20 Pics Of Celebs Getting The Full TSA Treatment

Everyone's an equal when they go through TSA. Well, that is unless they get the "celebrity treatment" that certain airports offer. But this is usually reserved for specific stars on special occasions. For the most part, every glitzy and glamorous star, be it an actor, comedian, musician, or athlete, has to endure the unpleasant experience of airport security. As we will see, some stars move through this with grace. But others... well... not so much. Let's face it, nobody likes being manhandled by a TSA guard, endlessly questioned, forced to take off their shoes, or go through that x-Ray screener that can't be good for us. But, hey, we need this. The world's a safer place because of it. But that doesn't mean it doesn't open the door to good comedy. So, without further ado, here are 20 pics of celebs getting the full TSA treatment...

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20 Kate Beckinsale Isn't Just Frisked By Pete Davidson

Just Jared

Yup, Pete Davidson isn't the only one who gets to frisk this beauty. Kate Beckinsale had to experience the full-pat down at the airport a few years back. This is probably the norm for her since this is the one moment of the day that a TSA agent actually gets to have a good time. Yeah, we know that's inappropriate, but a TSA agent has to get their kicks somewhere. Let's hope that Pete doesn't get too jealous.

19 Camila Cabello Makes A Dull Situation So Much More Awesome

Just Jared

Here are some photos of Camila Cabello truly making the most of the TSA experience. They were taken at LAX in March 2018, before she was apparently linked to Shawn Mendes (yeah, we're still not buying that). One thing is for sure, Cabello knows how to have fun and make something tediously dull into something enjoyable.

18 Britney Spears Holds Up TSA With Her Cowgirl Hat

Daily Mail

Apparently, those waiting in line behind Britney Spears weren't too thrilled with her or the TSA agents who took their time inspecting her cowgirl hat. Yep, she was forced to remove the straw hat, which TSA thought was somehow setting off the metal detector over and over again. Why can't Spears go anywhere without causing a ruckus?

17 Not So Glamourous Now, Are We, Kim Kardashian?

Daily Mail

Thank God there's a photo of Kim Kardashian actually looking like a human being for once. Seriously, this woman is so made-up and so fake 24/7, it causes us to think that her life is something that it's obviously not. Here, we see that she's just a person. We kinda hope she was ambushed by TSA for some strict questioning... AKA, "What the F are you doing to society?"

16 Kate Walsh Can Think Of 13 Reasons Why She Hates TSA

The Traveler

Here's a spoiler: Reasons 1 through 13 are "they invade my personal space". At least, that appears to be why 13 Reasons Why and Private Practice star Kate Walsh looks so downright uncomfortable during a TSA frisk. But one has to endure this if they're going to play by the rules that keep us all safe when traveling through the air.

15 Fergie Lets The Officers Take A Look At Her Goods

Daily Mail

The security team at LAX got a full-look at Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie's goods back in 2010. She was more than happy to get the full-body scan rather than have a bunch of stranger's hands all up in her business. Even with the invasion, she seemed to take it well, smiling for the paparazzi who were waiting for an airport meltdown that wasn't in the cards.

14 Harrison Ford Goes Through TSA In A Lot More Than 14 Parsecs


Even Harrison Ford has to wait in a security line-up. You'd think since he's literally saved the world (and the universe) in moves like Raider of the Lost Ark and Star Wars that TSA would give him a break. But nope. Mind you, he still keeps his cool, hiding behind those slick glasses in order to conceal his celebrity from those around him not paying close enough attention.

13 Megan Fox Wasn't That Incognito With That Jimmy Kimmel Hat


Megan Fox clearly wanted to hide by wearing a hat to the airport. But not many people are going to have a Jimmy Kimmel Live to throw on. This led passersby to try and figure out which important person she was. After a while, they likely came to the statement, "Oh, yeah, that's that pretty girl who acted pretty in all those pretty awful movies!" 

12 Yeah, Jessica Alba Really Didn't Like The D-List Treatment

Daily Mail

Jessica Alba clearly didn't like the D-List treatment of enduring airport security. But guess what, Alba? You're a human just like everybody else. So you're going to have to suffer through. If you were Meryl Streep, then maybe we'd give you a pass. After all, we think everybody would be okay with Meryl hijacking our flights. She can do anything...

