20 Photos Britney Spears Wishes We'd Forget (And 5 We Can't Get Enough Of)

It's tough to think of a pop star who has had a bigger comeback than Britney Spears. After being an incredibly popular singer in the '90s and early 2000s with songs like "Oops... I Did It Again" and "Toxic," she had some confusing and dark moments. After shaving her head in a parking lot and seeming to drop out of the spotlight for a while, Brit came back and in a big way.

Now we have more hit songs such as "I Wanna Go" and "Till The World Ends," and the star has also had a Las Vegas residency for several years. Britney is known for her amazing dance moves and for also being mom to her two sons, Jayden and Sean. But since there are so many photos out there of Britney, it makes sense that some are really not that memorable.

Here are 20 photos that Britney Spears wishes we'd forget, along with five that we can't get enough of.

25 Forget: Britney's Bald Period Wasn't The Best One

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According to Cosmopolitan, Britney Spears shaved her head in 2007, which we might remember since this was really big news. The website says that Brit said to Emily Wynne-Hughes, a tattoo artist, "I don't want anyone touching my hair. I'm sick of people touching my hair."

We bet that she would want us to forget all about this photo of her bald head, along with that period of her life.

24 Forget: She Doesn't Look Super Thrilled Here

via The Sun

This isn't the most flattering photo of Britney Spears. The expression on her face lets us know that she's not thrilled, and her hair looks matted and like it might even be a wig. It doesn't really look like real hair. Her sweatshirt is also kind of sloppy and we're not sure about the over-the-shoulder style.

23 Forget: We Don't Know What's Even Happening With This Outfit

via Cosmopolitan

This outfit has a few weird things going on: the bright pink hat, the awful pattern on the dress, and the beige cowboy-inspired boots.

Britney would definitely want us to forget all about this, and it's hard not to think that it's good that this outfit was left in the past.

22 Love: The Pop Star Looks Pretty In Silver In This Throwback Pic

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In this picture, Britney Spears is really living up to the title "pop star." She looks beautiful in this silver dress, which is giving off a lot of New Year's Eve vibes (and making us think that maybe we should get inspired by this look for this holiday season).

With a big smile on her face, Brit looks pretty and happy, and it's a great photo.

21 Forget: This Vest Is Way Too Frumpy

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Do vests ever look awesome? There are probably some people who can pull them off, but we might agree that we're not super sure how to style them.

And we can also agree that this photo of Britney Spears in a frumpy vest is probably one that the pop singer would love us to put out of our minds and forget about.

20 Forget: Even Stars Like Britney Spears Wear Sloppy Sweats

via Celeb Mafia

It's funny that there are so many photos of celebrities running errands while wearing sweats. It's like the universe knows that we need this reminder that they have their regular moments.

This is a photo that we should forget about, though, because Brit looks way too sloppy here. There's something to be said for being a little stylish even when you're comfortable.

19 Forget: This Isn't Too Fashionable

via britneypicoftheday.blogspot.com

Being comfy is one thing. It's always okay to want to actually breathe in the clothing that you're wearing, especially if you have a long day ahead of you and a lot of places to be.

But then there's this outfit that Brit is wearing, which takes the idea of being comfortable to a whole other level. The top and skirt look way too big for her, and it's not a flattering look.

18 Forget: We'd Never Even Recognize Brit In This Awkward Outfit

via Celeb Mafia

It's always cool when a celebrity will step outside looking like a regular person... and by that we mean wearing casual clothing and not dressed to the nines. We can relate to them a lot more.

That being said, we're not sure about this outfit that Britney Spears is wearing. It's pretty awkward.

17 Forget: There's No Star Power In This Lackluster Pic

via BritSpears.net

From her messy hair in a bun to her frumpy sneakers to her sloppy white tank top, there are a few elements of this look that don't really scream "pop star."

This seems like a picture that Britney Spears would want us to forget all about. There definitely isn't any star power here.

16 Love: What A Pretty Pop Star

via Refinery29

Britney Spears looks gorgeous in this photo. Her hair is wavy and lovely, her makeup works, and her dress has a really interesting pattern.

We can't get enough of this look, and we know that she would want us to remember it. Her earrings even match her dress, which is a nice touch.

15 Forget: Beige Isn't Her Best Color

via Cosmopolitan

There are a few elements of this photo that the pop singer would probably want us to forget. For one thing, beige doesn't really seem to be a shade that flatters her very much.

For another thing, she's standing at a super awkward angle, making it seem like she didn't even want to have her photo taken.

