20 Photos Of People Being Weird In New York

There’s a reason why New York is called “the city that never sleeps.” It’s home to some of the most lovably strange, odd, bizarre people in the world. There’s always something going on in New York, and the people you meet there are unlike any others in the world. They’re fiercely protective of their city, and each other.

New York has a storied history, and it’s also one of the world’s leading financial cities. There’s lots of money here, but there’s also lots of poverty. New York is a true boiling pot of the United States—it’s where people came via boat back when the country was populating.

Here we check out 20 strange people doing strange things in New York. For these people, it’s just another day in the life.

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20 Do Not Disturb

via FunCage

For some people, it’s easy to find a place to sleep because they can literally sleep anywhere. This blonde lady is one of those people. She’s managed to find a perfectly slanted column to plant herself on and doze off, grocery bags in hand. The best part is the guy walking by reading the newspaper—he’s clearly unfazed.

19 As Good A Chair As Any

via FunCage

This is another guy who has found the perfect chair for himself, but he’s not sleeping. Instead, he’s treating this trashcan like a throne, laying back in it while he surveys his kingdom. This seems like quite the hip fellow, and he has enough accessories to even put Johnny Depp to shame.

18 Hopefully Comic-Con Is Going On…

via FunCage

If Comic-Con isn’t in town, then these Sith Lords are clearly lost. This isn’t that uncommon a sight in New York, where there are cosplayers and costumed folk on nearly every street corner, but it’s still pretty funny to see four Siths—Darth Vader included among them—telling the bus driver off with a pointed lightsaber.

17 The Traveling Minstrel

via FunCage

This is one of those guys that you just want to learn more about. Where did he come from? Narnia? And where is he going? Westeros? Either way, this grizzled man, who looks like he was plucked right out of the Seven Kingdoms, has made New York his home, and it couldn’t be more fitting.

16 Sledding To Work

via Odd Stuff Magazine

There’s good public transportation in New York, because people have to get around and the drivers are crazy. There’s also a bit of a bicycle problem because it’s difficult to share the road. Then there’s this guy… who has a futuristic skateboard, full biking attire, and a sled full of his luggage. If he’s not heading to work, we wonder where he could possibly be going?

15 A Throne Fit For A Queen

via Buzznick

This isn’t all that unordinary of a picture for people in New York, but it’s the timing that makes this one good. This lady is either a) eating a hot dog or b) yelling into her phone, but no matter what she’s doing, she’s doing it in style… by sprawling out on an overturned newspaper stand.

14 Just Another Day For Animal Rescue

via Tumbex

Okay, it’s not every day that animal rescue runs into a tiger looming out of an apartment window, so who do they call? The New York Police Department, of course! Because the NYPD surely has the experience and knowledge of what to do in this situation (sarcasm). Hopefully, the answer is not resting in this officer’s left hand…

13 It’s Not Even Halloween

via Buzznick

Because of all the interesting characters and bewildering costumes that many people wear in New York, on the streets, this is hardly even worthy of a second glance to most Subway-goers. As you can tell, the lady on her phone to the left is clearly uninterested in this person’s bizarre getup, or where they might be headed, but we’re curious!

12 Hipster Commander

via Buzznick

When you’ve defeated all the other hipsters, this is the final boss. In a poll divvied out to New Yorkers about what annoys them the most, “traffic” and “public transportation” were obvious answers, but “hipsters” actually ended up in the top five. And this guy checks all the boxes: his gear, his glasses, his look, and of course, his typewriter.

11 Cute Conversation With Gwar

via Buzznick

When you’ve lived long enough in New York like this old lady probably has, you’ve seen everything. So when a member of metal group Gwar comes by the bus stop to chat you up, what do you do? Well, you put on a smile and have a polite, fantastic conversation with the scary-looking fellow, of course!

10 A Pretty Common Occurrence

via Buzznick

The subways are lined with musicians in New York, and this one is clearly no different. What makes it a little different is his combining of two practices: cosplaying and saxophoning. The sexy spider-man here is just trying to up his game in the busking racket, which is a pretty tough way to get by when everyone else around you is doing the same thing.

9 He Came Prepared

via Buzznick

Once you’ve done the public transportation thing long enough, and you know exactly how long it will take you to get from A to B, then you can start planning your day around it. Clearly, this man knew he was in for the long haul, so he set up shop in the subway and opened up his table to enjoy a nice sushi dinner. Nothing to see here.

8 Not Having It

via Reddit

This is one of those pictures that would make many people go, “only white people,” followed by an eye roll This lady not only looks just like her dog, but she’s taking a selfie with the poor wigged pup, and the girl on the right is simply not having it. Look at that deadpan look in her face, as if she’s wondering if she should punch this lady in the throat or not for abusing her animal.

7 Ain’t His First Rodeo

via Buzznick

What makes this picture so hilarious is how unperturbed and utterly unfazed the man reading the newspaper is to have a stranger literally sleeping on his arm. This clearly isn’t the first time that something like this has happened to him on the subway—or maybe we’re not being fair here and these two disparate people are actually besties.

6 Riding In Comfort

via Buzznick

If you’re going to do anything, do it in style. That’s this guy’s motto, who has set up his lounge chair in the middle of the subway, so he doesn’t have to share a bench or hold onto the railing like the peons around him. The only problem here is that he’s blocking the doorway, which is pretty inconsiderate, but we have a feeling that this royal figure doesn’t care about that.

5 New York = Jurassic Park

via Inverse

This video was actually taken by a guy mapping out New York for Google Maps, and it couldn’t be better! He’s passed by a bus, and in the window we see a barefoot woman roaming the grounds like a velociraptor, her face scrunched up in a grimace. If you’re going to ride the bus, might as well have fun with it whenever you can, right?

4 Boarding The Care Bus

via Buzznick

This poor Care Bear just wants to get on the bus so he can join his furry friends downtown, but he doesn’t have any money in his pocket-less costume! Or maybe he’s headed to a kid’s party to entertain. No matter where he’s headed, it seems odd that he’d choose public transportation to get there. Then again, maybe that big head wouldn’t even fit in a car.

3 Getting Some Shuteye

via FunCage

This is a creepy and odd picture, because if you look closely, you can see what appears to be two pale legs sticking out from that desktop seat in the middle. Hopefully it’s just a person getting some shuteye in a ridiculous spot, because otherwise… those pale legs look a little sickly, and that doesn’t bode well for the person they’re connected to.

2 Minion Showdown

via FunCage

Ah, yes, a classic cosplayer showdown—two arrive, but only one stays, to secure his turf. Before there was Despicable Me or the Minions, there was Elmo and the Sesame Street gang. And here we see these two fateful puppets getting ready for a subway battle like Jason Bourne. We just hope it doesn’t get too violent, because no one likes an angry Elmo.

1 He Loves His City

via Ebaum's World

This Batman wannabe clearly loves his city—all of its strangeness, smells, and people. The Caped Crusader does appear a bit underdressed here, but we’ll give him a pass. The people walking across the street behind him might not give him a pass, though. This guy fits right in, though: New York was called Gotham in the 19th century, after all.

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