20 Photos Of Mismatched Couples On The Red Carpet

“I love when people underestimate me and then become pleasantly surprised." Kim Kardashian is straight-up epic. Forbes might quote her, but this powerhouse of a woman doesn't come as a solo act.

Kim and Kanye. Beyonce and Jay-Z. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Power couples are where it's at in Hollywood. It's been like that since the dawn of time, although not every couple made it. Brangelina collapsed. In 2018, it was goodbye to Chris Pratt and Anna Faris (although Chris Pratt is now engaged to Katherine Schwarzenegger).

"Thank U, Next" seems to be the outcome of a good chunk of Hollywood couples. In the real world, it's easy to move on. It's called getting rid of the pics, settling on the house and co-parenting the kids. Stick a #Celeb on it though, and the relationship comes with memories that will never be forgotten. They're called red carpet appearances.

Some couples seem beyond perfect. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are basically the marriage goals that got a recent 2.0 with Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. As much on the red carpet as their mismatched counterparts, these couples are gracing every venue from the VMAs to the Oscars.

It's the awkward pics that everyone wants. Like, the super-awkward, "can't unsee" ones. That moment when everything from the outfits to the facial expressions just leaves everyone hunting for the best reaction gif they can find.

It's time for the mismatched red carpet moments. Here are 20 couples who've done it to the point where we can't unsee it.

20 Kim & Kanye: Contact Lenses That Burned Our Eyes

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We've pretty much reached the point where the Met Gala is the "KimYe show." Everyone makes a giant effort to recognize the actors and directors, but when it comes to the paparazzi, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the headline act.

Reporter: “Was it part of the look or just something you wanted to do tonight?” Kanye: "Vibes."

As The Independent reports, Kanye's 2016 Met Gala contact lenses didn't just prompt questions from the internet. We also didn't get much of an answer (typical). Kim and Kanye rocked up to this event with more in-your-face glam than ever, but it was those blue lenses that burned holes in our eyes.

19 Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton: Blood Vials And That Tattoo

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Back in her 90s rebel days, Angelina Jolie was rocking up to the red carpet in edgy leathers with that Billy Bob Thornton tattoo. There was more, though.

"[A] vial of blood is very simple. Angie came home one day with a kit she bought. You know those lockets you buy that are clear and you put a picture of your grannie in it or something like that and wear it around your neck? That's what it was."

As E! reports, Billy explained the couple's choice to wear vials of each other's blood around their necks. The PDAs from these two went down in history, as did this pic. Billy Bob Thornton was Angelina's second husband.

18 Kylie & Travis: We Never Got The Dress (And We Still Don't Really Get The Couple)

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With red roses filling her home, Kylie Jenner got this close to confirming an engagement to Travis Scott on Valentine's Day. There's a giant rock on her finger, but Kylie hasn't said she's engaged. Travis joined her here for the 2018 Met Gala.

"I just gotta sturdy up—I gotta propose in a fire way.” Travis says they'll get married "soon."

While Travis made his intentions clear to Rolling Stone in December 2018, we'll admit there's a side to this couple we still don't get. Little Miss Makeup with the slickest rapper around? As to their outfits– panel blacks, velvets and cat-eye shades? It's like it isn't Kylie Jenner.

17 Elon Musk & Grimes: No Words

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Elon Musk is a bit weird– in a good way. The PayPal and Tesla CEO is cool enough to say he has "the mentality of a Samurai," Business Insider reports. For a businessman, Elon seems to like dating celebs.

Elon's 2018 Met Gala appearance with Grimes didn't go unnoticed. GQ reports that Elon designed her dress (and that's why you get Donatella Versace in).

While the punk boots and sheer blacks sort of fitted Grimes' grungy vibe, the overall finish couldn't have been more mismatched. GQ even quotes a tweet mentioned a "Tesla choker." Mismatched beyond belief, this couple, unsurprisingly, called it quits.

16 Pharrell Williams & Helen Lasichanh: And Yet, They're Parents To Triplets

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Remember "Happy?" It was one of those songs you bopped along to– well, until "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, 'Cause I'm Bored" came along. With buckets of talent, Pharell Williams is the smooth-looking singer who's got swag up the wazoo. He's even walked for Chanel.

Pharell is significantly shorter than his giant of a wife, Helen Lasichanh. For this red carpet appearance, it's like they took their mismatched heights and made everything about their clothes echo it.

Pharell and Helen are parents to four kids, including triplets. Met Gala 2017, thank you for throwing us this pic (which, yes, we still can't unsee).

