20 Photos That Show Farrah Abraham's Version Of Mom Life

Farrah Abraham has many different business ventures now, but she first rose to fame on the MTV show, Teen Mom (and gained fame because, as the title suggests, she was a teenage mother). She’s a controversial figure, who has raised many eyebrows over the years for her personal antics, but also for the way she has chosen to raise her daughter, Sophia.

Farrah has claimed she doesn’t want her daughter to become “spoiled or entitled,” but at the same time, this is a tween who has a tiny pony, is gifted more than $1,000 from the tooth fairy, and has more followers on social media than some influencers. It looks like Sophia is set to be a big star, in fact, her mama figures she'll be more famous than she is.

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20 Farrah’s Parenting Skills Have Been Called Into Question Multiple Times

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham is one of Teen Mom’s most colorful participants, and her parenting abilities and the decisions she has made with regards to raising her daughter, Sophia, have been called into question multiple times. Many publications have reported on Abraham’s behavior, including TheStir, who have noted the mistakes that she has made over the years.

19 She Is Raising Sophia As A Solo Mom, And She Finds It Hard To Balance Motherhood With Her Work Commitments

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham is raising Sophia as a solo mom because her teenage boyfriend, Derek Underwood, passed away before their daughter was born. This cannot be easy, and when it comes to raising her child alone, Abraham told Us Weekly that one of the biggest challenges is balancing motherhood and her work commitments.

18 Farrah And Sophia Have A Unique Relationship And Spend A Lot Of Time Together

Via Daily Mail

There are many people who are unimpressed with the way that Farrah Abraham chooses to parent her daughter, but there is no denying that the two do seem to share a pretty close bond. They are often photographed together attending events, including New York Fashion Week — which some parents may feel is not exactly a child-friendly place.

17 But When The Former ‘Teen Mom’ Star Travels, Sophia Doesn’t Always Tag Along

Via Daily Mail

Farrah Abraham may enjoy sharing photos of the trips she takes with her daughter, but she doesn’t always accompany her. In an interview with Us Weekly, Abraham told the publication that when she is away, Sophia stays with her grandparents, and she’s grateful for this.

“There are many issues with babysitters and privacy, so before it takes off, I’d rather have her with family,” she said.

16 Sophia Is ‘Everything’ That Farrah Could Have Wanted In A Child

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham is proud of the daughter she has raised, although her reasons for her child being “everything” that she wants are a little eye-raising. According to The Hollywood Gossip, when describing her daughter, she stated that she was “smart,” adding, "and she's gorgeous, she's everything I could have ever asked for in a child…”

15 Farrah Has Said That She Doesn’t Want Her Daughter To Be Spoiled Or Entitled...

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Sophia Abraham appears to enjoy the finer things in life, and some would definitely say she’s spoiled (wait until you know how much she received from the tooth fairy), but Farrah Abraham has stated in a vlog that she doesn’t want her daughter to be “spoiled or entitled,” Floor8 reports.

14 ...But This Is A Family With A Tiny Pony, Who Go Overboard With Holiday Celebrations

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham may not want her daughter to be spoiled, but buying her a tiny pony is not exactly an average pet. Then again, Abraham has told MTV News that it’s not all that hard to take care of the mini-pony they call Starburst.

"It's easier to take care of Starburst than it is our puppies," she said. "I love Starburst — she's so easy. She's potty-trained, she's loving, she's cute."

13 Farrah’s Date To Events Is Often Her Daughter, Sophia (Who Gets To Dress Up For The Occasion)

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Sometimes celebrities take their children with them as their dates to events, which is actually quite sweet, but they don’t all dress them up as their mini-mes. Farrah Abraham decided to allow Sophia to wear a similar version of the custom-made yellow dress she wore to the Roger Neal Oscar Viewing Dinner Icon Awards (they then decided to have a photoshoot on the beach).

12 She’s Actually Made The Decision To Homeschool Her Daughter So That She Can Accompany Her To More Places

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham made the decision to homeschool her daughter, and told InTouch Weekly (via CheatSheet) that this would allow her to “come to more events,” which she felt was “awesome.” But The Hollywood Gossip has also noted that Abraham previously spoke about homeschooling her daughter to prevent other children from being jealous of how “successful” Sophia is.

