20 Photos Of Celebs And Their Kids They Wish We Never Saw

Even though they seem like they are from a different planet, celebrities are just like us deep down inside. Probably really deep down, but a human is in there somewhere. They dream of having children one day, and all the opportunities that they can give them.

However, they learn really quickly that even though they are celebrities, their children are just the same as everyone else. Their children have tantrums and act like brats just like everyone else’s do. The only difference is that the paparazzi is right there to capture these moments on camera.

Celebrities are moms and dads too, and they have parenting moments that they are not proud of. They make mistakes and have accidents. Again, there is always a cameraman there to capture the moment and share it around the world. Judgment and shame ensue.

It is not a good place to live, and we have found 20 pictures of celebrities and their kids that they really wish would go away forever.

20 Oops


Peaches Geldof was a TV personality and a model, and she sadly passed away in 2014. However, that was after she had a parenting moment that was captured around the world.

She was walking with her baby in their stroller, like a lot of moms do, and the stroller hit a little hole in the ground. This caused the stroller to fall with the baby in it, a mistake that was (of course) captured by a paparazzi

19 This One Is Just A Classic


This one is just a classic and will always show up when it comes to parenting fails and mistakes. This is the iconic picture of Michael Jackson, dangling his son Blanket over a railing with a sheet over his head.

We guess it was his way of showing his new baby to the world, but it was an incredibly dangerous stunt.

18 Everyone Has Tantrums


Hilary Duff has had a long career, started as part of Disney’s crew and then grew up to be in movies, TV shows and create some pretty catchy music.

She also is a mom, and she has been for a while now. She just gave birth to her daughter, but she already had a school-aged son. A normal son who throws tantrums like everyone else, but of course hers were captured by a camera.

17 Paparazzi Can Go Now


When she isn’t rocking it in Hollywood, Halle Berry is a hard-working mother. Her child here was captured throwing an epic tantrum, that included throwing himself on the floor.

Berry was also pregnant in this picture as well, and probably wondering what she was thinking doing it all again at this moment.

16 Oh No, It Could Ruin Her Image


Mariah Carey is one of the biggest diva’s there has ever been, and probably will ever be. She had twins with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon.

These two, or her son specifically, were not going to get in the way of her moment. However, what seems to bother Carey more is that her son may be ruining this photo moment, when he just wants his mother.

15 Nothing Can Unsettle Queen Bey!


Beyoncé is a mom of her own, and clearly, she is not bothered by other people’s children. While attending an event, Beyoncé was lucky enough to sit next to Kim Kardashian.

This meant that she had to deal with the tantrums that the little Kardashian was throwing. Beyoncé may not care about this picture, but Kim probably regrets is.

14 Can You Count The Dangers?


This is one of the newest pictures on our list, and it is the first picture that Kim Kardashian shared of her newest addition.

What makes this picture regrettable is that Kim received a lot of backlash from just about everyone regarding how this is an unsafe sleep environment for the baby.

13 Shouldn’t They Always Be Happy? They Have Everything!


It is a myth that children of celebrities should always be happy because they seem to have everything. They are just like everyone else.

This would seem to be true for all the Kardashian kids, and the truth is, they are on this list a lot. Here we have another tantrum that mom would rather not be shared all over the world.

12 A Real Fight


A lot of moms out there will feel for Charlize Theron, because we have all been there. We have all had those fights in the parking lot trying to get our child to do what we need them to.

It usually ends in us scooping them up and throwing them in the car. However, no one really cares when it happens to us “normal” people and that is the biggest difference.

11 2 In 1


Sometimes it is not the tantrums that celebrity parents don’t want shared, but it is also embarrassing things they do.

This one is a 2-for-1 as it shows both a Kardashian child throwing a tantrum as well as digging for some gold. Celebrity kids pick their nose, just like everyone else’s kids.

10 Isn’t It The Happiest Place On Earth?


Sarah Michelle Geller is one of the older celebrities on our list, but she was a big hit in the ’90s and she is one of only a few people who have shown that a marriage can work in Hollywood.

She married Freddie Prince Jr and the pair have a whole crew of children. This picture appears to show them coming back from Disney World, but one of their children are not very happy at all.

9 We’ve All Done The Drag


This is another thing anyone who has children has done, and that is to force your unwilling child to go somewhere they don’t want to go.

Jennifer Garner looks like she is having a tough time with her son, and he definitely does not want to go where she needs him to. How embarrassing.

8 This Kid Is Always Throwing A Fit


If you can’t tell, this is Suri Cruise. She is the product of the marriage between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Another thing to know about Suri is that she always seems to be throwing a fit. In almost every picture of her online, she is having a meltdown of some sorts.

7 The Moment The World Held Their Breath


It seems like Britney was trying to get a moment like Michael Jackson. This is another picture that is almost world-known, and it shows Britney about to drop her infant son.

Luckily, she did not drop him completely, but she sure wishes no one saw this picture of her little one. It was not her finest parenting moment.

6 Fun Or Dangerous?


This is another post that brought a lot of shame to a celeb mom and she probably wished she had never posted it. These are Kourtney Kardashian's children sitting on top of one of their luxury vehicles.

The public stated that this was an example of parents putting their children in dangerous positions to simply brag about all that they had.

5 Bratty Behavior Is Just Embarrassing


Image is really important to celebrities and they would like everyone to think that their children are perfect little angels.

However, we have already stated that children are children and they don’t care about money, labels, and appearances. Bratty behavior is sure to have any celeb parent knocked down a few.

4 It’s Worse When They Are Candid Pictures


For some reason, it is worse when the pictures are candid ones because these are the ones that they for sure did not want anyone to see.

This is also our first post with a dad having to deal with a tantrum. Ashton Kutcher was giving Mila a break when he handled one of his kid’s epic meltdowns.

3 Support The Head!


This picture got the beautiful parents a lot of backlash, and they probably wish they could take back the picture or just the pose.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are both beautiful people and while at an event, Blake got slammed for the way she is holding her baby. The fans (and the not-fans) said that she was not supporting the head enough.

2 Doesn’t Look Impressed


Jessica Biel does not look impressed in this picture, and I am sure if she was not holding her screaming son, she would have knocked the camera’s out of whoever’s hand was holding it.

Silas must have the best life, he has two very famous parents, who are beautiful and funny. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t have epic meltdowns that cause his mom to carry him out surfboard style.

1 Bad Choice


This is a picture of Katie Price’s child. Katie Price is from the UK and has her hand in just about everything. She is a model, author, and media personality. She has 5 children and she was viciously attacked by fans after posting this picture.

It shows her daughter, Bunny, drinking juice out of a bottle. Fans were quick to say that this was not appropriate, and she is old enough to drink out of something else.

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