20 Pics Of Celebs Spotted With Their Kids (And We Have Questions)

Celebs get a lot of media attention even when they are off duty. Paparazzi are always out to catch them even on their off days as they run errands and hang around with their families. For this reason, most will try to be presentable and act in a manner that will not attract criticism while out and about.

However, we cannot say the same about their kids. Occasionally, celebrity kids will act up and throw serious temper tantrums in the middle of streets or events that they have accompanied their parents to. At times, they can do silly things just for the fun of it knowing very well that photographers could be watching and taking their photos.

No need to worry, they are just kids being kids. With minds of their own, they sometimes do as they please or see fit. However, we cannot help but wonder what was transpiring in these pics.

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20 Kourtney Kardashian

Via: pinterest.com

Here, Reality star Kourtney Kardashian was running errands with her eldest son, Mason Disick. As seen on dailymail, Mason was holding a yellow toy, constantly practicing his aim but we wonder who he was pointing it to, cameramen perhaps? Mama seemed unbothered by this but her 90s vibes outfit was definitely on point.

19 Halle Berry

Via: aishamusic.blogspot.com

Paparazzi took this pic when Cat Woman star Halle Berry was on vacation in Mallorca, Spain with her lovely daughter Nahla. Despite being in the middle of a luxury holiday, the young girl appeared to be in a mood as stated on the telegraph. What could have been bothering her pretty little mind?

18 Mariah Carey

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Twins Moroccan and Monroe could not seem any less impressed with their mama, Mariah Carey as she was receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The cute twins overshadowed Mariah’s big moment as they threw a bit of a fit and covered their ears. Maybe all the attention directed towards them overwhelmed them as telegraph reports.

17 Jennifer Garner

Via: peoplemagazine.co.za

Actress Jennifer Garner definitely does not let her fame get in the way of her parenting. In this pic, her son was throwing a tantrum because mom had refused to buy him something he had seen in a store. She still refused to let him have it even after the store attendants offered to give it to him free as pointed out in huffpost.

16 Matthew Broderick

Via: peoplemagazine.co.za

The Godzilla actor here was trying to reason with his daughter Tabitha and by the look of things; she did not want to listen. According to peoplemagazine, Tabitha threw a drama-fueled tantrum on the streets of New York City. Perhaps she did not like the hair band dad had picked out for her.

15 Charlize Theron

Via: OK! Magazine

Here, everyone is probably wondering why actress Charlize Theron’s adopted son, Jackson is causing such a scene in the parking lot. Children will not always do what their parents want, regardless of whether their parents are celebrities or not. According to rallypoint, Charlize is truly a progressive parent who lets her son do what he feels like, including dressing up as a girl; however, the decision of whether to get in the car is something she clearly did't let him make on his own.

14 Ben Affleck

Via: sheknows.com

Batman star, Ben Affleck was not having a good day with the paparazzi. In this pic, paparazzi were taking photos of the actor while he was with his two daughters, Violet and Seraphina and he was not having it. According to sheknows, Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner are big campaigners of protecting children from constant media attention.

13 Jessica Alba

Via: parents.com

The beautiful and very successful actress Jessica Alba is without a doubt a great person, and we adore her. Here's a beautiful photo of her with Honor Marie, her daughter, out enjoying each other's company. However, why didn't Alba just close the hood of the stroller to protect her daughter from the sun?

12 Katie Holmes

Via: hollywoodlife.com

Actress Kate Holmes was carrying her daughter, Suri Cruise as she was having a very bad temper tantrum and of course, paparazzi did not miss out on capturing the moment. While her daughter was having her meltdown, Katie looked quite composed as posted by hollywoodlife. She must be used to the tantrums.

11 Ashton Kutcher

Via: celebbabylaundry.com

Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher looked so cute in her black tutu while in daddy’s arms. However, she seemed to be in a foul mood. According to celebbabylaundry, daddy, Ashton Kutcher was trying to calm her down before taking her to dance class. The little princess seemed to be better when daddy put her down to walk on her own. Whatever had upset her must have passed.

10 Kim And Kanye West

Via: dailymail.co.uk

North West was having a meltdown next to Anna Wintour at New York Fashion Week. At some point, Anna even inched away as the tantrum continued. According to dailymail, little North was bothering the editor-in-chief. She had had trouble getting into the packed event and now she had to put up with an upset baby.

9 Mark Ruffalo

Via: janetcharltonshollywood.com

We definitely have questions about this photo. What was actor Mark Ruffalo’s daughter doing? According to janetcharltonshollywood, the young lady was more than happy to pose for a paparazzi photo while her parents watched in amusement. The family seemed to mind their own business until their daughter alerted them that the paps were behind them.

8 Heidi Klum

Via: blackcelebritykids.wordpress.com

Model Heidi Klum was taking a walk with her kids in the streets of Greenwich Village in NYC. The family was enjoying an afternoon walk and even stopped for ice cream. When Henry, her son, started crying, that appeared to be the end of the fun. In the pic, Klum seems to be scolding the young man and we cannot help but wonder what he had done wrong.

7 Melissa McCarthy

Via: buzz.ie

Comedian Melissa McCarthy's daughters, Vivian and Georgette looked like someone had forced them to go out for some errands and were not too happy about it. As seen on buzz, both of her daughters were dressed in t-shirts and seemed to be doing something with their hands while mom maintained a serious gaze. Melissa was also in a casual outfit.

6 Jennifer Lopez

Via: mamamia.com.au

Actress Jennifer Lopez sometimes takes her kids to work with her. In this photo, the twins Emme and Max were accompanying mom at the red carpet premiere of her animated movie Home. Max was all tears while the family took photos in front of a pack of photographers. Emme was not too happy either as perthnow points out. What had upset the two?

5 Hillary Duff

Via: peoplemagazine.co.za

Younger actress, Hillary Duff was with her son, Luca and we definitely have many questions here. Was baby Luca sitting down, throwing a tantrum, falling down or trying to poop? Whichever the case, he looked so adorable and mama was right there to help him out, as reported by peoplemagazine.

4 Madonna

Via: thecut.com

Celebrity kids have unusual ways of displaying their displeasure especially since paparazzi are always following them around and thecut also concurs with this. In this pic, Madonna’s son was sticking his tongue out at the paparazzi. Madonna who is a strict parent must have been a tiny bit displeased with him when she saw this photo.

3 Angelina Jolie

Via: someecards.com

Angelina Jolie is great, and we would all love to achieve the success she has. However, one thing most of us question is why she lets her children eat bugs. According to an interview on Good Morning America, Jolie gushed about how much her children love to eat bugs. She can afford to provide them with the most nutritious foods and tastiest snacks, so why bugs?

2 Milla Jovovich

Via: parents.com

Kids love it when their parents take time off from their busy schedules to play with them, so we can imagine just how Ever, Milla Jovovich's daughter, is excited. However, one thing we are not so happy about is that in this image, this celebrity actress is letting her daughter ride her cute bike without a helmet or any other protective wear. Why?

1 Drew Barrymore

Via: popsugar.co.uk

Actress Drew Barrymore's hilarious reaction to her daughter’s tantrum is hands down one of the funniest ways to handle a meltdown. Olive threw this tantrum while the two were at Disneyland. According to popsugar, the tot wanted to stay longer and the only way she could get mommy to agree to her wish was to sleep on the ground and start crying. Instead of mommy fighting with her, she took this amusing photo.

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