15 Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik: The Introvert, The Extrovert, And The Bionic Arm

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They're young, but they're already a power couple. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been throwing us a bit of an #OnOff since their romance commenced in 2016, and fans have been wondering where things stand. Zayn is a bit of an introvert, but he had this to say, as ET Canada reports,

"She’s super-organized and I’m really not. It helps that she can get things together for me a little bit. I lean on her a lot."

We couldn't help noticing the "lean on her" tying in with that weird, metallic arm. This Met Gala appearance threw us one mismatched couple (and one very weird wardrobe combo). Still stylish, though.

14 Peter Dinklage & Erica Schmidt: Game of #Goals

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People are mean. Cameron Diaz is taller than Benji Madden (and she has to put up with the comments). Tom Cruise basically had to put up with them for every woman he's ever dated. Game of Thrones's Peter Dinklage is a small man, but he's mighty.

With Achondroplasia – a form of dwarfism, Peter Dinklage stands at 4'4'' tall. His wife is 5'6". They've been married since 2015.

"Can't unsee" mostly refers to fashion fails and awkward moments. Stealing the limelight from every couple out there, here is Peter with his wife, Erika Schmidt. Love does, indeed, conquer all. Game of #OwnedIt. Peter is even a dad to two kids.

13 Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake: When It's So Matched, It's Mismatched

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2000s, we be vibing. In 2018, Esquire went for a throwback article reminding us it had been 17 years since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake hit the red carpet in the most cringe-worthy denim duo outfits we've ever seen.

2001 was the date for this AMA appearance. "Blinded," the media outlet said. Not wrong. When there's this much denim, that much metal and it sort of looks like it was stitched together by an eight-year-old, you've earned your Hall of Fame moment. Nonetheless, it was epic in a good way.

Britney and Justin were matched, but also mismatched. Their love was young. They were both giant stars. Ultimately though, it was a little too "perfect." They parted ways, but this pic will forever be there.

12 When Katy Perry & Riff Raff Recreated It

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It's literally the best thing ever– when celebs pull a throwback from other celebs. Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban recently did it. Their Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Halloween costumes will go down in history.

In 2015, Bustle reminded us how much we need to "reminisce" about Katy Perry and Riff Raff's denim duo outfit. Partly because it was a carbon copy of Britney and Justin's 2001 outfits.

2014 was the date for this red carpet appearance. The era? When you're copying an iconic red carpet moment, it's kind of timeless. Also, does anyone even remember Riff Raff? (We barely do).

11 Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: When You're 22 Years Older, You Get A Cane

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2018 was the year Johnny Depp bravely opened up to The Standard about his divorce from Amber Heard. 15 months is how long these two lasted. Speaking more about his pain than the 22-year age gap, Johnny said:

“I poured myself a [drink] in the morning and started writing until the tears filled my eyes and I couldn’t see the page anymore."

During happier times, the setup was more what you're seeing in this Met Gala pic. Amber's dress isn't anything outside of the ordinary, but everyone's eye zoomed in on Johnny's cane. Captain Jack Sparrow can pull anything off, but even this was a bit much.

10 JLO & Diddy In 1999: Because It's Our Job To Jog Your Memory

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Just, wow. JLO now comes with the biggest #Settled ever. Her IG posts from Valentine's Day showed us just how badly she and A-Rod are #CoupleGoals, but let's not forget the old guys. Jen has been married (and divorced) three times.

Sean "Diddy" Combs never married Jennifer Lopez, but he dated her long enough for Billboard to record this relationship's timeline. 1999-2001 were the dates for this couple.

Giant chains. Awkward leathers. A bit of an "early Kim K" vibe. Everything about this is awkward when you look back on it. In fact, these two made so many OTT red carpet appearances, The Telegraph stuck them all in one article.

9 Ariana & Pete: Just How #Awkward This Feels Right Now

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"Thank U, Next," the fashion house doesn't exist yet (but it so should). Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's 2018 split might well be the biggest career boost Ari never saw coming. She fell for Pete on the spot, as Yahoo reports:

"I don’t have crushes on people I don’t know. I’m not crushy. I left and I like jokingly said to my tour manager, I was like: I’m marrying him. 100 percent. I’m literally marrying him.”

A ring landed on Ariana's finger after just 24 days. Then it all fell apart. They seemed so in love here, but let's face it, they were mismatched beyond belief.

8 KimYe Round II: A Louis Vuitton Suit And Nylon Slides That Don't Fit

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Talk about a mismatched look. When Kim and Kanye made their Versace Mansion appearance in 2018, it wasn't for your standard red carpet event. That said, when the steps look like this and the girl is looking glam in her vintage Versace, you get a #RedCarpet.

