20 Photos Of Famous Women Taken By Creepy Photographers

08Brace yourselves because things are about to get real creepy. Oh yeah, these photographers show us just how deviant the paparazzi can be, especially when it comes to how they document attractive female stars. Websites and magazines pay the paparazzi big money to get photos of Brad and Angelina's kids or find Lindsay Lohan puking in an alleyway. But there's something far more uncomfortable about the photos we have for you here. They're clearly taken by photographers who love to cross the line in order to capture something really salacious. Many celebrities have to deal with invasive paparazzi all day long, but these ones take things to a whole new level. Without further ado here are 20 photos of famous women taken by some very creepy photographers.

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20 Looks Like Barbara Palvin Has That Creepy Neighbor With The Binoculars


Body pressed against the glass. Sultry look. Silky lingerie. Barbara Palvin is just doing her job here. As are the adoring boys surround her. The paparazzi sneaking this pick may also be doing what brings home the bacon, but he's acting like the creepy old man down the street with the pair of binoculars.

19 Kristen Stewart's Director Cops A Feel And Then Her Boyfriend Found Out


This creepy photographer totally took the world by storm when he released photos of Kristen Stewart with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman. This 2012 moment shook her relationship with Robert Pattinson and the wife of her director. Critics went rabid. And the photographer was thrilled he caught such an intimate moment that actually continued into the director's car.

18 Lili Reinhart's Secret Co-Star Romance Revealed


Nobody believed Riverdale's Lili Reinhart when she said she wasn't dating her co-star Cole Sprouse. Still, there wasn't any photo evidence that proved that they were together. That is until this creepy paparazzi snuck into a Paris restaurant and managed to find the right angle to capture them smooching. Ever since then, the pair has been far less secretive about their romance. They kind of had to be...

17 Bella Thorne Finds Her Older Man In Cannes

ET and TT and Popsugar

Scott Disick has never had a good reputation. But it got a lot worse once he was photographed with multiple women in Cannes while dating Bella Throne. But that's not all photographers caught. One, in particular, managed to get an assortment of very intimate photos between the two of them while watching them get close on the beach. This was basically a pervert's wet dream.

16 Ariel Winter Doesn't Forget To Bring A Towel


Ariel Winter is constantly on the other end of a creepy photographer's lens. This is why she decided to cover her face at the gym while her pursuers attempted to get a compromising shot of her bending over or making the right workout-face. Unfortunately, Winter kind of made things worse for herself since she looks utterly ridiculous with the towel carelessly draped over her head.

15 A Sweaty Jog With Smiley Miley

eBaulm's World and WENN

It's not hard to find sultry photos of Miley Cyrus nowadays. She's more than happy to provide them to the world herself. But back in 2009, when this photo was taken, the paparazzi were constantly trying to make this Disney star into every boy's secret midnight crush. Photos of her drenched in sweat while jogging in a bikini top definitely helped perpetuate that idea. And it looks like the photograph had a bit too much fun doing it.

14 Tarps Off  With Cara Delevinge And Michelle Rodriguez

People And Fap

Model Cara Delevinge is no stranger to going without a top. After all, she's professionally photographed that way on the daily. But even she was surprised when a creepy photographer captured her and her ex-girlfriend, actor Michelle Rodriguez, frolicking and hooking up in the water. The photographer sneakily kept watching them as their intimate afternoon continued.

13 Hilary Duff Gets A Ring, Mike Comrie Gets A Hummer

Just Jared

Photographers were thrilled when they were able to capture Hilary Duff's engagement to her first husband, hockey player Mike Comrie, while the pair were on a balcony in Hawaii. After Hilary got her fancy ring, she was more than happy to repay the favor with a "gift" of her own -- a nice long hummer. It's just too bad that she was caught doing it by a photographer hidden in the bushes below.

12 Vanessa Hudgen's Got Steamy In The Sand And We All Saw

Just Jared

Creepy photographers adore Vanessa Hudgens. After all, there's managed to get some really steamy pics of her with a couple of her boyfriends. Perhaps Vanessa should stop getting down to it in public, but hey, she and Austin Butler are in love. They shouldn't have to stop showing that affection even though a bunch of deviants with cameras are always watching.

