a powerful voice for mothers everywhere. She shares the reality of motherhood with no filter.

After her second child was born, Teigen shared a raw image of herself breastfeeding her son, Miles, as her daughter, Luna, played in the background. In the IG photo, Teigen was also wearing a pair of postpartum hospital undies with no shame. Teigen has shown the internet trolls over and over that she is an awesome momma. Even in the summer heat, she’s perfectly happy venturing out with her babies to have some fun in the sun.

16 KimYe Know The Couple That Sweats Together Sticks Together


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a pretty interesting marriage and three beautiful children together. After everything they’ve been through, spending time in the sun probably just comes naturally to them now. Kanye has had a big influence on Kim’s public image, so he’s definitely a great motivator for her when the sweat starts pouring. We can imagine they keep each other going. What's really cool is that they've even been snapped wearing matching workout gear, as Hollywood Life reports.

Based on this picture alone, it seems like wearing black is always in fashion.

15 Is It Too Late To Say Sorry To Justin Bieber?


Justin Bieber has millions of Beliebers to impress basically every day of his life. Sure, he probably goes through phases where he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but largely he’s got to care about the people who got him as far as he is now. Bieber has a great workout routine and it shows in his physique. We’ve seen the singer working out, playing soccer and going for runs.

He’s even been caught doing some Pilates with Selena Gomez during their most recent on-again. Summer weather is pretty much rough for everyone, and as you can tell from this photo, Bieber is no exception.

14 Demi Lovato Is Confident Even When Covered In Sweat


Demi Lovato has had a rough transition into who she is today. She’s publicly admitted to her addictions and body-image issues. Now, she’s a beautiful woman and role model for girls everywhere. Lovato had become known for sharing makeup-free pics, and now even sweaty ones.

They're not just for show. Lovato’s workouts are intense, according to Self. Her routine consists of MMA fighting, weight-lifting and cardio. She completes her fitness routine and stays strong and healthy with a strict nutrition plan. It’s hard not to sweat when you’re doing all that work. Staying in shape has become such a huge part of Lovato’s life that she even created her own stunning line of fitness clothing.

13 Khloe Kardashian Soaks Her Revenge Bod In Sweat


After Khloe Kardashian’s rollercoaster of a relationship with former NBA player Lamar Odom, she knew she wanted to make positive changes in her life. Kardashian started working out and eating better; soon, she looked like a whole new woman.

In January 2017, E! Network launched her show called “Revenge Body,” where Kardashian sets out with a team of Hollywood’s best trainers to help people “re-create themselves.” According to Bustle, the show's blurb states,

“It's all about showing the world - all those people who doubted you, who rejected you - what they're now missing.”

Kardashian shares her workouts with the world all the time on IG. The reality star sweats it out to get to where she wants to be in life.

12 Oops, Britney Spears Is Sweating Again


Britney Spears has had a pretty rocky time getting to where she is now. In 2007, we all saw the pop star go nuts and shave her head. Spears had officially hit rock bottom. Somehow though, she pushed through all of her life pain and moved forward. The woman we see today has a hit Las Vegas show and still rocks it on the stage. Thirty-seven-year-old Spears has been born again.

Her life is probably pretty busy so getting caught sweating in front of paparazzi is hopefully no big deal. When life moves as fast as it does for Spears, sweat is going to happen.

11 Zac Efron Burns All Summer


This definitely isn’t the Zac Efron we all fell in love with in High School Musical. He has had a serious glow-up since those days. Efron is easily one of the hottest guys of Hollywood, even if he does occasionally get covered in sweat. Efron had to get completely ripped for his role in Baywatch and for that, we thank him. However, it definitely wasn’t an easy task.

According to Muscle & Fitness, Efron reached just five percent body fat after training for only 12 weeks. His trainer, Patrick Murphy explained the actor’s workout routine was “constantly evolving.”

10 Kate Upton Shows Even Models Get Sweaty


Kate Upton isn’t new to getting caught sweating. But when you’re a fabulous supermodel, you can probably get away with perspiring in public. Last year, Upton even made the decision to get all sweaty with Marines for charity. According to USA Today, the 26-year-old model participated in an event called Workout with Marines. Upton’s fiancé founded the group in charge of the event, Wins for Warriors, so that may have had something to do with her participation.

Nonetheless, Upton kept up with all the tough men and did five rounds of burpees, toe touches, squats and push-ups.

9 Alessandra Ambrosio Sweats Up During Yoga Workout


Brazilian Victoria Secret’s model Alessandra Ambrosio loves getting heated doing yoga. Ambrosio even involves her children in her workout routines, and that is adorable.