14 Forget: That Time She Almost Dropped Her Baby

via Twitter

What was going on when this picture was snapped? It totally looks like Britney was about to drop her baby, and that's not a good look for anyone.

According to a TMZ story from 2006, "Shortly after stumbling on a New York street and almost dropping Sean Preston, Britney broke down crying."

13 Love: She's A Dream In An LBD

via Refinery 29

Certain items of clothing are incredibly classic and just always work. That's the case with the Little Black Dress. We really love this photo of Britney Spears in an LBD.

We can't get enough of this look and while we don't normally see the pop singer in a lot of black, we would love to see her wear this shade more often.

12 Forget: Her Baby Doesn't Seem To Be Strapped In Properly

via TopSpeed

There are all kinds of rules about babies and kids in car seats. For one thing, your car seat has to be facing backward, according to Healthychildren.org.

Britney would want us to forget about this pic as her son is in the backseat and not even sitting in a car seat properly. He doesn't even seem to be strapped in since his head is at a strange angle.

11 Forget: Britney's Hair And Makeup Are Super Confusing

via BusinessInsider

What is going on with Britney's hair here?! We have to say that we're really confused. What's even worse is that she was literally performing when this picture was taken, which means that she would have had a hair and makeup team working on her beforehand.

Maybe her hair was styled properly and then with all the dancing and moving around it became a sloppy mess?

10 Forget: This Pink Top Isn't Super Stylish

via ABC News Go

This is the kind of top that you would see in a store and wonder if it would be flattering on anyone. Sorry, Brit, we love you but we don't really adore this top.

The detailing around the collar makes this look like something from the children's section. It's not super flattering.

9 Forget: Who Would Want To Be Reminded Of Their Ex?

via CBSNews

Brit would also want us to forget this photo of her and her ex, Kevin Federline.

According to People, the pair got married in 2004 (with around three months of dating under their belt) and by 2006, they had their two sons. But they ended their marriage in 2007. Even though they're said to co-parent really nicely, we bet that seeing a photo of happier times is pretty painful.

8 Forget: We Don't Love Brit's Red Hair

via Radar Online

Do we remember Britney Spears ever having red hair? Maybe not... which is why we wonder if she would want us to forget this pic, too.

She looks so great with blonde hair and we're so used to seeing the pop star as a blonde that it's a little weird to see her with another hair color.

7 Forget: We're Not Sure About These Curls

via Bustle

There's curly hair, and then there are the type of curls that honestly look like a perm.

The latter is the kind of hair that Britney Spears has in this photo. The texture of the curls plus the super bright red dress is a combination that doesn't add up for us.

6 Forget: Why Is She Wearing This Weird Sweater Dress?!

via Cosmopolitan

How do we feel about the super high boot trend? For a while, it seemed like everyone was into this, and maybe we know how to style them. The rest of us are left wondering why boots have to be that high. They don't seem super comfortable.

This isn't Brit's best outfit and the sweater dress is pretty huge and sloppy.

5 Love: We're Super Impressed By Brit's Pretty Dress

via GotCeleb

This is definitely a photo that we can't get enough of. Britney's dress is so incredibly pretty. It's just such a great design, and if we saw it in a store, we'd absolutely have to buy it ASAP.

Even Brit's messy high bun looks great too since it helps make the overall look a bit more casual and relaxed.

4 Forget: Now That's A Bad Hair Day...

via Pinterest

Everyone has bad hair days. You throw your hair up in a high bun (which is a certain kind of messy chic) or you wear a cute hat.

But this is a pretty intense bad hair day. We're not even sure how you could leave the house with that? Wouldn't you jump in the shower and wash your hair right away?

3 Forget: This Dress Just Looks Dirty

via OK! Magazine

There are some styles that just don't flatter most people. This particular dress is confusing because in some places, it seems super tight and almost painted on, but in other places, it's much looser.

We should forget about this pic, too, mostly because of the brown lines all over the purple dress. That's not pretty.

2 Forget: Dirty Hair Don't Care

via MTO News

Another picture of a bad hair day, we think that Britney Spears would also want us to forget all about this picture.

Maybe a hairstylist did her hair and it looked awesome, but then it was super windy or humid out and this happened. The humidity can do crazy stuff to your locks.

1 Love: Grey Is A Tough Color But Britney Looks Beautiful

via Access

Not everyone looks great in grey, but Britney Spears is a total beauty in this pic. It's one that we can't get enough of.

This dress has really cute, pretty sleeves, and we'd love to have this dress, too. We'll take one in every color and thank Britney for the style inspiration.

Sources: Cosmopolitan.com, TMZ.com, People.com, Healthychildren.org

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