20 Pics From Bruce's Past That Caitlyn Jenner Wants Us To Forget Already

Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner, has lived a long and complicated life. There are thing's she's gone through that many of us could never relate to. One thing we can all relate to is that we've done things that we're embarrassed of and we've done things that we don't exactly want to yell from the rooftops. Even though Caitlyn Jenner has a unique past, Celebrities are just like us! They get embarrassed and make mistakes too.

We're taking a closer look at 20 photos from Bruce's past that Caitlyn Jenner would rather we forget. We'll talk about love, loss, being in the public eye, and more. But firstly, we'd like to disclaim that this article isn't going to dig up her past for entertainment. We're looking at this as an opportunity to show people that at her core, Caitlyn Jenner isn't much different than the rest of us.

20 Bruce Jenner At The White House

What an odd coupling of people in this photo! Jenner is well known for supporting certain political parties that do not care for queer people, let alone trans people. Later on, Caitlyn stands by the same parties and hopes that one day she can sit down and have a talk about trans women and that politicians will listen to her with open ears. While it's good to be hopeful, to that we say "Don't hold your breath, Caitlyn."

19 Bruce Jenner With Ex Linda Thompson

It always stings just a little to see photos of you with your ex. We can imagine that Caitlyn would feel the same way while seeing herself as Bruce with ex Linda Thompson. Jenner left her first wife in order to be with Thompson. Their relationship ended tragically when Thompson left Jenner because she could not accept who she wanted to become. A heartbreaking story.

18 Television's Prediction Of Jenner Being Transgender

One of the downsides to being in the public eye is that there is little to no privacy. Jenner's every move was and still is openly scrutinised by people and the press. Even popular television shows like Family Guy predicted that Jenner was in fact a woman. Queer people have a hard time coming out without having paparazzi press them for questions or magazines out them for profit.

17 A Not-So-Secret Surgery

This was the tipping point. Tabloids and magazines had speculated over Bruce's previous surgeries that he was becoming more feminine looking but getting his Adam's apple shaved down was a major clue that almost confirmed his identity. Jenner got so nervous about the operation and the tabloids outside the building that he contemplated suicide.

16 The Infamous Ponytail Escapade

While Bruce was married to Kris, he grew his hair out and sported it into a ponytail. All the while his wife and daughters begged him to get rid of it. They thought it was a stylistic choice but only Bruce could know that he felt he was presenting himself as who he truly wanted to be. Photos of this ponytail will definitely remind Caitlyn of a time where she wasn't allowed to be herself.

15 In Touch Magazine's Out Of Touch Print

The In Touch magazine cover that sparked controversy is definitely an embarrassing photo. The person on the cover of the magazine isn't Bruce. The head, hair, and body belong to someone else while Jenner's face is photoshopped into place. The magazine also took the liberty of photoshopping makeup onto his face. The whole thing lacks taste and the magazine should be ashamed.

14 The End Of A 22 Year Long Marriage

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner separate after 22 years. It was Bruce's longest marriage and one that produced two children (Kylie and Kendall). Not only was the marriage unsuccessful after many years, but a lot of the marriage was filmed. We all know how hard a break up can be but none of us can understand how hard it would be if your whole relationship was documented and played on television. It would be very hard to not be reminded of the whole thing.

13 Sporting Women's Underwear Underneath Men's Clothes

Because of the tabloids vicious nature, they will grab at any little thing that stands out in order to sell news to whoever will buy it. Bruce wasn't out yet, but several magazines speculated that he was wearing women's lingerie underneath his clothing. Unfortunately, being in the public eye and not being out yet can lead to being outed which is an extreme invasion of privacy and can force people to do things they're not ready to do yet.

12 Becoming World Famous As The Wrong Gender

Caitlyn said that at the time she was in the Olympics, she felt female. That the Olympics was a very big event that skyrocketed her career. Now, it's bad enough when someone calls your name wrong and you can't find the right time to correct them. Imagine being known worldwide for being something that you felt you were not?

