20 Photos Of Celeb Bodyguards Who Deserve A Raise

Don't we all need a break from looking at celebrities and admiring how pretty they are? And isn't it the time to take a look at the people who are always next to them? We don't mean their partners, children, parents, managers, or anyone similar. We mean their bodyguards – the people who just have to be attractive, muscled and tough. If we look at them, we can notice that they are either as good-looking as the celebrities they protect, or even prettier than them. And all of them totally deserve to get a modeling contract and become famous, too.

Ready to look at the guys who guard the bodies of Beyonce, Adele, Justin Bieber, Bella Hadid, Kardashian-Jenners, and many other celebs? Then read on and prepare to drool!

20 J Lo's Bodyguard Protects Her At All Costs

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Celebrities have bodyguards for a reason and Jennifer Lopez' security guy proved at least once that he should be there with the singer at all times. In 2016, he ushered J Lo away from a herd of fans and she definitely was thankful to him for this. Even when he only leads her through a crowd and holds his arm on her back, she's shining from within. Sure, why wouldn't she be happy about being next to this tough guy?

19 Tim Chung (Kylie Jenner's) - People Thought He Was Stormi's Dad

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It's almost impossible to avoid mentioning the resemblance between Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi and her bodyguard Tim Chung. The reality show star's fans couldn't help but notice it, too, and rumors appeared that Chung is the real father of the baby girl. Both Kylie and Tim actively denied it.

Whatever their relationship is in reality, Chung is definitely a handsome man who can easily become a supermodel.

18 Amber Rose's Guard Always Makes Sure She Remains Close (And She Doesn't Mind)

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It might seem that Amber Rose's bodyguard is "too free with his hand", but he's actually just doing his job. And if it's fine for Rose that he's wrapping his hand around her waist, it should be fine for us, too. After all, he gets his job done and he certainly looks like he can do some damage if needed.

17 Sam (Daniel Radcliffe's) - Sorry HP Fans, But He Looks Better Than Dan

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If you have been dreaming of meeting a handsome and intelligent man who has a good sense of style, take a look at Daniel Radcliffe's personal bodyguard. His name is Sam and very little is known about him, except for the two facts, First, he's almost definitely more handsome than the star he protects. And second, the Harry Potter actor certainly feels secure with him.

16 Katy Perry's Bodyguard - Many People Call Him A Young Hugh Jackman

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The man who follows Katy Perry wherever she goes to protect her from fans and foes certainly resembles a young Hugh Jackman. He's a tall, handsome and athletic and he has the eyes you can easily get lost in. Many people will even agree that he's the best of all security guards the singer has ever had.

15 Julius De Boer (Beyonce's) - Not Only Chiseled But Also Intelligent

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In this photo, while Julius de Boer is ushering Beyonce through a crowd, the singer looks like she's on cloud number nine. And we can understand why – you can't feel any other way if you're protected by such a tough guy.

What makes him perfect is the fact that de Boer isn't only handsome, but also smart. He speaks five languages and he has his own security business that functions in New York, Abu-Dhabi, and London.

14 Kendall Jenner's Bearded Guard Looks Like An A-Lister

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Kendall Jenner's bodyguard has a "don't mess with me" look, but, at the same time, he often attracts even more attention than the reality show star herself. As Marie Claire wonderfully puts it, he "looks like the fourth Hemsworth brother who's been doing five semesters in Alaska." Either that or the man is a Viking. I can see no other explanation for his awesome looks.

13 Peter Van Der Veen (Adele And Lady Gaga) - Literally A Mister Europe

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The bodyguard who worked with Adele and now protects Lady Gaga isn't just some random chiseled guy with the blue eyes that will steal your heart. Peter Van der Veen is a former Dutch policeman and he also got the title of "Mister Europe" in a prestigious bodybuilding contest in 2005. Adele and Gaga are lucky girls for having this man in their lives.

12 Pascal Duvier (Fergie's) - A Huge Pro Who Worked With Multiple Stars

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This is the man celebrities certainly feel safe with. Pascal Duvier is a pro bodyguard who had worked with multiple stars, including the Kardashian-Jenner family and Katy Perry. These days, he protects Fergie. Looks like she often makes use of his broad shoulders to go through the crowd and knows that her guard can always tackle any assailant.

