20 Photos Amanda Bynes Wishes We'd Forget (And 5 We Can't Get Enough Of)

We all remember Amanda Bynes as the star of the 2006 comedy She's The Man and the younger sister on the TV show What I Like About You. But the star's last acting credit is from 2010's Easy A, and in recent years, the actress has seen some difficult times.

A star falling from grace is not a new story, and yet Amanda's tale is particularly sad. She has had some legal and mental health troubles, but she seems to be doing a lot better now. According to a 2018 interview with Paper Magazine, she has her Associate's of Art degree in Merchandise Product Development from FIDM.

Since Amanda Bynes has struggled a lot, there are a lot of pictures of the star circulating online that she might not really love. Here are 20 photos Amanda Bynes wishes we would forget, along with five that we can't get enough of.

25 Forget This: This Photo Was Snapped During Amanda's Tough Time

via Entertainment Weekly

It's almost like we can tell that Amanda Bynes was having a tough time based on the state of her hair.

When we see this photo of the actress, with her super wild hair and her sweatpants, we can tell that this wasn't a great moment for her. We bet she would want to forget about this photo.

24 Forget This: The Sweats (And Band-Aid) Aren't Her Best Look...

via Daily Mail

It's hard to look good in sweatpants. That's just a fact, right? Sweats are what you wear when you're watching Netflix and eating junk food.

Thanks to the sweatpants and the band-aid on Amanda's face, we're pretty sure that she wouldn't love this photo, either. Her white sneakers are really cute, though.

23 Forget This: Amanda Is Dressed Way Too Formally Here

via Daily Mail

This picture is a bit jarring at first because on the one hand, you have Amanda Bynes with her bright pink hair, which is a casual hair color. But on the other hand, you have her outfit, which is formal and not very stylish.

She looks much better dressed in more chill, informal clothing.

22 Forget This: Her Eyes Are Actually Closed In This Pic

via MTO News

Why are Amanda's eyes closed in this photo? No idea. What we do know is that this is another snapshot that the star would probably like to forget about. It's not super flattering.

It looks like she desperately needs a haircut, and those glasses with the clear frames aren't the most flattering, either.

21 Love This: Her Hair, Makeup, And Flowery Dress Are On Point

via The Grit and Grace Project

We really love this photo of Amanda Bynes, taken by Paper Magazine as part of the cover story that they did on the actress.

The dress is gorgeous, her hair looks pretty and clean, and her makeup is really nice, too. This is a reminder of the old Amanda Bynes before her dark times.

20 Forget This: We Don't Recognize The Star With Her Long, Ratty Blonde Locks

via Metro

There was a certain period in the life of Amanda Bynes when she had really long, ratty blonde hair. It looked like she had spent too long with a crimping iron, which is confusing since crimped hair was definitely more popular in the '80s.

This isn't her best hairstyle, and she would probably like to forget this picture.

19 Forget This: Amanda, What's Going On With Your Hair?!

via Daily Mail

Now this is a particularly strange photo. For one thing, Amanda's hair is so wild that it doesn't even look real. It honestly looks like the actress is wearing a wig (and a heavy one at that). And her bangs are covering her eyes.

She looks super surprised, and we're feeling that way, too.

18 Forget This: We're Not Super Sure About The Pink Hair...

via Twitter

This is a fairly recent picture of Amanda Bynes, one that she has posted to her social media, which is she active on sometimes.

Bright pink hair feels like more of a Halloween costume than an everyday look. It takes a lot to make it look good, and we really love Amanda's regular brown hair.

17 Love This: We Can't Get Enough Of Her Cool Girl Vibes

via Daily Mail

The blue jeans, the black loafers, the ombre hair, the sleek black coat -- it all works so well, and we're fans of this Amanda Bynes outfit.

She has a very different vibe here than in the other photos on this list. She definitely looks amazing, and we love the way that she put together this look.

16 Forget This: We're Not Big On Her Frumpy Top

via People

Amanda Bynes looks much happier in this photo than some of the others on this list, and yet it's still probably not a photo that she would love to remember...

Her top seems a bit frumpy, and we're not so sure about the fabric or pattern. But her bun is a really cute hairstyle.

15 Forget This: We're Not Sure Blue Is Her Hair Color, Either

via CTV News

Amanda Bynes isn't shy about rocking different hair colors. In this snapshot, she's chosen to go for turquoise blue hair.

While this would be a daring choice that could honestly work on some people, her hair is so long that she doesn't even look like herself. And bangs are always kind of tricky.

14 Forget This: Forever Rocking Some Seriously Messy Hair

via Global News

Amanda's not looking too happy here, and her hair is so incredibly messy (and so big) that we have a lot of questions.

