20 Photos Stephanie & Triple H Want To Keep On The DL

They weren’t always the most powerful couple in sports entertainment. Triple H started off with a tacky Blue Blood gimmick while Stephanie worked behind the scenes. And early on, the likes of Mick Foley labeled Stephanie as, "the girl with the shy smile."

In the late ’90s, though, everything would change once these two were slotted together. McMahon clearly broke out of her shell, becoming one of the best villains in the company. Triple H would also take his game (no pun intended) to the next level becoming a multi-time champion.

During their on-screen romance, it would turn out that the same was taking place behind the scenes. It caused a lot of animosity with the other WWE stars as dating Vince’s daughter was frowned upon. Though ultimately, the two disregarded all the naysayers and would eventually get married. They went on to start a family of their own with three beautiful daughters. In addition, the couple is now regarded as the most important in all of sports entertainment.

Prior to reaching this point of success, the couple went through several moments they likely want to keep on the DL. In this article, we’ll feature both past and present photos the couple likely wants us to forget about.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 20 photos Stephanie and Triple H want to keep on the DL. Let’s get started.

20 Throwback With Chyna & Kevin Nash

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It is great to see WWE finally pay homage to Chyna’s trailblazing work. However, prior to her passing, everything Chyna-related seemed to be off limits, including the picture above with features WWE’s most important figure (after Vince, of course): Triple H.

This throwback photo features Triple H and Chyna during their time together along with Kevin Nash and his longtime wife. Things were a lot different back then, but Chyna and Triple H would both become huge stars with WWE while Kevin Nash went on to great success himself with WCW. We definitely won’t see such a private photo on WWE television any time soon.

19 Stephanie Signing One Too Many Autographs

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Although she plays the role of an unpopular villain on-screen, when she's away from the cameras, Stephanie is one of the nicest human beings. That’s especially true when assessing her fan interactions; rarely does McMahon ever turn down a photo or autograph request.

However, in this particular instance, things got a little uncomfortable. While she was speaking to the TMZ camera crew, fans approached Stephanie with autograph requests. Of course, as per usual, one fan took it way too far with a binder of several McMahon photos. Being the class act that she is, though, Stephanie still signed them all.

18 Angry Triple H & Pregnant Stephanie

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This fan could not have picked a worse time to ask for a photo. Triple H clearly looks angry while Stephanie seems to be struggling in the background while looking very pregnant. This is one of those photos the couple could have done without! Props to Triple H for accepting the picture request even though he didn’t seem too thrilled about it.

The couple would go on to have three children, all three girls. It was the longest hiatus Stephanie took from the company, though she would appear sporadically from time to time in between giving birth and raising her kids.

17 Triple Threat

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This is one of the rare photos featuring Triple H with both Stephanie and Chyna behind the scenes. Triple H and Stephanie got close to one another while they were working a storyline together. At that point, however, Triple H was still officially with Chyna.

After Chyna found out about the relationship, she was told to go home for a little bit. Ultimately, Vince had no other choice but to release Chyna, basically protecting his daughter from the situation. The relationship between Triple H and Stephanie was frowned upon for a while for that reason, but ultimately, the locker room dropped it.

16 Blonde Stephanie McMahon

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Fans might have forgotten, but back in the early portion of the 2000s, Stephanie had a brief stint while rocking a blonde head of hair. She might want us to forget about the look, though this fan picture reminds us all. In truth, she looked great with this style, so maybe she’ll decide to bring it back at some point... who knows, we’ve seen crazier things on WWE programming in the past.

Hair color aside, this photo clearly demonstrates that Stephanie was always a class act with the fans outside of the ring, even during her earlier days before her professional life really blew up.

15 Stephanie Wins The Women’s Title

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Triple H and Stephanie played crucial roles in totally revamping the women’s division. For that reason, both of them want us to forget about this moment that took place in 2000. Stephanie was never an active performer, yet she managed to win the title from Jacqueline anyway, and during a SmackDown episode, nonetheless.

