20 Pics Of Celebs: Are They Hot Or Are They Not?

Hollywood is full of guys who are unquestionably hot such as Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Jason Momoa, Jesse Williams, Idris Elba, Chris Pine, Brad Pitt, Liam Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper, Josh Duhamel, Denzel Washington, Alexander Skarsgård, Dwayne Johnson, Joe Manganiello...just to name a few. Even if some of these guys aren't your type, you can't deny that they're gorgeous. But while there are some celebs who will always be known as some of Hollywood's hottest dudes, there are some who make the list sometimes but it depends on who's making the list. There are also some guys who are totally not hot but the media keeps trying to convince you that they are and your friends may say they're hot but you just don't see it. Then there are those celebrities who are extremely attractive but no one is talking about them.

The celebs on this list fall into one of two categories: not hot but everyone says they're hot or hot but nobody says they're hot. If there's a celebrity that you've just never understood the appeal of even though everyone you know has a crush on him...he's probably on the list. These are all the guys who you're not attracted to and you've wondered if you're the only one in the world who feels that way. This is the definitive list of Hollywood dudes who are totally underrated and all the dudes who are totally overrated. It's time to answer the age old question...are they hot are or they not?

20 Adam Scott

via Bleeding Cool

No one had a crush on Adam Scott until he played the lovable dork, Ben Wyatt, on Parks and Recreation and the reason why no one had a crush on him was because he always played unlikeable or forgettable characters in various films and TV shows. It wasn't until he got his role on Parks and Recreation that he was solidified as the "adorkable" heartthrob that he is seen as today. Scott has a little bit of a Paul Rudd-meets-John Krasinski vibe which definitely works for him at least when it comes to winning girls' hearts. However, as much as you may love his big hair and his Parks and Rec character, he's a little boring in the looks department, which is to say, he's cute but that's about it. Verdict: Not Hot.

19 Ansel Elgort

via Variety

Ansel Elgort just has the kind of face that can only be described as "punchable." This quality is generally only used to describe young guys who have an air of smugness about them and a know-it-all grin on their face and Elgort fits the bill. He's the kind of guy who seems like he always gets whatever he wants and he'll throw a fit if he doesn't. While this may just be an assumption, it's just the vibe you get from the guy and it's not attractive. Though he became a teen heartthrob after starring in the sappy sob-fest The Fault in Our Stars, he was about to disappear for good until he starred in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver which has unfortunately launched him into a new level of stardom. He also is trying to get his EDM music career off the ground and is there anything douchier than an aspiring DJ? Sorry, Ansel fans, but it's a hard pass. Verdict: Not Hot.

18 Miles Teller

via CelebMix

Speaking of guys with punchable faces, Miles Teller is up next. Like Elgort, Teller always has a self-satisfied grin on his face which is definitely not hot. Though he starred in the critically acclaimed movie Whiplash, with films like Fantastic Four, Bleed For This, That Awkward Moment, War Dogs, and Two-Night Stand, the quality of films on his resume has significantly deteriorated. As if his wasn't already bad enough, he was recently in the news after being arrested for public intoxication and being uncooperative with the police. There is nothing more unattractive than an arrogant guy who thinks he can break the rules and get away with it. It also doesn't help his case that his face is shaped like a thumb. Verdict: Not Hot.

17 Dev Patel

via People

When Dev Patel first starred in Slumdog Millionaire, he was a dorky kid who we couldn't believe ended up with the beautiful and charming Frieda Pinto both onscreen and offscreen. While he appeared in a few films here and there such as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the infamous cinematic train wreck known as the The Last Airbender, he didn't catch our attention until he appeared in the heartbreaking drama Lion. In the Academy Award nominated movie, Patel, in addition to having a very sexy Australian accent, he's a full-grown adult who went from a dorky teen to a sexy heartthrob which made many girls think to themselves, "Am I really attracted to Dev Patel?" It's hard not to love a tall guy with an adorable smile and that's Patel to a T. Verdict: Hot.

16 Eddie Redmayne

via The Inquisitr

Eddie Redmayne is one of England's most talented imports with a sexy accent and a lovely singing voice. His first big role was as Marilyn Monroe's (played by Michelle Williams) love interest in My Week with Marilyn and then began winning girls' hearts when he sang A Heart Full of Love to Amanda Seyfried in Les Miserable. In 2014, he starred in The Theory of Everything and won an Academy Award for his role. To top it all off, he's the face of the newest installment in the Harry Potter franchise as New Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He's definitely cute and very talented but is he hot? Not exactly. He's got too much of a sweet and innocent looking face to be hot. His brother, Thomas Redmayne, is the definitely the hotter brother (look him up, you won't be disappointed). Verdict: Not Hot.

15 Justin Bieber

via Heavy

The Justin Bieber we used to know with the side-swept bangs and big, earnest grin is gone and he has been replaced by a gangly wannabe hip hop artist with eyes that never seem to close all the way. Though he once only appealed to preteen girls, as he got older, his fans got older too which meant that he had to make a change. This change involved vandalism, peeing in mop buckets, hanging out in Brazilian brothels, egging a neighbors house, and breaking Selena Gomez's heart. After his antics subsided, he solidified himself as the bad boy he so desperately wanted to be and now he releases music that people over the age of 13 actually like. However, though he's a successful singer, it doesn't hide the fact that he's still a little goony punk. Verdict: Not Hot.

