20 Photos That Prove Kristen Stewart Is All #GlowedUp

Kristen Stewart is one of the iconic actresses of our childhoods, even if we don’t necessarily think of her like that. She is one of the rare few who isn’t technically a Disney star, but who did get put into a lead role in a large-scale movie chain which she later had to break away from.

It’s tricky trying to get cast outside of the “type” that an actor or actress has played for so long. While she might have dropped away from the public eye for a brief period of time after the end of the Twilight era, she didn’t end up leaving our hearts and minds.

From directing to acting, this is an artist who isn’t afraid to make her own way in the world. That’s part of the reason we wanted to feature her. Not to mention the fact that looks have been second to none over the years. Sure, she might have had some fashion ups and downs (which we certainly will be looking at), but she’s also had some brilliant successes.

With her upcoming role in the Charlie’s Angels reboot on the horizon, now is the perfect time to take a gander at her style evolution.

20 Kristen Stewart Has Been In The Spotlight For Quite A While


First, we need to see where Kristen Stewart came from in order to figure out just how much of a change her style has gone through. A glow up is only a glow up if we can compare it to the less sparkly versions, after all. We wouldn’t necessarily call this 2005 look “less sparkly,” but we would call it a drastic change from her current style.

The tan coat, honey blonde hair, and natural makeup is a stark difference from her go-to looks now. It’s okay; Bustle reminds us that we all had those awkward teenage years, especially stars like Kristen who essentially grew up on film sets.

19 Which Inevitably Means Her Style's Changed


Not much changed during those formative teenage years style-wise, though we’re certainly surprised to see the casual top and jeans on a red carpet like this. Kristen Stewart has always been a do-what-she-wants kind of person, judging from all the interviews we’ve seen.

This photo dates around 2007, according to Huffington Post, which is just two years after the tan jacket experience we looked at above. Maybe we’re chomping at the bit a little, but we think that this was beginning of her shifting into a darker, more expressive style, which has since become complementary to her signature brooding look.

18 We Need To Remember The Way Things Were, Though


For all her red carpet outfits that raised a few eyebrows, there were still a few quintessential 2000s looks that Stewart pulled off well. Before the days of blazers, lace dresses, and pantsuits took hold of her, Kristen Stewart was donning the designs that many of her counterparts liked to wear as well.

This dress and hairstyle was a look that we’re not sure Stewart put together herself. The colors and the soft updo definitely seem more like a fashion choice than one of personal style. While she rocks it well, it’s not exactly what we would call a “Kristen Stewart Outfit Experience.”

17 Soft Styles And All


Soft updos and colorful dresses weren't the only styles Kristen Stewart was wearing. She was also caught rocking this silky-soft dress, with her hair done in a romantic, wavy style. This photo surprised us simply because of how soft everything seems.

Stewart seems to be more of a fan of dramatic lines and bold style choices now. This dress and hair combo is more reminiscent of the high school winter formal, where we all wanted to look cool but didn’t want to put the same amount of effort in as we would for prom. Not to mention the fact that looking back and seeing long hair on her is still a surprise!

16 ...Even If They Weren't Everyone's Favorite


It turns out that the long hair was also not necessarily Kristen Stewart’s favorite thing either. Maripier Morin revealed this photo, which they classify as a shot from the 2009 comic con. Featuring Twilight co-stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, this photo does well to show off Kristen Stewart’s return to short, darker hair, as well as slouchy jeans and sneakers.

While the clothing itself has gotten much more fashionable, the essence of her style hasn’t really changed. With her scruffy locks and her casual outfit, this is one look that we can definitely say that she glowed up from.

15 Luckily, Time In The Spotlight Quickly Grew On Her


As Twilight took off, Stewart started to become more and more used to being in the spotlight. All of a sudden she was launched to superstardom as the world took notice of her sighs and wordless expressions.

Casting directors seemed to take particular notice of her, as Bustle reveals that it was around this time she ended up taking roles in two other larger films while still finishing  Breaking Dawn: Part 2! Not to mention her lead role in The Runaways, which we think was very well cast. It’s no surprise that she started to embrace the stardom a little more.

14 Kristen Stewart Was Rocking Edgier Looks Again


Maybe it was just the fact that she was coming off of The Runaways filming that saw her returning to edgier styles. After all, no matter how hard she might try to find different looks to rock on all the red carpets she was going to, deep down inside was still that tough cookie.

Plus, growing out her hair again from The Runaways haircut was no joke. That style definitely wasn’t a permanent choice for Stewart, and we’re grateful. However, with that being said, we also didn’t quite see her regrowing her hair all the way back to its prior length again.

13 Though Some Were Eye-Catching For Other Reasons!


Could this be due to the fact that she’d debuted some edgier styles for the last little while? Was she trying out a softer side of her style again? While it might be easy to brush aside the ups and downs of our personal styles, it’s more accurate to say that style ebbs and flows.

We might have a style that we prefer to wear, but sometimes we revert back to other styles we’ve tried. Or we experiment with new styles in a new way. Style isn’t a linear progression, which could be why we see Kristen Stewart rocking these sweet curls and some colorful clothes.

12 She Was Still The Same Kristen Underneath All That Green, Though


Deep underneath all the colorful fluff of the photo above was Kristen Stewart’s core style. This lace dress was not only one of her big red carpet styles, but it was also the iconic piece that defined her style. Kristen Stewart seems to have taken the vampire style into her real life with all black lace. However, it totally suits her.

Her delicate dress is well balanced by the strong lace designs. Her skin shows off the pattern as well, as the lace is planted on a sheer overlay/bodysuit style. We love this dress and think it’s the perfect way to explode back onto the scene while still staying true to her personal style.

