20 Photos That Show How Bristol Palin Treats Her Family

Although Bristol Palin has been in the spotlight for just over a decade, she's become even more famous after starring in the most recent season of MTV's Teen Mom OG. Bristol was a fascinating addition as she showed her family life. Fans were excited to get a behind-the-scenes look at her life as she's a public figure.

Bristol left the reality show after one season and she's definitely busy as a mom to her three kids. She has a three-year-old daughter named Sailor, a two-year-0ld daughter named Atlee, and a ten-year-old son named Tripp. Whether she's posting photos on social media or photographed out and about, she's full of big smiles and sparkling eyes. She seems to really love being a mother and we enjoy seeing as many pictures as we can.

Here are 20 photos that show how Bristol Palin treats her family.

20 She Gets Into The Fall Spirit

via IG

Fall is such a magical time of the year, from pumpkin patches and lattes to being able to break out your cozy sweaters once again. It's fun to show your little ones the beauty of the changing seasons and that's what Bristol Palin does.

In this fun pic, she's getting into the Autumn spirit with her three children and visiting a pumpkin patch. It's adorable.

19 She's A Super Loving Mama Who Shows Her Affection

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There's nothing better than cuddling with your kids, and there's nothing cuter than seeing photos of celebrity moms who show their affection.

That's why we love this photo of Bristol and her little girl. She definitely shows her kids how much she cares about them. It just couldn't be any sweeter.

18 She's Not Afraid To Get Silly

via The Hollywood Gossip

Many of us probably say that we still have our inner child inside of us. It's fun to act like a kid, especially when you're spending time outside.

This is another great picture of Bristol Palin. This time, she's hanging out with her family and laughing. It looks like they're having an amazing day and it's really nice that she seems to make every day special for them.

17 She's A Happy Hands-On Mom

via Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Since her divorce from Dakota Meyer, who she was married to for two years from 2016 to 2018, Bristol has been a single mom raising her kids on her own.

She's currently in a new relationship with Janson Moore, and it's clear that she's a hands-on mother who makes sure to be there for her children.

16 She Makes The Holidays Magical For Them

via People

While Halloween is a really fun time of year for families since there are so many kid-friendly activities to do, Christmas feels like a close second. It's the perfect time to get cozy and dress up in cute clothes, like Bristol and her kids are doing in this photo.

The looks on their sweet faces say it all: they're having a great time enjoying the holiday season together.

15 She's A Single Mom Making It Work

via E News

In this picture, Bristol looks strong and happy, reading to take on the challenges of being a single mom.

As Bristol told Us Weekly, “If I can sit here and be some sort of light at the end of the tunnel — whether it’s being married to someone with PTSD, or going through a divorce, or trying to juggle single parenthood, then that’s what I need to do.”

14 Bristol Shares Their Love Of Sports

via IG

It's always good when parents will become interested in the things that their children care about. From this cute photo, we can tell that Bristol cares about the hobbies and passions that her kids have, like her son Tripp and his love of sports. With Bristol's sunglasses and Tripp's baseball cap, the mother/son duo look too cool.

13 She Gets Down On The Ground And Plays With Them

via Showbiz Cheat Sheet

We most likely have really fond memories of our families sitting on the floor with us when we were little. We would play games, puzzles, or show them our beloved stuffed animals.

It looks like Bristol is the kind of parent who totally gets down on the ground with her kiddos. Here, she's kneeling on the ground with some beautiful crunchy fall leaves, and it's a sweet photo.

12 Bristol Shows Them How To Be Healthy

via Daily Mail

Staying healthy is always our goal, but it can be tough when we start families. Bristol cares a lot about her health.

According to The Daily Mail, she said, "I’ve been trying to set a better example for my kids by making healthier decisions with fitness and diet!! I have been avoiding sweets and sugary drinks but it can be so hard for me and my sweet tooth."

11 She Can't Help But Hug And Kiss Them In Public

via In Touch Weekly

We all remember being teenagers who didn't want our parents to be seen hugging us in public... but then you become a parent yourself and, oops, you can't help but hug your kid. They're just too cute. We love this pic of Bristol kissing her son on the cheek, and it looks like he was about to head off to school.

10 She Supports Their Dreams

via TMZ

Did you catch Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars? She was in season 15 in 2012, and in this cute photo, she and Tripp on the set of Dancing With The Stars Juniors.

Tripp got into the reality TV game as well when he appeared on this show in 2018. He got voted off early on but it's still cool that they've both had that experience.

9 She Loves To Cuddle

via Pinterest

We can totally tell that Bristol loves a good cuddle session with her kids. Even the family dog is in this pic, too, which is even better.

We love how casual and chill this photo is. Bristol's wearing glasses and has her hair up in a messy bun, and it's so relatable.

8 Bristol Also Makes Winter Fun

via Daily Mail

Christmas may be the shining star of the season but the rest of winter is really enjoyable, too. It looks like Bristol Palin makes winter fun for her kiddos and they seem to keep spending lots of time outside even when the weather gets freezing cold. We love her little girl's hot pink outfit.

7 She Loves Hanging Out In Nature With Them

via E Online

Getting out in nature is such a wonderful thing. It can be tough with everyone's packed, busy schedules these days. That's why it's so great to see this photo of Bristol Palin and her family, spending some time outdoors. It seems that they always make time for this and we love that.

6 Here She Is Giving Her Little Girl A Makeover

via OK Magazine

While some people said that Bristol shouldn't have put lipstick on her daughter, we think that this mother/daughter moment is really sweet, and it was all in good fun.

It's true that when you're in the public eye, people are always going to have a thought and opinion about the choices that you make.

5 She's All About Quality Family Time And Traditions

via IG

There are a lot of photos on Bristol's social media of her and her kids at Christmas or other parts of the year, spending quality time together at home.

It's heartwarming and this is an especially lovely photo of the famous mom and her kids in matching pajamas. Christmas is the best time of year for cozy PJs.

4 She Keeps Everyone Active

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Based on the number of photos that there are of Bristol and her kiddos outside, it seems that she keeps them active, and being a healthy family is important to her.

This is so inspiring and whether we have kids or not, this definitely makes us want to get some fresh air and go for a nice walk.

3 She Takes Them On Adventures In The Great Outdoors

via Cafe Mom

What an adorable pic of Bristol and Tripp. In this one, they're getting some fresh air and wearing sporty clothing, taking in all that the beautiful outdoors has to offer. This photo also gets big points for having such a gorgeous background. We feel so calm and peaceful just looking at that water and those rocks.

2 She Embraces Their Big Imaginations

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Many of us forget about having a big imagination as we get older... which is definitely too bad. There's nothing like being a kid and pretending that you're having a tea party, throwing a fancy dinner gathering, or you're a princess or prince in an amazing castle.

It seems that Bristol embraces her kiddo's imaginations and we love this picture of the family hanging on in this cool tent.

1 She Makes Sure To Have One-On-One Time With Each Kid

via IG

Bristol has three children, but she seems to make sure that she hangs out with each one separately and pays them each lots of attention. That's what it seems like based on the photos we've seen.

This one, in particular, is a sweet snapshot of Bristol and one of her daughters sitting in the grass. They're both wearing denim and the vibes are casual and happy.

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