11 It's True, Justin Bieber  Will Take Any Opportunity To Show Off


Here is more photo evidence that Justin Bieber is starved for attention. There really isn't a circumstance where you'd have to take off your shirt to go through a metal detector. Even if that shirt was a suit of armor, the TSA would pat you down. But, nope... Bieber just has to flex for his adoring fans... Who were probably disappointed when they found out he was barely 5'7 and reeks of Axe body spray.

10 Brad, Angelina, And Their Whole Darn Family Heading Through Security Is Bound To Cause A Ruckus


How many planes do you think it took to ferry Brad, Angelina, and their gaggle of children from LAX to wherever they were going in 2015? Well, however many it was, it's far fewer nowadays. We kid, Brad, and Angie and actually wish them and their beautiful kids well. But we do know that we'd hate to be stuck behind them in a line-up...

9 Lindsay And Dina Lohan Look Far Less Than Impressed With Airport Security


The Lohans really seem to be suffering through TSA like the rest of us. By the look on Dina's face, we can tell that she's less than impressed that a celebrity of "stature" has to endure this... While, Lindsay, the person who actually made her family money, seems to just want to get on with it.

8 At Least Ben Affleck Got A Handshake Before He Got Manhandled


The one difference between a celebrity going through TSA and a commoner going through it is that they get a handshake before getting manhandled. Back in 2017, we saw that the Oscar-winner was greeted warmly by a TSA agent before being patted down for a whopping 65 seconds... So, actually, maybe we'd just prefer the "commoner approach". Aka, the rude side-glance followed by the 15-second version.

7 AnnaLynne McCord Doesn't Care About The Unflattering Process

E! Online

Back when these airport security photos were taken, AnnaLynne McCord was on the hit 90210 reboot on the CW. Even when she was making bank on a popular show, she didn't care about the process that the TSA put flyers through. Here she seems totally fine with having to be treated like anyone else.

6 Ashley Benson Is A Pretty Little Airport Traveler

Daily Mail

Pretty Little Liars star and Cara Delevinge love-interest, Ashley Benson, also doesn't appear to be too bothered by airport security. She's dressed like a typical traveler and definitely doesn't draw too much attention to herself. She moves through the tedious task pretty efficiently which, frankly, makes us like her even more.

5 Rose Byrne Has Her Special Milk Taken

IG and Zimbio

When promoting the 2016 film Neighbors: Sorority Rising, Rose Byrne told Stephen Colbert about the time her "special milk" was taken away from her. Yep, like many of us, she had her liquids taken by TSA, even though their purpose was to feed her newborn baby. Jeez, if traveling with a youngster isn't challenging enough...

4 Ryan Gosling Is Still Cool Through TSA


Ugh! How is Ryan Gosling always so cool? Seriously, even when he looks a tad uncomfortable, as he does in the second picture, he still is so effortlessly suave, sophisticated and charming. It's nice to see that he also doesn't make a big deal about air travel. He's just too down to earth, even though he was approached by a TSA agent for a pat-down despite already going through the scanner.

3 Claire Danes And Damian Lewis Should Know All About Homeland Security

The Traveler

While promoting the third season of Homeland back in 2013, co-stars Damian Lewis and Claire Danes bumped into one another while in line for the TSA security check. They chatted and caught up while maintaining a pretty mundane attitude toward the whole experience. But, after all, they should know all about the importance of national security thanks to their hit-show.

2 Rihanna Wished She Was In A California King Bed Instead Of The Airport

Celebrity Treatment

Well, Rihanna, we're not too sure about your airplane attire, but we do understand the pain of having to go through that body scanner. Still, this talented artist seemed to keep her cool, even though it was very clear that she would rather be in a California king ala her hit song.

1 Mischa Barton Gets Detained By Security... Yeah, Actually...

The Traveler

Man, Mischa Barton just can't catch a break, can she? Back in 2007, when this photo was taken, she was reprimanded for taking an energy drink through security and then found herself detained for a long period of questioning. Given her reputation at that time, it sort of makes sense why security wanted to be extra sure about her. But still, we can't help but feel bad for her.

Sources: The Travel, E! Online, US

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