Kanye West's Louis Vuitton suit mostly received positive reviews. The $150 Yeezy slides that were way too small for his feet? Highsnobiety reported Twitter "losing it" over his footwear. 2 Chainz's wedding got more press for Kanye's feet than the actual nuptials. Cannot un-see.

7 Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble: This Guy Never Seems To Find Clothes That Fit

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Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble are this close to being able to say: "Five years of proving you wrong." At 63 years old, Kris is nearly 30 years older than her "toy boy" boyfriend, but Corey seems to be her man. Well, that's until you rate their relationship by their red carpet appearances.

"He's my ride or die." Corey might be Kris's man, but he's yet to find clothes that fit.

As ET reports, Kris has called Corey her "ride or die." The man who joins the Kardashians on Fendi shopping trips might have the credit card for it, but his Met Gala outfit here seemed to be missing the fitting.

6 ScarJo & Colin Jost: The Washout Dress

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Scarlett Johansson has a lot going for her. A standalone Black Widow movie is set to earn her $15 million, The Hollywood Reporter states. While ScarJo has opened up about "not believing" in monogamy, she is now dating Colin Jost. We just don't see it.

"Why did Scarlett Johansson wear Marchesa?" The Cut asked after ScarJo stepped onto the Met Gala's red carpet in 2018. The luxury designer might fly the flag for classic elegance, but somebody missed the mark, here.

Washed out, kind of blending with the floor and 100% not throwing us couple goals, here is ScarJo with the man who is happy to date a girl who isn't into monogamy.

5 Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher: Please, Let Us In On The Joke?

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Also, those sneakers. Ashton Kutcher now comes happily married to Mila Kunis. They have two kids, they're basically the biggest normies in Hollywood and we can't get enough of them. Nobody's forgotten Ashton's marriage to Demi Moore, though.

Mila actually defends Demi Moore: “They had, like, a normal, real relationship. They had three kids they were raising. It was, like, a normal life.”

Speaking with Marc Maron, Mila spoke up for her husband's former wife, as Elite Daily reports. We don't need to hear it. We've got this pic. Seriously, let us in on the joke? Demi is 15 years older than Ashton and the outfits sort of show that.

4 Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman: Attack Of The 10-Foot-Tall Woman

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Tom Cruise climbs very high buildings. Mission Impossible sees this guy scale Dubai's high-rises with a lot of ease– possibly because the man is quite used to spending his time next to tall things. Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman both married Tom. Both are taller than him.

Admit it– he looks a little awkward here. Tom and Nicole Kidman were a power couple, but one party seemed to have the literal "upper hand."

Red carpets are something that Tom Cruise is used to. As one of the highest-paid actors in the world, the guy knows his way around them. There's one thing you can't avoid, though. It's called a noticeable height difference.

3 Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Everything About Her Face Here

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In 2019, Jennifer Aniston blew out 50 candles on the cake. While we're still getting our heads around how this Friends star looks so youthful, relationship gurus are still breaking down why Jen always winds up single. Justin Theroux didn't last, although he did say this.

"I made her change both names, so she's now Justin Theroux." Clearly a joke, but possibly explaining her face?

As Glamour reports, Justin said, "I don’t think it would be great if she did [change it]. I think ‘Aniston’ is going to stick with her if she likes it or not." Here is the former couple in a moment we just can't unsee. Seriously, her face.

2 Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole: Everything About His Face Here

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Liam Payne became an international superstar the minute One Direction became a band. He auditioned for The X Factor in his teens, and his future baby momma Cheryl Cole was on the judging panel. Cheryl is 10 years older than Liam.

A sugar-pink dress doesn't make a red carpet story. Being a mismatched couple with a son called Bear does. Cheryl and Liam were an item from 2016 to 2017, Her reports. When Liam actually met Cheryl? Way back in 2009.

Everything about Liam's face here said, "Uncertain." To be fair, her face isn't exactly screaming, "Perfect!" either. Bear is now being co-parented.

1 Brangelina: Before We Knew They Were Mismatched, #ThatLeg

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It became a meme within hours of Angelina wearing it. The 2012 Oscars may seem like forever ago, but that was the year that marked an iconic (and generally poorly-received) look from Ange. Brad, who later proved to be very mismatched, joined her.

The dress might have been Atelier Versace, but Ange wasn't climbing the fashion ranks. The "leg" moment went down as one of the most ridiculous pics in history, although Ange still looked classy.

20 pics we can't unsee. Unless of course you need a reminder of matching denims, Kanye's lenses, Kylie's panel dress and the 17 others on this list.

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