14 Johnny Depp

via Pinterest

Back in his day, Johnny Depp was the ultimate heartthrob with his chiseled cheekbones and perpetually messy dark hair. Not only that but he was a great actor who appeared in some iconic movies however, after five stints at playing Jack Sparrow in the relentless Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and too many flops to count, Depp is not the man he used to be. It all seemed to go downhill in about 2012 when he left his long-time partner, Vanessa Paradis who is also the mother of his children, for his costar in The Rum Diary, Amber Heard. The next few years the real Johnny Depp emerged as an abusive, washed up alcoholic. The years of drugs and booze have not done him any favors and his teeth appear to be rotting in his face. Verdict: Not Hot.

13 Leonardo DiCaprio

via The Hollywood Gossip

Like Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio was once the ultimate heartthrob. He won every woman's heart as Jack in Titanic and he just got more attractive with age while appearing in great movies such as Romeo + Juliet, Catch Me If You Can, and Gangs of New York. As time has gone by, he has still shown off his acting chops in critically and commercially successful films though his career seems to be on hold since he won his first Oscar in 2016. This may have something to do with the fact that he appears to be aging like Jack Nicholson with his strangely puffy face and receding hairline plus he's got a very ugly beard. As much as we hope that this is not Leo's fate, it looks like it may be inevitable. The once dreamy heartthrob is no more. Verdict: Not Hot.

12 Ed Sheeran

Via Top10songsnews.com

Ed Sheeran may be a talented musician with a sexy accent but that doesn't stop him from having a derpy face with beady eyes. Though he's somehow managed to hook up with some hot ladies, he admitted that he was only able to do so because of his friendship with Taylor Swift. Apparently the power of being Taylor Swift-adjacent can actually make women blind. What makes things even worse for him is that his song "Don't" is supposed to be about how Ellie Goulding cheated on him with Niall Horan but the song really just made him look like a pathetic "nice-guy" who is whining about a girl who didn't want to hook up with him. We're with you, Ellie, we wouldn't want to hook up with him either. He may have a nice singing voice but it doesn't make him any less ugly. Verdict: Not Hot.

11 Pete Davidson

via uproxx

SNL's Pete Davidson is the internet's newest crush and girls everywhere have totally fallen for the dorky comedian. Though he may be funny and he's definitely cute, he's still a scrawny kid with a lot of bad tattoos. Though they've only been dating for about a year, Davidson has already gotten a truly horrendous tattoo of a drawing of his girlfriend, Cazzie David who also happens to be Larry David's daughter. He also has a tattoo that reads "Reserved For CD" and if that doesn't make you cringe, nothing will. As a comedian, pledging his allegiance to the daughter of Larry David is a good career move but he could have chosen some better ink. It doesn't matter how in love you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend, getting a tattoo with their initials and a doodle of their face is one of the most embarrassing things you could do. Verdict: Not Hot.

10 Aziz Ansari

via GQ

Aziz Ansari is not only cute, hilarious, and smart, he has also shown how talented he is by writing his book Modern Romance and co-creating and starring in probably the most uniquely creative show on Netflix. To top it all off, he also loves his parents who also starred in his show Master of None as his onscreen parents. Does it get any better than that? Though the Parks and Recreation star definitely has more of a dorky vibe and he may not be as hot as other Hollywood stars such as the Hemsworths, he is the kind of guy who proves that intelligence, talent, and a great sense of humor are all way hotter qualities than muscles. In his standup specials and in his book, he talks all about relationships, love, and romance which pretty much proves that he's a total softie with a good heart. Verdict: Hot.

9 Jesse Eisenberg

via Now You See Me Wiki

Jesse Eisenberg is definitely an awkward, dorky guy who has never been the hottest star in Hollywood though he has been the love interest to some of Hollywood's hottest female stars such as Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, and Kristen Stewart. You know how Hollywood is. Though he may not be conventionally attractive, as he has gotten older, the Social Network star has been becoming hotter and hotter every day. Despite being ultra talented and giving amazing performances in films like The End of the Tour and Cafe Society, his whole sexy magician vibe in Now You See Me really works for him. It really works for him. Because he has a talent for playing douchey guys with attitude problems, it's easy to mix it up with his actual self which is totally not douchey and very lovable. Verdict: Hot.

8 Channing Tatum


Though there may be a lot of pushback on this, it's time to set the record straight: Channing Tatum is not attractive. The amount of people who think he's hot and the amount of people who don't appear to be split down the middle but the media keeps telling us that he's hot and it's time for it to stop. Granted, Tatum is a talented dramatic actor who is also very funny, charming, and is a very good dancer. However, that doesn't stop him from looking vaguely like a mix between a potato and a big toe. Sure he's got a great bod and his relationship with his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, is ultimate relationship goals, but he still comes across as a meathead who looks like he can't read. Verdict: Not Hot.