This photo seems like it was taken during the rough patch that she went through. If her hair was neater, it wouldn't be the worst look since her jacket looks comfy and her gold bag is so pretty.

13 Love This: We Can't Get Enough Of Her All Black Look

via Pop Pursuits

Winter is tough on fashion, so getting a really nice coat is the best thing to do. It makes us feel so much better about the fact that it's so cold.

This is a photo of Amanda Bynes that we really love, and she's so cool, wearing all black, from her leggings to her shoes and t-shirt and coat.

12 Forget This: Why Is She Winking?!

via StyleCaster

Winking is never really the best idea. It comes off as strange, creepy, awkward, and unnecessary. And if you're taking a selfie, definitely don't wink. It's a lot better to just smile at your phone's camera.

Since Amanda's winking in this picture, it seems like another one that she would like to forget about entirely.

11 Forget This: The Pink Hair And Red Glasses Don't Mix

via Star Magazine

If you're already getting brave and bold with pink hair, you might not want to wear super bright red glasses, too. Pink and red don't always look awesome together, and it can be a little overpowering.

That's what happened in this photo of Amanda Bynes. Plus, her hair looks greasy, and her roots are coming in.

10 Forget This: This Is All Kinds Of Awkward

via Mirror

There are always going to be awkward photos of celebrities running errands while wearing sweatpants. It's a fact of life... but the bright blue sandals, flag tank top, and super messy hair that Amanda Bynes is rocking here? These contribute to a pretty rough photo, one that she would most likely love to forget about.

9 Forget This: Lace Isn't Always Lovely

via Celebrity Pictures

Of all the fabrics out there, lace seems the most difficult to look really amazing in. For instance, you could wear a lacy dress that ends up being kind of see-through when you didn't even realize that when you tried it on at the store (or ordered it online).

Amanda's lacy dress is pretty uneven, making it another photo she wants to leave behind her.

8 Forget This: It's Not A Super Flattering Photo

via E! News

A navy blazer, high-waisted jeans, and a graphic t-shirt are all awesome style choices. You can't go wrong with that, whether you're heading out for dinner or to a cool party.

This isn't a very flattering pic of Amanda Bynes, though. And we might not love her dark brown hair color.

7 Forget This: She Just Doesn't Look Like Herself

via CelebMafia

It would be tricky to say that this is a snapshot of Amanda Bynes. She's got on an incredibly ordinary outfit of white sneakers, a black t-shirt, and black leggings, and we don't remember her having long blonde hair.

When we think about the actress, we picture her brown/blonde hair and her smiling face since that's what we always saw back in the day.

6 Love This: We Remember Her Like This, And She Looked Gorgeous

via PopCrush

It's pretty wild to see the difference between this photo of Amanda Bynes and more recent ones. Here, she's got really shiny, gorgeous curls, perfectly highlighted hair, stunning makeup, and a huge smile on her face. Her black off-the-shoulder dress is sophisticated, too, making this a photo that we absolutely love.

5 Forget This: It's Not Her Best Look

via Daily Mail

Some outfits are just frumpy and unflattering. There's no way to save them or make them more fashionable.

That seems to describe the outfit that Amanda Bynes is wearing here. The grey pants, strange white top, and pink and black sunglasses really don't mix very well, and her shoes aren't very stylish, either.

4 Forget This: There's Mixing Patterns... Then There's This Awkward Outfit

via Glamour

Mixing patterns might technically be a style no-no, and yet it's a rule that needs to be broken sometimes. Wearing two different patterns can be a unique, fun way to step up your style game.

With this outfit, Amanda Bynes didn't do that. She just awkwardly wore black jean shorts with leopard print on them, which would be bad enough, but then she wore a denim top with a flag on it, too.

3 Forget This: Her Outfit Is A Bit Blah

via E! News

It's super comfy to throw on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and call it a day, but at the same time, that's not all that exciting.

We know that Amanda Bynes can dress in really stunning, sophisticated outfits, so we were expecting a bit more from this outfit.

2 Forget This: The Grunge Look Was Cool In The '90s

via iHeartRadio

There's nothing wrong with pulling a beanie on over your hair, especially when you've got a few too many days without washing your locks. We're always really thankful for that option.

The problem here is that Amanda's hair is ratty and she just looks too grungy overall, making us think that grunge was probably best left in the '90s.

1 Love This: We Can't Get Enough Of This Sophisticated Look

via Good Morning America

Perfectly straight hair, a cool patterned blazer, and elegant makeup. Everything about this photo of Amanda Bynes gets a score of 100 percent from us.

We really love this picture and can't even believe that she can look so wildly different when we compare this one to some of the other pics.

Sources: Papermag

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