20 Photos Of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Latina women ever. She is what can be truly called a triple threat: she's a talented singer, dancer, and actress, and she does an amazing job at all three of those things. It's not like she's better at one of them than the other and just phones it in. Nope. She's super amazing and, on top of that, she's really inspiring. In recent years, she's also added producer to her resume, and is currently a producer on the popular teen drama The Fosters.

Maybe it's been a while since J. Lo was releasing music, but we all remember her hit singles like "Let's Get Loud" and "I'm Real" and "Love Don't Cost A Thing." Whether she's Jenny from the Block or dating equally famous people like Ben Affleck, we're always interested to see what she's doing. It helps that she's absolutely gorgeous and stylish. Oh yeah, and she's known for having a pretty fabulous behind. Let's just get that out of the way right now. It's what we're all thinking, anyway, right?!

Check out these 20 hot photos of Jennifer Lopez! And, hey, if our boyfriends can't stop drooling at the computer screen, let's just give them a break. We're drooling, too!


20 Glam Squad

We honestly love this caption so much. We couldn't love it even more. We're pretty sure that Jennifer Lopez gets how totally silly it sounds to say that this is like another Monday at the office. We're hoping that she wrote this caption and meant it to be ironic and funny. Let's just go with that.

Of course, we're just jealous AF because we're wishing that our Mondays looked like this... or that we looked like this on Mondays. Either one would be great. Instead, we're usually drinking way too much coffee and trying to catch up on piles of work and feeling like we're failing the week before it's even truly begun. Sigh. But back to this super glam photo. Jennifer Lopez looks insanely good in this fancy dress and fur coat, and we don't think that she could possibly look any better.

19 That Famous Behind


Yup, there's that famous butt. We totally know that Jennifer Lopez was asked to pose this way to show off her behind. There's no way that's not what happened. Just look at her. She's leaning back and smiling, so she clearly was in on it, and she obviously is super proud of her tush. Hey, we would be too.

We might not talk about her butt that much anymore (mostly because we seem to focus on another celebrity's butt... Yup, we all know the one...) but it was definitely a topic of great interest for a while there. On VH1's website, there's a story called "Jennifer Lopez Had the Original Best Butt and Don't You Forget It." That's all the proof that we need that she has a pretty stellar behind.

18 Lady In Leopard

Jennifer Lopez posted this photo of her performing in Dubai on her Instagram account recently, and we have to say that the leopard look is really working for her.

Leopard is kind of a tough pattern to wear. We probably have all wanted to wear leopard at least once in our lives. Maybe we really went for it and bought a leopard fake fur coat... and then realized that we just weren't brave enough to wear it outside of our house. Oops. Or maybe we got some leopard print leggings, which is a much safer way to venture into prints. But we have to hand it to Jennifer Lopez. The lady knows how to wear leopard and a full leopard body suit, no less. She looks totally phenomenal.

17 Red Hot


This photo is awesome for two reasons: because Jennifer Lopez was performing in a benefit concert for Puerto Rico and the devastating natural disaster that happened there, and because she looks so red hot.

This outfit is a bit reminiscent of a Spice Girl, right? We mean that in the best possible way, of course. We were all massive Spice Girl fans... and probably still listen to them sometimes. We can't help it. Their songs are just way too catchy and we get so nostalgic. There's just something about these tall, shiny red boots that is so Ginger Spice. We might not think that this outfit would look good on anyone since, come on, it's essentially a shiny red bra and underwear, but on J. Lo, it's the hottest thing ever.

16 Baby Got Back

So we all know that J. Lo has a famously amazing behind, but it turns out that her back is absolutely beautiful, too. Whoa. We're dying to know her workout routine. If we could score a back like this one, we would wear a ton of backless dresses, too. We definitely approve of this style choice.

This dress is definitely bold and bright and colorful, since it's got a bunch of random patterns. If we saw this dress in a store or boutique, we might not pick it up off the rack, thinking that it wouldn't look good on us or was too bold or something. On J. Lo, of course, it's nothing short of totally magnificent. We're confident she could literally wear anything and look this good.

15 Vacation Vibes


It goes without saying that any professional photo of Jennifer Lopez would be epic, and this one is no exception. As part of this interview, J. Lo said, "I feel sexy, youthful and happy." And we have to say that it definitely shows.

She looks so beautiful and so happy and healthy. This is exactly the way that every woman wants to look. This is why we obsess over what's the best diet and whether we should drink green juice and eat kale every day and if yoga is the greatest workout ever and whatever else. As we can see from the left-hand corner of this photo, the title for this photo shoot was "Hot Bodies" and we can't think of a more perfect description. Jennifer definitely has a hot body. She probably has the hottest body ever, actually.