7 Diego Luna

via Affinity Magazine

Diego Luna has been acting for awhile but he didn't get his big break until he was cast in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Though Riz Ahmed stole a little bit of his spotlight in the film, the Y Tu Mamá También actor is finally getting his well-deserved recognition. It was also announced this year that he would be starring as Tony Montana in Antoine Fuqua's remake of Scarface. Though you may wonder why anyone would want to remake the iconic Brian De Palma movie, remember that Al Pacino's Scarface was a remake of a 1932 film with the same name directed by Howard Hawks. So maybe a third Scarface movie won't be so bad, plus we'll get to see Luna's face on the big screen for about two hours. With Luna's adorable smile, dark hair, and sexy Mexican accent, you can't help but fall in love with him. Verdict: Hot.

6 Jonah Hill

via Men's Health

Ever since he starred in Super Bad in 2007, Jonah Hill has been known as the chubby, vulgar, schleppy guy but by the time 21 Jump Street came out in 2012, he had become a lovable funny guy who is kind of cute in an unconventional sort of way and if he can win the heart of Brie Larson, he can win our hearts too. Also we found out he was a really talented actor too. Who knew?! Earlier this year, however, he definitely turned some heads when photos of the Wolf of Wall Street actor surfaced in which he looks ultra lean and healthy. Though there's nothing wrong with a guy who is on the chubby side, we're loving Hill's new, slimmed-down look. We went from thinking of him as a cute funny guy to a muscly hottie. Plus he looks great in a tux. Verdict: Hot.

5 Jake Johnson

via Vanity Fair

Jake Johnson's biggest problem is that he literally looks like every other guy on the planet. Though he falls into the "adorkable" category like Adam Scott and Paul Rudd, it's irritating how such an average-looking guy with little talent can make it in Hollywood. What's even more unattractive is that he's tried to pull a Chris Pratt by shrugging up his schleppy-funny-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold persona, did some pushups, and appeared as an action hero alongside Tom Cruise in The Mummy. This tactic was even less successful than John Krasinksi's attempt at being Chris Pratt in his movie 13 Hours. We don't need anymore wisecracking action heroes who are Chris Pratt wannabes especially since Chris Pratt is just a Harrison Ford wannabe. Verdict: Not Hot.

4 Matt Smith

via Screener

Matt Smith is best known for his role as the Eleventh Doctor on the popular BBC show Doctor Who and he was unfortunately cast in an attempt to turn the beloved sci-fi series into a James Bond-type thrill ride by former show runner Steven Moffat. Basically, he was supposed to be the sexy new hero but it never quite worked out. Though he is one of the most well-loved Doctors (mostly because he appeared on the show's more accessible seasons), he is not exactly what you think of when you think "sexy acton hero." Despite having an abnormally large head and no eyebrows to speak of, there are still some people who find him attractive though it may just be the hair or the sexy accent that does it for them. However, he and his long forehead are not included on the "hot" list. Verdict: Not Hot.

3 Benedict Cumberbatch

via SheKnows

Despite being a longtime member of the internet's boyfriends, Benedict Cumberbatch is not all he's cracked up to be. An internet boyfriend is usually an unconventionally attractive yet extremely talented and authentic guy on which you can project your fantasies and desires. He's the kind of guy who doesn't seem like he'd date supermodels and you may actually have a chance with him. Other resident internet boyfriends are Tom Hiddleston (pre-Taylor Swift), Oscar Isaac, and Sebastian Stan. However, the Sherlock actor who has also been called the guy who made Sherlock Holmes sexy again has had his fun but his time is up. There comes a time when an unconventionally attractive kind of guy is called hot and sexy by the media so many times that you never want to see his ugly face again. Verdict: Not Hot.

2 The Property Brothers

via Glamour

The Property Brothers are twins which means they both share their weird features which include too much forehead and too much chin. Jonathan and Drew Scott have boring names that perfectly match their boring faces and though they have their own TV show and lucrative careers, there is just something about their faces that is just creepy. Maybe they wouldn't appear so ugly if there weren't so many people (the media included) telling us that they're attractive. There is nothing uglier than a guy whose utter mediocrity has been over-validated. Like Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller, these guys give off an overly-confident vibe with know-it-all grins and it's really off-putting. And seriously is there ever anything else on HGTV besides a Property Brothers marathon? Verdict: Not Hot.

1 Adam Driver

via Business Insider

Adam Driver is the patron saint of ugly-handsome but it's time to set the record straight and expose him for exactly what he is. Though Driver played one of the biggest a-holes on TV as Adam Sackler on Girls, the girls love him and it was this role which really launched his career. Seriously, he's worked with Martin Scorsese, the Coen Brothers, Noah Baumbach--plus he's in Star Wars! Though he's an incredibly talented guy who is also tall with nice hair, he's also got a crooked nose, a weird mouth, and gigantic Gremlin ears. He is a classic example of male butterface (everything about him is hot but his face). Don't feel too bad for the guy though since his career is through the roof and there are tons of people who still think he's attractive even though he's definitely not. Verdict: Not Hot.

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