20 Photos Of How The 'Teen Moms' Treat Their Kids

We cannot believe it has been ten years since we met the gang from MTV's Sixteen and Pregnant. We watched these young and frightened youngsters attempt to navigate the treacherous and complicated waters of parenthood before they could legally drive vehicles. 16 and Pregnant turned into Teen Mom, and we followed these families as they grew and developed. Some eventually found their happy endings while others continued to hit dead ends.

Nearly all of the Teen Mom cast has gone on to expand their family. Take a look at how these famous young reality television parents treat their offspring.

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15 Chelsea Is All About The Matching Game

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For years, Teen Mom Chelsea Houska was flying solo with her daughter Aubree. Meanwhile, Aubree's biological father continued to prove that he wasn't worth his salt. These lucky gals found their prince charming in Cole Deboer though, and Cole and Chelsea eventually tied the knot and have added two more kiddos to the mix. This fun-loving, sweet-natured family is all about togetherness and matching outfits. Chelsea's social media page is loaded with pics of the gang twinning.

14 McKenzie McKee Raising Her Country Kids

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The McKees, like so many other Teen Mom families, have had their fair share of ups and downs. They have battled through serious health scares, loss and almost breakups, and at present seem to have weathered life's storms. The McKees and their three children have made it a point to raise their kids in a country loving manner. Cowboys hats, rodeos, and nature are the cornerstones of this couple's existence.

13 Farrah Spoils Sophia Rotten

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Farrah Abraham has never managed to dodge the negative attention that fame often brings along. To date, she is one of the most talked-about and controversial parents to emerge from the Teen Mom franchise. One of the things that neigh-sayers are forever getting on Farrah's case for is how she spoils her only child Sophia rotten. The kid had her clothing boutique before her tenth birthday and made some serious dough just for losing a tooth!

12 And Treats Her Like A Little Adult

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Another common criticism of Farrah Abraham is how she tends to treat her child as an adult or an equal the vast majority of the time. Little Sophia accompanies her mama on grown-up vacations and red carpet appearances. She also dresses maturely and sports heavy makeup when the mood strikes her.

11 Leah Messer Takes Her Me Time

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Leah Messer sure had her hands full before her eighteenth birthday. She and ex-husband Corey Simms welcomed not one, but TWO babies, at a time. The young parents were not able to make their relationships last, and Leah went on to remarry, have a third daughter, and then divorce. Leah continues to be a single parent these days, but still makes time for herself. Case and point, she hops on the cell when driving her kids to and from school and various activities.

10 Some Are Single Parenting It Still


Ryan Edwards has been to rehabilitation facilities three times now for various addictions and has even landed himself behind bars. The father to Maci Bookout's son Bentley managed to remarry and have another son, (word on the street is a third baby is on its way now,) but his current wife Mackenzie continues to find herself mostly a single mom. Even after Ryan returned home from the Big House, he has appeared anxious and withdrawn.

9 Others Make It A Blended Family Ordeal


Amber Portwood has a daughter Leah with her ex-Gary and now a son with current boyfriend James. Despite many years of discord, Gary and Amber have managed to co-parent Leah and fuse their families. Amber, Leah, and Leah's mom Christina spend time together doing girlie things. Gary and his gang even went out to California to visit Amber's family when they spent time out there following James's birth.

8 Still Trying To Get Custody

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Janelle Evans is another one of the franchise's moms who seems to stir up trouble wherever she goes. Janelle gave up custody of her firstborn son Jace to her mother Barbara following Jace's birth. For years she and Babs have battled for rights to Jace, but he continues to reside with the steadier adult. Janelle and her husband David recently regained custody to Janelle's son Kaiser and the couple's young daughter following the children's withdrawal from the family home.

7 Kailyn Travels With Her Kiddos

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Boy mom Kailyn has run through three baby daddies at this point. All of her children have resulted from varying relationships throughout Kailyn's life. While she continues to strike out in the love department, she is showing her sons that their momma is an independent woman who can build her dream house, start up her own business and whisk them away on family vacations all by herself.

6 Making It Work In Front Of Ryder

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Newcomers to the Teen Mom cash cow have gone and shown viewers how co-parenting really should be done. Cheyenne and Corey, who first met and hooked up on another reality show,  make their two-year-old daughter Ryder their top priority. No matter who comes and goes in either of their lives, one thing remains constant, their devotion to each other and their kid. It's pretty amazing considering Corey didn't even know he was Ryder's father until she was six months old!

5 The Easons Ignoring Their Kids' Basic Needs

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Have mercy! Janelle and David manage to get caught on camera always doing the wrong thing. Here their middle child Kaiser can be seen shirtless and screaming for food. Scenes like this have made Janelle one of the least liked Teen Moms of all time. In all honesty, what mom has not had a half nude toddler screaming at them for snacks? We have all been there before, but sadly Janelle's everyday moments get caught on camera.

4 The Baltierras Have Not Seen Their Daughter In Years

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Tyler and Caitlyn are raising two daughters, but their parenting journey started a decade ago when they gave up their firstborn child Carly as teen parents. Throughout the years the Baltierras have managed to stay in contact with Carly and her birth parents, but the last few years the visits seem to have ceased. In a recent episode of Teen Mom, we saw the couple's adoption counselor suggest the Baltierras do something special for Carly's tenth birthday. This token of affection was especially vital since they have not seen her in many years.

3 Can't Get Out Of Bed Some Days

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Some seasons viewers see Amber Portwood parent from the comfort of her bed. The mother of Leah and James isn't lazy, but her mental illness often renders her down for the count. Amber has fought against her borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder for years, often bringing issues with both diseases to the forefront of the conversation.

2 Rewards For Tantrums

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When little Nova Baltierra became a big sister to baby Vaeda, the transition was a little bit rocky. Teen Mom viewers saw Nova threw some significant tantrums in the wake of her sister's birth. Caitlyn, taken over by guilt, unconventionally handled these meltdowns by buying her disgruntled child a pony!

1 Bringing Guys Around Too Fast

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Leah Messer has run through two husbands and recently ended her relationship with her main man Jason. She spared no time playing house with the much older single father, making many fans of the show wonder if she was moving too fast for her three young daughters. Things with Jason didn't last, and Leah is back on the market these days.

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