20 Perfumes That Bring Out Those Essential Summer Vibes

Hello, summer! We can't believe that the year is going so quickly but we're so excited for the summertime to be here. It's time to bust out the flip-flops, make all of our favorite summery snacks that we've been pinning on Pinterest for the past few months, and change up our beauty routine! Summer means that it's time to go a little lighter on the makeup, learn to master the perfect beachy, wavy hair, and pick out a new perfume. During the summer, it's nice to have everything feel light, whether its clothes,  foundation, or even perfume. It's not something a lot of people think of, but wearing a perfume that smells a little lighter and more summery can be perfect going into the warmer months.

If you've been wearing the same signature scent for a while and you're ready to change it up and start wearing one that's a little more light and summery, let us help! There are so many scents out there that it can get hard to find the perfect one, but we've found a list of 20 that totally smells like summertime. These scents smell so light and sweet that you'll be ready to soak up the sun in no time!

20 Happy Heart By Clinique


Happy Heart from Clinique is a sister scent to their ever-popular perfume, Happy. While Clinique's Happy smells a lot like citrus and a tropical evening, Happy Heart is a little bit different.

Happy Heart still has the floral tones that Happy has, but it has less citrus and some warmer notes.

The top notes of Happy Heart, the ones that hit the nose first and are the predominant scents in this perfume, are of flowers and under that, Clinique layered water hyacinth on a base of mandarin and blond woods. Altogether, these scents make a perfume that smells warm and floral like a walk through a blooming garden in the summer.

19 Wild Child By Pinrose


Pinrose launched their perfume Wild Child in 2016, but it's just as popular in 2018 as it was then. This perfume is perfect for the spring and summer because of all the floral notes in it, but it's not a perfume that smells too floral or powdery in a way that can become overpowering if someone is wearing it.

The top notes of this perfume and the scents that come out the most are Tiaré flower, bergamot, and freesia. Under that in the middle notes, gardenia, frangipani, and jasmine blend together to add more depth to the floral scent of this perfume on top of a warm base of vanilla and amber.

18 Alien By Mugler


Mugler first found success in the perfume world with a fragrance called Angel. Thirteen years after its release, in 2005, Mugler decided to release this perfume called Alien. The shape of the bottle that Alien comes in doesn't look like just any other bottle with the angular cuts and gold accents and it truly does fit the name of Alien.

This is a perfume that's perfect for the evening if you're going to a party or out on a date and want to have a scent that's slightly warmer and darker.

This scent has three main notes to it which keeps the fragrance simple but smelling amazing and summery. The base is amber with a woodsy scent in the middle and jasmine at the top.

17 Roger & Gallet's Fleur De Figuier


The name of this perfume translates from French to English to mean "Fig Flower." The name isn't wrong about the fig scents, it comes in at multiple parts of the perfume and really stands out to make this scent smell sweet and fruity. This scent combines fig with other citrus fruits and warmer scents to add some depth to the perfume.

The top notes of this fragrance are mandarin orange, grapefruit, and cumin which means that it smells bright and fruity with just a little bit of spice. In the middle are fig leaf and fig layered on top of a base of fig nectar, cedarwood, and musk.

16 Prada Candy


If you're not a fan of sugary sweet scents, Prada's Candy fragrance is one that you should stray away from. But, if you like to smell sweet with a touch of clean powder and accents of warm vanilla, this perfume is perfect for the summertime. It layers different sweet scents with musk and powder in order to keep the scent from getting too overwhelming.

The main scent in this fragrance is the caramel in the top note which is layered over powder and musk in the center.

Underneath all of that is a base of vanilla and benzoin, a tree resin that adds a sweet scent to many perfumes.

15 Versace's Bright Crystal Absolu


Versace launched this bright and sweet perfume in 2013 following the popularity of their 2006 perfume, Bright Crystal. Bright Crystal Absolu has similar notes that the original Bright Crystal perfume that Versace launched had and is sweet, floral scent that is perfect for the spring and summer. Although most of the notes in this scent are fruity and floral, it has a base of warmer notes that round the fragrance out and keep it from getting too overwhelming.

The top notes of this perfume blend together yuzu, a citrus fruit, with pomegranate and fresh water. In the center, lotus, peony, and magnolia blend together with raspberry on top of a base of warm mahogany, amber, and musk.