14 Lady In Red

There's just so much to chat about in this photo, taken for Billboard, that we almost don't even know where to start. Jennifer Lopez just looks so good.

Okay. Let's start with her legs. Those seem like the most obvious place to begin. She's got some killer gams here, and again, it would be pretty cool if we could find out what she does on a regular basis to look like that. We're not saying that we would copy her workout routine and never miss a workout, but... we're not saying that we wouldn't do that, either. We just might. This bright red bodysuit looks gorgeous on her. We're going to go out on a limb here and say that red is her color. We know that she looks great in basically anything, but she looks particularly special in red.


13 The Hottest Couple Ever


There's been a massive buzz surrounding Jennifer Lopez's relationship with A Rod/Alex Rodriguez, and after seeing this photo, we have to say that we totally understand why. Do they make a super hot couple or what?!

Of course, this photo is playing up her assets (yup, pun totally intended) and our eyes just go right there. We can't help it. It's just what happens. We hope that they stay together forever and never, ever break up because we don't think that we could take that. After seeing how they perfect they look together, we think that they should just stay together, and that's that. Okay, now that's been solved, let's chat about how pretty Jen's hair looks up like that. We usually see her hair long and down, and this is a nice change.

12 Super Seductive

Look, it's not tough for a female celeb to look hot while wearing a white tank top that shows off a bit of cleavage and lying down on a bed. That's basically the definition of hot and will seem sexy to any guy out there. So it's not a massive surprise that with this pose and this outfit, Jennifer Lopez looks incredibly sexy.

That being said, we're willing to venture that she looks hotter than most would here, just because it's Jennifer Lopez. She's just something special. We love her red lips and how perfectly curvy her body looks. She inspires us to love our own curves and stop thinking that we have to be super thin all the time. She's got some meat on her bones and looks super amazing because of it.

11 Too Perfect


We were waiting for a photo where J. Lo looked almost too perfect. This is definitely it. She really looks great in this black and white checked sweater, black shorts, and black shoes. She is just as beautiful as that sparkling blue water, or maybe even more. Yeah, probably a bit more.

She's also got a sparkling smile on her face and that's something that always makes people look even better. When a pretty girl looks pissed off or mean, it's a big turn-off, but we don't have to worry about that happening here because Jen's got a big grin on her face. This was part of a photo shoot for People magazine. It's interesting that she's not wearing a bikini or one-piece, since she's sitting by the pool, but we like this. It's a nice change from a bathing suit shot.

10 Sweating It Out

It's no secret that J. Lo has a fantastic body and how does anyone get such a great body? Sure, it's usually a bit of winning the genetic lottery, but it's also all about sweating it out and getting into the gym on a regular basis.

Jennifer Lopez loves working out and has shared her tips with a lot of different publications. In 2015, she was on the cover of Us Weekly and said, "Very rarely will I skip my workout. Sometimes, I work too late the night before and I'm like, 'Ugh, I can't do this.' But I tell myself, 'Just do it. It's only an hour.' It's just talking yourself off the ledge of being a lazy bum." Ugh. That's the worst news ever, right?! We all skip workouts sometimes and we hate to hear that we actually have to get our butts into the gym in order to achieve results. What a concept...

9 Those Red Lips


We all want to be that girl who can effortlessly pull off red lipstick. Some of us can and it's an awesome feeling to swipe on our fave shade and leave the house, feeling like we can totally do anything and that the day (or night) is in our hands. The rest of us just don't look great with bright lipstick and hate it every moment of every day.

Jennifer Lopez looks like perfection in red lipstick, which is no big surprise. We knew that she would. She probably looks flawless with any type of beauty product and makeup style. This is a perfectly styled photo, from her pretty wavy hair to her red lips to her white t-shirt that is effortlessly falling off one shoulder.

8 Voluptuous Vixen

This is an incredibly sexy photo. Is it warm in here or what?! We might not want to show our boyfriends this picture. Just an idea.

Everything about this photo is so hot, including the angles. It's like our eyes don't really know where to look and what to focus on first. Jennifer Lopez is known for her beautiful, curvy body, and it's on full display here. This dress kind of reminds us of her infamous green dress that had to be taped so it didn't fall open and reveal too much of her chest. It's funny how scandalous that seemed at the time. Oh, the 2000's were a pretty innocent, hilarious time. We're fans of J. Lo's soft, pretty makeup here since a red lip or smokey eye would have probably been too much.

