20 Photos That Make Us Think The Duggars' Moral Compass Is A Little Off

Reality television's extra-large family, the Duggars, sure have had their fair share of scrutiny over the years. From the very first moments that they decided to put their unconventional family on display, viewers of their show have debated their relationships, religious beliefs, and parenting methods. Even with mass judgment, the Duggars have mostly stayed true to who they are, staying their course and following the life paths they deem best.

While we want to keep an open mind about Jim Bob, Michelle, and their brood, realizing that there are different strokes for different folks, we have to admit, some of their moves have made us wonder just out pious and righteous this family really is. They claim to all have strong moral compasses, but these images suggest otherwise.

20 Sharing Their Saddest Moments

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Losing a pregnancy is a sad and emotional experience for any woman to endure; we can not imagine how difficult it was for Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin, to have to go through that ordeal. Most people would choose to go through the pain privately, but the Forsyths shared their pregnancy loss with the world, even choosing to release images of their lost baby.

19 Hiding Josh's Past

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What Josh Duggar did to his siblings was genuinely vile, and many think it was bordering on unforgivable. Jim and Michelle tried to put "safeguards" in place to prevent indiscretions from ever happening again, but those didn't work. The famous parents caught a ton of heat for not protecting their daughters better and attempting to sweep the issues under the rug, per se.

18 Passing Off Parental Duties

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The Duggars engage in a lot of behaviors that many outsiders deem questionable. One of their particular practices has viewers and fans questioning their morals. The Duggars have always depended on the buddy system, with older siblings raising the younger ones. Is it ethical to have all those kids and not personally care for them, Michelle?

17 Children Doing Most Of The Chores

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Having kids pitch in around the house is one thing; having them head up the cooking, cleaning, and laundry, well that is pushing it. Michelle and Jim Bob have never had any qualms about leaving the housekeeping to their children. In this household, you clearly have to earn your keep.

16 Do They Value Education?

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We aren't sure if the Duggars genuinely value education. None of the kids have gone on to college or any kind of higher learning. Besides this, many fans of the family have wondered if the children really get a top-notch learning experience. Josie Duggar showed off her homework, and even though she was eight at the time, the work was something we might expect from a kindergartener.

15 Discouraging Connections With The Outside World

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The Duggar kids might have a relatively limited social circle. Because none of them have ever attended traditional schooling, they only socialize with people from their church or family friends who are like-minded. They also do not engage in any conventional sports, which is a common means for kids to make connections with other kids.

14 Not Supporting Alternative Lifestyles

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Michelle Duggar has made it crystal clear that she does not accept or tolerate people who choose to live an alternative lifestyle. This is pretty crazy considering her own sister lives alternatively. Mama Michelle might have also been behind one TLC crew member losing his job. His crime? Living alternatively.

13 Submit To Your Husband's Will At All Times

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Nothing says you have a skewed moral compass like convincing yourself (and your daughters) that you must be readily available for loving anytime your husband requests. That is ridiculous! Women get tired, they feel ill, or they simply have better things to do. Pleasing a man should not be a woman's number one goal. Get a clue, Michelle.

12 Ignoring Climate Change

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Do the Duggars believe in things like climate change? Perhaps Not. Both Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar lobbied for the selection of Rick Santorum back in 2008. Santorum famously referred to climate change as "junk science." Wow. Not caring about the world that sustains human life, not moral at all Duggars.

11 Wives Stay Home

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Women working outside of the home? Maybe that works for some families (like the vast majority of modern day families) but it does not work for the Duggars. The Duggar wives court, marry and breed. Once that process is set into motion, the ladies are pretty much homebound. They don't have jobs that are not unpaid and domestic in nature.

10 No Divorce No Matter What

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When Duggars marry, it is for life, no matter what. No one had more of a reason to call it quits than Josh Duggar's wife, Anna. After she discovered that her beloved husband and father to her children had betrayed her in several ways, she should have run for the hills, but she stayed. This is because Duggars don't do divorce.

9 Did The Dillards Pull The Wool Over Everyone's Eyes?

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Jill and Derick Dillard were accused of taking money when they should not have. The couple left the US to do some missionary work, but neither are licensed missionaries. Because of this minor oversight, they could not take money from the church, so they turned to the internet. People donated, but then many questioned whether or not the Dillards properly used the money fans gifted them.

8 Derick Dillard's Unsavory Comments Call His Morals Into Question

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We know how Michelle Duggar feels about alternative lifestyles, but she isn't the only one in the family to voice their dislike of people who choose to live that way. Derick Dillard, Jill's husband, made some unsavory comments about another TLC star, who lives an alternative lifestyle, and those comments got her removed from the show.

7 Mistreatment Of Animals?

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PETA was up in arms when a video surfaced of Derrick Dillard nearly wiping out a cat with his sled. He can be heard yelling, "Move cat!" before he flies down the hill, nearly costing the cat one of his nine lives. No regard for animals? That doesn't look very moral to us, Derrick.

6 Plagiarizing? Not So Morally Sound Jill!

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People with strong moral compasses often avoid things like stealing ideas from others. We have to question Jill Duggar's morals after she apparently plagiarized a recipe. She posted a couple of her favorite recipes on her website, per romper.com, but the recipes were not ones that Jill herself dreamed up.

5 Denying Help To The Unwed

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Jill was all about being a midwife for a while there, but not everyone was privy to her service. Anna Duggar's sister was in the family way, and when it was time for her to deliver, Jill was nowhere to be seen. It turns out that the reason for Jill's absence was Anna's sister was unwed at the time of her child's birth, and Jill wouldn't or couldn't be around such immorality. Yeah, mmmk.

4 Following An Immoral Homeschool Guide

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The Duggars love themselves some homeschooling, and for them, this type of educational arrangement seems to work just fine. We do question the particular program that the Duggars choose to follow, though. The mastermind behind it is anything but moral. Bill Gothard is a questionable guy at best.

3 Trying To Get Wedding Gifts From Fans?

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No Duggars have to go looking for money or gifts from anyone. They made more than a few pretty pennies when they starred on their TLC reality shows. Jessa and Ben might have gotten a bit greedy when they thought it was okay to ask fans for baby gifts, cash, and gift cards. They even let fans know what stores they would prefer gift cards from.

2 Possible Shotgun Wedding

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When it comes to weddings, Duggars do not walk down the aisle as anything but pure. There is no kissing or even front hugging before Duggars say their "I do's." People were pretty surprised to hear murmurings float around regarding Joy-Anna and Austin's devotion to their purity. The Forsyths both remain steadfast that they followed all of the rules, and their wedding was anything but hurried because of a baby.

1 Jinger Caught Lying To The Cameras

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We love Jinger Duggar, maybe more than any other Duggar, (she did start the whole "Rock the Pants" movement.) One thing Jinger did that made us question her morality was her truthfulness in one of her show's episodes. Jinger was supposedly buying a vehicle, but many claim the scene was staged, making Jinger look a bit deceitful.

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