20 Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Hospitals

Halloween is only a few months away, and what better way to get ready for it than by listing some of the eeriest and most haunted hospitals in the world.

From medical hospitals to mental asylums, from Berlin to the United States, we have taken the liberty of researching them all for fans who love the supernatural. Hopefully, some of these will get the blood pumping, especially after reading what kind of stuff happened to patients who lived there. From lobotomies to experimental cures, to locking people in cages or leaving them to fend for themselves due to low staffing and funds. It’s this treatment of patients that forced some of the hospitals to close their doors, leaving the ghost of the lost souls to roam the halls.

Here are 20 abandoned hospitals that will scare the socks off someone.

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20 Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital, Berlin

Abandoned Berlin

Beelitz-Heilstatten not only looks creepy but was once home to a terrible person.

According to blog.amboss.com, the hospital once housed the young Adolf Hitler during World War I after he was brought in with a wounded leg and loss of eyesight from a British gas attack. After his successful treatment, it would become a military hospital for 50 years before closing in 1995 after the fall of the Berlin wall.

19 Sai Ying Pun Psychiatry Hospital, Hong Kong


Sai Ying Pun was once the leading mental hospital for Hong Kong from 1947 to 1961, before being abandoned in the 1970s.

According to blog.amboss.com, those who have visited the abandoned hospital have told tales of hearing a woman crying, mysterious footsteps, heard thunderous sounds emanating from the building, seen ghostly decapitated figures roaming the hall, and even visions of a devilish man bursting into flames.

18 Ararat Lunatic Asylum, Australia


When the Ararat Lunatic Asylum first opened in 1867, it was one of the largest in Australia, as well as the one with the most bizarre and horrifying treatment methods.

According to blog.amboss.com, this facility was home to the most dangerous and violent psychotics in the world. For 130 years, 13,000 patients died at this facility and it is said that the living can see their ghosts roaming the halls.

17 Zombie Hospital, Berlin

Abandoned Berlin

The Zombie hospital in Berlin not only has a supernatural name but also has rumors that there are zombies circling the facility.

According to blog.amboss.com, the hospital was once named Kinderkrankenhaus and was a children’s hospital before being cruelly shut down. Since its abandonment, it has suffered major punishment from mother nature and vandals.

It now lays bruised, battered and burnt with tons of manholes covering the grounds.

16 Taunton State Hospital, Massachusetts

Smithsonian Magazine

Taunton State Hospital is defiantly a place of horrors.

According to blog.amboss.com, Jane Toppan, who murdered at least 31 people while working as a nurse, was one of the hospital’s infamous patients.

There are also rumors that some of the doctors and nurses who worked their held satanic rituals in the basement, as well as accounts that a man crawls the walls and watches the patients.

15 Athens Mental Hospital, Ohio

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Athens mental hospital has always been a hospital shrouded in mystery.

According to blog.amboss.com, they kept their patient’s information under lock and key and have over 1,900 headstones on the grounds, all marked with numbers only.

To makes things creepier, a woman disappeared in 1978 and her body was later found in an abandoned ward. Decades later, there is still a stain on the floor where her body was found.

14 Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital, New Zealand

Daily Mail

Kingseat psychiatric hospital first opened its doors in 1932 and ended up closing them in 1999.

According to blog.amboss.com, this hospital housed some violent psychopaths. There were scratch marks that covered the walls, bars on the windows, stains on the floor and more nurses died there than patients.

Since its closure, there have been a few cases that police have reopened thanks to claims of severe neglect and abuse.

13 Old Changi Hospital, Singapore


Old Changi hospital is known as the most haunted place in Singapore.

According to blog.amboss.com, this hospital started out at a Royal Air Force hospital, but over the years it became a prison camp and torture facility for the Japanese Secret Police.

Over the years, there have been many sightings of bloody Japanese soldiers and children wandering the halls at night.

12 Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia


When Beechworth opened up in 1867, it was a hospital for anyone, not just people with mental issues.

According to blog.amboss.com, it now houses hundreds of disembodied spirits. There have been claims of rattling going on in the cellars, disembodied screams, and many other bone chilling tales.

Over the years, there have been over 9,000 patient deaths, including one girl who was mysteriously thrown out of a window.

11 Northville State Hospital, Northville, Michigan


When Northville first opened in 1952, it was a mental hospital bent on treating patients who had artistic talents.

