10 Things Parents Do That Doctors Are Sick Of (And 10 They Support)

Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals today are sick of the many things that the parents of their patients do. Some from a point of ignorance and others in defiance. However, regardless of what they experience, most of these professionals love their work, and there is no other thing most of them would rather do instead.

Although things such as parents getting upset over waiting outside in a long line to see them or not holding their kids while they are getting an examination are irritating, doctors are sick of many other things. The ones that pain doctors the most are those that make it harder for them to do their work and give proper care. Some of these issues include:

20 Sick Of: Parents Making The Doctor Guess Why They're There

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According to a Huffington Post article by Claire McCarthy, M.D., a pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital, doctors do not like it when parents show up with their kids and wing it. Healthcare professionals are not mind-readers, so parents need to show up with a list of things to talk about, such as when the child started feeling unwell, how many times he or she threw up, and which meds he or she took.

19 They Support: Parents Who Keep Accurate Records

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Pediatricians love it when parents keep accurate vaccination records. According to an article in the Romper, parents can earn extra points by being meticulous about ensuring they transfer health records, especially when they switch pediatricians. Such records help doctors figure out what treatment works best for kids since they do not have to work from incomplete information.

18 Sick Of: Parents Complaining About Their Previous Doctor

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Some parents tend to complain a lot about their previous pediatricians, which does not endear them to their current doctor. According to a post in Readers Digest by Allen Roberts, MD, the more parents complain and whine about their prior doctor, the less any doctor will want to deal with them.

17 They Support: Parents Who Wash Their Kids’ Hands

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According to the CDC, hand washing can be a form of DIY vaccine since it is important for parents to keep their kids healthy. Kids are like living Petri dishes, and a pediatrician’s office full of sick kids is like a giant germ convention. That is why doctors love parents who wash and sanitize their kids’ hands prior to and immediately after visiting them

16 Sick Of: Parents Being Dishonest

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It is embarrassing to tell the doctor certain things about one’s child, such as giving up on the tooth brushing battle. However, according to doctorlamberts.org, doctors have seen and heard everything. When parents do not provide all the necessary information, doctors may be unable to give help or make the wrong diagnosis.

15 They Support: Parents Who Arrive On Time

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At some point, most pediatricians unavoidably fall behind schedule. According to uvpediatrics.com, this is normal in all areas of healthcare. Doctors cannot predict every illness that walks through their door. It is essential, therefore, for parents to arrive early for their appointments for the system to go smoothly. Those who arrive late should bring snacks and not demand to see the doctor immediately.

14 Sick Of: Parents Overreacting 

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According to parents.com, it drives doctors crazy when parents insist on rushing their kids to the emergency room because they got a small scratch on their hand or face. A pediatrician can easily sew up a cut or scrape. Taking one’s kid to a pediatrician instead of an ER doctor for a simple procedure will not make him or her look any different.

13 They Support: Parents Who Come Prepared

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According to parents.com, there is a good chance that young kids will need to remove their clothes at some point during a doctor’s visit. That is why doctors like parents who come prepared and keep it simple to get the most out of their time with the doctor. In addition, for the love of all that is good, parents should desist from accessorizing their kids before they visit the pediatrician’s office.

12 Sick Of: Parents Pestering Doctors When They Are Out Of The Office

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Like everyone else, every doctor has his or her own private life. Some parents, however, do not seem to understand this. According to a Readers Digest article, doctors do not like it when parents ask them medical questions about their kids when they see them at the store, playground, or out with their families.

11 They Support: Parents Who Are Attentive To What The Pediatrician Is Saying

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Kids can turn any room, including the doctor’s office, upside down. According to an article on Bustle, a pediatrician once saw a child throw his mom’s wallet into a biohazard vessel while she was busy checking her phone. Pediatricians love parents who pay attention to what they are saying while keeping a careful eye on the little human.

10 Sick Of: When Parents Are Condescending To A Nurse 

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Doctors don't like it when parents condescend a nurse. According to nurse.com, the biggest no-no when talking to a nurse is telling them they're not smart enough to be a doctor. However, they went to nursing school because they wanted to be a nurse; they did not become a nurse because they could not make it as a doctor.

9 They Support: Parents Who Know Their Numbers

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An article in pedsinreview.com shows that pediatricians feel happy when parents know how often their kids’ sleep, poop, and eat, in addition to the meds they take, how often, and what dose. This information may seem unimportant to parents, but actually, it is extremely vital to the doctor. Therefore, parents should have it when they walk into the doctor’s office.

8 Sick Of: Parents Being Unreasonable

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According to a pediatrician’s post on Readers Digest, doctors are annoyed when parents ask them to take a quick examination of the sibling who does not have an appointment. Most doctors have a hectic schedule and have to make the most of their time since every patient has a right to a full evaluation.

7 They Support: Parents Who Do Not Scare Their Kids

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According to an article in Readers Digest, doctors appreciate it when parents are matter-of-fact. As soon as a parent tells the doctor that their child does not like it when anyone looks into his or her ears, they remind their kid of the last time that happened and set the pediatrician up for another failure. It is better to tell the child that it is time for the good doctor to look into his or her ears.

6 Sick Of: Parents Staying Quiet When The Doctor Makes A Mistake 

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According to doctorlamberts.org, doctors are humans and can make mistakes like anyone else. However, when they make mistakes, it can lead to the wrong treatment or diagnosis. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to let them know as soon as they get something wrong so they can fix it. Most doctors can handle some constructive criticism.

5 They Support: Parents Who Do Not Diagnose Their Kids Over The Internet

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There is a wealth of information on the Internet; however, parents cannot make the best medical decisions by merely browsing the Internet. In HuffPost, parents need to do an Internet search if they want to; however, they should not use the information they get to diagnose their kids and go in asking their pediatrician for a specific treatment.

4 Sick Of: Parents Refusing To Play An Active Role

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In a Huffington Post article, Doctor Claire McCarthy advises parents to play an active role during their kids’ treatment for things to work out better. Doctors have all the medical training. Parents, on the other hand, are the ones who know and care for their kids. Therefore, parents need to have an ongoing relationship with their pediatrician and work together to make the most out of every visit.

3 They Support: Parents Who Switch Off Their Smartphones During Their Kids’ Appointment

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According to A Guide to Getting the Best Health Care for Your Child, parents should switch off their smartphones or keep them on silent when doctors are examining their kids. Pediatricians love parents who pay attention to their kids and to what the doctor is saying. Parents who are always on their phones cannot tell the doctor everything they need to know.

2 Sick Of: Parents Asking Too Many Questions 

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According to a Readers Digest article by a general surgeon, doctors feel frustrated when parents or relatives bombard them with endless questions every time they walk in. Parents with multiple pages full of questions should instead consult the nurse and ask him or her how many of those questions they should wait to ask the pediatrician.

1 They Support: Parents Who Understand Their Insurance Plan 

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Utah Valley Pediatrics advises parents to familiarize themselves with their insurance plan. Most doctors do not handle insurance issues personally because they are not familiar with each parent’s particular insurance plan. Doctors love working with parents who take care of their insurance issues and billing beforehand since it shows that they respect their pediatrician’s schedule.

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