11 Offensive Comments On Television

You would think that being a member of the LGBT community that Bruce would treat others the way he wanted to be treated. Sadly, not true. During a very strange interview with Andy Cohen and Amy Sedaris, Jenner made very rude comments towards women and the gay community. Jenner suggested that only gay men would send him playing cards of his butt in the mail. During a competition with Sedaris, Bruce said Sedaris won (the artistic prize) because she's a woman.

10 Being Told He's Been Removed From Kris Jenner's Will

Bruce was removed from Kris Jenner's will and testament before she needed to receive surgery. We think it was rightly so since the pair were separated at the time. Still, the news of his removal hit Bruce hard. He was finally coming to terms with the fact that their 22 year relationship was really over.

9 The Viagra Mix Up

Another embarrassing moment from Bruce's past was actually filmed on Keeping Up With the Kardashians! Without the show, the world may never have seen this moment. Kris Jenner slipped a viagra into a drink that was meant for her husband. Rob Kardashian didn't know that the drink was tainted when he decided to drink it. Rob later came to his parents with his problem and Kris had to confess her part in the situation.

8 Joining The Mile High Club

One of Jenner's most embarrassing moments to date happened when he and then wife Kris Jenner were aboard a commercial flight. The two were bored and decided to go to the bathroom together in order to hook up. They did so and went back to their seats, all while playing it cool. At the end of the flight, a flight attendant congratulated them for joining the mile high club over the loud speaker. How mortifying!

7 The End Of A Movie Star Career

After Bruce starred in the famous Wheaties commercial, he started getting offers to do more commercials and eventually landed a role in the film Can't Stop the Music. Unfortunately, the movie was terrible. Critics pulled the film apart and ranted about their disappointment. The film's sales didn't do well and that was the beginning and the end of Jenner's acting career.

6 Several Rounds Of Obviously Bad Plastic Surgery

Over the years, Jenner's had several operations. While keeping her identity under wraps, she claimed that it was just plastic surgery. Now that she is free to be herself, we can see that each surgery was aiding in helping her appear more feminine. Unfortunately, these plastic surgeries weren't handled by good doctors. Plastic surgery has come a long way since Jenner had her first one and we can see that she is looking a little better now.

5 The First Time Jenner Was On Estrogen

Jenner recently confessed to being on an estrogen supplement called Oestrogen. Oestrogen is for males looking to transition to females. Jenner developed small breasts naturally but would get them removed upon meeting his third wife Kris Jenner. A decision he would later regret when fully committing to transitioning later on in life.

4 A Painful Knee Injury

Bruce attended Graceland college and participated in football there. Bruce suffered a knee injury that made him quit playing football. It was a pivotal moment in his life. If things had been different, Jenner might have gone to the NFL. Then again, if he hadn't had the knee injury, his coach wouldn't have persuaded him to try the decathlon.

3 The Daughter That Jenner Wanted Aborted

Talk about an awkward conversation around the dinner table! While Jenner's first marriage was on the rocks and heading towards a break up, Jenner's wife (Chrystie Crownover) discovered that she was pregnant. Jenner, knowing that he wouldn't be around much longer, suggested terminating the pregnancy. Later on, Chrystie decided to go through with having the baby because she really wanted it.

2 Leaving His First Wife For Another Woman

There's nothing quite like your first love. Chrystie Crownover and Bruce Jenner got married after he graduated from Graceland. They had one child and another on the way when the marriage fell apart. Jenner was in love with another woman. The pair got divorced and Crownover had the second child by herself. Everyone has a first love and we're sure a lot of people can relate to that relationship not working out.

1 Openly Supporting Candidates That Don't Support Her

Bruce Jenner had a track record of supporting presidents that wouldn't support him. We do know that he had every right to support whomever he chooses but we are confused by his openness. As a trans woman, Caitlyn Jenner's identity isn't supported by many politicians. Because she is a face that is regularly in the press for being a trans woman she would be better liked if she kept her political preferences hush hush.

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