Realizing even supermodels deal with real-life intrusions is reassuring for a lot of hardworking mothers. Ambrosio’s schedule has to be hectic to keep up with the demands of her career, so any time spent with her kids is time cherished, even if it's during a Yoga class.

8 Harry Styles Gets Steamy During Concert


This British singer rose to stardom with the boyband, One Direction. In 2016, after huge success with the group, Harry Styles announced he would be going solo. The decision didn’t really come as a surprise to fans of the One Direction singer, and they were excited for his new music.

When Styles released his first single as a solo artist, the girls went crazy. And seeing him perform live under the beating spotlight during the summer is even more invigorating. Getting the chance to see Styles singing his heart out and dripping sweat has to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

7 Kendall Jenner Strikes Pose Drenched in Sweat


Kendall Jenner stepped into the boxing ring covered in sweat to recreate a series of “Rocky” images for LOVE Magazine. Jenner has been named today’s highest earning model, so seeing her embrace her natural sweat glands is something that can be seen as inspiring.

In an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner explained the process in achieving this shot. She really put her all into becoming a character similar to Rocky. She must have enjoyed the process, because now she puts a lot of her workouts into a kickboxing ring with her best model pal, Gigi Hadid.

6 The Summer Is Hotter Than Mars For Matt Damon


Forty-eight-year-old Matt Damon was definitely a heartthrob in his prime, and he continues to be quite the looker today. It’s not easy staying in shape as your age goes up, so the actor puts a lot of work into his body. To prepare for his role in the action movie Jason Bourne, Matt was bench-pressing 250 pounds and he could put Hollywood pal Ben Affleck into a headlock whenever he liked, as Pop Workouts reports.

With having to do so much work for his movie roles, it's no surprise to catch him working up a sweat outdoors on the regular.

5 Chris Hemsworth Breaks Sweat To Become Thor


In order for Australian actor Chris Hemsworth to become a Norse God, he basically had to become a god in the gym. Hemsworth has had to continuously transform his body to play Thor in the Avengers flicks, and this wasn’t always an easy thing to do.

His superhero workout involves several barbell curls, chest workouts, battle ropes, kickboxing, MMA fighting, cardio and a whole bunch of other stuff outlined by Train magazine. His hard work has definitely paid off though, because who else could we count on in a fight against Hulk?

4 Ian Someheralder Makes Summer Hotter


Ian Somerhalder is best known for his role as dangerous vampire Damon from CW’s hit show The Vampire Diaries. The moment Damon takes his shirt off for the first time in the show is meant to make tons of women viewers seriously swoon, so he had to be in his best shape for the role. Somerhalder continues to keep up his physique even after the show has ended, and he loves taking a jog with his gorgeous wife, actress Nikki Reed.

The couple have been seen taking their pup on a stroll and engaging in some couple’s yoga. When you’ve got this kind of partner in life, sweat shouldn’t come as a concern.

3 Summer's A Big Bang For Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco is one of those celebrities who embraces their quirky and awkward side. Cuoco is best known for her role as the blonde in The Big Bang Theory. She’s been caught sweaty on many occasions, because working out is a big part of her daily routine. Cuoco revealed that a huge part of getting over her 2016 divorce with hockey player Ryan Sweeting was putting her pain into exercising.

Just Jared reports her saying, "I’ve cried numerous times in yoga. The best part is I’m sweating so bad no one can tell.”

2 Matthew McConaughey Drenches It Up


Matthew McConaughey had to stand shirtless next to a lot of much younger ripped guys during his role in Magic Mike. According to BodyBuilding, McConaughey has ”always been known for bringing solid shape to the silver screen, but he dialed his physique to another setting for Magic Mike.”

McConaughey was on a mission to get more ripped than he ever has been for this movie role, and he didn’t care about how much sweat he’d have to pour to get there. When you’re standing up against Channing Tatum, you’re going to want to be prepared. His trainer, Gunner Peterson and supplement expert, Chris Lockwood were there to assist him on his body-shaping mission.

1 A Storm Of Sweat Hits Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba is not only a great actress, she’s an awesome mother and entrepreneur. Somehow this super mom finds time in her days to get down with some sweaty workouts. In an interview with Health, Alba revealed she wasn’t always happy with how she looked.

“I was a lot more critical of my body when it was probably pretty awesome,” she stated, as E Online reports.

After she gave birth to her children, Alba found a new sense of self and no longer worried about what others thought. Alba has credited the way she looks today to healthy eating and interval training.

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