20 Photos Of Kylie Jenner That Make Us Forget She’s A Mom

It still makes some people do a double-take. Watching Kylie Jenner carry baby Stormi through the streets of Calabasas is now something the world expects. Likewise, the paparazzi. They camp out, perfect the lens, and wait for the world's youngest billionaire to step out with her baby.

Kylie was just 20 when she became a mother. In February 2018, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner returned to social media after her hidden pregnancy – Kim Kardashian even called it this generation's "best-kept secret" on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Fast-forward just over a year and Kylie is now 21. Her baby is one. This little munchkin is now all over IG, she's got her own fan accounts, and Kylie is a bonafide motherhood icon.

Not everything about Kylie screams "Mother!" While the snuggled-up Mother's Day pics with Stormi reminded the world where things stand, there's a side to Kylie that's out-doing her own #Mom status. It's called still throwing out pics that make the world forget she's a mother.

Even in the celeb world, motherhood can go a bit like this: The glam disappears, the sweats come on, and unflattering pictures emerge. The glittering red carpet appearances are still there, but so are the hoodie-covered sneak-outs. Some days will have the celeb seeming depressed. The skilled paparazzo will snap the odd blotchy face.

Kylie is a different breed. This billionaire boss channels pared-down athleisurewear like nobody's business, but she's pulling off something unique. Being a mother and not looking it isn't average. Here are 20 times the Kylie Cosmetics CEO did just that.

20 Literally, #Goals (And That Side-Eye)

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Seriously, that side-eye. When Kylie stepped out into the street with Travis Scott here, she was making history (and possibly not knowing it). Pulling off '90s jeans, rubbers, a scraped-back blonde look, and a #Mom all at once hadn't been done before. Judged as this girl may have been in her former days, it's all changed. In December 2018, Travis told Rolling Stone:

“People don’t understand how real my girl is. How ill she is. They have assumptions, [stupid] remarks of what they think is going on. Nah, bro.” Kylie was already going through the sleepless nights and diaper changes here. Like she was going to let that change her vibes.

19 The #Billionaire Boss

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Sure, reality mommies dabble in business. Snooki has her own shop. The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Williams has a successful hair and extensions line. There's a different category, though (and even Kim K isn't in it). The year 2019 was the ground-breaking time when Kylie Jenner was announced as the world's youngest billionaire by Forbes. That's $1 billion flashing as Kylie's bank balance.

As The Independent reports, Kylie acknowledged the "platform" that's been helpful to her success. However, she insisted that her parents "cut her off" at 15. "None of my money is inherited," Kylie said. This pic is on our list for a reason. You'd literally never know Kylie was a mother here.

18 It's Like She's Still A Teenager

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It's like there are to sides to Kylie. One comes as the Versace-dressed Met Gala queen who blew the competition away with her feather-adorned gown. The other side is simple as they come. This makeup mogul will happily ditch the warpaint for a #NoMakeUp selfie (and she'll look like a teenager while she's at it).

Kylie Skin got a #May22 launch date. The candy-packaged skincare range doesn't see this billionaire throwing us Lip Kits. It's all about the morning and evening beauty routines and caring for your face. Looking like she knows what she's doing, here is Kylie in a 2019 selfie that knocked us sideways. You keep looking at it, but you just don't see the mom.

17 "You Guys, Imagine This, But All In Lip Kits"

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Yes– actually her words. Back when Kylie only had $900 million to her name, she was profiled by Forbes. Her 2018 cover wasn't quite at #Billionaire, but the vision was there. "You guys, imagine this, but all in lip kits," Forbes quoted Kylie saying. She added:"I think it needs to be a clear vending machine where you see all the colors."

How Kylie looked for the feature? You're looking right at it. Kylie wore a business-appropriate designer Vetements pantsuit and statement, red-soled Christian Louboutin heels. Like there was any clue here that Stormi was in the picture. The thing is, she totally was (but we couldn't see it).

16 "My Parents Told Me I Needed To Make My Own Money"

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Kylie's billionaire status has been a talking point from day one. Given that Kylie grew up in mansions with luxury on every shelf, her "self-made" status was questioned. 2019 saw Kylie both defend her status and admit that she'd received "help." As The Independent reports, Kylie said that she'd invested in something she wasn't sure would work.

“My parents told me I needed to make my own money, it’s time to learn how to save and spend your own money, stuff like that,” Kylie said. As The Inquisitr reports, Kylie has since acknowledged that aid on the financial front has helped place her where she is. This pic? #Mom (and totally not seeing it).

15 Oh, No Biggie, Just A Social Media Record-Breaker

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Kylie likely didn't set out to smash any records when announcing the arrival of Stormi. Following her hidden pregnancy, Kylie returned to social media with a bang (and a baby) in February 2018. The adorable pic of Kylie clutching Stormi's finger broke the platform's records for the most number of likes, per BBC.