11 Rihanna's Security Guy Looks Like A Real Snack

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Rihanna didn't part very well with her ex-bodyguard because he filed a lawsuit against her in 2013, claiming that the singer had made "nauseatingly offensive" false statements about him. But it all is in the past now and these days RiRi is protected by even a hunkier man who doesn't mind wearing matching clothes when they go out somewhere.

10 The Hottest Of Kim K's 25 Bodyguards

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According to an article on Ritely, Kim Kardashian has as many as 25 bodyguards. We aren't sure why she needs so many, but we can be certain that the one you see in the photo above is the most handsome of them all. He could easily become a model or a reality TV star by himself, so let's hope the Kardashian clan will help him with it.

9 Brooklyn Beckham Must Be Dreaming Of His Guard's Muscles

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David and Victoria Beckham don't only have bodyguards for themselves, but they've also hired one to protect their eldest son Brooklyn. This muscled guy is walking around next to the famous couple's son and it seems that all looks are on him. It's easy to understand why – Brooklyn has to work long and hard to attain a similar body shape.

8 Jason Momoa's Guards (Like He Even Needs Them) Are Just A Bunch Of Handsome Dudes

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First of all, why does Jason Momoa even need a bodyguard? It seems that this tough guy can beat absolutely anyone. Secondly, why does he need three of them? And thirdly, why do they all have to be so darn good-looking?

Okay, okay, let's assume that, just like all celebs, Momoa needs to ensure his safety. But we still keep on wondering who's the strongest on this team of handsome guys who obviously enjoy each other's company.

7 Selena Gomez' Bodyguard Even Carries Her Purse Around!

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It's a well-known fact that Selena Gomez prefers to hire extremely cute bodyguards and this one is no exception. Although we don't know his name, we can certainly see that he's tough, good-looking, and able to protect this fragile woman. He guards her so much that he even carries her purse. What a gentleman!

6 Mystery Beau (Bella Hadid's) - Attracts More Attention Than Hadid Herself

Via: vogue

Handsome, tall, muscled, blue-eyed bodyguard of Bella Hadid looks so great that he often diverts the attention from the star to himself. Sure he does – after all, he looks like a long lost brother of Bruce Willis or Jason Statham and he always dresses very fashionably. What's not to like about him?

5 Karl Lagerfeld Hired A Model As His Bodyguard

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Being a world-famous designer, Karl Lagerfeld just had to find a suitable bodyguard for himself. And he succeeded in it because he hired Sebastian Jondeau, who isn't only his security guy, but also his friend these days. Jondeau attends red carpet events along with Lagerfeld, works late with him and even takes care of his cat. But we can be sure that he's rewarded well for all this.

4 Kristen Stewart's Bodyguard Had A FB Page Dedicated To His Good Looks

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This bodyguard has been working with Kristen Stewart for years and he's not only famous for protecting the actress in public, but also for having awesome looks. The guy even has his own FB fan page, where his fans (yes, his, not hers!) drool over the chiseled man with the cutest cheekbones ever and share their impressions about how handsome he is.

3 Michael Arana (Justin Bieber's) - Scoot Over, Justin!

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It's no wonder why Justin Bieber needs a security guard. He has too many adoring fans and he obviously can't protect himself. So it also shouldn't be a surprise that he hires only the most muscular bodyguards who end up looking better than him.

Seriously, why would you even look at Bieber if you see Michael Arana right there? Even the fact that he was jailed for a car accident won't make us take our eyes away.

2 Angelina, Don't Be Mean And Give Your Bodyguard A Modeling Contract

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While Angelina Jolie has a whole bunch of bodyguards who protect her huge family, this one is for her and only for her. We don't know his name, but we know that he escorts the actress wherever she goes to make sure that she's safe and sound. We're sure she appreciates it, but shouldn't she also refer him to a modeling agency?

1 Gu Rubee (Ezra Miller's) - Pro Bodyguard With Exceptional Wardrobe

Via: twitter

The bodyguard hired by Ezra Miller isn't as handsome and hunky as most other security guys in this list, but he's definitely the most extravagant. His name is Gu Rubee and he never misses a chance to show off in front of cameras. His bright persona and peculiar wardrobe make it hard for us to even believe that he's a bodyguard. But who wants to check it?

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