14 Black Opium Floral Shock By Yves Saint Laurent


Black Opium was released by Yves Saint Laurent in 2014 and it is a totally essential fall and winter perfume for any nighttime event. With notes like pomegranate, coffee, and patchouli, it's a deliciously warm scent that is perfect for any occasion in the colder months. For the summertime, Yves Saint Laurent released a new edition of Black Opium in 2017 called Black Opium Floral Shock.

This new edition has top notes of lemon, bergamot, pear, and freesia.

In the center of this fragrance are white flowers, orange blossom, and gardenia with a hint of warmth and luminosity. The base balances out the floral and citrus scents with amber wood, white musk, and coffee.

13 Moschino Fresh Couture By Moschino


Some companies get so clever with their packaging. Moschino is a fashion brand that is always known for their clever designs and their perfume is no different. Moschino's fragrance Moschino Fresh Couture is shaped like a spray bottle and the blue color of the perfume looks like something a person might clean their windows with! This cleverly packaged scent is just as fresh and bright smelling as the name suggests.

The perfume has top notes of mandarin orange, ylang-ylang, and bergamot which are layered on top of a center of osmanthus, juicy raspberries, and fresh peony. All of this is on a base of patchouli, woodsy notes, and ambrox, a common fragrance ingredient that smells like amber and musk.

12 Bonbon From Viktor & Rolf


What's better on a warm, beautiful summer day than treating yourself to something sweet? We really can't think of anything. Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf is a fragrance that was named after the deliciously decadent candy and smells just like them.

The base notes of this perfume add some warmth and woodsy scents, but if you're not someone who loves sweet, fruity perfume, this one is a no-go.

The top notes of this perfume are mandarin, orange, and peach which are layered on a sweet center of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine. All this sweetness rests on a base of amber, sandalwood, cedar, and guaiac wood.

11 Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle By Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs' line of Daisy fragrances seriously has so many variations. The original Daisy perfume was released in 2007 and is a favorite among fragrance lovers who like light, floral scents. Since then, more variations like Daisy Black, Daisy Garland, and Daisy Sorbet have been released. The most recent fragrance in the Daisy line is Daisy Twinkle which was released in 2017.

Like the other scents in the Daisy line, this perfume is a sweet, floral scent that is perfect for the daytime in the spring and summer. The top note of this perfume is raspberry which is layered on top of the center notes of violet and rose. At the base is crème de cassis and whipped cream.

10 Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet By Dior


Dior first launched their fragrance Miss Dior in 2012 as a reformulation of their classic 2005 fragrance Miss Dior Cherie. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is somewhat similar to the 2012 Miss Dior perfume in that it has light notes of sweet floral.

While Miss Dior is focused on notes of rose and jasmine, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet adds more fruity notes to give this scent a more summery feel.

The top note of this fragrance is mandarin orange which is layered on a center of apricot, peach, rose, and peony. The base is rounded out with a note of musk to add some depth to the fruity and floral scents of the rest of the perfume.

9 Viva La Juicy By Juicy Couture


Viva La Juicy from Juicy Couture was launched in 2008 and comes in an adorable bottle with a large, pink bow on it that is totally iconic for Juicy Couture. Since its initial release, Juicy Couture has released some variations on this classic scent including Viva La Juicy Gold Couture, Viva La Juicy Noir, and Viva La  Juicy Sucre.

The top notes of the original Viva La Juicy are the sweet scents of mandarin orange and mixed berries. In the center are jasmine, honeysuckle, and gardenia on top of a base of nutty praline, sandalwood, warm amber, caramel, and vanilla.

8 Michael Kors' Glam Jasmine


Glam Jasmine is a perfume from Michael Kors that was released in 2013 as part of a line of new fragrances. The fragrances that were released were each based around one main scent. The line included this one, Glam Jasmine, as well as a citrus-based scent and an amber-based scent.

As the name suggests, this perfume has notes of jasmine layered with other scents like white flowers, blackcurrant, and sandalwood.

Altogether, these scents come together to make a fragrance that smells warm and floral with a hint of sweetness. This scent is perfect for the day or night in the summertime.