Of course, 2019 saw an egg knock Stormi off her pedestal, but that's so not the point. The pic threw us the biggest #Mom ever. The street pics of Kylie looking on-trend and stylishly low-key send a different vibe. Pulling off style right up there with Kendall (not a mom) and Hailey Baldwin (same deal), Kylie is proving it. She can throw out not looking like a mother.

14 And It's Like She Only Just Met Travis

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There's a side to Kylie and Travis that feels age-old now. 2019 has already thrown us Kylie's "let's [mess] around and have another baby" posted caption– her birthday pics to Travis had everyone wondering when baby #2 will come. At the same time though, there's a feel to this couple that's #AllBrandNew.

"And we would just go to these random cities. We got to not be who we really were. Like, if we were in L.A., I feel like it would've been way different." E! News quotes Kylie on the early days. She added: "We would just be in Cleveland, walking the street for hours. We would go on walks, and no-one would bother us." In many ways, so not a #Mom.

13 Kylie Skin Has Launched

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How much you know about Kylie Skin probably depends on whether or not you're following Kylie. Well, and how much you paid attention to that #NoMakeUp selfie earlier up. Kylie might have $1 billion to her name from Kylie Cosmetics, but the sky's the limit for this girl.

In May 2019, Kylie announced the launch of Kylie Skin. Her six core products all cost under $30, as Allure reports. They include Foaming Face Wash and Walnut Face Scrub. While the range takes a lower-key approach to glam than Kylie's standard, don't let it fool you. The business genius is manifesting more than ever, and the piercing #Boss stare is alive and well.

12 "I Don't Define Myself By How Much I Have"

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In 2019, Paper profiled Kylie. "I don't define myself by how much I have. I honestly don't wake up even thinking about it," the magazine quotes Kylie saying. The girl who surrounds herself with fast cars and Louis Vuitton might throw out the most materialistic vibes ever, but it's worth listening to what she has to say.

Kylie has shown the world that she's grateful for what she has. KUWTK Season 16 might have seen Kylie get the Gucci plates out, but this billionaire has a humble heart. For Kylie, what you own isn't what defines you. This pic of Kylie already came with a #Mom. We saw a girl in love and a beanie hat. No pretentiousness, and definitely no frumpy mom.

11 But She's Got A Lot

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We could write a book on all of the things Kylie owns. Her purse closet alone was estimated to be worth $1 million last year, per Harper's Bazaar. Her cars? Alongside her custom-made Rolls-Royce and Lamborghinis (multiple), there's the $1.4 million Ferrari that Travis gifted her as a "push present," as People reports.

Kylie has multiple homes (with multiple pools). She goes on luxury vacations. Travel is #PrivateJet. This pic of Kylie in her unimaginably pricey sports vehicle came after Stormi's arrival. We were seeing a boss girl and her boss wheels. Literally, nothing about this says "mother." At the same time, we know that the heart inside was likely thinking about Stormi.

10 Everything About Coachella 2019

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Coachella is a bit of a party zone. The free-spirited musical festival might come with hippie vibes, but it attracts the biggest A-List crowd around. Coachella 2019 saw Ariana Grande headline and a plethora of celeb attendances– Gigi Hadid, Bella Thorne, and Kendall Jenner all showed their faces. None of the above are mothers.

Kylie's Coachella appearance couldn't have been more perfect. She wore cute whites, her hair came with shell accessories, and nothing about her look was cheap or provocative. While Kylie could have opted for a racy mini (or just stayed at home), she attended with Travis and we got shared pics. In a way, it was like the old Kylie, but all grown up. Still, not a #MomVibe in sight.

9 Everything About The 2019 Met Gala

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Oh, can this girl up the ante. The annual Met Gala is the glitziest, most exclusive fashion event of the year. Only the elite get an invite, and you come dressed to impress. Kylie attended the 2019 Met Gala in custom-made Versace. Her purple-feathered gown came with almost $9 million worth of diamonds, as The Daily Mail reports.

Hop over to Google for Kim K's outfit, and you'll see a difference. While Kim's figure-hugging Thierry Mugler dress was a touch risqué, it wasn't flamboyant on Kylie's level. Kylie went all-out with her matching purple hair and #Twinning look with Kendall. The more we look at this pic, the more we struggle to imagine how the girl behind the dress is a mother.

8 Business As Usual

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Stormi might run around the front yard in Kylie's onlin stories, but there's an aspect to this Kardashian-Jenner's life that's business as usual. The biggest sign? Watching Kylie and Kim sample fragrances on Season 16 of KUWTK. The two sisters sat indoors, worked their way through the scents, and put their business brains together.