11 Farrah Does Her Own Thing, And She Lets Her Daughter Do The Same

Via Daily Mail

Interestingly, Farrah Abraham also feels it’s important not to spend too much time with her young daughter, and told InTouch Weekly (via CheatSheet) that it was “healthy” for them to have a break.

“It’s healthy that we have a break. Sophia has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine,” she said.

10 Appearance Is Important To Farrah, And Teeth Whitening Is A Part Of This

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

There’s no denying that appearance is very important to Farrah Abraham, and she makes no effort to hide this. It also seems that she is passing on her beliefs to Sophia because she posed with her daughter after a trip to a cosmetic dentist for a teeth whitening trip — which she then shared on social media.

9 She Thinks She’s Done A Good Job Of Raising Her Daughter And Is Proud Of Who She Has Become

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham has had her struggles, but she feels as though she has done a good job raising Sophia. She also has nice things to say about her journey into motherhood. “Motherhood is great. My daughter’s well-balanced,” she said on the podcast, Allegedly with Matthew Cole Weiss (via CheatSheet), adding, “I’m pretty proud of the parent that I’ve become.”

8 They Go On Ski Trips Together And Have Seen Some Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Sophia Abraham’s mother’s fame has allowed her to experience a lot of things that many people would probably not get to do. She gets to go to events, fashion shows, and also lovely holidays, including a luxurious skip to France, where the mom and daughter duo hung out at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.

7 Farrah Has Ensured That Her Daughter Shares Her Spotlight — She Even Uses Social Media

Via Daily Mail

It’s not just Farrah Abraham who enjoys the limelight, but also Sophia. She even has her own social media account, which is followed by more than 700,000 people. The bio for the account (which is monitored by Farrah) describes Sophia as being “Born on MTV," an "actress, “model,” and “girl boss.”

6 Patting Yourself On The Back And Saying ‘Good Job,’ Is What Farrah Feels All Parents Should Do

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Being a parent is not easy, so you have to celebrate the times you get it right, or so says Farrah Abraham. She told The Blast that she recently realized she’s a good mom, and also feels that it is "important for parents to give themselves a pat on the back."

5 Sophia Has A Really Close Relationship With The Tooth Fairy — She Got Over $1,000 For Her Teeth

Via Sophia Abraham Instagram

Most kids get a few coins, or perhaps a dollar under their pillow when the tooth fairy visits them, but Sophia Abraham is not most children. When Sophia lost a few teeth, Farrah was over-the-top and decided to gift her daughter more than $1,000. According to TheStir, Sophia got £900 for her teeth — and then everyone wished her tooth fairy would also visit them.

4 Farrah And Her Daughter Enjoy The Finer Things In Life

Via Sophia Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham has many different business ventures now, but she rose to fame as an MTV star because she gave birth to her daughter when she was a teenager. She has raised Sophia solo, and it seems that one of the similarities between them is that they like the finer things in life, including afternoon tea in Dubai.

3 This Is A Lifestyle Sophia Can Probably Get Used To Because Her Mom Thinks She’ll Be A 'Bigger Star' Than She Is

Via Sophia Abraham Instagram

Sophia Abraham has had incredible opportunities, and she has done more things than the average tween. Her social media account has shown that she has traveled to some wonderful places and met some famous people, and in Farrah Abraham’s mind, she is all set to become a star. Actually, Farrah told Us Weekly that feels her daughter is going to be “a much bigger star” than her.

2 Farrah Is Loving Life, And She Wants Her Daughter To Also Embrace Her Fans

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

As mentioned before, Farrah Abraham is not the only one in the family with fans and her daughter already has an impressive following on social media. But she doesn’t always want to engage with her audience, and this is something Farrah is trying to change.

According to TheStir, Farrah said she wants Sophia to know “that these people probably waited hours to meet her…” and was trying to ensure her daughter was more “empathetic with her fans.”

1 Farrah Has Used Her Daughter In A War Of Words With Nicki Minaj

Via Daily Mail

Nicki Minaj is not a fan of Farrah Abraham (after watching an episode of Teen Mom), and she took to social media to speak her mind. The two women engaged in a heated war of words, and then Abraham decided to get Sophia involved (who was just six at the time). She posted a video of Sophia saying that Minaj was a “loser,” TheStir notes.

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