20 Photos Of Paul Walker That Remind Us We're Still Not Over Losing Him

When Hollywood loses a young celebrity, it is never an easy thing for the public to cope with. Naturally, fans become attached to their favorite actors and actresses, even though they do not know them personally. When the news was announced of Paul Walker's passing, the blow was felt by more than just his devoted fans. Paul was a beloved actor, father, friend and philanthropist. He was the definition of a Hollywood hunk, but his overall reputation in the industry was actually that of a good guy. Because of all these reasons and many many more, most of us still have not gotten over losing him.

Today we will be remembering the life and legacy of Paul Walker. No, we will not be binge-watching the first seven Fast and Furious films, but instead looking at 20 memorable photos. We highly suggest getting some tissue out before scrolling through these shots ...

20 He Was A Complete Goofball


Many fans remember Paul Walker as the good-guy cop Brian O'Conner from the hit film franchise The Fast and the Furious. While this series was very much a claim to fame for Walker, his passion for cars and driving reached further than just his on-screen roles. In his real life, Paul was an avid car collector and driver.

19 They Just Don't Build Em' Like Him Anymore


Paul Walker was a famous actor for sure, but he also found success in modeling. Afterall, he definitely had the face and body to rock a photoshoot. That being said, when he felt the need to step away from the cameras, he could often be found paddling out to enjoy some much needed surf.

18 Driving Was His Passion On And Off Screen


We all saw the smooth driving skills of Paul Walker in his films, though few of us actually got to see him race in real life. Not only did he compete in the Redline Time Attack racing series, but at the time of his passing, his personal car collection had reached about 30 vehicules.

17 Paul Walker: Class Clown


Here we have a photo of a young Paul Walker, simply enjoying being young and silly. This photo along with many others of Paul in his youth can be found in the feature-length documentary about his life and legacy entitled I Am Paul Walker. The film was released in 2018 and has received excellent reviews.

16 A Couple Of Legends


It's tough not to think Vin Diesel when thinking of Paul Walker. The two were more like brothers than they were castmates. As strong as their character's bond was in their film series, it was nothing compared to the friendship they shared in real life. Paul selected Vin Diesel to be his only daughter's godfather.

15 Father Of The Year


Speaking of Paul's only daughter, here we have a downright adorable photo of Paul with his beloved daughter Meadow Rain Walker. She was born November 4th, 1999 and was raised in Oahu, Hawaii. In the fall of 2012, Meadow decided to move to Santa Barbara to be closer to her father.

14 It Wasn't Just Women Who Loved Him


While it is true, the ladies certainly loved Paul Walker, they were not the only ones. Paul Walker was a dog man. He owned several dogs throughout his life. In 2005, Paul landed his Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Boone, the role of his character's dog in the film Into the Blue.

13 The Definition Of Heartthrob


Here we can see Walker basking in the light of his many passions. His smile is all-telling as he rests up against a classic car, with his surfboard close by. As reported by The Orange County Register, locals of Huntington Beach still remember him as a regular surfer in the area.

12 Never Forgotten By His Best Friends


Vin Diesel was not the only castmate of Walker's who became more like family over the years. Tyrese Gibson was another star from The Fast and the Furious franchise. He and Walker could often be spotted hanging out away from the sets. Gibson has not shied away from remembering Paul with the public since his passing.

11 The World Lost More Than A Talented Actor


Paul Walker was not a man who simply wished to do good things for the world. Paul Walker was a man who put thoughts into action. In 2010, he Founded the nonprofit organization Reach Out Worldwide. Alongside his team, Walker flew to Haiti in 2010 to lend support to earthquake victims.

10 A Family Man


Though Meadow had been raised in Hawaii, she and her father still found time to be with each other. As a child, Meadow would spend her summer vacations with Paul on whatever exciting film set he happened to be working on at the time. Here we can see the pair enjoying some ice cream while taking a break from filming in Montreal.

9 A True Rom-Com Hunk


Paul Walker was a gorgeous man, there is no doubt about that. As with most gorgeous men in Hollywood, it would have been almost impossible for him to avoid the rom-com scene all together. Ladies everywhere will surely remember him starring in hit films such as She's All That and Varsity Blues.

8 Just Look At Those Locks


The early years of Paul Walker's career were similar to those of many other Hollywood heartthrobs. Before the industry even knew the extent of his acting abilities, they knew he had the face of a star. At a very young age, Paul began landing roles on popular television soap operas like The Young and the Restless and Touched by an Angel. 

7 The Unbreakable Bond Between Father And Daughter


It's no shocker that the passing of Paul Walker was toughest on his only child Meadow Walker. Losing her father in such a way at such a time, had to be devastating. In September 2015, Meadow filed a lawsuit against Porsche, essentially blaming the car Paul had been driving during the accident for the lethal crash.

6 Doing What He Loved Until The Very End


Our intentions are not to make everyone cry, but remembering a legend like Paul Walker is hard to do without shedding a tear or two. The man loved to drive, collect and modify classic cars and he managed to make a living doing this on-screen as well. Up until his very last moments, Paul was behind the wheel.

5 The Cast That Became Family


When the first Fast and Furious film hit theaters, nobody really knew just how far the franchise was going to go. However, as the years passed, the movies kept rolling out. At the time of his passing, Paul was on a break from filming the 7th installment of the series.

4 Always Looking For A Good Time


Here we have another amazing shot of Paul and his bestie Tyrese Gibson. Clearly, these two had a great bond. In a clip from the documentary I Am Paul Walker, Gibson said of Paul - "Blond, blue eyes, 6'3" surfer dude, muscles at all times...But as a man he wasn't intimidating, because he was so regular.".

3 Gone, But Not Forgotten


The friends and family of Paul Walker continue to sing his praise even to this day. Their heartache over the loss of one of their own, is shared with fans of Paul's from all over the world. From his unforgettable performances on screen, to his heroic philanthropy efforts, Paul Walker is truly a man to miss.

2 A Million-Dollar Smile


As memorable as Walker's on-screen races will always be, that was not where in legacy began. Paul began landing modeling gigs at the young age of 2 years old. He was born with a smile that could stop traffic, so this was a natural launching point for his career. Just look at those pearly whites!

1 The Hardest Goodbye


Here we have our final photo. When Paul passed, he was in the middle of shooting the 7th Fast and Furious film. Knowing they had to pay tribute to him somehow, the producers opted to use Paul's two brothers to help them complete the filming. This shot was from Paul's final send off.

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