According to statnews.com though, priorities started to shift around the 1970s and soon it suffered a decline before closing in the early 2000s.

Since being abandoned, trespassers exploring the abandoned complex say they can hear footsteps and voices in the underground tunnels, along with the sensation of someone breathing on them.

10 Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia


Trans-Allegheny asylum was opened in 1864 and had hundreds of patients mysteriously die until it was finally shut down in 1994.

According to blog.amboss.com, before the grounds was an asylum, it functioned as a Civil War military post, which is why a lot of people claim most of the ghosts that haunt it are from that time period.

9 Danvers Lunatic Asylum, Danvers, Massachusetts

House Crazy

Danvers opened up in 1878 and was known as not only an asylum but part prison.

According to thrillist.com, between being understaffed and all the mentally handicapped, alcoholics and felons, patient’s deaths were not an uncommon thing, especially ones that weren’t discovered for days later.

Add that to all the shock therapy and lobotomies, and the place was a house of terror.

8 Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, Kentucky


Waverly Hills is one sanatorium that is overloaded with ghostly spirits.

According to thrillist.com, it's one of America’s most haunted spots. With over 63,000 deaths from disease, mistreatment and human experimentations, it’s no wonder.

Some hauntings include a boy with a red ball, one nurse who hung herself and another who fell out of the window in the same room, along with screams and footsteps.

7 Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, Gwangju-Si, South Korea

Chris & Sophie's Suji Blog

Before it was demolished in May 2018, Gonjiam psychiatric hospital was known as one of the most haunted places in South Korea, as well as one of the freakiest places in the world.

According to atlasobscura.com, the media has repeatedly broadcasted legends of mysterious deaths, mad doctors that were crazier than the patients and many other types of horrifying lore’s, all which led to its closing in the 1990s.

6 Lier Sykehus, Lier, Norway


Lier Sykehus is actually known as the most haunted spot in Norway.

According to thrillist.com, from 1945 to 1974, the hospital was known for testing new drugs on its patients, many who died and haunt the remaining halls to this day. Although most of the buildings have been either abandoned or demolished since 1985, some parts still house psychiatric patients, who share their space with ghosts, shadows and odd noises.

5 Rolling Hills Asylum, East Bethany, New York

The Business Journals

When Rolling Hills first opened in 1827, it was a poorhouse for drunkards, lunatics, paupers, and vagrants.

According to statnews.com, there are different ghosts that visitors have seen roaming the halls. One, in particular, is a ghost named Roy, who died in 1942. Alive, he was a 7-foot giant, dead he still is equally tall and creeps through the shadows crying.

4 Narrenturm, Vienna, Austria


Narrenturm, also known as “Fool Tower,” is Europe’s first insane asylum that was built in 1784.

According to thrillist.com, it’s now being used as an Anatomical-Pathological Museum, which features more than 4,000 graphic and gruesome abnormalities, jars full of deformed fetuses, and sickening wax models of untreated STDS.

It's truly unclear what’s worse, the morbid history behind the building, or the horrifying contents it now houses.

3 Eloise Complex, Westland, Michigan


When Eloise Complex first opened its doors in 1839, it was just a poorhouse and a farm.

According to statnews.com, over the years it expanded, adding a psychiatric hospital, a tuberculosis sanatorium, and a county hospital.

Nowadays, the abandoned complex has left many visitors freaked over the mysterious moans, screams and even a ghostly figure of a woman in white.

2 Pennhurst Asylum, Chester County, Pennsylvania


When Pennhurst opened in 1908, it housed patients who suffered from physical and mental disabilities, as well as inmates, orphans, immigrants and anyone else who had nowhere else to go.

According to statnews.com, a ghost-hunter reported hearing voices over his recordings saying, “we’re upset, why won’t you leave? Go away, why did you come here?” and “I’m scared.”

1 South Pittsburg Hospital, Pittsburg, Tennessee


The last haunted hospital on the list is The Old South Pittsburg Hospital.

According to haunted-places-to-go.com, this hospital is known as the most haunted place in Tennessee due to reports of objects moving on their own and ghostly figures of pass nurses, doctors, and patients who died there. Some feel that although the people who died their play a big part in the haunting, it’s the land that is really doing it.

Sources: blog.amboss.com, thrillist.com, statnews.com, atlasobscura.com, haunted-places-to-go.com

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