20 Photos Of Farrah Abraham Trying To Make Hollywood Friends

Farrah Abraham is a well-known, albeit controversial figure, thanks to her time on the MTV show, Teen Mom. She was not exactly popular with her co-stars and has had several altercations with them over the years, but it’s unlikely that Abraham is losing sleep over these incidents. It looks like she would rather be friends with other celebrities anyway, and she has undoubtedly met a lot of famous faces over the years.

Some famous people, Abraham can consider her friends, and she has been spotted hanging out with them on a few occasions, others, she has shown her love for after getting a selfie of them at an event. She’s made it clear she’s a big fan of Kesha, and she felt it was wonderful meeting Spike Lee. Below are 20 pictures of Farrah Abraham trying to make friends.

20 Look How Pleased Farrah Looks With Herself For Getting A Snap With John Cena

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham is a reality TV star, and she gets invited to many events and parties where she can mingle with other celebrities. When she showed up at the MTV Movie Awards one year, she found that WWE star John Cena was also in attendance, and she decided to get a photo of the two of them.

19 She’s Posed For A Photo Next To Jamie Foxx (But To Be Fair, Most People Would Ask To Do The Same)

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham seems to love getting photos with celebrities, and when she spotted Jamie Foxx, she posed for a photo with him. She then shared the snap on social media, and commented about their meeting, noting that she was in Atlantic City at the time.

18 Farrah Has Rubbed Shoulders With Kesha (And She Was Happy About It)

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Just look at Farrah Abraham’s face and tell us she doesn’t look pleased with herself! When the Teen Mom star met Kesha at the VMAs, she had to get a photo with her to document the moment. And, of course, she shared it on social media, along with the caption, “After Party with this Angel Kesha.”

17 There’s A Chance She’s Seen Every One Of Adam Sandler’s Movies!

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

There’s a chance that Farrah Abraham has watched all of Adam Sandler’s movies, but regardless of how many films she’s seen, we can count her as one of the actor’s fans. Why else would she share this photo of their meeting on social media?! The pair met at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards.

16 Jonathan Cheban (Who Is Also Kim Kardashian’s BFF) And Farrah Have Done An Interview Together

Via Daily Mail

Jonathan Cheban is properly best known for being Kim Kardashian’s best friend, but he was also spotted hanging out with Farrah Abraham. According to HollywoodLife, Abraham spoke to Cheban on his FoodGod podcast. In it, she also discussed the previous comments she had made about Kim Kardashian (the publication notes Abraham claimed she was more successful than her) and admitted the “feud” was in the past.

15 She Had A 'Blast' Hanging Out With JaRule And Was Excited About Possible Collaborations

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham shared a photo of herself and JaRule, and apparently, there was more to their hangout than a quick picture she could post on social media. In the caption of the photo, she wrote about how she had “a blast last night,” and then seemed to hint that she may be working with the musician (or some other people in her photos) in the future. “Can't wait to do some business adventures!” she added.

14 Farrah Doesn’t Have Friends, But She Does Have Courtney Stodden

Via RadarOnline

Many of the celebrities that Farrah Abraham meets are not necessarily people she could call her friends, but things are different with Courtney Stodden. Abraham and Stodden have been photographed together a few times, and Abraham shared a photo of them on social media, noting that it was a “girls night.”

13 Farrah Used The VMAs As An Opportunity To Hang Out With Nick Cannon And Heidi Klum

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Many famous faces attend MTV’s VMAs, and Farrah Abraham was particularly excited one year when she arrived to find herself seated next to Nick Cannon and Heidi Klum. In her excitement, she did what any fan would do and got a photo of herself with them. She then thanked for “being seat buddies” at the award show.

12 Frankie Grande And Miss Abraham Have Been Spotted Together On More Than One Occasion

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Frankie Grande has appeared on Farrah Abraham’s social media page more than once, and they've also taken part in Celebrity Big Brother. One of the times that Grande and Abraham reunited was at the MTV VMAs, which Abraham attended with her daughter, Sophia. In the caption of her post, Abraham gave a shoutout to Frankie, and his sister, Ariana Grande, writing, “Much love to the grande family!”

