20 Photos Of Jason Momoa & Lisa That Make Us Swoon

Jason Momoa has recently skyrocketed up to superstar status thanks to his role in Aquaman. However, many of us probably know him from a role before that. Playing Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones was Jason Momoa’s introduction to most of us in the TV watching public.

However, according to Canoe, apparently, it wasn’t the blessing we would likely expect it to be. The article says that Momoa “struggled to find work after starring in Game Of Thrones as casting directors assumed he didn’t speak English.” Thankfully, that wasn’t the end of his professional life. Rather, it’s just the beginning of his superstar status.

Jason wasn’t exactly unknown before that, though, as his wife is none other than the incredible Lisa Bonet. EOnline mentions that the two of them have been together, and more or less married, since 2005. That’s incredibly long, especially for a Hollywood romance.

Is it any surprise, though, when the two of them just seem to fit so well together? They’re basically soulmates, as anyone who’s got an eye on their photos can see. Here are the 20 best photos of this happy couple which totally reinvigorate our belief in love. Much needed after everything going on with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, right?

20 This Adorable Red Carpet Look


What better photo to start off with than this beautiful red carpet shot? Not only does it show off just how beautiful these two are as people, but it also shows off how beautifully in love they are as well. Nothing can get in between that tight embrace, and we’re very pleased that we get to witness it. Not to mention how perfectly they fit together.

Momoa is incredibly loving, and Lisa Bonet is the perfect foil for his passionate embraces. They’re absolutely gorgeous together, no questions asked. Could this just be their red carpet attitude, though? Sometimes couples who look happy on the red carpet are actually anything but.

19 Their Fashion Is Totally Compatible


Nope! Looks like they’re just as happy and excited in their day to day lives as well. While the outfits are a bold choice, they certainly do draw attention to just how happy and compatible these two look. And trust us; they definitely are compatible.

Their love story goes back even further than 2005 on Jason Momoa’s part. According to EOnline, he spotted Bonet on TV as a child and told his mom that Lisa Bonet was the one for him. Zooming ahead a couple of decades later, the two of them met at an industry party and that was that. They’ve been perfectly entwined ever since!

18 It's All Love With Lenny Kravitz, Too


There’s no question that Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa were meant to be together. But what about her doppelganger of a daughter, Zoe Kravitz? What’s the deal with that relationship? Well, EOnline also explains that Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet were together for several years before breaking their relationship off.

Is the family embroiled in a perpetual feud now? No way! EOnline quotes Kravitz as saying, “Zoë's mom and I now are best friends...it makes you feel really good when you can do that. When we're all together now—[Momoa], her kids, Zoë, me—we're all together and we're one big, happy family."

17 They're Just So Happy Together


While Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa might be happy to each hold a piece of Bonet’s heart, it seems like Bonet only has romantic space for Momoa now. They’re just so happy together! Jason Momoa might be someone who sticks out from a crowd, but so does Lisa Bonet. When they’re together they tend to shine even brighter.

Their smiles light up a red carpet, party room, or stage. While both of them might not necessarily be the type to grin during red carpet posing sessions, they’re all smiles during the other times. Behind the scenes, those tough, superstar exteriors drop, and they’re just two silly kids in love. Awww!

16 Especially When With The Family


This seems to be especially true when we see them with their family. Their two kids, whom Canoe list as being 10 and 11, are incredibly sweet and effervescent. They’re creative as well, but what kids wouldn’t be with parents like Momoa and Bonet?

This happy family is all around embracing the artist lifestyle, which might just be why they all seem so happy and well adjusted. Their smiles are always big, and it seems like the family genuinely enjoys being together and spending time with one another. Well, when your Dad is Aquaman, it only makes sense that you’re excited to spend time with him.

15 Even Casual Wear Looks Amazing On Them


It’s no surprise that fashionable red carpet outfits look amazing on this power couple. After all, stylists will usually choose a red carpet outfit that makes the star look good and stand out. Very rarely do we find an outfit that’s unflattering for a star on the red carpet or behind-the-scenes photos.

Casual wear pictures are typically snapped by paparazzi that might be looking to grab an unflattering shot. Off-duty stars are notorious for rocking gym wear and sweatshirts, after all. Not these two, though! Their looks are always amazing, even when they’re not on the red carpet. Their casual wear game is top notch.

14 Their Low-Key Matching Looks Are Amazing


And sometimes they even match! If that’s not true love, we don’t know what is. The swoon-worthiness of these two is enough to make anyone happy and excited at the prospect of falling in love. While many couples who share a style look like they just share a wardrobe, this couple has found the balance between a compatible style and a similar look.

The long jackets and the cool hats are more than similar enough for us to know that the two of them are together. We’re big fans of this look, and even though it might not show them at their most romantic, they’re certainly looking like soulmates.

13 They're Always Holding Hands


Even after this many years, they’re still all about the public displays of affection. Not only do they tend to pose in a cuddly fashion on the red carpet, but they also like to hold hands no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Combined with their great style, this creates a visible bond between them that’s absolutely swoon-worthy.

We personally love the fact that they’re always touching, as it really highlights their commitment to each other. It’s hard to fake body language, which is why it’s important to see real and true actions of love, like this hand holding.

12 Date Nights Are The Best Between Them


This photo is basically everything we wish we could achieve in life, wrapped up in one amazing couple’s date night. While we’re not exactly sure what the context of this picture is, we are sure that Jason Momoa looks like he’s in total bliss. Lisa Bonet seems to be appreciating the moment too.

As EOnline writes, she’s very invested in her “desire to be here and to participate in a loving, conscious way on this planet.” That kind of peace and contentment is exactly what we hope to achieve with our lives too. Maybe it would be easier to find if we had a picnic and a Momoa on our lap?