11 Lindsay Brings An Extra Friend To The Beach


When a bathing suit clings to a wet body, well, it's going to show off more than one intends. This is one of the most common photographs creepy paparazzi like to get of famous women like Lindsay Lohan. But someone like Lindsay should be used to it by now. After all, she's actually helped photographers out by putting herself in situations where their jobs are supremely easy.

10 Chrissy Teigen Opens Wide


Poor Chrissy Teigen, she just has to make all the wrong faces at all the right time for stalking photographers. Seriously, this creepy paparazzi managed to get some coveted photos of Teigen in her bathing suit while hanging out with her husband and children. This is totally an invasion of privacy, but why would these creepos care?

9 Margot Robbie Found The Water Colder Than It Looked


Margot Robbie is a favorite amongst the creepy paparazzi community. But that's because of photos like this one where it's clear she found the water far colder than maybe she thought. Lucky that the photographer managed to be in the right place at the right time. After he got the shot, we bet he stayed longer than necessary to ogle her from afar.

8 The Behind-The-Scenes Of Bella Hadid's Romance

The Richest

Back in 2017, it was rumored that Bella Hadid was dating reputed bad boy, Jordan Barrett. One lucky photographer managed to confirm this when he watched them in Hadid's private residence in Cannes. We bet he wished they did more than take photos in her bedroom, although they did get close to something more once or twice.

7 Jessica Biel Likes Yoga Pants And Anti-Vaccination Rallies

Bloggers Arena

We don't know if Jessica Biel was on her way to one of those stupid anti-vaccination rallies or just walking her dog, but we do know that this creepy photographer managed to find her at just the right angle. Of course, yoga pants are always going to make someone's butt leap from their bodies, but this shot was pretty sneaky.

6 Desperately Trying To Get A View Of Amanda Seyfried


Thankfully Amanda Seyfried wasn't going commando under that Karen Smith-esque dress. She was more than prepared since she knew her day was filled with photo shoots. But this didn't stop a deviant member of the paparazzi from trying to sneak a look where the sun doesn't shine. He also managed to capture Amanda looking her most sultry without her knowing.

5 Elle Fanning Leaves The Gym In Bananapants


We bet the beautiful Elle Fanning didn't know that a trip to her pilates class would result in the world seeing her most intimate curves. But this creepy photographer managed to wait until the right moment to snap pics of her. We can't blame Fanning for her look. After all, yoga pants are always going to reveal more than intended.

4 Anything To Catch Those "Jonas Girls" In A Compromising Position


Sophie Turner has become one of the biggest stars in the world. And now that she's married to Joe Jonas as well, paparazzi are pretty keen on seeing every inch of her body. This is why they follow her to beaches, pools, and whenever she boards a yacht. Luckily for one creepy photographer, Nick Jonas' girl, Priyanka Chopra was also present. This was a very successful day for guys who can't get a woman in real life.

3 Does This Creepy Paparazzi Really Need More Photos Of Kim Kardashian?


Did this photographer really need to try and take another scandalous photo of Kim Kardashian? After all, the woman has shared every inch of her body on multiple occasions. How much more salacious can you get? Never the less, he recently found his way into her private resort to capture images of her famous curves.

2 Chloe Grace Moretz Can't Catch A Break


Chloe Grace Moretz is another young celebrity that photographers like to trap in carnal moments. Unfortunately, those yoga pants aren't doing her any favors. Seriously, it looks like she should be trekking through the desert with a couple of humps on her back -- if you catch our drift. But instead of leaving this poor girl alone, the photographer jumped at the opportunity.

1 When Mariah Carrey's Clothing Was Clingier Than Our Ex


Speaking of camels, Mariah Carrey clearly picked the wrong pants to wear during a live performance. She practically handed these photos to whatever creep-bag photographer took them. After all this time in the spotlight, you'd think that she'd know there was a perverted cameraman in the audience waiting for something like this.

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