20 People Who've Already Made Too Many Mistakes This Year

We all make mistakes, and people often tell us that this is the best way to learn. Of course, we would rather not do anything wrong in the first place, since it can be kind of embarrassing. But maybe getting embarrassed is great motivation to not repeat the same mishaps over and over again...

Sometimes, we come across other people who have made mistakes and it makes us feel a little bit better. These mistakes serve as a super comforting reminder that we're all in this together and no one is flawless. These things happen to all of us. Let's go ahead and breathe a big sigh of relief.

Here are 20 people who've already made too many mistakes this year.

20 Do You Like Your Coffee Hot, Iced, Or Totally Ruined?

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Some people are obsessed with iced coffee in the summer and would rather not drink a scorching hot beverage when it's 30 degrees outside, thank you very much.

This person made a mistake when they totally dropped their coffee drink on the backseat of their car. That must have been so much fun to clean up...

19 A Different Beauty Routine

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When we look at this hair curling mistake, we can't help but think that we've all done something very similar to this. Who hasn't wanted to print something off their laptop without realizing that their printer wasn't even plugged in or turned on?

We wonder how long it took this woman to realize that she wasn't actually curling her hair.

18 Allergy Probs

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Sometimes mistakes are funny, and this is a good example of one of those times.

We can't help but laugh that a woman in Sephora mentioned her shrimp allergy when the Sephora employee literally meant that she should bring up any product allergies. (Also, now we're thinking that we need a trip to Sephora.)

17 The Starbucks Cup Seen Around The World

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The final season of Game of Thrones was quite the anxiety-inducing experience for fans who were hoping that it would end well. But this year, people ended up talking about something other than the characters and storylines. Instead, they were talking about the actual Starbucks cup that was left in a scene.

Yes, this really happened... and it was a pretty big mistake.

16 The Most Adorable Boyfriend Ever

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We have to hand it to this guy because he's totally the most adorable boyfriend ever, although, of course, he got confused about what his girlfriend actually was trying to tell him.

Would most boyfriends know that you should test makeup on your hand so you can see if it matches your skin tone? We're not sure... but this tests our theory that they all might make the same (very cute) mistake.

15 Breakfast Is The Most Important (And Shortest) Meal Of The Day

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Now, this is a very important mistake that was made. Someone actually wrote this sign and said that all-day breakfast would stop at a certain time... and they literally had no idea what they had just written.

Since breakfast is such a delicious thing and has the greatest kinds of foods (i.e. waffles), no mistakes should ever be made when it comes to this meal.

14 Not Exactly The Same Thing

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This is another great example of someone who has definitely made a mistake. While we can guess that they were probably trying to be funny here, it's really just awkward.

If you want an Apple Watch, buy the official one... and maybe just leave apples for your afternoon snack. That seems like a good idea.

13 This... Doesn't Make Any Sense

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No one could look at this mistake and not laugh. Sometimes you have to get your point across, but you definitely have to be aware of what you're actually saying.

We wonder if people actually started taping stuff on the wall after reading this note? That would be pretty great, considering the fact that the note wasn't even correct.

12 Did A Teenage Boy Write This?

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It's important to get your point across when you're creating packaging for a product. It's also pretty key to make sure that you're not saying something that you don't want to be.

In the case of this package of paints, someone didn't realize that it literally said "Fine farts" because of the placement of the text. Did a teenage boy come up with this?!

11 No Thank You, I'll Take A Regular Old Croissant

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Since it's 2019, people are definitely into the whole charcoal trend. They want to drink charcoal drinks and use charcoal soap and put it in everything.

Most of us think that this is disgusting and we think the same thing about these croissants. It doesn't matter that they're vegan, they look awful. And the fact that the sign says "Tastes better than it looks!" is a big mistake. That's no way to get people to buy a treat.

10 That's Definitely The Wrong Person

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This guy thought that he was texting his partner, but instead, he texted his boss. Oops...

This is perhaps the most relatable mistake on this list since, come on, we've all sent a text and then realized that it didn't go the right person. But your boss? That's the worst person that you could text by accident, that's for sure.

9 So Glad It's Summer

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There are moments in life when we make a massive mistake and honestly just stare at what we just did because our brain can't even process it. This must have been what this person went through when their friend ruined this glass table.

It's wild to think that this table was once black. Oh man, that must have been great to clean up.

8 Good Morning, Here Are Some Eggs (Heavy On The Pepper)

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Starting the day with some fried eggs is always great. Dumping what looks like an entire cup of pepper on those eggs? Not so great.

This is the type of mistake that is a real drag since you not only made a mess in the kitchen but you just wasted some eggs.

7 But You Want Us To Buy The Tank Top

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The truth is that any shirt (or any product, really) that has an anti-capitalism or anti-money message is going to be funny since, of course, you're going to spend money and purchase said product.

That's what happened here with this tank top that says "capitalism is unsustainable." But you want us to buy this tank top, right?!

6 Not Your Typical Princess

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We can't get over this mistake, either, since clearly, whoever made this princess seat messed up and made her neck way too long. Like way, way too long.

It has a creepy vibe and makes us think that no kid would actually want to sit in this seat. We wonder if this ever got fixed.

5 Fast Food... Or Maybe Never

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There's nothing worse than when your pizza never gets delivered, or you're waiting in line for hours and hours when trying to order fast food.

Oh wait, there is something that's even worse: when your number never gets called at all. That's what happened to this person, and someone definitely made a big mistake when they skipped their number on the screen.

4 The Most Beautiful Kitchen Tile Ever... Oh, Wait...

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This is another shining example of someone who made a big mistake this year. Putting up tile in a kitchen and not replacing "sample text here" with whatever text you wanted? That's crazy.

At least the rest of the tile is cute and has an island, summery vibe thanks to the trees.

3 Spelling Is Fun, As Taylor Swift Says

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You would think that people would proofread when creating a kid's book or game. You would assume that spelling leopard as "jeopard" is something that would just never happen.

But, well, this did happen, and it's a huge mistake since it looks like this product was actually created and produced.

2 Always Leave A Tip

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We can all agree that it's a big mistake not to leave someone a tip. It's super rude and not something that anyone should do.

Unfortunately, these guys didn't leave this waitress a tip and even gave her some attitude when she texted one of them since he'd left his number. When he asked what she forgot, she responded: "no, the rest of my tip." 

1 The Cat Is Definitely Out Of The Bag (And On The Billboard)

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Finally, we have this great billboard where someone made a mistake since we can see the cat so it doesn't really make any sense.

Now that we've seen all of these mistakes that people have already made this year, don't we feel a whole lot better? At least now when we make our own mistakes, we can remember that everyone messes up sometimes... Phew.

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