20 Photos Of How These Celebs Treat Their Husbands

Body language says so much. It's one of the reasons why celebrity gossip sites spend copious time analyzing every photo of famous couples in order to determine what's actually going on between them. To be fair, one picture isn't worth a thousand words. Images can be really great manipulators, especially when they're used to sell a specific viewpoint. However, multiple photos that are outrageously similar tend not to bode well for celebrities attempting to hide how they actually treat their spouse. This article has some of the most cringe-worthy, awkward, and uncomfortable moments caught on camera between husband and wife. However, for good measure, we've also thrown in a few insanely touching moments between famous women and their husbands -- some celebs really are #couplegoals. Without further ado, here are 20 photos of how these celebs treat their husbands.

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20 Kim Kardashian Is All About "MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"... Oh, And Kanye's There Too

In Style, TT, BG

It should be no surprise that Kim Kardashian is an attention hog. Look, Kanye's no slouch. He truly thinks the whole world is about him and his "struggle". But in his relationship, he's clearly a second-class citizen. Nearly every photo of the two of them tells us that she's all about her. The lighting. The better angle. The clothes. She's gotta be on top. ...Yeah, and young women actually look up to this basic piece of trash?

19 Blake Lively Thinks He's The Funniest Guy Around... And She May Be Right


Blake Lively knows how good she has it, and we're sure that Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds feels the same way. These two really are couple goals. Almost every photo of the two of them depicts a very loving pair. Lively clearly thinks her man is hilarious, sweet, and truly gifted. And though Reynolds often jokes about his wife, he clearly sees her similarly.

18 We All Know It's Doomed Between Hailey And Justin


Let's do some math, shall we? What do you get when you add one egocentric, immature pop star with a clearly insecure social media model and subtract a suitable age to get married? ...Well, you get the obviously doomed romance between Hailey Baldwin/Beiber and little Justin. The most curated photos of them show her doting over him. Others show that she's more about herself. But, in all fairness, he's kinda only about him too.

17 Things Got Heated Between Angie And Brad


UGH! Brangelina... why did you have to end? Well, apparently the answer is this pic. Angelina clearly didn't want to be ruled by Brad in any way. He's trying to calm her down in these pictures, but she's not having it. But, from what we've read about Brad's temper, maybe it's a good thing that she stood her ground.

16 We'd Be Having Troubles With Someone Who Didn't Believe In Vaccines Too


We're not entirely sure about Justin Timberlake's views on vaccinations, Jessica Biel has been really flip-flopping on the issue, proving that she's fallen right out of her tree and hit every crazy branch on the way down. Perhaps this is why Justin is all upset with her in this photo (unlikely). Regardless, she's clearly asserting herself her in a way that tells us that she rules the nest.

15 Victoria Beckham Has Always Been A Little Removed

Just Jared, People, TT

It's probably just her. Victoria Beckham has always been pretty removed from everyone, even her husband, David. So, it may not have anything to do with their relationship. But in almost every photo of the two of them, she seems pretty uncomfortable in her own skin, while he looks right at home. Seriously, this dude is charismatic and cool.

14 Isla Fisher Always Has Time To Hug Her Man


Wedding Crashers and The Great Gatsby star, Isla Fisher, has been in a loving and committed relationship with her husband, Sasha Baron Cohen, for ages. Seriously, she seems to adore her insanely talented husband. And we all should because this dude is totally cool. Borat. Bruno. Who Is America? C'mon, who wouldn't treat him like a god. Just look at how cute this random hug is.

13 The Sweet, Honest, And True Romance Of Kirsten Bell And Dax Shepard

People, In Style

We really hope Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard don't end up like Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. These two have been together for a long time now and we can't imagine them apart. Kristen seems to deeply care for and appreciate her funny man. There's always a deep love connection between them that's obvious to those of us who know nothing about body language.

12 For Better Or Worse, Sophie Turner Always Needs Joe's Shoulder

Popsugar and Just Jared

Sophie Turner may be another one who married a tad early. But who are we to judge? All we know is that she always seems to have her head on Joe's shoulder. Either he's trying to calm her down or he's making her laugh. We're not entirely sure what to make of their relationship, but it feels like she really needs him. We hope that we're just talking out of our tuchases though because both of them deserve happiness.

