20 Photos Of The Beckham Brood Growing Up

David and Victoria Beckham started seeing each other in 1997. David was the one who initiated the relationship after he invited the former Spice Girl to attend one of his matches. At the time, David was playing for Manchester United. After dating for a number of years, the two got engaged and in July 1999, the couple exchanged vows.

By the time they were getting married, the pair already had one child, Brooklyn. He was fortunate enough to witness mom and dad’s wedding. In 2002, the couple welcomed their second child, Romeo, and a year later David transferred to Real Madrid. Cruz Beckham was born in 2005 while the family was still in Spain.

The last born and only girl, Harper Seven, was born in 2011. By then, David had already left Real Madrid and was playing for LA Galaxy, a US soccer team. Both husband and wife are super successful and are amazing, loving parents to their four children. Here is a look at the Beckhams over the years.

20 Like Father Like Son

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In this adorable image, the oldest of the Beckham brood, Brooklyn Beckham, seems to be following in his father’s footsteps. We have always spotted him at his father’s matches. As revealed by PopSugar, he is wearing dad’s medal, which David gave him after a celebration with his football team in Manchester, England.

19 The Fashionable Family

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The family of six made their way to the airport and the kids were looking fashionable like their always-stunning parents. As stated by dailyclipfwd.com, the family had just arrived at LAX to fly back to England for the 2011 Christmas holiday. Every child wore his own individual style and baby Harper looked cute in a grey outfit.

18 Dad’s Biggest Fans

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In this image, Brooklyn was four years old and little Romeo was 15 months old. According to People, the two boys in matching outfits were watching their dad play for Real Madrid from a skybox. Romeo's grandmother is holding him to help him get a better view of the ongoing match.

17 Harper Beckham Is The Light Of David's Life

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The last of the brood is this adorable baby girl, Harper Beckham. As described by PopSugar, Harper is in a pink dress, which she is wearing together with tiny Dr. Martens footwear while in the company of dad at a playground. Being an athlete, daddy knows the importance of staying hydrated and is constantly giving her sips of water and taking great pictures of her as she plays.

16 Front Row Treatment For The Beckhams

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In this image, the Beckham family went to support mommy as she showed off her 2014 spring collection during New York Fashion Week. The spotlight was on 2-year-old Harper who was seated front row on her father's lap next to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Harper was surprisingly attentive throughout the show, as stated by eonline.

15 Fun Day Out

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Romeo and Cruz were out for a day of fan at Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu together with their mama. As stated by Zimbio, the kids passed the day by looking for shells by the beach and building sand castles. Their grandmother Sandra Beckham also joined them before they went for an ice cream treat to cool off.

14 The Boys Looking Too Cool For School At Daddy's Game

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Cruz and Romeo Beckham took a cool photo as they watched daddy and his MLS team, the La Galaxy, playing a home game. Brooklyn was also present at the game, participating in official activities. As reported by PopSugar, fans also spotted Cruz and Romeo goofing around with the mascot during the game.

13 Say Cheese!

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This is one of the all-time favorite images of the Beckhams. Dad pauses for a photo with all four kids — plus their dog. Mom must be the one behind the lenses showing us her photography skills. According to the Mirror, the couple says that their children are the most important thing to them and that they will always make time for them.

12 LA Fashion Week Stars

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Many people claim that daughters would choose to spend time with their dads over spending time with their moms and that it's the opposite with sons. Regardless of whether this is true or if it is just a myth, Harper has always loved spending time with her dad since she was little, including this time she was out with her dad during the 2015 LA fashion week, according to Metro.

11 Some Things Never Change

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Even the Beckham kids play just like other normal kids. In the image, Romeo and Cruz are seen playing football, which eventually turned to basketball because Cruz got tired of kicking. As stated by Dailymail, the toddlers were at the cold water Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. Cruz was wearing his father’s number 23 LA Galaxy shirt.

10 Breakfast On The Move

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Here it appears as though Beckham and his kids woke up late and did not have enough time to take breakfast, or they could just have preferred to grab some snacks on their way to soccer practice. It is such a wonderful thing when celebrity parents take time off from their busy schedules to spend time with their kids.

9 Helping Hand

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Just because the Beckham brood consists of celebrity kids, this does not mean that they do not help out when the situation demands. Here Brooklyn is pushing his sister Harper to relive mommy and daddy. We cannot help but imagine that these are well-mannered kids and that their parents have brought them up well.

8 Best Male Athlete

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Here, daddy look-alikes, Cruz, Romeo, and Brooklyn joined him on stage at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards as he received an award for best male athlete. The kids were all dressed in yellow polo shirts and blue jeans. Victoria was busy cheering them from the audience, as stated by people.com.

7 Mom’s Birthday

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Victoria celebrated her 35th birthday with her sons. David was back home with his team working during the occasion but the boys were glad to take over and keep their mom company over her birthday weekend. Mom and boys had dinner at XVI and later went shopping at the Grove.

6 Disneyland

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David and Victoria always spend quality time with their kids, doing what the kids want. One of their favorite places for them to visit is Disneyland. In this image, little Harper appears to be enjoying herself while being held by her dad. Her brothers also tagged along to have some fun.

5 Daddy’s Birthday

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In 2013, Victoria and little Harper flew to Paris to celebrate daddy’s 38th birthday as revealed by Dailymail. In the image, the three were out shopping. Harper looked adorable in a checkered dress and a yellow cardigan while being carried by dad. Beckham could not resist showering her daughter with kisses on their day out.

4 Famous Friends

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As stated by Glamour Magazine, the Beckhams' were excited to pose for this image taken on the set of the family sitcom Modern Family, thanks to the family’s good friend and one of the show’s cast member, Jesse Tyler. These are some of the benefits of being famous and having cool friends.

3 Traveling In Style

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In this image, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz were all wearing white khaki bottoms and matching striped polo shirts as they made their way through London’s Heathrow airport back in July 2007. Surprisingly, these simple matching outfits looked cool on them. Victoria was also still rocking her iconic blonde hair, as revealed by timesquaregossip.com.

2 Red Carpet Ready

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The Beckham boys do clean up well as evidenced by this image. Here Brooklyn and Romeo made a stylish turn on the red carpet alongside their dad, Beckham. They were attending the Sun Military Awards held at the Imperial War Museum, as stated by Zimbio. This was the second year that they were running.

1 Movie Night

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Victoria and sons Cruz, Brooklyn, and Romeo were out to do some shopping before they went to the Grove to catch the animated movie The Princess and The Frog. As also noted by Zimbio, it is clear that this mama likes her sons in matching outfits every time they step out.

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