Over on Teen Mom, you'll see Catelynn Lowell or Maci Bookout being filmed with the kids. Amber Portwood will cozy up to her baby in bed. While Kylie likely does the same, she appears to be more selective about what appears on camera. This pic of Kylie with Kim was the biggest reminder ever– baby or no baby, Kylie is ruling an empire.

7 Arguments As Usual

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It's half the reason we even tune in. Watching these sisters fight it out on KUWTK made for epic viewing back in 2009, and it hasn't changed. In 2018, Kim made front-page news following a huge blow-out with Kourtney. "She's the least exciting to look at," Kim was quoted as saying by The Daily Mail. Kourtney burst into tears.

Kylie might not throw out insults on a Kim K level, but this girl can argue it out. The show sees Kylie stand with a good head on her shoulders. She also isn't above voicing her disapproval should the situation call for it. Motherhood has softened Kylie, but that face isn't sending out the worn-out mom vibe.

6 It Just Doesn't Say "Mom"

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Kylie is topping street style lists for a reason. We might see Kim and Khloe stepping out in ultra-stylish athleisurewear, but even these girls need to up their game. They've got a younger sister who is fast out-shining every celebrity in Hollywood, and she comes with a #Mom.

In 2019, Kylie was papped in this look. Given that pics of Kylie carrying Stormi emerged within the same week, it's all the more reason for us to list the snap. A snazzy, grown-up suit with shimmer-effect netting here didn't throw out stroller vibes. It didn't suggest for a single second that Kylie is a mom. And yet, this girl may well be the biggest motherhood icon around.

5 But It Does Say #Dior

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Quite how viral this look went has yet to be measured. Kylie was well into her motherhood journey when she stepped out in the iconic Dior tee look. With poker-straight blonde hair that Nicki Minaj would likely be jealous of, Kylie rocked her edgy style here. Fans got an IG-posted pic of the designer tee, and the paparazzi got this shot.

Latex pleather pants don't say "mom." Nor does a girly Dior tee. The biggest sign for the latter? Kylie's sister, Kendall has been spotted in a Dior top at a basketball game. Kendall is older than Kylie, but she isn't a mother. We saw a style queen here, but we didn't see a mother.

4 "Captain Lip Kit" And "Iron Flame"

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Avengers: Endgame might feel like a zillion years ago now, but try and cast your mind back. The April build-up to this iconic movie's release was nothing short of an epidemic. Fans were going nuts on social media, and they didn't just come as normies.

As the movie's release date approached, Kylie took to that feed for her "happy endgame" post. Of course, she did it in signature Kylie style. Her cosplay came with "captain lip kit" and "iron flame" captions– Travis' handle is La Flame. While a similar pic was posted that did include Stormi, this one was sending a different vibe out. You literally wouldn't have a clue that the girl behind the costume was a mother.

3 But It's Still #KingKylie

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King Kylie isn't a phrase we've heard for a while. The moniker mostly floated around Kylie's name in 2016. Back then, it was basic merch of hoodies and tees as Kylie Cosmetics was building up. The business is now a billion-dollar one, it's got a Kylie Skin add-on, and it's going further. In 2019, The Inquisitr reported Kylie filing trademarks for both "Kylie Baby" and "Kylie Hair."

The "King" is still alive and well. This 2019 snap posted to Kylie's account sent out boss Matrix vibes, and it certainly didn't throw out a time-strapped mother who can't be bothered. This girl is literally all kinds of iconic.

2 Name One Mother Whose Hair Is This Perfect

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It's like we don't know where to start. By and large, hair takes a back seat with motherhood. We've got a spaghetti-flinging toddler putting their foot down in the kitchen. That's before we get to the piles of laundry, bottle changes, and exhaustion. Kylie may change those diapers herself, per The Evening Standard, but the #HairGoals haven't gone anywhere.

Kylie was celebrating her 21st birthday here. We got a beyond-glam pink satin outfit, perfect blonde hair, and not a whiff of #Mom. While Kylie did post that she left her Christmas Eve bash early to give Stormi a bath, this party wasn't about momming. We're still gushing over the hair.

1 She's No Teen Mom

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"I feel like it’s just been so amazing, and so much fun. I’m learning so much more about myself and life, and it’s been such a great experience." Those were Kylie's words to Kim last year when The Evening Standard got the KKW Beauty founder to interview her younger sister.

Teen Mom OG might show moms in their PJs, but Kylie's world is a different one. The glam lives on, the selfies will never go away, and they now come with a fist of a diamond ring (seriously, Travis, propose already). Kylie might only have been 20 when she became a mother, but she's no Maci Bookout.

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