11 We All Could See Irina Skayk Throwing Shade At Bradley


Now that things between Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are finding its conclusion, we can all admit that we saw this coming from a mile away. Seriously, she's always presented a pretty salty attitude in reference to this uber-talented dude. Even before that show-stopping moment with Lady Gaga at The Academy Awards, we saw how she treated him. Just look at this photo. Their body language is far from positive. In fact, it looks like they were in a full-out fight.

10 Chrissy Teigen Is Oh So Totally In Love With Her Legendary Bady Daddy

TT and Just Jared and People

It's not just Chrissy Teigen's incredibly curated social media presence that lets us know that she loves her man. Almost every moment caught on camera between her and John Legend has been pretty sweet. Honestly, these two truly seem like they love each other. Although he's cool and collected, she totally adores dotting on him, clearly appreciating everything about him.

9 He May Be Her Man, But She's Still The Wonder Woman


So many people don't know that this talented and philanthropic actor from Israel actually has a husband. If you follow Gal Gadot on social media, you might see the occasional photo of Yaron; whom she writes the most wonderful things about. Their body language, in the few photos that they share together, is always positive. However, it's clear that she's still the Wonder Woman in the relationship -- AKA she's the focus.

8 Amal Knows Her Relationship Is 100% On Equal Footing

Caught, Perez, Popsgar

We still can't believe that George Clooney settled down. And had children, no less. Once he met Amal, it seemed like he found a woman who really got him. Amal clearly is happy to show affection for her man, but she doesn't cow-toe to him. This is a relationship where both parties are on equal footing. Neither one is more important than the other. After all, George may be a philanthropic A-list actor, but Amal's accomplishments are just outlandishly through-the-roof.

7 Embracing Common Interests Is The Way Mila Operates In Her Marriage To Ashton


Mila Kunis' marriage to Ashton Kutcher is truly a love story. After all, back in the days of That 70s Show, he was her first kiss. Now they have two kids together and are on the top of our list for #couplesgoals. The pair share many of the same interests and often go out on the town to enjoy time together. She genuinely seems to love and even like him. They laugh. They support. These two rock.

6 Sarah Jessica Parker's Marriage Is A Friggin' Rollercoaster

Celebz and People

Sarah Jessica Parker has had some very public problems with her husband, Matthew Broderick. But the two have managed to stick together. In short, they exemplify what a true marriage is... being with one another through thick and thin. But that doesn't mean that we haven't seen a rollercoaster of images that show when the two of them are happy and when things aren't so fly.

5 Addison Timlin Shamelessly Worships Her Famous Baby Daddy


Californication and Submission actor, Addison Timlin first met Shameless star Jeremy Allen White when they were really young. They maintained a friendship but didn't become romantic until their late twenties. And then they had a baby. And then they got married. Throughout that period of change right up until today, Addison has shown that she absolutely worships her husband. There's seldom a moment where she doesn't appear to be his biggest fan. But who can blame her? He's Lip Gallagher, after all.

4 Beyonce Clearly Feels Things Aren't What They Were With Jay-Z


Did we ever really buy into Beyonce and Jay-Z's relationship? Maybe at first. They seemed to show some physical affection for one another. But now... not so much. They constantly seem distant. This is especially true of Beyonce. However, they seem to truly appreciate one another for their role in their children's lives. Beyonce may not be cozy with her husband, but he's still her baby-daddy.

3 Candace Cameron Is Super Submissive


Full House Candance Cameron has made it clear that she likes being the "submissive" one in her relationship. She loves that her husband rules the roost and makes all of the big decisions. While this is certainly not everyone's cup of tea, it looks like it works for her. She does seem to truly love her husband, even if their dynamic is a tad strange.

2 Goldie Hawn Is Thoroughly Thrilled With Her Long-Running Marriage To Kurt

People and In Style

Screen-legend Goldie Hawn has been with (other screen-legend) Kurt Russel since 1983... That's a realllllllllllllllllly long time. Especially for Hollywood stars. And still, to this day, the pair seem to be deeply in love. Goldie appears to always have fun with her man. She laughs with him. Goofs around. And looks at him as if he's the light of her life. This is truly very sweet.

1 Emily Blunt Looks At John Like He's An Angel Sent From Heaven

TT and Just Jared

If any couple on this list appears to be able to last as long as Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, it's John and Emily. Seriously, Emily Blunt seems really solid with her actor/director husband. She looks at him as if he's God's gift to the planet. And guess what? The feeling appears to be reciprocated. Honestly, these two are totally goals AF.

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