11 Not To Mention Halloween And Other Dress Up Days


We’ve seen all of the incredible everyday street styles that the two of them have, and we’ve also seen the gorgeous red carpet looks that the two of them have been photographed in. Now we’re looking at something entirely different.

We’re not quite sure if this was a Halloween party or just a bold fashion choice (or maybe an animal-themed cocktail party) but what we do know is that they’ve got animal-inspired outfits down pat. The couple that can be silly together will inevitably stay together, and this photo seems to show us that they’re okay with a little frivolity and fun.

10 The Hair Game Is Oh-So-Strong Between Them


Underneath all those beautiful hats are heads full of glorious hair. Both Bonet and Momoa have strong hair game, which seems to be a running theme in their relationship. According to Momoa, hair was one of the things that bonded them together during their first meeting.

Momoa said to EOnline, "I actually had dreaded my hair almost for her...I had huge dreadlocks, she had dreadlocks. I literally turned around, I was with my best friend, and I see her...She goes, you know, 'I'm Lisa.'” While the jury is out on if they bonded over their locks throughout the evening, we do know that they’re both still looking gloriously full-headed now.

9 Hanging Out With Them Looks Like The Most Fun


No matter what we see them doing at parties, it looks like they’re having fun. Maybe the paparazzi just snapped a photo of them sitting quietly in the corner. Whatever it is, they’re always looking like they love life (and each other).

We’re big fans of the two of them personality-wise. Jason Momoa seems so positive, and Lisa Bonet seems very peaceful. We imagine that they spark such a fire in each other that hanging out with them would be like fireworks and floating in the ocean all at once. Maybe they’ll invite us over for dinner? Then we’ll know for sure.

8 Jason's Smile Is Always Huge When He's With Her


Okay, we’ve talked about the outfits, the hats, and the fact that they just look like two really cool people who are perfect for each other. What’s the other thing that we can swoon over? Just look at almost any photo of the two of them and you’ll be able to guess.

The way that Jason smiles at Lisa is second to none. It’s sweeter than kids looking at candy and more loving than a puppy looking at its favorite stuffed animal. Maybe those metaphors aren’t great; the point is, Momoa’s smile is so huge whenever he’s looking at Lisa Bonet that it just makes us want to smile as well.

7 It's Hard To Not Smile When We See Them With Zoe


Seriously, our cheeks hurt from all this smiling. We love the way that this whole family exists together, Zoe Kravitz included. The oldest of Bonet’s children, EOnline reports that Zoe was born in 1988. This means that she’s much older than her younger half-siblings, who are all floating around the young pre-teen age range.

Being an older child, it can sometimes be hard to adjust to somebody new in your mom’s life. Luckily for this family, it really is nothing but love. They way they light up when they’re all together is wonderful, and it's definitely the kind of love that we need more of.

6 They Fit Together So Well


All in all, they just fit well together. Size-wise and personality-wise these two are total soulmates. We’re big fans of them and think that the height difference just adds to their charm. Lisa Bonet looks very petite next to Jason Momoa, but they still manage to make it work in the photos.

Namely, by Momoa essentially wrapping himself around her like a protective shield. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly makes us swoon. We love the way that these two fit together, and believe that it’s just another point as to why they’re meant to be together.

5 And Then There's This Picture, Which Doesn't Even Need Words


Seriously, we don’t even know what to say. The way that she’s got his chin, the way he’s grinning. There’s so much that’s perfect about this photo that we don’t know if there’s anything to talk about here. The two of them must have some sort of superpowers, as their personalities are remarkably well matched.

It’s even a surprise to us, who consider ourselves well versed in Hollywood couples and their ups and downs. Sometimes couples stay together despite not feeling the love anymore. These two are truly still in the throes of romance, though, as this picture proves.

4 The Coolness Is Just Too Much To Handle


Who can come up with a cooler couple? We’re willing to bet that there isn’t a Hollywood couple out there that’s cooler than this dynamic duo. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend might come close, but they don’t quite have the quirkiness that these two seem to exude. It’s almost intimidating.

If there weren’t so many photos of them smiling and loving being together we’d probably have a hard time reading them. Luckily for us, there’s ample documentation that these two cool cats are really just playful kittens. The clothes certainly help as well, especially when they’re dressed in outfits like these.

3 They're Still In Love, Even After All These Years


The only thing that’s better than the two of them in staged red carpet photos is the photos we see that aren’t prepared for. The way that these two love each other is clear. We see a lot of mutual respect between them, as well as faithfulness and commitment.

Having been together for so many years, it’s almost a surprise that they’re still as lovely towards each other as they were on day one. That’s all the proof we need to reignite our faith in love. Love is real, everyone, and these two are proving it one day at a time.

2 They've Got Posing Together Down Pat


We said it before and we’ll say it again: these two know how to pose. Every angle they hit shows off the best sides of both of them, and even their casual photos highlight the two of them in the best ways. After being together for so long it’s no surprise. They must have gotten enough practice in the earlier years to be able to pose so effortlessly now.

This is also an impressive feat, as we imagine their heights might make it fairly challenging to find comfortable ways to pose. We’re also curious about the cuddling options, but that might be something that’s best left up to them.

1 Honestly, Everything About Them Makes Us Swoon


After twenty photos, all we have to say is this: these two are an almost-perfect couple. Totally soulmates, totally in love, and genuinely appreciative of all the things that life has to offer them. We’d love to meet them one day and get to know them. Not just because they’re cool, but also to know what the key is to a long and happy relationship like this one.

It’s something to be in awe of, yes, but it’s also something that we can strive for too. After all, if their relationship makes us swoon, but our relationship doesn’t, maybe we need to recalibrate the romance. At least, that’s what we think these two would say.

Sources: EOnline, Canoe

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