It was a brief title run, though WWE hardly ever mentions it. Surely, the company wants the fans to forget that a non-wrestler won the belt at one point–especially considering that it was Vince’s daughter. In terms of DL pics, this one should be atop the list.

14 Mobbed In Mumbai

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Like his wife Stephanie and father-in-law Vince, Triple H does a lot of traveling, maybe even more than the McMahons. Whether it be in Orlando with NXT, following RAW and SmackDown, or taking part in overseas events, Triple H is constantly on the work grind.

In this photo, however, security doesn’t seem to be the tightest. In certain areas around the world, security teams aren’t necessarily stacked. That was the case for Triple H in India as he was mobbed by several fans. That’s the type of predicament WWE stars aren’t too fond of, and we're sure Triple H doesn't like reminiscing about this moment.

13 Triple H In Blade

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Going from WWE to the world of film doesn’t always work out for every WWE star. Batista, John Cena and of course, Dwayne The Rock Johnson are examples of success stories. As for Triple H, he tried to follow the same trajectory at one point, though he fell really short. His appearance in Blade was a forgettable one. He was also the star of the film The Chaperone, one Triple H admitted he didn’t even want to do.

Hunter also took part in a handful of forgettable programs including Pacific Blue and The Bernie Mac Show. Surely, he wants to keep that part of his run on the DL.

12 Triple H Getting Emotional

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Now more than ever before, we have the ability to go behind the scenes thanks to reality WWE programming on the network. This moment, in particular, was one Triple H likely didn’t want cameras to pick up on. It was an emotional moment for everyone involved as Finn Balor was forced to relinquish the Universal Championship the day after he won the belt.

Triple H was a major reason for the push, as the two developed quite the relationship in NXT. We saw a different side of Triple H getting choked up, though, watching the moment unfold behind the scenes.

11 The Storyline That Never Went Down

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The Jericho, Stephanie, and Triple H storyline was supposed to work out a lot differently. Initially, there was a plan in place to develop a close relationship between Y2J and Stephanie, but clearly, we never saw that happen. Ultimately, this idea was shot down by Triple H, who might not have felt too comfortable about the predicament.

Triple H's reluctance did hurt the storyline, however, and ultimately, Stephanie was simply regarded as an associate for Jericho during the angle. Given the lackluster build up of their storyline, it was The Rock and Hulk Hogan that stole all the headlines that year in their WrestleMania match.

10 Best Friends Spotted

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Another unsuspecting airport picture. WWE stars aren’t too fond of these photos; just ask The Undertaker. In a YouTube interview, the Deadman admitted that this type of photo can be very irritating–he highlighted that it is always best to ask for permission before snapping a photo.

That doesn’t happen in this photo; there’s actually a video available online featuring HBK and Triple H walking through the airport in Australia. Neither stopped for a single photo and it seems as though they were trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. Maybe Hunter was having some Mumbai flashbacks with the experience...

9 The Girl With The Shy Smile

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“I gave Pat a hug, noticed a beautiful young lady with a shy smile – and gave her what was probably a fairly [ugly] smile of my own. That was my unofficial introduction to Stephanie McMahon – WWE.”

According to TJR Wrestling, that’s the first time Foley claims he met Stephanie McMahon. Mick would actually use this same quote backstage when talking to McMahon during an emotional vignette. According to Mick, Stephanie was very shy and quiet back in her earlier days with the company. In truth, we can’t imagine Stephanie with these characteristics given the growth of her persona over the last couple of years.

8 Hunter Meets Fan While Stephanie Takes Picture

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Perhaps this was an awkward moment for Hunter, as his wife snapped the picture, according to a fan on Twitter. Kudos to Stephanie for making this fan’s day, but seriously, why not take a selfie with both of them? Maybe he was just a little star struck in the situation.

