20 Photos Of The Jersey Shore Cast That Change Everything

Since making its debut back in 2009, Jersey Shore has been able to remain relevant with the general public thanks to its willingness to embrace its ridiculousness and its ability to show the world just what life is like when rules are cast to the side in favor of just having some fun. The series cast a set of individuals that wound up have a dynamic relationship on camera, and the people that have been following these individuals for the last decade have gotten to see all their ups and downs over time. They may not be perfect, but the cast of the show was perfect for the series, and they are why the series became such a juggernaut on the small screen.

Today, we are going to show off 20 photos of the cast that will completely change everything. These photos are from different points of the series, and they will help the fans at home see the people from the series in a different light.

20 Court Date

Despite being reformed and a completely new man, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino had to atone for his sins from the past, and this snap caught him appearing in court. Back in 2018, he plead guilty to tax evasion, and he wound up serving time behind bars, with the lead-up to his sentence being documented on the show’s current run.

19 No Peace

While watching the series, fans get to see their favorite cast members hit the beach to enjoy a day out, but they only see things from a certain perspective. This photo shows what it’s really like for the Jersey Shore cast at the beach, making people question whether fame is actually worth it.

18 Snooki's Trouble

Getting arrested is never a good time, but most people don’t have the added embarrassment of the whole world watching. Earlier on in the series, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was arrested for disorderly conduct in what became one of the more memorable episodes of the series. This mugshot will follow her around forever.

17 The Infamous Poof

One of the beneficial things about reality television is that participants appear ready at all times, but even they need to take the time to get ready before the cameras start rolling. This candid snap of Snooki shows her maintaining the giant poof that helped her become a star on the show.

16 No Time To Relax

Because reality television is so demanding for the people in front of the camera, it hardly seems like they get a chance to just relax without feeling like they’re being monitored. This photo here shows some of the girls trying to enjoy a break, but the cameras simply would not let up.

15 All Over The Place

The events leading up to Snooki’s arrest were well documented on the series, and the episode itself is one that Jersey Shore fans have seen countless times. It’s one thing to go and have some fun at the beach, but the reality television star took things way too far that infamous day.

14 A Load Of Pain

Many of the things that take place on reality television seem disingenuous at best, but this was a rare instance when it seemed like everything was real. Mike Sorrentino, better known as The Situation, slammed his head into a wall and gave himself a bad neck injury. It was a rare example of realism on reality television.

13 A Family Woman

Snooki came onto the series like a flurry from outside and showed the world how much of a wild child she could be, but she has grown and changed in so many positive ways over time. This photo here shows her with her children, and it gives fans a look at another side of the star.

12 Busted Big Time

What fun would Jersey Shore be without its biggest stars getting into trouble every now and again? Ronnie has seen his fair share of altercations on the series, but this particular instance comes from some unpaid parking tickets. Nothing too serious, but fans around the world were watching with great interest.

11 This Blows

Driving around a foreign country is a daunting experience for many people, so those who aren’t up to task usually just take cabs to get around. The cast was in Italy for a while, and they had their own vehicle. Unfortunately for Snooki, she had a fender bender and was forced to take a breathalyzer. Nothing glamorous about this snap.

10 And Away We Go

Getting into trouble is embarrassing enough, but doing it on television has got to be the pits. This photo perfectly captures what happened to Snooki was she engaged in disorderly conduct, and it is clear from the photo that the police were having none of her behavior at the beach that day.

9 Momma's Boy

At this point, fans of the show are aware that Vinny is a total momma’s boy, but they usually get these interactions in a controlled setting. This photo here looks like it was snapped at a family gathering, and there were no MTV cameras around or editing to make him look like a typical Guido.

8 A Different Side Of JWOWW

When we are first introduced to JWOWW on the series, she is a tough party girl that isn’t afraid to throw hands and let her opinions be heard. People quickly came to conclusions about the star, but photos like this one here help the world to see that there is far more to her than meets the eye.

7 Getting Ready For Interviews

People that watch Jersey Shore are familiar with the fact that the cast does interviews that are edited into each episode, but few know what that situation actually looks like. This photo of Ronnie getting ready to film is a nice break from the usual drama that we get on the show.

6 Then And Now

Now that he is back to being a free man, The Situation can now move forward with his life and his bride. More so than any other person on the series, we have seen Mike undergo an incredible transformation in character, and the once reviled kid is now a respected man.

5 The Early Days

When Jersey Shore first premiered on MTV all those years ago, many people were quickly taken back by the fashion choices of the show’s cast, namely what they were doing with their hair. Snooki’s bump is perhaps the most talked-about hairstyle of the bunch, though Pauly’s infamous blowout is a really close second.

4 Shore Store Fun

The cast of Jersey Shore didn’t get to spend all their time partying and having fun at the beach. Instead, the cast had to spend their days working at The Shore Store, where they helped sell shirts and other trendy items for people to sport on the beach. This snap show’s Vinny getting little done at all.

3 Always Being Watched

Over time, we have gotten to see the cast of the series party in various locations, but even when they just want to walk around and enjoy the day, they still have the cameras up in their face. This particular photo was taken while the cast was spending a season in Italy, and it shows just how unrelenting the cameras can be.

2 Not A Good Time

As we have seen on the series, several stars have been arrested for various reasons, even Deena. Not unlike her friend Snooki, Deena wound up engaging in disorderly conduct, and she was quickly swooped up and booked. It made for quite an interesting episode for fans to watch when it debuted.

1 Back In The Day

Long before he became a famous face on MTV, Ronnie was just a kid in New York looking to get through life. Once he was cast on the series, he quickly became popular with fans and his life has not been the same since. His time on the series afforded him the chance to travel the world and make tons of cash.

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