20 Pics Of A Newly Single Katie Holmes That Jamie Foxx Wouldn't Want Us To See

Katie Holmes is living her best life now that she is single. Her fashion sense has changed for the better and she has totally blossomed as an individual. The world can easily see how much happiness she is radiating!

In June 2012, Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise and in 2013, a year later, she was spotted out in the Hamptons with Jamie Foxx! Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes spent the first couple of years dating keeping their relationship a secret. In 2015 though, they were spotted holding hands in public for the first time! Over the next several years, they were spotted together on red carpets and spotted together celebrating birthdays as well as other events with each other! They seemed to be very much in love. Sadly, news of their relationship falling apart broke in August 2019. Check out some pictures of Katie Holmes post-break-up, as well as some beautiful throwbacks that would make Jamie Foxx feel VERY regretful.

20 Katie Holmes At Rothy's Event

Katie Holmes was spotted at Rothy’s Event in New York City wearing a beautiful silky dress. The top part of the dress was a lighter color while the bottom part of the dress was a darker purple color. She paired this dress with a small purse, a bit of jewelry, and a pair of dark-colored flats.

19 Katie Rocking Thigh High Boots

Katie definitely looked ready for the fall season in this super cute outfit that she wore out in the streets of New York City. Her oversized sweater had a red leaf across the front of it and she was wearing thigh-high boots to set the tone of her overall look.

18 Katie Holmes In New York City

This look by Katie Holmes is definitely one of the most attractive looks she has rocked since her breakup! Her little black dress paired with the patterned tights and heels definitely suits her! To keep her safe from the rain, her assistant held an umbrella over her head to make sure her makeup and hair both stayed on point.

17 What A Beauty

Katie Holmes looks as if she is still young enough to star on Dawson's Creek, today! Years have passed but she hasn’t aged at all. This picture is photographic proof of the fact that she still looks absolutely gorgeous. Her wet hair, tight dress, and smoky makeup all put together make her look absolutely stunning!

16 Katie Stuns In All Black

As always, Katie Holmes knows what she’s doing when she is getting dressed to leave the house. On this particular evening, she chose to wear all black… And she totally pulled it off! She wore a black dress, black shoes, a black purse, and a black coat! Everything about her outfit, down to the jewelry was looking good.

15 Katie's Fun Festival Look

Katie Holmes looked super playful, fun, and festive wearing this festival look! The color combination in her dress really helped her stand out amongst the crowd. The dress she wore included colors like blue, red, orange, white, and a pretty pattern! She looks as if she could dance the night away at Coachella in this beautiful dress!

14 Fashion Designer Zac Posen Approves Of This Look

Zac Posen is a friend of Katie Holmes and he definitely approved of this look that she wore as she was on her way to hail a taxi cab in New York City! Her blue jeans, short heels, purse, and jacket falling off of her shoulder made her look effortlessly gorgeous!

13 One For Old Times' Sake

Here is a gorgeous throwback of Katie Holmes during her time filming for Dawson’s Creek! She pretty much looks exactly the same way here as she does now, in 2019. She literally has not aged a day. Katie Holmes is one of the famous women out there who has looked beautiful for decades.

12 Katie Holmes At The American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala

Katie Holmes looks as though she could fit in with the ballerinas at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala! She is absolutely stunning in this fall-themed orange dress! The silkiness of the dress adds to her natural glow and shine. She is radiating beauty on this particular red carpet!

11 Katie Is Radiating Happiness

Katie Holmes is pictured here radiating happiness from every angle. Although she is newly single and no longer dating Jamie Foxx, the pep in her step remains and she appears to be doing just fine. Her fashion sense has only improved and she has completely blossomed since she entered back into the single life!

10 Katie's A Natural Beauty

The whole world knows that Katie Holmes is a natural beauty. She does not need a face full of makeup or anything crazy to show off the fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous. This picture is proof of that… If Jamie Foxx were to lay eyes on this picture right now, he would quickly realize how much he misses Katie!

9 Katie's An Angel In White

Katie Holmes is definitely the queen of silky dresses. Pictured here, she was wearing a silky white dress and she looked like an angel. She chose to pair this white dress with a large black overcoat and boots with and interesting looking pattern. The best part about this angelic look is the smile on her face!

8 Fendi Fashion Show Starring Katie Holmes

Pictured here, Katie Holmes was sitting front row at the Fendi Fashion Show. The fashion show might as well have been starring Katie on the runway rather than the models that were actually walking! The reason why we say this is because Katie Holmes looked totally fashionable and stylish in her red dress and bowtie shoes!

7 Katie Holmes, Front Row At Elie Tahari

Katie Holmes was front row at Elie Tahari in these photos. She seems so effortlessly stylish and happy, it is surprising to anyone who lays eyes on her that she has just become newly single. Her boots, shiny pants, and the inclusion of a jean material shirt make for a great combination.

6 Katie's Leggy Look

Katie was able to show off her legs in this cute and stylish outfit on a day out in New York City. She was holding a red umbrella so obviously this was a New York day that was not providing the best weather ever… But the weather did not put a damper on her decision to be fashionable for the day!

5 Katie’s Fashionista Sense Is Coming Through

Katie Holmes looks like such a fashionista in this picture! She is wearing an outfit that any woman would feel comfortable and confident wearing. She does not always have to dress up in the fanciest level of clothing in order to stand out or make a statement... but she is surely making a bold fashion statement with this simple outfit!

4 Katie Looking Absolutely Amazing

Pictured here, we see Katie Holmes looking absolutely amazing, as always. She is wearing another simple outfit that most likely did not require much effort, much planning, or much work at all! She looks as though she could be on her way to a date with someone new, lunch with her daughter, or really any day plans that would interest her.

3 Katie At A New York Luncheon

Katie Holmes is pictured here as happy as can be at a New York luncheon! The best part about this look is the fact that she has a red lip that pairs well with the red jacket that she is wearing. She is so gorgeous and the smile on her face lets the world know that she is doing just fine!

2 Katie’s 70s Aesthetic

Katie Holmes could have been just as popular if she were an actress in the 70s era! She is able to pull off Bell bottom pants without much effort at all! She looks as though she isn’t trying very hard to look super fashionable, but she is checking all of the boxes!

1 Katie Keeps It Simple And Stylish

Pictured here, Katie Holmes looks super stylish even though her outfit is very simple. Her sweater is a light brown color and it is paired with dark pants as well as over-the-knee boots. The purse that she is holding is extremely fashionable as well… And let’s not forget about her necklace and sunglasses!

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