11 Who Could Forget The First Big Chop?


There was a while where Kristen Stewart was wearing long, wavy orange locks. They looked good, but it was this chop of her hair that really made us take notice of her again. Short hair (styled in a way that’s much more fashionable than her Runaways chop) just seems to suit her.

This haircut seemed to happen around the time that she went back into the indie movie scene. Huffington Post tells us that this particular look was for Paris fashion week back in 2014, which is probably why she’s looking particularly sleek and chic here. The styles just got even better from here too!

10 Which She Rocked SO Well!


A slightly more reddish-orange, this is a hairstyle that we would love to see on her again. The outfit itself is casual but quirky and harkens back to the Runaways style she was wearing for a while. This is an example of her casual wear, which we never saw much of before she really and truly found her place in the spotlight.

This daily wear might be the best representation of her style, which seemed to start finding its place around this time. While she didn't step back into the big public sphere for a few years after this photo, her style was definitely one that would turn heads regardless of her fame.

9 We Saw Shades Of Her Current Look Developing Back In 2015


This is where we started really seeing the true Kristen Stewart come to light. With her slicked back hair, her clean outfit lines, and her darker makeup palette, this is a look that totally represents Kristen Stewart’s true style. Her personal look seems to be one that’s a little edgier; here it is showing itself on the red carpet.

Plus, that slicked back hairstyle is definitely one of her go-to looks now as much as it was the 4(ish) years ago that this was taken. It’s still a little too soon in the article to say it, but this is definitely what we call a glow up. And a major one at that.

8 As Well As The Opposite Style, Too


It’s not all dark palettes and clean lines, though. This white outfit shows off a different side of Kristen Stewart, but one that’s still totally unique to her. The mid-length pencil skirt and matching crop top is a fashion choice that we’ve seen on countless celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and even Ashley Graham have rocked similar looking styles.

However, something about the way that Kristen Stewart wears it makes it seem so much edgier. There’s something unfinished and raw about the look. Not to mention her hair. Middle parts don’t work for every celebrity with short hair, but it certainly works for Stewart here.

7 Not To Forget All Of Her More Artsy Looks


All that time in the independent film world did some great things for Kristen Stewart’s style; at least, that’s what it looks like to us when we see pictures like this one. Stewart might have been on the red carpet of a special event when wearing this look, but it’s one that we definitely think she could pull off in her day-to-day world as well.

The silver eyeshadow is a powerful choice and draws a whole lot of attention in to her face. The hair is also tied back in such a way that we can see more of her face, making it a great choice for both artistic expression and showing off her features.

6 She Really Started Owning Her Style On And Off The Red Carpet


Another semi-rare photo of her personal lifestyle, this is exactly the kind of cool kid aesthetic we wish we could pull off in the summertime. Not only does she have the perfect amount of slouchiness to her style, but she also has the personality to pull it off.

While these kinds of slouchy looks can often seem drab on the wrong person (and too meticulously cultivated on the other wrong person) Kristen Stewart makes them look both exciting and effortless. We’re big fans of everything that seems to be in her closet now, unlike what might have been in there a few years ago.

5 Though She Did Play With A Few Hair Colors


But hey; actors are stuck dealing with the whims of casting when it comes to what color to have their hair. While we certainly loved the blonde on her, brown might have been needed for a role or part in a movie. This might also explain why she was sticking to the longer bob hairstyles for a while too, despite the fact that she looked amazing with the shorter locks.

All in all, Kristen Stewart can rock pretty much any color. While we’re personally big fans of the blonde, she’s also got a great style that makes her brown hair really pop.

4 And Then Came The Fateful Head Shave


We might have spoken too soon about that brunette bob style. At one point in her acting trajectory, Kristen Stewart decided to totally change up her style. Huffington Post reveals that this happened back in 2017, which seems about right.

The edginess is definitely not something that Kristen Stewart particularly needed more of, but she certainly does pull it off. We feel that this was also a strong move on her part to firmly break her away from the Twilight image she had. No longer did she look like Bella. She was fully and completely removed from it from the public’s point of view.

3 Honestly, We're Pretty Into How Well She Wore It


Honestly, though, despite the added edge, Kristen Stewart still looked as cool as ever while pulling off this hair. The blonde really is a drastic change from her brunette, and we don’t even need to mention the length again. It certainly suited that slouchy casual style she developed over time, and makes us think that there’s been many more layers of Kristen Stewart developed throughout the years.

No longer are there honey-blonde locks of hair and natural makeup. In fact, we can’t tell if she’s even really wearing makeup here, which is another big change. She looks confident, though, so we totally approve.

2 And How Well It's Grown Out


That shaved head simply didn’t last, though, and we don’t blame her. The statement hair is a bold choice, but it’s one that might pigeonhole her when it comes to the acting roles she gets sent out for. Luckily for Stewart, her hair didn’t have to be long for her to book one of the leads in the Charlie’s Angels movie.

Her short-but-not-too-short hair is easily able to be slicked back, making for the sleek and powerful woman the paparazzi is snapping photos of now. And honestly, we are totally here for it. She’s taken a more creative approach with her hair despite its length, too, reminding everyone of the fact that she’s an artist.

1 Overall, She's Just Turned Out So Cool


Overall, Kristen Stewart has turned into a quirky, artistic icon. Her movie roles have inspired many of us awkward teens to keep working towards our dreams, no matter how difficult it might be to take a glamorous picture. Not to mention the fact that her style has grown up to be something that’s totally and completely cool.

From artsy, colorful outfits to shaved-head goodness, this is a style that Kristen Stewart can be proud to own. A far cry from her tan jacket origins, this is an actor who is not to be trifled with. We love the way that she looks on and off the red carpet, and feel confident calling her all #glowedup.

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