7 Walk On Air By Kate Spade New York


This new fragrance from Kate Spade was released in 2015. Since then, the Walk on Air line has expanded to include three different fragrances including the original, Walk on Air Sunset, and Walk on Air Sunshine. All three of the fragrances in the Walk on Air line smell bright, floral, and fruity, but the original scent is the lightest of all of them and the best for the summertime.

The top notes of this fragrance are linden blossom, bergamot, Solomon's seal, fern, and neroli. The center brings in more floral notes with lily, jasmine, narcissus, and magnolia layered on a base of iris, violet, and crinum lily.

6 Bulgari's Omnia Pink Sapphire


Although many scents for the summertime come in flora and citrus scents, Bulgari put a twist on this theme with their 2018 perfume, Omnia Pink Sapphire, by using tropical flowers and fruits that are less common than what's found in other scents.

The top notes of this fragrance are pink pepper, grapefruit, and pomelo.

Middle notes of frangipani and Tiaré flower are layered on top of a base of woodsy notes, vanilla, and musk. This fragrance balances the sweet scents of fruit and bright, tropical flowers with warm base notes to make a scent that's perfect for a warm, summer afternoon.

5 Tilly From By Rosie Jane


This perfume was launched in 2013 from the brand By Rosie Jane. Rosie Jane Johnston founded this beauty company in 2012 and their products are hand-mixed using ingredients that are good for the environment. Their fragrances are free of parabens and other chemicals while coming in recyclable and compostable packaging. But, if you're not interested in recycling them yourself, By Rosie Jane has a program in which buyers can mail their empty bottles back for the company to recycle.

Tilly from By Rosie Jane is a simple but sweet perfume that's perfect for the summertime. With notes of pineapple, grapefruit, and gardenia, this perfume smells like a warm, summer afternoon in a bottle.

4 Coach Floral


Coach released their fragrance Coach Floral in January 2018. Although it was released in the winter, this perfume is definitely one that's well-suited for the summertime because of its light combination of fruity and floral fragrance notes. The name of the fragrance is Coach Floral, but there are other notes mixed in with the floral scents to add more of a sweet scent to it instead of being a powdery floral.

The top notes of this fragrance are pink pepper, citrus, and pineapple.

The middle notes are where the floral comes in with notes of jasmine sambac, tea rose, and gardenia. All of this is layered on a base of patchouli, woodsy fragrance notes, and musk.

3 Cattleya Flower From Jo Malone London


Cattleya Flower Body Mist from Jo Malone London was released in 2018 as part of the Hot Blossom collection. This scent is perfect for the summertime because of the fact that it really does smell like a warm summer breeze blowing through a blooming garden in the afternoon.

The top note of this fragrance is of citrus fruit and is layered on the middle notes of orchid and gentiana. At the base of this perfume is vetiver, a common ingredient in many fragrances that gives off a woody, earthy scent to many fragrances. Although this scent mainly smells like the flowers in the middle notes, the citrus and vetiver add some depth and keep it from getting overwhelmingly floral.

2 Black Tulip By NEST


NEST is a fragrance company that was formed in 2005 and has become incredibly popular for their personal fragrances, home fragrances, bath and body products. Black Tulip from NEST was launched in 2016 and is one of the brand's most popular fragrances.

If you're looking for a scent to wear in the nighttime that has a little more depth and warmth instead of being warm and bright, Black Tulip from NEST is a must have.

This fragrance blends together notes of pink pepper, violet, patchouli, and plum in order to achieve a warm, floral scent that doesn't smell too sweet.

1 Lady Vengeance From Juliette Has A Gun


Juliette Has a Gun is a popular fragrance brand that launched their first fragrance, Miss Charming, in 2006. Since then, they've become a favorite among people who like to collect different fragrances and like interesting scents. One of their most popular scents is called Not a Perfume which only has a single note: the amber-smelling ambrox which is in many perfumes.

This scent, Lady Vengeance, was launched in 2006 and has a warm mix of floral notes that make it perfect to wear in the late summer and into the night. The top notes of this perfume are bergamot and lavender which are layered on the middle notes of different roses and patchouli. The base notes of white musk, vanilla, and ambroxan add a warmth to the scent that makes it great for any night event.

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