11 She’s Shown Her Love For Steve Aoki!

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Farrah Abraham must be a fan of Steve Aoki because she shared a photo of their meeting on social media. She provided little information about what she thought of him, or how long they spoke for, and it seems she felt the photo itself would do all the talking.

10 Courtney Act Has Millions Of Followers But Considers Farrah A Friend

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Courtney Act has over a million followers on social media but can consider Farrah Abraham a friend. The pair met while filming the MTV show, Single AF, and seemed to hit it off. Since then, Abraham has shared several photos of herself and Act having fun and posing for pictures.

9 Apparently, Farrah Is Not Only A Fan Of Amazon But Also Its Founder, Jeff Bezos


Farrah Abraham is famous thanks to MTV, but maybe she’s looking for an opportunity with Amazon next. We can’t be sure of that, of course, but she did meet Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, and appeared to enjoy his company. Abraham shared a photo of them on social media and congratulated Bezos on Amazon Primetime, which she claimed she was watching.

8 She Thought It Was ‘Wonderful’ Meeting Spike Lee

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Spike Lee is responsible for popular and critically acclaimed films, including 25th Hour and BlacKkKlansman, and Farrah Abraham is a fan. After meeting Lee at an event, she took to social media to share their selfie and wrote about how it was “wonderful” meeting the director. She also claimed to have enjoyed his article in The Hollywood Reporter.

7 Farrah Thinks Gulnora Is A ‘Girl Boss’ And Her ‘Gemini Sister’

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

If you haven’t heard of Gulnora Mukhedinova, you should. She’s got a large social media following, and according to Baltimore Sun, she is, among other things, “a beauty and fashion icon.” Farrah Abraham is also a big fan and celebrated Gulnora on her birthday, calling her her “Gemini sister!” Abraham also commented on how she was “proud” of her friend’s “Girl Boss drive.”

6 Pro Athlete J. R. Smith Is Her Golfing Buddy

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Who knew Farrah Abraham was such a keen golfer? But she is because she decided to share a photo of her at a golf course in Atlantic City. Abraham also included way too many hashtags in her caption, with regards to her time there. Two of the most interesting hashtags she included referred to pro athlete JR Smith, and the JR Smith Foundation.

5 She Was Eager To Congratulate Chadwick Boseman On His Achievements In The Entertainment Industry

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Chadwick Boseman’s Hollywood star is rising, mainly thanks to his lead role in Black Panther. Farrah Abraham is a fan, and she was eager to share a selfie of herself, daughter Sophia, and Boseman on social media. She celebrated the actor’s “great work ethic” and congratulated him on his role, for which he won Best Performance - Movie, at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

4 Farrah Abraham Got Super Close To ‘Geordie Shore’ Star Marnie Simpson When She Was In The U.K.

Via celebzz

Farrah Abraham found an unlikely friend during a trip to the United Kingdom, for her appearance in the MTV show, Single AF, The Mirror reports. While there, Abraham was seen hanging out with Geordie Shore star, Marnie Simpson, and the two women appeared to get on well. The publication notes that they had several outings, including horse riding.

3 What, Is That Andrew Bachelor That Farrah Is Posing With?

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

Andrew Bachelor, better known as King Bach, is an actor and content creator who has a large following on social media. He’s also been photographed with Farrah Abraham. The Teen Mom star shared this photo and tagged Bachelor in it, and they look surprisingly friendly, hanging out and posing for the cameras.

2 Jedward Have Taught Farrah Abraham A Few Life Lessons

Via Daily Edge

Farrah Abraham met Jedward, the singing duo from Ireland when she was filming the show, Single AF. And she learned a thing or two from them, according to The Independent. The publication notes that Edward tried to teach Abraham a few phrases in Gaeilge. The twins also gave Abraham a shout out on social media, which she was only too happy to share.

1 She Doesn’t Really Know His Dance, But That Didn’t Stop Farrah From Getting A Video With The Backpack Kid

Via Farrah Abraham Instagram

The Backpack Kid became famous thanks to his dancing skills, and Farrah Abraham and her daughter, Sophia, met him on the street. She commented on the meeting on social media, noting that it was after a Nickelodeon event. She also admitted that she has “no rhythm” — there will be no future collaborations between them then.

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