7 A Captivating Performance


By now we know that Jennifer Lopez looks amazing anytime, whether she's wearing a striped top and jeans or performing in something fancier and more glam. She's wearing what seems to be another bodysuit here, with fishnets and high socks and boots, and oh yeah, this outfit also shows off her beautiful behind.

If we were lucky enough to see her perform here, we would probably spend the entire time asking ourselves the very important question, "How is it possible for Jennifer Lopez to look so good?!" It's a serious question that we really want the answer to. We just can't believe how she manages to look so killer no matter what. We could definitely learn a thing or two from her about beauty and style, and we want to learn all her secrets.

6 Chill And Beautiful

This is another fairly casual look, and it's another look that makes us wonder how she can look so great. It's probably magic. Yup, that's totally what it is.

We really think that we could be best friends with J. Lo... if only because it would be so fun to pick her brain about her fashion and beauty tips. We bet she gives great advice. Her friends and female family members are super lucky because maybe she even lets them borrow her clothes sometimes. Oh man, now we're super jealous. Okay. Let's stop thinking about this since it's a pipe dream that will probably never happen (no matter how sad that seems). These earthy tones look great on Jen and we really like her hairstyle. Remember back in the 90's and 2000's when that half up, half down thing was so in style?! It's coming back for sure, and we think that it looks awesome.

5 Red Carpet Ready


It makes sense that Jennifer Lopez would look drop-dead gorgeous when walking the red carpet. And yet... this photo still totally and completely blows us away. We didn't think that it was possible for her to surprise us with her beauty and surprise since we can tell from the photos on this list that she's just so pretty. But she really looks top-notch here.

Her famous butt is here in all its glory, and we have to say that it's absolutely a thing of beauty. We always knew this, of course, because it's been a known fact for a while now. But this red carpet photo really shows it off and we're super impressed. We love how glam she looks and how this is such an elegant, understated gown. Thumbs up for sure.

4 Casual Stripes

Jennifer Lopez looks super good no matter what she's wearing, so it makes a ton of sense that she would elevate a casual striped shirt and jeans look. On her, it's like she's wearing something snazzy and fancy and expensive. No offense to any of us, but we're pretty sure that we just look pretty normal when we're wearing jeans and a t-shirt. We don't look epic and magical. But, of course, that's exactly the way that J. Lo looks.

Sure, the flash of stomach helps make this photo super hot, and we're sure that our boyfriends wouldn't hate staring at this photo for a few minutes. Nope. They probably wouldn't have a problem with that. Jennifer's hair is a lot lighter here than it normally is, and we think that it looks awesome.

3 Hot AF


If a celebrity looks amazing out and about, aka when someone photographs their awesome street style, we know that they're going to look 100 times hotter when they pose for a professional photo shoot. Of course, that's exactly what's going on here with Jennifer Lopez.

We can't even believe how awesome she looks here. This was part of a photo shoot for Billboard and we think it's one of the prettiest photos that we've ever seen. Yup, ever. We're going to be bold and go there because we're confident that everyone would agree with us. This is a really pretty, stripped down picture, and we can truly see J. Lo's beautiful face without a ton of makeup. Her hair is natural, too, and it just all looks great.

2 J. Lo, Like Whoa

We seriously can't look at this photo without going, "Okay, whoa, Jennifer Lopez is just so incredibly gorgeous." We know that every single person who views this picture is going to have the exact same reaction. It's just not possible to not think that.

We bet she looked at this photo and thought, "Yeah, I look good." Not that she's conceited. We're not saying that at all. It's just that if someone is this attractive, it doesn't make sense for them not to realize how beautiful they are. We bet she's just as confident as she seems and that she knows how pretty she is. We definitely want J. Lo to know how much of a true beauty she is, so we're just going to sit here and believe that she's totally and completely aware. This is a great photo of her and we're big fans of her super high ponytail. We're actually kind of jealous that our hair isn't this amazing. Maybe we'll grow our hair out and do a high pony like this one. If it works for J. Lo, why not, right?

1 Like A Lady


Jennifer Lopez looks super ladylike here in this gorgeous black dress and super high heels. We're all about her hair here. It's that perfectly lovely wavy style that so many of us covet and try to achieve. Sometimes we get it right and other times, it's just not working. We bet that Jen never struggles with her hair. So unfair.

We would usually say that a pretty girl isn't pretty if she's not smiling, but of course we have to make an exception in this case. Jennifer Lopez may not be smiling and may even have kind of a scowl on her face, but she looks so good that we don't even care. She looks even better thanks to the expression on her face. The whole vibe of this photo is dark and moody and gorgeous and we just love it so much.


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