20 Photos That Make Us Think The Hogan Family's Moral Compass Is A Little Off

Once upon a time, Hulk Hogan was the most famous face on the entire planet. He dominated the wrestling ring, made millions of dollars each year, had a beautiful wife and two healthy kids by his side, and was on top of the world.

My, oh my, what a fall from grace this family has had. After Hulk's wrestling career started to fade out, he and his kin tried their hand at reality television. Unfortunately, Hulk's family problems began to pile up, and it didn't take long for everything to come crashing down around them.

People's rose-colored glasses started to come off, and fans everywhere began to take notice as to just how off the Hogan family's moral compass was. Here are twenty pictures demonstration how this family will not be earning their angel wings any time soon.

20 Stowing Away Assets

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Per dailymail.co.uk, Hulk Hogan has a little bit of explaining to do to his ex-wife Linda regarding their shared assets. She had to take the former wrestling mega-star to court, claiming that he attempted to conceal their assets. Yeah, partner, you can't do stuff like that while going through a high-profile divorce.

19 Unfaithfulness

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After over two decades of marriage, Linda learned that her dear husband had not only had eyes for her. Nothing says you have a skewed moral compass like a couple of cases of infidelity. Hulk Hogan paid for his indiscretions big time when Linda left him and ended up with the majority of what he once owned.

18 Younger Partners Only Apply

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The Hogans parted ways and in time, moved on to new and much more youthful partners. Linda took up with a guy named Charlie, who was young enough to be one of her kids. That relationship didn't end up lasting, however. Hulk Hogan had better luck and married a woman named Jennifer, who is twenty-one years younger than he is.

17 And While We Are At It, Hulk Married His Daughter's Twin

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One of the more concerning things about both Hulk and Linda's rebound relationships are how much the new partners resemble the old ones. What is even more eyebrow-raising, though, is how much Hulk Hogan's current wife Jennifer looks like his only daughter Brooke. We can't be the only ones who notice this.

16 Scripted Reality Show

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The family scored their own reality show, Hogan Knows Best, years ago, and murmurings swirled that the reality series was scripted. Per radaronline.com, Hogan testified that the show was heavily scripted and manipulated by the VH1 producers. Needless to say, the show did not stand the test of time and was canceled after a couple of seasons.

15 Taping The Unthinkable

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Hulk Hogan made a serious misstep when he participated in a scathing video of himself and his best friend's woman doing unspeakable acts. When the indiscretion came to light, Hulk, whose real name is Terry Bollea, found himself sitting in a courtroom, justifying his actions and fighting a legal battle.

14 Brooke And Hulk's Unusually Close Relationship

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Hulk Hogan and his daughter might not be as close as they once were, but there was a time where fans of the family thought that they were maybe a little bit too close for a father and a daughter. They have posed more like boyfriend and girlfriend in some media photos, and Hulk caught serious heat for lathering up his kid in tanning lotion.

13 Tweeting Gone Terribly Wrong

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As if slathering suntan lotion on his grown daughter wasn't unnerving enough, Bollea managed to make things even more uncomfortable for the universe by tweeting his daughter's beauty to the world. He made some comments about his kid's awesome physique on social media that did not bode well for the former wrestling star's persona.

12 Anger Outside Of The Ring

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Hulk Hogan was known for being a hothead in the wrestling ring, but was he a hothead in real life too? According to this ex-wife Linda, Terry was not so sweet and gentle once the cameras stopped rolling. She claimed that he had a formidable temper when they were married, and often took his anger out on her.

11 Nick In The Clink

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There were some years where the Hogans could not seem to catch a break, no matter how hard they tried. Nick Hogan, Hulk's son, made some abysmal decisions behind the wheel of a car, and those decisions ended up with Nick in the clink. He served eight months behind bars and will have to live with the consequences of his choices for the rest of his life.

10 Hulk The Secret Spy

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When Terry and his now ex-wife Linda were going through things, she accused her ex-husband of hiring the family gardener to keep tabs on his soon-to-be ex-wife. The bad blood between these two was incredible, and they threw just about any accusation at one another that they could think of.

9 Hulk And His Daughter's BFF!

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Some people are just off-limits when it comes to dating. Hulk didn't seem to learn that lesson, though, when he decided that his daughter's best friend was the person for him. Needless to say, his kid was pretty upset when she learned about her father and her friend's secret quality time sessions.

8 Sporting A Shirt He Should Not

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Maybe Hulk Hogan should have considered hiring a stylist to help keep him out of trouble in the fashion department. This shirt seems innocent, but "Bubba" is the wrestler's former best friend, whose wife was much more than a friend to Hulk during their marriages. So, knowing the background makes this fashion choice a really poor one.

7 Linda's Published Secrets

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Linda was mad as a hornet when her husband's poor choices made their way into the public eye. So what did she do, other than take the majority of his life's earnings? She wrote a tell-all book about her twenty tumultuous years with Hulk Hogan. Spoiler alert: the pages are not filled with compliments.

6 Vile Things Coming Out Of Hulk's Mouth

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Hulk Hogan embarrassed himself when he made some outright vile and offensive comments about an entire group of people. His words were so hurtful that Hogan was released from his WWE contract. Someone as famous as Hulk Hogan should have taken better care in what he chose to say.

5 Nick The Barber

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We sure like this new Nick Hogan a whole lot better than the one we got to know ten years ago. These days we see him working out at the gym alongside his father, but remember when he set up a shop on the side of the road giving out free haircuts? Oh, we do. Nick was really wayward back in the day, nowhere to go but up when you are at rock bottom, right?

4 Matching Mug Shots

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Families who happen to have matching mugshots have a collective skewed moral compass. Mom, Linda managed to have a run-in with the law for being behind the wheel of a car when she had no business driving. Nick also made really poor decisions on the road, causing him to take up residence in the pen.

3 Flaunting Her Good Fortune

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Linda ended up with seventy percent of her ex-husband's assets after they broke up, and all was said and done. Instead of walking away with her newfound fortune, and realizing that she had come into that money because of a tragedy, she flaunted her winnings like she had won the jackpot at the casino. Not her classiest move.

2 Hulk Meddled In Brooke's Marriage

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For a minute there, things were looking pretty good for Brooke Hogan. She had weathered her family's public embarrassments and found herself a good man who wanted very much to marry her. They never made it to the altar, and Hulk said it was because he himself put a stop to wedding proceedings.

1 The Spoof Heard Around The World

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He got the wreck part correct, that's for sure. Hulk has always sported tiny little get-ups because of his job working the wrestling ring. His spoof on Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball made us wonder just what was going on in this balding, middle-aged man's brain, however. Dude, your grandkids are going to see this stuff someday.

Sources: huffpost.com,usatoday.com, nydailynews.com

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