Unlike a lot of other WWE stars, Stephanie and Triple H are among the kindest duos when it comes to meeting the fans. Of course, Triple H had a different reputation in the ‘90s and early 2000s, though it is clear that he has changed his ways in recent years.

7 Sneak Peek At The Home Life

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This photo is a rare one featuring Stephanie, her dogs, and daughter. We say rare due to the fact that Hunter and Stephanie rarely show the faces of their children, even during live events when they’re seated ringside. This IG photo gives us a rare glimpse of one of the daughters–though still, her identity is a little concealed.

Perhaps the couple does this so that the children can grow up to live normal lives. Stephanie has stated in the past that it wasn’t easy growing up in school with everyone knowing that she was a McMahon. Maybe Stephanie doesn’t want the same thing for her daughters.

6 WrestleMania 32 Main Event

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WrestleMania 32 was an underwhelming card, to say the least. Lots of matches didn’t meet the expectations of the fans, including that of Brock and Ambrose, along with the main event of the night, Triple H and Roman Reigns.

It was an admirable decision for Triple H to slot himself in the main event attempting to put Reigns over. However, the outcome was an unfavorable one as the fans turned on the bout, even chanting "boring." Let’s not forget, that was the most important match of the entire year–Triple H might prefer for us to forget about the entire ordeal.

5 Shane & Stephanie Pre-WWE Fame

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Don’t be fooled by their animosity on WWE programming (although Shane turned heel they seem to be on good terms). These two are very close behind the scenes. That tight bond started during their earlier days. With Vince McMahon constantly on the road with WWE, Shane took it upon himself to be Stephanie’s protector, like a father figure. Given the popularity of the family name, it was important that Shane played such a role.

The two remain closer than ever these days. The picture about is a reminder of the closeness between the two–a rare photo posed to Stephanie’s IG.

4 Hunter & Another Fan

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Here’s another rare picture of Hunter and a fan, and this one was posted to Twitter. It’s a rare shot of Hunter kind of looking like a softie; he’s all smiles in the picture, very unlike his usually serious demeanor. Surely, since having his three daughters, Hunter’s a lot more of a sucker for these types of fan interactions.

He also a soft spot for lots of women in the WWE, including the likes of Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Asuka. This fan got lucky catching Triple H on a good day while he was all smiles and totally willing to stop and pose. But he probably doesn't want fans to think of him as such a nice guy!

3 Spacious Backyard

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Stephanie posted a photo of her new dog, though fans couldn’t help but to notice the couple’s massive backyard. Like Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie live in a gated community with lots of land. This photo gives us a sneak peek into just how big the land really is. Clearly, the kids and the two dogs have more than enough room to run around and play.

Stephanie is home a lot more than Triple H nowadays. Though in truth, both have limited days at home especially during WrestleMania season. At the very least, ‘Mania took place in New Jersey this year, which really isn’t that far from Connecticut. Met Life stadium is only an hour away from Stamford, Connecticut, the home of WWE’s HQ.

2 Private Property

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The photo above features another stunning location that’s a mere walking distance from Stephanie and Triple H’s home. Stephanie made mention of this stunning place via her IG account. One can imagine that when times get tough and life is too hectic, such a place is like therapy for the couple.

Both Triple H and Stephanie often visit this setting to get a little quiet time. Truthfully, such moments are few and far between given their roles with WWE and also given the fact that they’re the most recognizable faces within the company. But at least they have a quiet retreat to return to.

1 Father Daughter Moment

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This is one of those rare moments we really don’t see on WWE television, especially due to the fact that Vince doesn’t want to be mentioned. Heck, he even loses his cool at the Hall Of Fame when a wrestler makes mention of him.

This is a rare photo showing Vince like a true softie as he’s embraced by his daughter Stephanie. It is very obvious that Vince has always looked after his daughter. The two share a close and special relationship–we get a little sneak peek at the bond in this behind the scenes photo–one Vince especially wants to keep on the DL.

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